Top 10 best puzzle games to gift kids to boost their minds!

Best Puzzle Games to Gift Kids

Are you looking for the best puzzle games to gift kids? Finding it hard to pick the one that is the most fun and engaging?

Puzzles are an excellent gift for kids. They make an excellent learning tool for young children as they foster mental skills. 

It has numerous other advantages like fine motor development, cognitive improvement, and hand-to-eye coordination. These skills are critical for your child to develop at the early point of their lives.

Puzzles are available in a multitude of themes and for multiple age groups. It can get overwhelming when you try to pick the right puzzle games to gift kids with all the varied choices.

That is why we have hand-picked a list of the best puzzle games to gift kids. These games will not only make a challenging gift, but they will also be something your kid will be happy to receive.

Top 10 Best Puzzle Games to Gift Kids

1. NatoCraft Premium Wooden Butterfly Jigsaw Puzzles 

This is one of the best puzzle games to gift kids. These are wooden jigsaw puzzles that use environmentally friendly materials.

The pictures are high-definition, which will be good for your kid’s eye. It can provide hours of entertainment for your kids and your family if you all join in.

The shapes are unique and very attractive to look at as well. The unique design can bring a spark to your kid’s face. Once your kid solves the puzzle completely, you can hang it on the wall as a home decor piece.

This will give a sense of achievement for your kids and fulfilment to you.

2. Torched Mind Bending Stargazer Lily Flower Wooden Color Cool Jigsaw Puzzle

This is one of the best puzzle games to gift kids because it is specifically designed to improve cognition and visual-spatial reasoning.

It is a uniquely designed puzzle that can improve your kid’s short-term memory as well as problem-solving skills. It is also crafted to enhance your kid’s ability to pay greater attention to detail.

This puzzle game is educational as well as entertaining as it combines nature, scenery, and the thrill of putting them all together. This jigsaw puzzle is crafted to keep your kids occupied for hours of challenging fun.

3. Colorfox Animals Wooden Puzzle Jigsaw Puzzle

These are incredible nature-themed puzzle games. They are available in three different sizes. The special characteristic of this game is the jigsaw pieces are made up of pieces that are shaped like trees, forests, and sea animals. 

Colorfox Animals Wooden Puzzle Jigsaw Puzzles come in vibrant colours and intricately laser-cut pieces. It enhances problem-solving skills as well as thinking ability. This can be one of the most thoughtful things you will gift a kid.

This puzzle can also be hung on a wall as a decor piece after solving it. This product comes with a 30 days risk-free guarantee with a return policy. 

4. Mind Bending Wooden Jigsaw Puzzle

Mind Bending Wooden Jigsaw Puzzle is a beautifully designed puzzle game for kids. It is imaginatively crafted to allow your kid into an advanced realm of bringing together interconnected shapes.

The manufacturer of this product has employed an unparallel printing technique that ensures the patterns are bright, clear, and last longer. The colours do not fade away quickly, and they can also be used as wall decor after solving.

The wooden used to manufacture the jigsaw pieces is made of high-density fiberboard widely used in manufacturing luxury furniture. The back of each piece is dyed in a rich ebony colour to recognize the correct side.

5. Unidragon Butterfly Wooden Puzzle Jigsaw

This is a beautifully crafted artwork designed jigsaw puzzle designed for kids. They are made of high-quality materials and an excellent surface coating that is water-resistant. 

Unidragon has employed laser cutting to have quality cut pieces that are intricately designed. This beautiful butterfly wooden jigsaw puzzle can be hung on your kid’s room wall as a decor piece after solving. It is available in 3 different sizes.

The manufacturing is environmentally friendly and has high-definition pictures. It can enhance thinking skills, and develops better memory as well as patience. Unidragon Wooden Puzzle Jigsaw can be an excellent way to introduce to your kids the world of jigsaw puzzles. 

6. NatoCraft Magic Horse Wooden Puzzle

NatoCraft Magic Horse Wooden Puzzle is a fantastic artwork design jigsaw puzzle. It is made of environmentally friendly prints that can provide high-definition images. The surface of this one is coated with a superior quality coating that resists any form of liquid stains.

This is a beautifully crafted design that can surely fascinate your kids. The jigsaw pieces are cut precisely to form captivating creatures and objects as well. It is designed to train memory and prevent memory-related disorders.

This can make the perfect gift for your kid since they can spend their Sundays having a fun time solving these puzzles.

7. GeoToys Educational Geography Jigsaw Puzzle Set

If you are looking for a jigsaw puzzle that can entertain and inform your kids, you can go with this one. GeoToys Educational Geography Jigsaw Puzzle comes in a set of 6 puzzles. 

It is made of superior-quality cardboard with 50 pieces of floor puzzles. It is a geography puzzle that has information about countries, states, and provinces. This is designed specifically for children from the age of 4 and above.

Each puzzle piece in this set is shaped like individual places such as countries and states. It includes GeoPuzzle World, Geopuzzle Asia, Geopuzzle Latin America, Geopuzzle Africa, Geopuzzle Europe, Geopuzzle Canada, and the USA.

8. HELLOFISH Wooden Jigsaw Puzzles for Adults and Kids

This is an amazing product that not only looks extremely appealing but it is also very interesting to play. The colours are vibrant and vivid which can stimulate colour recognition ability in kids if they play regularly.

