Understand Girlfriends Swing Moods

Understand Girlfriends Swing Moods

Did you ever try to hang out with your girlfriend suddenly from being nice to being mad? That’s mood swing, this is a condition of rapid change of mood. Girl’s mood swings are natural yet weird. There are many causes of mood swings, like premenstrual syndrome or the PMS were women feel abnormal mood two weeks before their period. PMS can affect appetite, depression, fatigue, and bloating. Some causes mood swings are hormonal imbalance, puberty, pregnancy, menopausal and menstrual period. The menstrual period has a big impact on every girl’s emotion because of irritation and discomfort.

Some men say it hard to understand girls. They can’t even deal with their girlfriend’s mood swings but the truth is there are things you need to consider when your girlfriend is attacked by its mood swing. They say managing and dealing female mood swings need patience, perseverance, pampering and presence of mind. Rather than questioning why women have this emotional imbalance, it’s better to understand how to deal with it.

Most Girls are Emotional

Girls are known to be emotionally sensitive and moody rather than men. Some women tantrums in front of men to test his emotional strength or confidence and test his patients but most of the time it’s a mood swing. Understanding her mood swing is the best feeling of every girl. They feel respect and value as women and this also help to increase women’s attraction to you. Girls love attention, they suddenly annoyed if you don’t give attention to them if you always teased them and trying to comment on her style and body. Men’s are stronger than women physically and emotionally, that is why men are must understanding especially in feeling and emotion. Handling their shifting emotion is better for her and you, this will make your relationship strong and last the longest.

Here are some ways and tips to handle or avoid your girlfriend swing mood:


1. Know the Reason

It’s better to know and find out why she’s upset to be specific in details. Girls don’t want to say what you did wrong it’s up to you to figure it out, try to think maybe you did something wrong or say a silly thing that makes her triggered to you. Knowing where she came from will help you to deal with her emotion. Listen carefully and avoid interrupting her in a conversation particularly when she’s not in a good mood.


2. Give her time and space

This not mean you will break up with her, just give her a time to release her anger. Try to ask her why she’s upset just once, constantly asking him may also add or increased her upset. If you think you didn’t do anything bad to her it’s time for you to give her space. Give her time to breathe and relax.


3. Don’t do anything, pamper her

Girls having a menstrual period have a tendency that they cannot control their emotion. This period makes her quickly upset about anything and anyone. As a boyfriend tract and know the date on her menstrual period for you to know when you should not annoy her. The best way to treat a girl having a PMS mood swing is to pamper her. Cuddles, hugs, kisses, massage, and foods are the good thing you can do to lift her spirit and handle her emotion.


4. Comfort her

Girlfriend loves hug especially when they annoyed or crying. If your girlfriend has a mood swing because bad hair day or anything bad happened to her, empathize with her. Girls need comfort and attention in times of their emotional breakdown. This action will relieve than by knowing that someone is there for her. Just go with the flow on her change in emotion.


5. Attention is a must

We all know girls are attention sicker, they want your attention to be a focus on them while talking and be bored. If you’re beside your girlfriend make sure you’re not busy and better yet don’t used your phone. Phones are most of the time causes of the frustration, this may start argument and misunderstanding.


6. Make her laugh

Be the antidote of your girlfriend’s mood swing. Lessen her stress and pain by weird and cracking jokes. This will help to lighten up her face and generally makes her roll with laughter. Use your humor to brighten up her day, good humor will help her to ease her situation and make her smile.


7. Take here somewhere

The good ambience gives joy in her face. You can take her to a park, café, and restaurant, taking out on a date doesn’t require a glamorous one, just you and her with a nice environment. Find a spot for fresh air, sounds, and sights that will help her calm her nerves down. Exploring and good food will help her to forget her mood swing.


8. Get her to take a rest

Mood swings are causes stress, exhausting, and fatigue. Maybe your girlfriend suffers from a bad and busy day at work or school. Try to convince her to take a break and take enough rest from her busy schedule to regain her energy. Lack of sleep may be the cause of her irritable look and frustrated emotion. Tuck her to bed while watching TV with a little hug and cuddle is a good rest.


9. Satisfy her cravings

Craving for food or sweet cravings is quick mood fixes. This an effective trick to maintain and instantly calm your girlfriend when having a mood swing. Food is a complement of a good conversation.


10. Make her feel good

Married men well-known saying is Happy Wife, Happy Life. This saying also applies to every relationship. Happy girlfriend makes your life happier and easy, it’s funny but it’s true. Make some little compliment words makes her happy like you’re beautiful or you’re sexy. Avoid giving a complementary that is awkward and premeditated. Act natural every time saying complementary words because if not this may cause conflict for both of you. These complimentary words are like flowers to every girl’s ear so make sure choose an exact word to say.

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