Top 10 Jewelry Gift Ideas For Kids: Best Jewelry Your Kid Will Enjoy

Best Jewelry Gift Ideas For Kids

Jewelry design originated from pre-historic times. People loved decorating their bodies with adornments made of shells, fishbones, colored pebbles, feathers, and other animal bones. Jewelry is essentially an object of personal decoration. They are valued for their craftsmanship and components like precious and semi-precious metals and stones.

Are you wondering what the best gift for your kid is? Don’t worry, we have got you covered. Reading ahead, you will know why gifting jewelry to your kid is the best idea. You will also understand the precautions to take and the best products recommended for your kid.

Why Is Jewelry A Good Idea For Your Kid?

Your kid is a small version of a human being. He/she will love pretty things as much as you. They care about how they look and fancy themselves as their favorite celebrities too. Your kid may be meticulous and extremely careful with their things. Gifting them jewelry will embed that quality in them.

Girls and boys both favor certain types of jewelry. Boys might love some leather bands, gold chains, or their favorite cartoon characters as a theme. Girls would probably prefer delicate earrings, cutesy pendants, or charm bracelets.

But it is important to remember that choices are not dependent on gender. Your kid may just choose the opposite of what you expect, and that is completely cool!

Your kid would fancy the shiny nature and luminance of the jewelry, making them feel like Prince or Princess. When they receive jewelry as a gift for their many milestones, they value it. They are motivated to perform their best in academics and are more motivated to behave better too.

While jewelry is one of the best gifts for your kid, there are certain things to keep in mind. You need to be cautious as to the type of jewelry you are choosing.

Safety Measures To Take While Choosing The Best Jewelry Gift for Your Kid

Jewelry, as we mentioned before, is one of the best gifts for your kid. But, there are certain safety measures that you need to undertake to protect your kid. You will find the safety measures listed below.

  • It is advised that you don’t get artificial jewelry for your kid. This is because of the harmful chemicals like nickel and cadmium, which are easily absorbed by your kid’s skin
  • Ensure that you get earrings with screw-backs so that there is no chance of losing or swallowing them
  • 14 Karat gold, platinum, gold-plated, or silver metals are safe for your kid. If you are unsure about precious jewelry, you can get leather, macrame, or bead jewelry
  • Try buying only snag-free jewelry with safety clasps
  • Your kid should be able to play and move around in a carefree manner, even with their jewelry. So, ensure that it is not intrusive or too big.

When Can You Start Gifting Your Kid Jewelry

Some cultures start getting their kids hooked on jewelry from infancy. This starts off with a traditional ear-piercing ceremony. The infant is gifted a gold or other precious metal earring with a screw-back. Ensure you get the snag-free necklace, bracelet, or anklet for your infant.

It is best to gift jewelry to your kid when they are over 5 or 6 years. By this time, they are more aware and develop some possessiveness for their belongings. They can verbalize if they have any problem with their jewels.

You can gift your kid’s jewelry for a milestone they have achieved. Developmental, academic, or social milestones in your kid’s life are meant to be celebrated. You cannot go wrong with the best jewel your kid is bound to love.

What Type Of Jewelry Will Your Kid Enjoy?

Our markets are thronged with a variety of jewels. Jewelry made with gold, silver, platinum, and diamonds with or without semi-precious stones and metals is popular. Kids enjoy nature and animal-themed jewelry. They also love jewelry showing symbols of love.

Your kid will cherish small to medium-sized hoop earrings or tiny studs with a screw-back. A heart-shaped, star-shaped, or any animal-shaped pendants are their favorite. You can get your kid personalized jewelry with a family photo or their favorite celebrity too. If you know your kid’s birthstone, it is ideal on rings, earrings, a bracelet, or a necklace pendant.

For something unisex so that a boy can enjoy it too, you can get ID tags with your kid’s name engraved. You could get leather bands with a zodiac sign or personalized jewelry for them.

Your kid might be interested in wearing certain religious symbols too. Saint Nicholas, Crucifix, Star of David, Buddha, or Om sign are some religious symbolisms you might like to incorporate into your kid’s jewelry.

Suppose your kid loves Disney characters or Harry Potter, or any other famous franchise. You might be able to find jewelry related to that. It will spark your kid’s imagination and excitement levels. He/she will probably wear the jewelry everywhere and show off.

You cannot go wrong with cutesy and sweet-looking earrings, bracelets, necklaces, pendants, or rings for your kid.

Top 10 Best Jewelry Gifts For Your Kid

Jewelry is a beautiful and valuable gift to give your kid. Are you confused with the options available? Fret not; we have curated the top 10 best jewelry gifts your kid will cherish.

Swarovski Mickey Pendant Necklace

Mickey Mouse is the most favorite Disney character of kids worldwide, isn’t it? So, what is better than gifting your kid a Swarovski Mickey Pendant Necklace?

Swarovski has been around since 1895. They make elegant and sophisticated crystal jewelry. They are master craftsmen when it comes to jewelry. You needn’t worry about the safety of the Swarovski mickey pendant necklace.

The pendant has a gold-plated back, and the chain comes with a lobster clasp. With sparkling black and red crystals, this pendant is shaped like your kid’s favorite character, Mickey Mouse. An iconic gift for your kid, this pendant with a necklace will cost you $95.

Gucci GG Marmont Earrings

Gucci is an Italian High fashion house. They started their line of fine jewelry recently. Their iconic logo features in many of their jewels and accessories. The Gucci GG Marmont Earrings features the logo too.

If your kid loves brands and flaunts them, this an incredible gift for her. She will love the small-sized GG stud. This stud is made of sterling silver. To ensure safety for your kid, Gucci jewels are curated with hypoallergenic and nickel-free materials.

