Wooden Toys to gift your kids

Amazing Wooden Toys That You Can Gift Kids

Are you looking for the best wooden toys to gift kids? You’ve come to the correct place as we have a list of some of the best options for you.

Finding a suitable gift for a kid is hard work. Kids have different toy preferences, and you might not know what they would love. However, you can never go wrong with a wooden toy.

Wooden toys are not just for fun but also provide a great learning experience for the kids. With the right wooden toy, you will contribute to the development of the kids.

Find the best wooden toys from our list and make a kid happy on their special day!

Best Wooden Toys to Gift Kids

Guidecraft Peekaboo Lock Boxes

The first wooden toy that we have listed here for you is the Guidecraft Peekaboo wooden box. These are six lockboxes that contain some form of surprise for the kids. There are small doors that the child will have to unlock to see what is present behind them. The boxes are made of wood, while the windows and doors have metal hinges.

Children can use the boxes for learning colours or sorting shapes. Kids will learn how to sort things out in the correct way. They will have fun exploring each door and even learning new skills. Kids who are above the age of two can have fun playing this game. It develops the learning and motor skill of the child.

Melissa & Doug Fold & Go Dollhouse

The next wooden toy on the list is the Melissa & Doug Fold & Go Dollhouse. This is a two-story dollhouse entirely made of wood. There are two flexible figures, working doors and contain eleven pieces of furniture. This portable Dollhouse can be folded conveniently and carried to different locations.

The handles used to carry the Dollhouse are very sturdy. Kids can open the Dollhouse anywhere and start playing. This wooden toy is suitable for kids who are 3 and above. It is best for families who often go on vacation and need to carry their kid’s favourite toys with them.

Hape Scoot Around Ride On Wood Bike

Bikes are a great toy for kids to help enhance their mobility. As your kid starts growing, you need to give them bikes to activate their motor skills. Instead of opting for cheap plastic bikes, the Hape Scoot around a wood bike ride is a suitable option. This bike is lightweight and can be carried around in the house or for trips easily.

The bike is different from standard bikes with foot-powered and four-wheel balance. This is the best thing to gift a toddler who needs to start strengthening their muscular and cognitive system. Apart from developing their muscle strength, the kid will also have fun. This wood bike is suitable for kids ranging from 1 to 3 years.

HAN-MM Wooden Wobble Balance Rocker Board

Balance is an essential skill that kids need to start developing at a young age. If you want to gift a kid something useful, then the HAN-MM Wooden Wobble Balance Rocker Board will be a perfect idea. The rocker board helps in stimulating the vestibular system and creates balance in the kid.

The child can use the board for different types of games. Parents can help the child create games that would be fun for them and strengthen their physical and mental abilities. Children can use it as a rocker, slide, bridge, recliner, or for other games. There are endless ways in which the board can be used.

Magnetic Wooden Block Set

The wooden magnetic block set from Tegu provides an opportunity to play different games. Kids can use these 26 pieces of magnetic blocks for building different structures. These blocks are found in various shapes and sizes. That is why kids find these blocks to be very interesting and fun.

Children can use their creativity to play with these magnetic blocks. Additionally, this is a great gift idea for kids belonging to various age groups. Even professional child developers advise parents to use magnetic blocks to enhance their cognitive and creative thinking. They make it of high quality, which is safe for your child.

Lovevery – The Block Set

Another great gift for kids is the block set by Lovevery. This is a 70-piece wooden block set that consists of 18 color combination blocks. This set comes with blocks of different shapes, sizes, and colours, along with a wooden storage box. Kids use the set for building different interesting structures.

The variability in colors makes it more fun for the child since they can build colour-coordinated structures. They are similar to Lego bricks, with the material used being wood. They are great for kids of different ages. However, the impact this gift would have on different age groups would be different.

Melissa & Doug Wooden Project Workbench

If your child loves building things, then the Melissa & Doug Wooden Project Workbench would be a very suitable gift. The workbench would keep your builder kid busy. It is a very sturdy structure that has different sections and looks similar to a large workbench.

The whole set includes a tool rack, hardware, wooden tools, and a functioning vice. There is also a storage shelf present in the workbench that helps in keeping different tools. The construction is very durable and made from high-quality materials. The workbench is a great gift for kids who are above 4 years old.

Hape Rock and Ride Kid’s Wooden Rocking Horse

Another wooden toy from Hape is the Rock and Ride Kid’s Wooden Rocking Horse. This rocking horse will surely bring a big smile to your toddler’s face. The rocking horse is a very classic toy that kids love to play with. This product from Hape is made from high-quality wood, which is safe for kids.

The rocking horse is suitable for kids who are not older than 4 years. Kids would reach a different imaginative world while on this rocking horse. The rocking horse’s height is such that your kids will not get hurt even if they fall. However, to be on the safer end, you could stay near your kids when playing with the rocking horse.

