The Top 14 Gifts That You Can Give to Your Coffee Loving Girlfriend


Some people breathe, live and sip way too much coffee. They are the type to have a caffeine buzz which will last all day long. And if that someone is the special girl in your life, then surely you can do better than giving her a Starbucks gift certificate for her birthday or your anniversary.

If you are looking for some creative, maybe fun and sweet gifts for your coffee lover girlfriend, then here are 14 gift ideas that will her swoon and love you more, but not much than her cup of coffee.So lets talk no further and have a look at our list.

The Top 14 Coffee Gifts For your Girlfriend

1. Ember Temperature Control Mug


With a temperature control that heats up your coffee until it is all drunk up, regardless of how long that will take, this is as luxe as a coffee mug can get, earning you boyfriend points. The Ember Temperature Control Mug is elegant and very simple to use— no need to turn it on or off. It enters sleep mode when empty and automatically turns on when it senses liquid or movement.

In addition, it is fully customizable and can be connected to Ember App which allows you to remotely change the Led color, your desired temperature and more. Made of durable stainless steel with ceramic coating, this classy-looking mug is available in both black and white.



2. Old Factory Coffee Scented Candles


If your girlfriend just can’t get enough with the aromatic scent of coffee, this coffee bean scented candles will be perfect. This 4 oz. jar is a part of a trio of soy candles which are enriched with natural fragrant oils in order to give you an amazing scent which easily permeates through the air and turning her room into a very pleasant and rather addictive abode.

It also comes with chai tea and hazelnut variants so your girlfriend can create a more relaxing atmosphere in her bedroom, living room or even the bathroom. Plus, these gorgeous candles come in an artful box, perfect as a gift.



3. Kitchables Airtight Coffee Storage

Crum which leech out smell and flavor is probably the second thing she hates, after your loud snoring. So, give her this airtight stainless steel canister, ensuring that she will never be again disappointed with a weak cup of coffee.

It has a full capacity of 16 ounces and comes with 2 matching tablespoon scoops. Plus, the built-in calendar wheel on the canister lids can help her stay organized and make her life easier. A sealable, dry and locked environment, free of notorious flavor-killing elements such as moisture, carbon dioxide, oxygen, and light, this coffee storage comes in three classic colors, to match her kitchen counters perfectly.


4. Bali’s Best Coffee Candy

No matter how addicted your girlfriend to coffee, maybe she knows how to convince herself and doesn’t like loading up on caffeine at 2 PM. Either she’s trying to save some money by cutting back on her daily lattes or trying to make her supply last for a few more weeks.

Well, be the good boyfriend and help her satisfy her craving for a new brew without actually indulging a sip with this tasty coffee candy. Bali’s Best has created yummy, individually-wrapped coffee pieces which will satisfy her coffee craving like it’s the real thing.



5. Haute Soiree Coffee Socks

When winter comes and your coffee-loving girlfriend gets cold feet, these goofy socks will surely warm her up while asking you for a cup of her favorite coffee, like a boss— with one stating “if you can read this” and the other declaring “bring me coffee.”

It is a short and to the point, but it is also just one characteristic of a genuinely nice pair of comfy socks. In addition to its humor, these socks are also made with spandex and cotton for a comfortable and warming feet.



6. BigMouth Inc The Prescription Coffee Mug

When your girlfriend is highly addicted to coffee then there is only one medicine which can help— even more, coffee and some cuppa humor. A Dr. Harold Feelgood prescription, this goofy mug is cleverly decorated with the official look of pill bottle label that is designed to combat her morning lethargy and sleepiness.

It even has an official instruction stating “drink one mug by mouth” and keep going “until awake and alert”. The refill section, on the other hand, simply says “sure.” A funny gag gift that also doubles as a practical and usable mug, this one is sure to be a hit for your coffee-lover girlfriend and funny addition to her mug collection.



7. Chorse Coffee Silver Ring

Some girls are addicted to jewelry, while some can’t get on with their day without a smoking hot cup of coffee. But if your girl loves both, then this clever little ring will give you an instant kiss from her. This gorgeous ring looks like her favorite steaming cup of coffee— with one end having the cup and the other lopping around her finger and portraying the wavy lines of a heated drink.

But, it is more than just a genius and funny memento. Chorse makes shiny and high-quality jewelry and this coffee ring is no exception. You will have a .925 sterling silver construction with a rhodium plating for a polished finish.

It is not cheap, but it is guaranteed not to discolor your girlfriend’s skin. Also, it is light enough, so it is suitable for everyday wearing. Lastly, it comes in a classic box topped with a bow in order to make it a ready-to-give coffee gift for her.



