10 Women Wallets Every Girl Needs

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Looking for a women wallet? We know how hard it can be to find the perfect gift or in this case the perfect wallet for your girlfriend.

Don’t worry we got you!

You can find thousands of wallets out there on the internet some of them are small, some of them are big and others are really colourful. For women wallets are more than just an object, a wallet is a fashion object if they match their outfits at the handbags with the wallet.

 So as a man it’s quite hard to pick the right one. But that’s why you are here. We will help you to pick the perfect wallet as a gift for your loved one. 

But enough talking now let’s have a look at the best wallets you can give your girlfriend. We made a list with the top 10 wallets for women you can get out there on the internet.

1. Michael Kors Jet Set Travel Saffiano Leather Bifold Zip Coin Wallet

Let’s have a look at the first wallet on the list. The wallet is designed by a company called Michael Kors. The wallet is one of the bigger ones on our list. It is made out of 100% leather which makes it really robust against any kind of damage. You can store more than 6 credit cards or any kind of cards in it. It also has a slot for banknotes and coins. You also have a slot for your ID holder and another three multifunctional pockets to store some stuff in it. The wallet is available in 3 different colours in black in vanilla and in Black saffiano you can’t go wrong with any of these colours and your girlfriend loves them.



2. Timberland Women’s Leather RFID Flap Wallet Clutch Organizer

The second wallet we have on our list is from the brand Timberland. The wallet is made out of leather. You can get the wallet in 7 different colours and it comes with RFID protection. It has an easy snap and close mechanism one also has room for one it window where you can put your ID or driver licence but it also has room for more than 15 credit cards. So this wallet has enough space for all of her belongings and cards. But of course, you can also store some bills and coins in it. The wallet has a classic look so you can’t go wrong with it. This wallet is also in the medium price range so you don’t have to get a credit to buy this one.



3. Chelmon Womens Wallet Genuine Leather RFID Blocking Purse Credit Card Clutch

The third wallet on our list is from the brand Chelmon. This wallet has so much storage room you can store literally everything in it. It has a super where you can store your coins in it, a phone pocket to store your mobile phone, 11 card slots, an ID window, a pen holder, more than 11 card slots, and of course you can also store your bill’s in it. The best thing about the wallet is that it’s cheap and you can get it in 40 different colours so you can easily pick the favourite colour of your girlfriend and get her the wallet in the same colour. It also has an RFID protection so your credit cards are safe. The material used to produce the wallet is genuine leather and inside, they used his super fiber leather. This wallet is also super cheap and is perfect for a woman who has to store a lot of things into the wallet.



4. Vera Bradley Women’s Signature Cotton Turnlock Wallet with RFID Protection

The fourth wallet we are looking at from the brand Vera Bradley. You can get this followed in different design patterns ranging from flowers to some cool mosaics. So if your girlfriend is not the classic type of woman who hates boring surfaces this is the wallet you can go with. There are more than 20 different design pedals you can get. The wallet is a classic turn lock wallet. It has more than 12 card slots, a classic zipper for coins, storage room to store bills, RFID Protection and it’s measuring 8 wide & 5 inches high. This wallet is a super gift for your girlfriend trust me!



5. Cyanb Women Wallets Tassel Bifold Ladies Cluth Wristlet Wrist strap Long Purse

The fifth wallet on our list is from the brand Cyanb. It is a Tassel Bifold Ladies Cluth Wristlet Wrist strap Long Purse. It is made out of synthetic leather (so no animals got hurt) and you can get it in more than 20 colours, so it’s really easy to pick the favourite colour of your girlfriend. But why should you get this one? First of all the price is low and it’s a really cool and classic looking wallet, it has a zipper pocket for coins, storage room for her phone, 12 card slots, room for bills and more. It measures (L)7.67″ x (W)1.1″ x (H)4.13″ inch in dimension.

 All in all, it’s a super organiser.  This wallet is perfect for every woman and you can’t go wrong with it.