Uncle Goose State of Sound Blocks

Uncle Goose State of Sound Blocks is the perfect gift to build up a music lover. If you are gifting this set to a kid who loves music and wishes to experiment with it, they will be ecstatic. There are 50 blocks in this set, each of 1.75 inches. They are made from Midwestern basswood, which is very sustainable.

The prints present on the blocks are made from mouth-safe inks and are non-toxic. Furthermore, the set includes a basswood tray. This is a great gift for kids who are 2 years or older. There are two different musical styles shown on the blocks. They can also be treated as puzzle pieces for creating the United States of Music.

KidKraft So Stylish Mansion Wooden Dollhouse

The KidKraft So Stylish Mansion Wooden Dollhouse is the most expensive gift on this list but is worth the price. This Dollhouse is a stylish, three-story, four-foot-tall wooden toy. Kids can play with their friends and give their imaginations a home. This Dollhouse has three levels that you can decorate individually or form a connection to each other.

Two staircases are connecting the three levels, which the children can remove. You will not find it hard to assemble the wooden structure and get your kids to start playing with it. Moreover, the kids will get 360 degrees space to play since there are no covers on any side.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Will I Wash The Wooden Toys?

Wooden toys should never be placed directly in the water for a long time. Use a damp cloth on your hand to get rid of the dirt on the toys. Makes sure that you use a light detergent and cold water to wash this dirt.

Do not keep the toy in front of a heater for long, or it will get cracks. Depending on the wood material used for making the toy, the washing process will differ. Most toy packages will come with a set of instructions on how to wash them so that their longevity is not compromised. Follow these instructions properly to keep the wooden toy durable.

Why Does My Kid’s Wooden Toy Have an Unusual Smell?

In some wooden toys, you may find an unusual smell that does not emerge from plastic toys. This smell is nothing but of the natural oils and finish coating. Since the toys are packed directly after they are finished, the scent remains trapped in the wood. As you start using the toy with your kid, the smell will vanish slowly.

If your kid cannot bear the smell, you can clean it before giving it to them. Use a damp cloth for wiping the wooden toy. Ensure that the toy is dried immediately so that the water does not seep into the wood. Dry it naturally and not in front of a heater, or it will get damaged easily.

Is It Harmful To My Child To Mouth The Wooden Toys?

Wooden toys that are designed for kids contain safe, non-toxic elements. This is because kids are in the habit of mouthing things, especially when they are teething. Manufacturers make their products go through rigorous tests to ensure that the products are not harmful to children. They follow the industrial and legal standards mentioned for their place of distribution.

Even the colours used in these toys are harmless and do not contain any toxic elements. You will not have to worry about your toddler getting sick when they expose their mouth to the wooden toys. However, make sure that you clean the toys after opening them from the package before giving them to your child.

What Is The Coating On The Wooden Toys?

Different manufacturers use different coating and finish on wooden toys. This also depends on the wooden material that has been used for manufacturing the product. These coatings are given to ensure that the wood remains durable and does not get damaged easily. Most of these coatings are also resistant to dust or water.

The coating would also make a difference between the toy being glossy or matt. However, this distinction would not make much of a difference for your kid. The main thing about the coatings is that they are toxin-free and would not cause harm when they are exposed to saliva.

Is The Toy Safe For My Toddler?

Wooden toys are safer for children as compared to most plastic toys. Though non-toxic plastics are being used for making toys in current times, the durability of these is a huge question. Another thing about wooden toys is they will not break or get damaged easily. Your kid will not be able to break them and hurt themselves.

Buying from well-known manufacturers is extremely important when you are buying wooden toys for any child. These manufacturers give proper attention to their standards and produce 100% non-toxic products. Make sure all the safety standards are met by the manufacturer from whom you are buying the toy.

How Do I Choose A Suitable Wooden Toy For A Child?

When you want to gift a wooden toy to a child, you need to ensure age-appropriate. For kids younger than 4 years, you could choose building blocks, rocking horses, etc. However, for kids who are 5 years and older, you need to choose more advanced toys to increase their mental and physical abilities.

You also need to keep the interest of the child in consideration. If you know the child well, you will know what they prefer. Giving a preferable gift to the child will garner a positive reaction from them. Moreover, they will be more inclined to play with toys that they have loved as gifts.

Summing Up

Wooden toys are found in abundance in current times. Toy manufacturers are focusing more on building quality wooden toys than cheap plastic ones. Though wooden toys are more expensive than plastic toys, they are also very durable. Moreover, you can find a variety of wooden toys for kids in the market.

Finding the best wooden toys to gift kids might not be easy due to the vast availability. However, our guide will take you through different options that you can choose from. The toys listed here are from some high-quality manufacturers who have produced durable and high-end wooden toys for kids.

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Wooden Toys to gift your kids

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