GG Marmont Earrings has a beautiful antique engraved Torchon finish. It comes with a 2-year international warranty and will cost you $249.

Pandora Star Wars, the Child Charm

Is your kid a Star Wars or Mandalorian aficionado? This gift will make him/her leap with joy. An adorable baby Yoda, Grogu in a Charm form. You can attach it to a Pandora bracelet or a chain and flaunt it.

The charm is made of sterling silver with 92.5% silver and 7.5% of other metals like copper. It is an extremely durable, elegant, and lustrous piece of jewel for your kid. This charm also has impressive engravings.

A baby Yoda posing in the typical May The Force Be With you fashion, this charm is one of our top recommendations for your kid.

Kendra Scott – Maggie Bangle Bracelet

Kendra Scott is a jewelry brand established in 2002. With pure innovation and utmost care for your kid’s safety, they have curated multiple pieces of jewelry.

The Maggie bangle bracelet is made of silver filigree. It is a simple round design. But it has an intricate engraving of the Kendra Scott logo all over its circumference. An elegant piece that comes with a genuine branded gift box and jewelry bag will make your kid jubilant.

This bangle has different color coatings, and you can choose your kid’s favorite color. You get rose gold, yellow gold, or rhodium color coat options. We have highlighted the rhodium coating due to its sheer elegance. The Maggie Bangle Bracelet will cost you only $58.

Pandora Star Wars, Shining 3D Logo Charm

The original Star Wars logo is an enigma created by George Lucas. Pandora has created a black enamel charm of the enigmatic logo. A part of the Pandora Shine collection, it consists of several layers in which sterling silver is layered. It is overlaid with palladium and then finished with a thick layer of 18Karat gold.

This charm can be worn with a Pandora bracelet or necklace and is durable. Your kid will love this elegant and unisex charm that reminds them of their favorite movies. This fantastic charm will cost you $64.06 and has a 5/5 global rating on Amazon.

Elvish The One Tungsten Ring- Atomic Jewelry

Lord of The Rings is another globally renowned series. Your kid might love the series and appreciate this gift gloriously. The famous dialogue associated with the ring is, “one ring to rule them all, One ring to find them; one ring to bring them all and in the darkness bind them.” This is engraved in the fictional language, Black Speech, curated by J. R. R. Tolkien.

This ring made by Atomic Jewelry is made of tungsten carbide and is 8mm in width. It is almost a replica of the ring shown in the LOTR series. You can get this black laser engraved ring for your kid at $99.99 and watch his/her gleaming face.

14K Yellow Gold Engravable Kids Tag ID Bracelet- In Season Jewelry

Remember we mentioned, you can gift your kid an ID tag jewelry, too, especially for infants and young children. This helps impress their name on them in the early days and is also a beautiful ornamentation piece.

In Season Jewelry strives to make good quality and safe jewelry for your kids. This particular product is a beautiful, charming, and shiny accessory for your little one. It has a nameplate with an angel engraved on it. Made of 14 Karat Yellow Gold, this is a custom engraved ID bracelet.

The ID Bracelet has an adjustable strap, comes in a beautiful gift box, and has a 30-day money-back guarantee. This highly recommended product will cost you $178.99.

Rylos- Personalized Necklace

Rylos is a USA-based company and has been manufacturing fine jewelry for over 40 years. This particular product is personalized and handcrafted for your kid. Once you make the payment for this beautiful glistening necklace, you can email the provided address. You can specify the name and initials of your child and other specifications to make it personalized.

The necklace comes in 14 Karat white or yellow gold. The initials and names are engraved and set with glistening diamonds. You can specify up to 3 initials and or a 7-letter name so that it can be arranged beautifully. Coming in beautiful packaging, your kid will have the perfect gift with this charming and personalized durable necklace.

14K Rose Gold Cross Screw-Back Stud Earrings- Loveivy

Loveivy is a Long Island, New York-based brand founded in 2003. They are a dedicated children’s online jewelry brand. Valuing your kid’s memories, likes, dislikes, and needs, they aim to make jewelry gifting a treasured dream. Loveivy believes in helping you find the best, safe, and high-quality product for your kid.

We recommend Loveivy’s 14 Karat Rose Gold Cross stud. It has a screw-back ensuring it is safe for a 0-10 years old kid too. This elegant stud comes with a lifetime manufacturer warranty in case of defects. You can also avail of their free gift packaging and gift card to have a complete gifting experience for your kid.

Pandora- Pink Sparkling Crown Crystal Ring

Who doesn’t like to be a royal princess? No one, right, including your kid. Your kid is immensely influenced by Disney princesses and other princesses and yearns to be royalty. Especially while playing dress-up, she probably plays a fairytale princess. This product will make her feel like a princess completely.

She will love the crown-shaped ring. This is a sparkling pink crystal ring that is part of the Pandora Rose collection. This collection is made of 14K rose gold and has a blend of silver and copper metals. Your teen especially will love this pink cubic zirconia ring for her sweet 16.

The ring looks cute and is a priceless gift for your kid.

Final Notes

Jewelry is a personal adornment. It makes your kid feel royal and beautiful or handsome. He/she will frolic around in their beautiful pieces and show them off gloriously. Gift them jubilant and joyful pieces of jewelry for their milestones and special occasions.

Use our carefully crafted guide to choose the best jewelry gifting idea for your kid. Incorporate their lifestyle, passions, and favorite things in their jewelry. If they are older, you can have a lovely jewelry shopping trip with your kid. They will cherish the trip and have a memorable piece of jewelry. So, get shopping for beautiful jewelry for your kid!

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