Things you should do when your girlfriend is on her period

women with period

Most women bleed every month. For you to know. What you don’t know for sure is why your girlfriend is different from how she normally is during her period. Yes, she’s still the sexiest and adorable girl you fell in love with but, every 28 or so you feel like you have no idea what’s going on in her body or in her brain.

Mood swings, emotional breakdowns, and lots of pain, it’s really hard for a man to deal with a woman on her period. Because a menstruation period is definitely not their pleasing days of the month. Moreover, we must accept that a lot of issues and arguments can happen between a guy and his girlfriend due to her mood swings and sensitivity during her period.

Don’t worry, I got you. To know what you need to do when your girlfriend is on her period can feel like walking in the dark. It’s often confusing to women, too. Their vaginas are bleeding and their emotions are on a roller coaster. They feel like laughing a minute and crying the next. Most likely, your girlfriend does not blame you for not knowing what to do. But still, getting insider’s look at what happened during her period, Be an awesome man. Instead of leaving with her and leaving her alone (not unless she states it clearly and says you that you must leave her alone while she’s having her period, and really means it) the best thing for you to do is to step up and earn the Super Awesome Boyfriend of the Year award?

Here are the ways how to be an awesome boyfriend to someone who is getting their period and going through agony. Ready to get your award.


1. Always prepare with her favorite drinks, snacks, and meals

We know most the women get unique cravings when they are on their first day of the period. You can either ask her on the day what she likes or what she wants to have, or you can ask her in advance what is her favorite drinks, snacks, and meals for you to be prepared.

Still not sure what to get for her? Here are the two practical and delicious need to start.

Dark chocolate (at least make it sure it’s 80% cacao) sleep, mood, and quality. And cinnamon is really a big help for her because it has antispasmodic properties and anti-inflammatory that ease the severity of their cramping. So these two food are really the best thing to start and ideal to eat while she is having her monthly period. It is especially in the early days like the first day or the next.

2. Bring your girlfriend a hot water bottle

 If your girlfriend experiences pain in her back or particularly a bad cramps during her monthly period it really helps and she can feel relaxed to put a bottle with hot water resting against her most painful areas. Have one on hand just in case it really helps her rest easier.

3. Give her all of your attention and love

You may find your partner or girlfriend very or oversensitive while she’s on her period, that’s why you may have to be an extra romantic, gentleman, and sweet with her. Pamper her with lots of kisses, hugs and also some of the sweet talks. This will make her and help her to feel much better and automatically lighten up her mood.

During her period be attentive and flexible… basically, cuddle with her, listen to her, and give her space

Does she want to have her own space for the rest of the day? Or would she rather wants you to watch movies with her and cuddle her all day? Your exhaustive mindset for this entire time of the month. Set your mind and remember always during your girlfriend’s period be attentive, be flexible and be there for her.

4. Avoid commenting negatively to her

During your girlfriend’s period, most likely that she is less calm, annoyed and easy to get mad at anything and anyone. Knowing the right way how you will deal with your girlfriend during her period? Do not expect her to accept any negative, criticism and bad comments lightly because she is very sensitive and due to the pain she experiences with her body. It is actually making her so irritated. Also, keep this as a reminder do not or never comment on her weight while she’s on her period because it doesn’t make her feel good already and she’ already bloated.

5. Don’t blame her behaviour

Yes, regardless of what she is facing off don’t blame her on her period. Which should be a given. Here’s a tip for you don’t ever say to your girlfriend “You will like that because you have your menstruation or you are on your period?” it will only make her unexpectedly upset and frustrated. Let alone that she can probably be angry. Not only does it invalidate how your girlfriend feels but it really a counterproductive and not helping her to endure the pain. Don’t ever think about doing that. But instead,

6. Be patient

Yes, you heard me be patient during your girlfriend’s period. She can sometimes become irrational for some unknown reasons it might bug or frustrate you, but just relax. Unless she is being physically and emotional abuse (which might possibly have nothing to with her menstruation or period) try or much better consider the reason why she is acting like that instead of arguing, insisting as a “hormonal” or fight with her understand and be patient.

7. Surprise her with chocolates and flowers

Some chocolates, roses or her favorite flower or even a night out at her favorite place or restaurant is capable of making her feel good and better in no time. This is one of the keys to deal with your girlfriend during her period and don’t make her feel unwanted because a woman during her period needs to feel she’s still desirable and beautiful. Surprise your girl and make her happy.

There are a lot of ways what you should do during your girlfriend’s period and I know you can do it.

You know your girlfriend better than anyone else, and if you can’t figure out what she wants or what she needs, you can ask her.

She has to express her strong emotions by crying her heart out about a thing although she don’t really know or understand why she’s crying? Be there to hold her through it. As always, be the best boyfriend you can be and do it because you love her. Last, be a man that a woman can lean on.


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