Things you should avoid when your Girlfriend is on Period

Things you should avoid when your Girlfriend is on Period


As we all know, our girlfriends are not their usual selves when they are on the ‘time of the month’ or in short, when they have their period. Girls tend to be out of character, act differently, get easily mad, irritable and sometimes be unreasonable. But remember, having a period is part of being a woman and we should just do our best to understand them.

Sometimes the best way to comfort your girlfriend when she is on her period is to handle her and the relationship in a more smooth way. Familiarize yourself with what not to do to a girl when she is on her period, especially during that terrible and unpleasant week of period torture. From managing the ongoing biological effects from periods, such as suppressing the pain of period cramps, continuous bloating and dreadful cramps, to physiologically reactions such as having an inflated sense of irritability and irrational emotions during the period.

So boys, here are some things you should avoid when your girlfriend is on period.


1. Teasing her

Girls are more sensitive than usual when they are on their period that is why you should keep in your mind that the jokes that you tell her are most probably not a joke to her. As they tend to get more sensitive during their period, they might take the jokes seriously and take it to their heart. So, be careful of the words or jokes you say to her.


2. Debating with her

 There is no wrong in debating and it is just normal and part of being in a relationship. But not always, especially when your girlfriend is on her period. Remember, girls, get mad easily when they are on their period that is why you should try your best to avoid having a debate with your girlfriend. Try your best to get on her good side, just let things slide for the moment and just try to agree with everything she says. It’s the best way not to get her mad anyway, right boys?


3. Not listening to her

I know that sometimes it is not easy to give your girlfriend your full attention and listen to what she is saying or talking about. But be more careful when your girlfriend is on period because once she caught you not listening and not paying attention to her, she might be the scariest person you will ever meet in your entire life. So boys, try your best to always listen to her.


4. Not giving her food

As a matter of fact, periods make our girlfriends hungry. Once you say no to whatever food she wants to eat, be prepared to leave the house and be single for the rest of your life. When your girlfriend is on period, give her food especially her favorite ones. It will help her to be in a good mood and lessen the stress.


5. Commanding her

When your girlfriend is on her period, she will feel less energetic and she will tend to get lazy as period cramps might consume most of her energy. I’m not saying we should just let our girlfriends be a sloth during their period but doing less work and task will probably make her stress level go down.


6. Forcing her to socialize

As we boys may not know, having a period could really be troublesome and uncomfortable to our girlfriends. It is not easy for girls who have a period to move around, travel or just go out of the house. She might just want to stay inside of the house just in case worst scenarios might happen such as overflow of the blood, “ran out of tampons”, “my tummy hurts so bad”. So, if your girlfriend is on her period and chooses to stay inside the house and just lay on her bed, let her be.


7. Being impatient

Boys, have patience. Be extra patient with your girlfriend when she’s on her period. Girls on period can be easily irritable to anything or everything, so just try to understand where she is coming from.


8. Embarrassing her

 Having a period is sometimes already embarrassing for girls to have. Do not add more embarrassment and do not do things or say things that can make her feel more embarrassed than she already is.


 9. Saying “You gained weight.”

 No. Just no. Do not say those words to your girlfriend especially when she is on her period. Having a period can cause boating so if you think she has gained weight just keep it to yourself because she has not. Remember, it’s just bloating.


10. Judging her

Boys, if your girlfriend wants to do things that might be unreasonable and doesn’t make sense to you, just let her do it and don’t say anything about it at all.  Do not judge the things she does when she is on her period. Those things might be the only things that comfort her during her bloody week, so don’t make a judgment on her and just try to support her.


11. Running out of medicine or painkillers         

Medicine or painkillers are the ‘must-have’ when your girlfriend is on her period. It’s like both of your lives depend on those for the moment because once your girlfriend could not take medicine or painkiller, she might start getting more emotional. She might start crying, vomiting or she might experience extreme abdominal cramps or worse, she might pass the pain and suffering to you in a way you wouldn’t like.


12. Doing nothing             

It is your job as a good boyfriend to take good care of your girlfriend during this time of the month wherein things can get hard and uncomfortable for her. Do not just sit and watch her suffer all alone by herself and do nothing about her discomforts. Know the things she likes, she wants or she needs during this time of the month and try your best to give or provide them to her. You may never know how much she can appreciate your effort and the things you do for her when she is on her bloody week.


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