6. Vera Bradley Women’s Signature Cotton Zip ID Case Wallet

On the sixths, position on our list we have this pretty wallet from the brand Vera Bradley. It’s a classic Cotton Zip ID Case Wallet. The wallet comes in more than 30 different styles so you have enough choices to find the best one exactly suited to your girlfriend. This wallet is more something for lazy women who don’t care a lot about organisation because this wallet doesn’t come with any card slots you just throw anything into it. But all in all, this is a super wallet, especially for travelling! So if your girlfriend is always on the go this wallet fits her perfectly.



7. Wallets for Women with Multiple Card Slots and Roomy Compartment

This super looking wallet from the brand Pomelo Blast is on the seventh position on our list. The wallet looks super luxury and is a real eyecatcher! It is available in 10 different styles which all look stunning. The wallet is made out of faux leather so no animal got hurt! Your girlfriend can wear this clutch wallet to every occasion because it’s suited for everything whether its a wedding, a party night or just for dinner. It also has enough storage room for cards, coins, papers, and bills.



8. Itslife Women’s RFID Blocking Large Capacity Luxury Wax Genuine Leather Clutch Wallet Card Holder Organizer Ladies Purse

On position eight of our list of the best women wallets, you will find this beauty from the brand Itslife. This clutch wallet is made out of grained leather which gives it a nice feeling and does make it super robust. The fabric comes in more than 17 different colours and has an easy snap closing. This wallet is super big (Dimensions: 7.56″L x 4.13″W x 1.57″H(19 x 10 x 3 cm)) so it has a lot of storage capacity for credit cards, coins, bills and even her phone fits into it. This wallet is a super gift for her and is also not too pricey. 



9. Coach Women’s Patent Crossgrain Leather Accordion Zip Wallet

Our list is almost coming to an end. On the ninth position, we have this stunning looking wallet from the brand Coach. This wallet is one of the more expensive kind but still makes a great gift for every woman out there. It is available in more than 25 different styles and colours. The wallet has more than 12 card slots, spaces for coins, and bills. All in all one of the best wallets in our list.



10. Michael Kors Women’s Jet Set Continental Wallet

Last but not least my favourite wallet for women on the list. This absolute beauty is from the famous brand Michael Kors. This wallet fits every woman!



I hope you liked our list of the best wallets for women! Still unconcern? Here I am answering some more pieces of information about women wallets.

What is RFID Protection?

Most credit cards today have an RFID chip implemented. With this chip, you can pay contactless. So all criminals have to do is hold a PIN device near your wallet and they can transfer a small amount of cash from your credit cards into their bank account. That’s why RFID Protection got invented it block the little radio waves coming out of your RFID chip so criminals can’t get access to your credit cards.

Do I need a wallet with RFID Protection?

If you live in an area with a lot of people you should definitely get an RFID protected wallet! Criminals have it really easy in crowded places like train stations, subway,  clubs or just on the street to steal your money from your credit cards.

What is the perfect wallet size for women?

Well…it depends on the women obviously 😛 But there are some rules you can follow. First of all the wallet should have enough space for all her cards and IDs so make sure it has enough card slots. If the woman who is using the wallet pays everything in cash it should also have pockets for coins and bills. On the other hand, if she pays everything with her credit cards you can safe the pocket space. Is she combining the wallet with a handbag? If yes, the size really doesn’t matter that much! If she only going out with a wallet and no handbag make sure the wallet has enough storage room for her phone and other stuff.

Should I buy a real leather wallet or faux leather wallet?

This one is pretty easy. If she likes animals buy a faux leather wallet if she doesn’t care you can buy a real one.

If I want to include a photo…What is the size of a wallet photo?

The normal size is 2.5 x 3.5. Bro tip include a couple photo of you into the wallet, your women will love it and you can earn some plus points

How much should a good women wallet cost?

In my eyes, wallets made out of real leather are the best, they start at around 30 $.

What are the best women wallet brands out there?

Based on Amazon Customer Reviews the best brands for women wallets are:

Michael Kors, Timberland, FREY, Coach, Vera Bradly

What colour should I pick for the wallet?

Well, this is also really easy! Just go with her favourite colour 🙂 or just look at what colours her old wallets had and buy her one in the same colour.

What is the best leather wallet brand?

If you want to buy your girlfriend a real leather wallet go with the following brand’s Timberland, Michael Kors and Coach.


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