Top 10 Gift Ideas You Cant Find On Amazon

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Today we will have a look at some gift ideas you can’t find on Amazon. Are you tired of buying your girlfriend always the same things from the same online retailer? We are! So that’s why we have focused our list today on unique gift ideas you can’t find on Amazon. The ideas we have in our list are suitable for every occasions so don’t worry you will definitely find something.

So lets take a look:

1. Invite Your Girl To Dinner

a couple eating dinner

Which girl doesn’t love a fancy or romantic dinner? Invite her to a fancy restaurant and enjoy a great menu consisting of three or four courses. Or maybe you decide for something unusual? There are a lot of great dinner events available. You can take your girlfriend out for a dinner in the dark or maybe experience an exquisite crime dinner, where you help to chase a murderer (of course, it’s just part of a great show). Also, you can enjoy a themed dinner together and eat like knights.
Besides, you can choose an extraordinary restaurant and dine in an American school bus, a castle or inside an igloo.

2. Concert Tickets

a picture of a concert

Your girlfriend adores a special singer or a band? Why don’t to get her tickets to a concert of her favorite star? You can surprise her with her best friend attending her or yourself will join. Also, organize the arrival and โ€“ if necessary โ€“ a place to stay for the night. Your girlfriend shouldn’t worry about anything.
An alternative idea is to buy tickets to a theater or a great musical like the lion king or phantom of the opera. Or maybe your girl prefer to enjoy a ballet performance (then probably she’ll love the Swan Lake or Nutcracker) or to visit an opera.

3. Jewelery

a golden bracelte

Probably, every girl will be happy to get jewelry. Buy her a necklace and choose a pendant which shows a special symbol, which is important for your relationship. Or get her a pendant which is the perfect counterpart to a piece of jewelry you already own. It’s also an absolute classic to give a pedant with your engraved name or initials to your girl. Needless to say, you can also choose a watch, ring, bracelet or piercing for your love. But always pay attention to a great quality of your gift.


4. Couple Photo Shoot

a place of a photo shooting

It doesn’t matter if you are newly in love or having a long-term relationship. Love always deserves to be captured. It’s nice to memorize good times. The best way to capture this memories are photos. You can give your girlfriend the opportunity to be in the spotlight for one day (or a couple of hours, depends on your decision). Usually, the photographer will talk with you and your girl about your outfits and the special character of your relationship before the photo shoot is going to start. In the end of the day, you’ll own unique photos of you as a couple and will be able to decorate your flat with new memories.


5. Wellness Weekend

picture of a towel with flowers at a spa

Why don’t you gift her some time you can spend together? The best way in doing this is with a nice relaxing wellness weekend. This is a great way to get some stress off her shoulders and make her happy. There are man different kind of wellness weekends you can get. I would go with the classic ones where you get a nice massage to calm down, with a fancy spa area and with some good food. A wellness trip is not something you would gift your girlfriend everyday so be sure to choose the right occasion for this gift.


6. City Trip

a picture of paris where you can see the eifeltower

Paris is always a good idea. Or maybe you prefer New York or Hongkong? A trip to a beautiful, interesting city will bring a smile on your love’s face. Organize a flight or a train ticket to her dream destination and find a cosy hotel. You can also start to plan activities for the days in the city and write a list with sights, museums, shopping malls, bars, parks and restaurants. However, don’t forget to give your girlfriend enough opportunities to choose activities by herself.

7 . Take A Course Togehterย  (Dancing or Cooking Course)

a couple who is dancing on the street

Every girl loves a man who can cook or dance so why don’t you gift her a course together. Again the time you spend together is the most important part here. If your girlfriend is really into dancing i would go for a dance course. If she loves food then you should go and take a cooking course together. And if you don’t know which of these activities your girlfriend likes the most just go for one she will love it eithere way..its like a win win situation.

8. Amusement Park

a picture of a carousel spinning

Why don’t you spend your day together at an amusement park? These kinds of parks are normally loved by everyone. They guarantee you a day full of fun and joy with your girlfriend. You can ride different rollercoasters, eat hot dogs and cotton candy or just take a lot of couple selfies together. Since the tickets are normally really expansive they are super suitable as a gift. You don’t take your girlfriend there if she doesn’t like rollercoasters or get sick of them ๐Ÿ˜‰

9. Selfmade Photo Album

a girl on her bed looking in a photo album

Well this gift is pretty easy to do but has such a high value! A selfmade photo album is a present you can’t do anything wrong with. Just go and take your phone or camera and select the best pictures you have where both of you are together. There are a lot of online stores who are printing these kind of photo albums. This gift is perfect if she loves photos trust me.

10. Gift Her Something Personal

A picture of a sign called love

Our last advice is it to gift her something personal. Does your girlfriend has any kind of hobby’s like reading or watching movies? Or does she have a favorite animal? If yes ,you can go and buy your girlfriend her favorite book or movie. If she likes animals go and buy her her favorite animal as a stuffed animal. Just make sure its something personal it can be anything but you know your girlfriend the most ๐Ÿ˜‰

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