8. Primula Single serve Coffee Brew Buddy

For your girl who loves to travel but still can’t go anywhere without a cup of coffee to energize her, this travel coffee maker would make a great gift!

It is a plastic lid which fits over most cups and mugs and is attached to a mesh filter where you place the coffee grounds and pour hot water through it. It should give her a fresh, single-serve cup of coffee to sip in before going to her next adventure.



9. HyperChiller Iced Coffee Maker

When summer season hits, you can’t expect your girl to give up on coffee just because it is hot. Iced coffee will be her new favorite and you can do nothing about it.

Iced coffee can have its unique sensations and flavors which are truly different from the piping hot version she likes to sip during chilly mornings. However, prepping an invigorating cold brew can be quite time consuming and your girl might want a glass of iced coffee, instantly!

Well, worry no more. With this iced coffee maker from HyperChiller, your girl doesn’t have to wait that long— turning a piping hot brewed coffee into a chilly and refreshing beverage in just 60 seconds.

That’s not all! The HyperChiller’s capacity is at 12.5 ounces, so you can easily make iced coffee for the two of you to enjoy (that is if she wants to share.) Best of all, this is not only for cooling down her favorite cup of coffee but works great on other drinks, too. So, you can just borrow it from her when you need to chill your iced tea, wine or whiskey.


10. uHome Camera Lens Travel Mug

Your girlfriend may think that it is always nice to bring along a heavy thermos of coffee in her travels as she energizes herself up whenever needed. But, instead of the boring and usual design of travel coffee thermos, why not give her this one.

This optical illusion will certainly blow her mind — although it may look like a Canon Lens, it is actually a travel thermos meant for hot cocoa, tea, and coffee! Left on a table or desk, this travel mug will surely captivate the imagination of other travelers thinking that she might actually be a photographer.

And it is not just for appeal— it should keep her drinks cold or hot while she’s on the go. A tight seal should keep anything from leaking or spilling and the lid can be easily opened with one hand. When done with her drink, its stainless steel interior is super easy to rinse for her next drink.



11. Shop4Ever Coffee & Mascara T-Shirt

This flirty and fun t-shirt bears a simple message that most women, most especially your girlfriend, will surely relate to: “All I need is coffee & mascara.” But the text is not the only reason why you need to buy it for her.

This one is made of a comfortable cotton blend that will not stretch or dig into her skin. It is also available in over 20 fun colors, including unusual shades such as coral silk, azalea pink, lime, graphite, and maroon. If you would love to give a casual but considerate gift to your women, then this one is it. Just don’t be sad if you’re not included in her said needs, of course, you should know how she really feels.



12. Mind Reader Coffee Organizer

Your girlfriend might actually cry if you give her this coffee organizer. Not only does it have a broad assortment of compartments and drawers but it is also versatile enough to hold sugars, stirrers, napkins, lids, and cups at the same time, perfect when she’s hosting a coffee party.

You can buy it as a solid white or black container or as a mesh until with see-through storage. It will be a godsend for organizing her kitchen countertop, so do not hesitate to give her the power to finally organize her coffee paraphernalia.



13. COSORI Coffee Mug Warmer

If your girl likes to work while having a cup of coffee beside her computer screen, then make sure that she sips on piping hot drink every time. And this coffee mug warmer from COSORI is the perfect gift to keep her energized and warm while doing her workload.

This is a simple hot plate with buttons for turning the device on and setting the temperature. It also has a blue backlight and precise temperature indicator, so she can monitor how hot her coffee is. Featuring a brushed stainless steel finish, this warmer has a solid and stable base that looks classy in her office desk.

Reliable and safe, this mug warmer is fully equipped with high-tech Pi film heating element and its spill proof design avoids any damage and makes cleaning easy.



14. De’Longhi Magnifica Coffee Machine

What’s a list of best gifts for coffee lovers, without a handy coffee machine to create those aromatic cups of coffee? So, if your girlfriend’s coffee machine is nearing its retirement or just want to stop buying from her local coffee shop and save money by creating her own coffee every morning, then this coffee machine is the perfect gift.

If she can’t get enough of cappuccinos to lighten her mornings with the frothy and milky goodness or needs energy-packed espresso shots in the middle of her busy schedule, the De’Longhi Magnifica Coffee Machine should give it to her.

This stylish coffee machine has a built-in milk frothing arm and burr grinder to give that signature foam in her cappuccino. Also, it comes with other technical features which turn fresh whole coffee beans as well as ground coffee into amazing cappuccinos and espressos.



These are just a few gift ideas for your coffee-loving girlfriend that are more inspired than plain, basic mugs and gift cards. Either it is your anniversary or her birthday, remember that you are celebrating a special occasion. So, better get creative and be rewarded with that beautiful smile on her face that you fell in love with.

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