Top 10 Fabulous Christmas Presents for your Nerdy Girlfriend

Christmas is just around the corner. This means that the gift-giving season is on. Have you already thought about the perfect Christmas present for your girl? If she happens to be a nerd, then it would be no problem. Though, you might find it a bit challenging since she is no ordinary girl. ‘

There is no need to fret about it as we are here to help you make the perfect pick.

Shopping for presents for nerdy girls should be fun. This can be truer if you are a geek yourself. Irrespective of your budget, you will still find the best present to appeal to your significant other. There are plenty of gifts in the sea below. Read on and enjoy our list of the best presents to buy your geeky girlfriend without breaking the bank.

1. Smartwatch

Is your girl into fitness and loves sporty outdoor activity? If the answer is affirmative, it might be the best time to get her one of the best smartwatches. A smartwatch is a perfect activity tracker. The tech gadget is also excellent for those who love to go on jogging sprees, swimming, do yoga, or go on bicycle rides. Smartwatches come with a great battery that can even last up to 7 days. Most of them are also waterproof, which means they can keep track of the heart while even underwater. When connected to the smartphone, your girlfriend will be able to perform basic things, including checking the weather or receiving a call. Who would not appreciate something as cool and useful as a smartwatch?


2. Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Your girlfriend will totally appreciate getting a robot vacuum cleaner at Christmas. Christmas is the perfect time to relax and enjoy oneself. Who would want to engage in mundane activities, such as cleaning the house? Yes, you said it right! No one! And for this very reason, you should get your girlfriend to get this fantastic utility toy. It will help anyone in performing the daily chores effectively while saving loads of time and effort. She will be proudly showing off her new tech gadget to family and friends. Typically, the robotic vacuum cleaners come with a remote control and power adapter. Attached, you are also more likely to find a cleaning tool, brushes, filter, and a charging base. Ensure that the warranty and how-to-use guide is included since you will want the present to last a long time.


3. Mini Cryptex (Da Vinci Code)

This is another excellent option to give a geeky girlfriend; especially, if she solves puzzles and riddles. This is also a romantic present with the default secret password of ILoveU. This makes it all the way more special for the lovely nerd in your life. Later, you can reset the password into anything you prefer. Typically, the Da Vinci Code Mini Cryptex is about 14cm in length. The hidden compartment of the Cryptex is about 8 cm, whereas its diameter is about 2.5 cm. Nothing can go wrong with this romantic and smart Christmas gift idea. She is set to love it.


4. Scratch Off World Map

Are you guys into traveling? If the ultimate dream is a world tour, then the scratch-off world map is the perfect present for your nerdy girlfriend. Each time she will scratch off a country you guys have been to, there will be bold colors underneath. The black background of the world map adds a touch of elegance to it. The scratched off regions are marked with bold colors that make the map all the way more interesting. The size of the scratch-off world map is 17×24 inches. This is an excellent way to plan all future ventures with your significant other. The map’s best thing is that it is incredibly detailed with neat typography and excellent manufacture.


5. The Movie: A Silent Voice

If your girlfriend is obsessed with anime, this might be the best present to look for. This will also turn your Christmas holidays into a cinematic session. Each of the anime fans might have differing interests. Still, this anime movie can always be the perfect gift for anyone. The unique storyline of Shouya Ishida is gripping and emotionally satisfying. You might want to check a video converter, such as conversor de video, to enjoy the best anime movies with your geeky loved one.

Speaking of anime! There is nothing more exciting than Japanese snacks and candy. If you want to take your relationship to another level, we recommend coupling the anime movie with delicious Japanese delicacy. Typically, a box of Japanese snack assortment includes at least 30 different types of Japanese snacks. These are so good that you guys will not be eating anything else. Japanese anime and Japanese snacks, what else does one need? Isn’t it heaven on earth? Munching away on candies while watching an emotionally satisfying anime movie, ask no more!


6. Body Massager

Surprise her with this soothing gadget; especially, when one is needed the most at Christmas. Has your girlfriend been complaining about a hurting back and neck? It is time you get her one of the best body massagers. It depends on which style and brand you buy from. The body massager is made to be used on shoulders, neck, legs, arms, back, and feet. The deep and extremely satisfying massage experience will rejuvenate your girlfriend. The best thing about body massager is that it can be used anywhere and anytime. It is portable and easy to use. The inbuilt infrared heating mechanism allows the massage heads to rotate while a deep massage experience can be enjoyed. Imagine the happiness on her face when she uses the body massager while stuck in traffic on her way back from work. Eternal bliss, indeed!


7. Charmian Corset for Women

Does your nerdy girlfriend love to wear corsets? If the answer is yes, then you might want to check in with the Charmian corset. You do not need to worry about its manufacturing materials. This corset might look as if it is made of steel and iron. But this is as comfortable as a corset is supposed to be. It is made of Spandex (82%) and Nylon (18%). No heavy material, such as steel and iron plates, have been added. However, make sure to know the exact measurement of your girl before purchasing a corset for her. This will ensure that you do not have to return it later. The design of this corset is that of a spiral-shape, including decorative buckles and a lace-up back.


8. Vintage Library Necklace (Daozhang)

Most of the nerdy girls love reading books and everything that has something to do with books. If this describes your girl, then the vintage library necklace by Daozhang might be the perfect Christmas present for her. If she is a cute bookworm, then she will love it. The necklace chain is not metallic but made of alloy. The chain is also not as long. In other words, it is of perfect quality while being light-weight. What else can a book-lover ask for? Even you can couple it up with her favorite book and a coffee mug.

Oh, did we mention a bookmark? How could we possibly forget the mention of an incredible bookmark when we know that your girlfriend loves putting her nose into books? Why not present her with a unique bookmark on this Christmas? She will cherish it while reading chapter after chapter of her favorite books. You might want to try the Oylz shark bookmark with a matte surface but is made of plastic. The length of this bookmark is about 5 inches, whereas it is about 2mm in thickness. This is absolutely great for all books and comic lovers.


9. Kitchen Knives

Does your girl like to cook and bake? Not all can. If she is the one, she will love to have a new kitchen knife set on her kitchen counter. As an appreciation for her lovely meals, you can gift her with a unique, high-quality set of kitchen knives for Christmas. As cliché as it might sound, but any girl with a unique taste for kitchen utensils and home-made meals will appreciate such a present.


10. Natural Twig Graphite Pencils

Nerdy girls love everything to do with books, pencils, collectibles, and so on. Then, why not present her with a bunch of twig graphite pencils this Christmas. Mind you, these pencils cannot be sharpened and are only for decoration. If your nerdy girlfriend is into collectible pens and art, then this might be for her. The graphite in these twig pencils is only positioned at the top of them, making them unfit for writing. These twigs look absolutely fabulous for office and room decoration. Typically, one package of the twig graphite pencils includes 12 pencils, making them perfect to be displayed on a counter or writing table. This bundle of graphite pencils might also serve as the ideal motivation for potential writers. If your girlfriend is one and is working on her own publications, this will be a great gift.


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