It provides your kid with a very calm experience while they put the pieces together. The deep Uranus colour and Universe theme can make the experience educational as well.

The puzzle pieces are made of fiberboard wooden that is high in terms of density that are usually used for flooring. Hellofish Wooden Mercury Galaxy Jigsaw Puzzle is mixed with transparent acrylic to provide durability.

9. Cassilia Wooden Tiger Shaped Jigsaw Puzzles 

Cassilia Wooden Tiger Shaped Jigsaw Puzzles is a fantastic wooden puzzle board solution game. This is crafted meticulously to develop your kid’s hand-eye coordination, colour, and shape recognition. It is manufactured by using one hundred percent wood that is natural and healthy.

This is very durable since it is made of high-quality materials. It has a smooth surface that ensures your kid’s safety while playing. The puzzle pieces are small, but they are meticulously crafted in the form of natural elements.

This product comes with a 30 days return policy. Your money will be refunded. Also, it will be shipped in a beautiful wooden box with a burlap-type cover and lining.

10. EyesAme Wooden USA Bald Eagle Jigsaw Puzzles 

This is an entertaining and educational jigsaw puzzle. It is designed to stimulate and challenge kids’ brains while they play and learn. It can be made as a perfect piece of artwork. 

The puzzle pieces are accurate with the shapes of the animals. These include mysterious forest primaeval animals and adorable small animals. The details are colourful and vivid. The final dimension of the USA Bald Eagle-shaped puzzle is 10.1 square inches.

This jigsaw puzzle comes in a packaging box as a DIY photo frame. It also comes with a holder. 

Why Should You Gift Puzzle Games for Your Kids?

Let us get some insights into puzzle games, their advantages, and why they can be the best gift for your kid. They can do much more than add a great pass time to your little kid’s Sunday afternoons!

Firstly, puzzles can be incredibly fun. It comes with several advantages that benefit them cognitively. Puzzles are also a safe way for kids to explore things that teaches them a lot of things as they have fun.

They Can Reduce Screen Addiction

It is definitely unhealthy to spend too much time in front of a screen. It is especially true in the case of children. Puzzles can provide an effective alternative to mobile phones and computer games.

Interesting puzzle games can be used to entertain your kid without having to hand your phone to them. In contrast to the screens, puzzles have a positive impact on their growth and cognitive development.

Puzzle Games Improve Imagination

Playing puzzles at a young age regularly develops the human brain’s ability to imagine. Puzzle games require your kid to imagine the picture of a puzzle and construct new ways to solve a puzzle.

The picture of the puzzle is first made in mind; hence, it can definitely impact the ability to be imaginative positively.

They Provide Space for Bonding

Puzzles are an excellent way for you to spend time with your children. They do not have to solve it on their own since you can sit next to them and help them do it. In fact, you can learn a lot from your kids too. 

It can also be turned into a family time where everyone at home can come together and solve it together. It covers entertainment, learning, and bonding all at once.

It Helps Increase Your Kid’s Problem-Solving Ability

Puzzles are basically fragments of problems that must be put together and solved. It will force your kid to pick up the right pieces to put in the right places. 

Playing puzzle games often will help your kid identify the right pieces to pick, which will enhance their problem-solving ability.

They Increase Patience

Puzzles help build another important virtue in your kid, and it is patience. We know that it takes multiple attempts to put together a puzzle to perfection. 

We make a lot of mistakes before actually solving them. This will cultivate a high level of patience in your kid.

Puzzles Benefit Your Kid’s Mental Health

Numerous studies suggest that playing puzzles can combat anxiety in adults as well as children. If your kid is particularly restless, suffers from ADHD, or is not someone who pays attention, puzzles can help them. 

Playing puzzle games at an early age can also decrease the chances of dementia and Alzheimer’s in the future.

What To look for in puzzle games for kids?

It should be stimulating.

Puzzles are as important an educational tool as they are entertaining. They provide growing kids with numerous cognitive skills and many learning benefits.

Hence, you need to ensure that the puzzles you buy for your kids are not just boxes filled with colours. They need to be engaging as well as entertaining so that the children playing it will not find it boring. This will be really helpful if your kid has problems concentrating on something for a long time.

The pictures in the puzzles should also be vividly detailed and colourful, so your kids will find them animating. This will be stimulating to your kid’s brain.

It should not be too difficult.

Solving a puzzle completely will always bring a sense of satisfaction to your child. On the other hand, if the puzzle is too difficult to put together for them, they can end up being disappointed. 

So, always ensure that you pick a puzzle with knowledge of the individual child’s ability. You will have to assess the level of complexity and difficulty of the puzzle game before deciding if it is appropriate for your kid.

You must ensure to take into account the number of pieces, the size of pieces, and the degree of detailing when picking the right puzzle.

The safety of the materials is important.

Playing puzzle games requires your kid to touch and hold the puzzle pieces. Hence, it is vital to ensure the products you are purchasing meet the required safety standards.

Let Us Wrap It All Up

Finishing a jigsaw puzzle can light up your kid’s face as well as yours. Hence, a puzzle game is a gift that is worth all the money.

Hopefully, this article helped you in finding the best puzzle games to gift kids!

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Top 10 best puzzle games to gift kids to boost their minds!
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