Things You Should Never Do To Your Girlfriend



In a relationship, there are a lot of things you should not or never do to your partner especially to your girlfriend. Well, obviously cheating is one of those things. Yes, flirting with someone, dating another girl is considered as cheating. But there are many other small yet still important that you should not do to your girlfriend.

Yes, we know women are very sensitive. They can easily get mad, yell at men with no reason basically girls freak out. Often or sometimes at you. Often for no specific reason.

I got you, I know it’s not that easy but for the one, you love everything you could do to your love right? Do you want to keep her? Here is the list you should never do to your girlfriend.

1. Cancel plans to hang out with your friends

  • If you set your plans with your girlfriend it’s never a good idea to canceling those plans because your friends asked you to come to hang out. Although canceling plans like having quick lunch or to see a movie with your girlfriend may seem harmless it’s just going to bother her and leaver her feeling like she can’t rely on you and the chances are if you cancel once then it will just lead to it happening time and time again. What you can do in this situation if you and your girl just have set the plans to hang out and nothing had been decided on yet and your friends invite you to an event or to hang out. You could ask your girlfriend if she’d be cool with this or you could ask your buddy if she can come along.

2. Make fun of your girlfriend.

  • Now when you are alone with your girl it’s okay to be naughty or playfully poke fun at one another in privacy. But when you start to do it in front of other people that’s when things can go wrong. Take this note, no matter how long you’ve been dating there is a good chance she’s going to get mad at you especially if you joke about something only the two of you knows about it and if you really go below the belt with your jokes and it is in front of a large group of your friends or her friends then she’s just going to think you’re stupid, rude, and inconsiderate. Your girlfriend may just laugh and brush it off in hopes that people don’t know how bothered she was by it. But the next time you want to make a joke do it at your own expense.

3. Compare your girlfriend

4. Stop putting in the effort

  • As a relationship progresses and the months and then years go by a lot of the time people get comfortable and there is nothing wrong with that. You should be comfortable with your partner. The problem is when you start to become too comfortable that you just stop putting in the same amount of effort you used to. No matter how long you’ve been with your girlfriend you should never stop complimenting her, telling her how much you love her, surprise her with little gifts that remind you of her, planning outing and etc. it’s always important that you keep putting in the effort and show your love to your girlfriend

5. Hold a grudge to your girlfriend

  • It is never a good idea to hold a grudge with anyone. But it’s an especially bad idea to hold a grudge with your girlfriend. That’s mostly because we are super stubborn. Sometimes when someone screws up in a relationship the other person holds a grudge and finds it justifiable for themselves to make an equally bad if not worse mistake. If you are really keeping a scoreboard when it comes to screwing ups and you feel the need to get even to your girlfriend then your relationship is already doomed.

7. Try to change who they are.

  • Yes, in a relationship is not really good for a man to change his girl it’s either leave them or accept them. That’s it. You should never try to turn your girl into what they are not just to fit of your ideal partner. That doesn’t exist. If you love someone just love her don’t change her. Accept the fact that she’s made of or who she was. Because now there is no perfect person so again you just have to accept your girl or keep walking.

Relationships take time to work so the minute the effort stop it’s going to go downhill. Yeah I know it’s not easy to get in a relationship but I can tell you the feeling you care for your girl and your girl cares for you and love you endlessly really priceless. It’s one of the best thing or best feeling why we should love so if you keep this feeling and you want to keep your girl. Treat your girlfriend every day as if it was your last day to see her. Make her happy and give her a reason to stay by your side forever. Stay strong, stay happy and stay in love.

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