Top 13 Jewelry Drawer Organizers You Can Buy in 2020

Often, it is convenient to have one-size-fits-all trinkets in your home. But that is not quite so true for organizing your jewelry.

Jewelry items need a more delicate and specialized storage option. Moreover, every lady manager needs special specifications for their jewelry drawer organizer.

Here, our writers and editors are precise shopping experts. Although self-made, we have an appreciation for lifestyle novelties.

We look for products that offer uncompromised fruitful investments. Follow along, as we take you through a catalog of the jewelry drawer organizers, we deem perfect for a meticulous buyer.

13 Best Jewellery Drawer Organizer Reviews

Our goal is to stand true to the sentiment- organize, don’t agonize. We bring you an inventory of the most functional, cost-effective, and aesthetically pleasing jewelry drawer organizers in the market.

We completely understand the struggles of twisted and tangled necklaces and bracelets. When you are looking for ‘that’ earning to best match the OOTD of the day you never find it? What’s the point of buying all this stuff then?

Well, the jewellery is not the real problem here, it’s the way in which you store the items. We are here to solve that predicament once and forever.


1. The Origia Drawer Organizer 4-In-1 Unit

There is a reason why box jewelry organizer drawers are conventional and desirable. There are a lot of features to appreciate in the Origia Drawer Organizer. 

The four trays that come apart is a unique quality to this product. The sort of customization and convenience that only comes with detachable compartments.

There are several partitions in each tray of different sizes. This makes it easier to store your smaller and larger ‘blingies’ separate.

The subtle grey color is something we can appreciate for the best aesthetics. The size of the overall jewelry drawer is perfect for most typically storage spaces.

It is easy to determine that the Origia Jewellery drawer organizer was designed after careful consideration. There is a dedicated space for all kinds of jewelry items.

You can mix and match the partition walls, to suit your needs. The entirety of the drawer organizer is covered with a velvet coating for a premium touch.   The lining is flawless and soft as the softest cradle for your jewelry. A noteworthy point before you dive into the reviews is that we have mentioned the links to all the products on amazon. In hopes of cutting back the time, you will waste looking for each product.



2. Stylifing Jewellery Tray and drawer Organizer

Another featured product offering diverse utility is the Stylifing Jewellery drawer organizer. This product is your best bet if you are aiming for a bang for the buck purchase.

The four trays are made to last long. Without a doubt, it is a robust jewelry storage and organization tool.

The fluid design and the detachable trays give you the convenience of keeping different sizes of jewelry items in separate compartments. Grey is a color we all love, which adds a certain surcharge and premium quality to the product.

The layout is perfect for our precise and economic ladies. Stylifing jewelry drawer organizer helps in keeping all the stored items, clearly visible no matter how tiny.

Next time you reach out into your brand-new jewelry drawer to complete the OOTD, you will get the exact item you were looking for. If you have been wearing jewelry for a long time, you know that’s always a struggle. But not anymore!

You can also use the drawer organizer as a counter displaying unit. A little show off is never bad, eh!



3. The JackCube Design Synthetic Jewellery Drawer Organizer

The JackCube Design Jewellery drawer organizer takes the premium to a whole new level. A jewelry organizer that you will be proud to own. 

As the name suggests, there are small cube-shaped partitions that are perfect as a dedicated storage space. According to the reviews on Amazon, customers found it especially useful for storing bracelets and bangles.

Yes, we agree that the JackCube design synthetic jewelry drawer organizer is on the pricier side. But your expensive jewelry is better off in a premium and functional drawer. The product holds your shiny items in a soft conceal that justifies its price. 

Their size of the JackCube Design Jewellery drawer organizer is quite large when compared to other counterparts. With 21 to 40 compartments in each tray of the organizer, you get sufficient space to store in all your collectibles.



4. mDesgin Linus Plastic BPA-Free Fashion Jewellery Vanity And Drawer Organizer

Do you appreciate the simplicity that comes out of clearing the clutter? You know that feeling of satisfaction very well when you have organized everything in its right place?

But you don’t have the right storage unit to keep it the same for long? Well, the mDesign Linus Plastic Jewellery drawer organizer will make sure things remain the way you want them to.

Made out of BPA free plastic material, it offers better longevity. The overall Jewellery drawer organizer is transparent, which makes it convenient to find things when you are in a rush.

The compartments inside the organizer differ in dimension for different sizes of jewelry. Despite the simple approach to the overall design, the product looks clean and standard in a drawer.

There pricing is minimal, which again suits the needs of our reader looking for a budget buy. The only disparity that we could find was that there is a single lid but two trays.

However, that is not much of a handicap since the trays are meant to be stacked on each other. Overall, mDesign Plastic jewelry drawer organizer requires low maintenance, and it will surely last longer than other counterparts made out of different materials.



5. Glenor Co Jewellery Drawer Organizer and Slot Storage

If you are looking for an aesthetically pleasing jewelry drawer organizer, the Glenor Co Jewellery Unit will be the best choice. The design is truly stunning for our classy ladies!

But this drawer organizer is not merely about its looks; it got the practical sense to it as well. The attention to detail is quite apparent in the overall design of the box.

The golden-geometric buckle on the top of the lid adds to the elegance. But the real gem is the large mirror attached to the back of the cover.

The Glenor Co Jewellery Drawer Organizer has everything you would need for home organization. But the mirror and the reasonable size makes it even better for when you are on the go with your travel jewelry items. 

The exterior has a PU leather while the inside is coated with velvet covering. This product shouts expensive, but the real surprise is its minimal pricing.

The four stackable trays are supplemented by a total of 45 compartments. But there is more; you also receive a surprise gift card from Glenor Co inside the package. Conclusively, this drawer organizer is the real deal.



6. Stock Your Home Stackable Jewellery Drawer Organizer

There are so many jewelry Drawer organizers in the market today, making it harder to find the best product. But, with the Stock Your Home Stackable drawer organizer, you can be sure that it is indeed the best choice.

The Jewellery drawer organizer is quite versatile in the sense that you can take out a few sections. This will increase the size of one compartment for larger jewelry items.

For a reasonable price, you receive multiple velvet coated trays. We like the beige color that lends the product a chic and premium look.

The exterior of the product is made up of faux leather. You can also keep the jewelry organizer on your tabletop, because of simply looks stunning and elegant.

And of course, that’s not it! There is a faux leather lid with a beautiful buckle. The golden buckle design complements the creamy hue of the jewelry drawer organizer.

It is indeed a true eye candy. We are sure; once you get, you will be tempted to display the jewelry drawer organizer rather than keeping it hiding inside.



7. The Orliv Green PU Showcase and Jewellery Drawer Organizer

Are you tired of the usual beige and grey jewelry drawer organizers? Well, the Orliv Green drawer offers a breath of fresh air.

The dark green leather trays are a true eye candy that makes your jewelry stand out. But that isn’t what makes this product such a desirable purchase.

The company Orliv, promises a replacement policy, should you notice any disparity in the product after it gets shipped to you. Now, that’s one hell of zero risk guarantee.

According to the reviews from customers, the base tray is robust and sturdy. The compartment inserts in each tray are customizable. You can adjust them depending on the size of your jewelry.

The only disparity is the lack of lid for the trays. But then again, we don’t see it as much of disadvantage considering; a drawer jewelry organizer does not need a lid always.



8. The Closet Centre Wood and Velvet Jewellery Drawer Organizer

Yes, this probably the most expensive recommendation in our list of drawer jewelry organizers. But there is a good reason behind it.

Unlike all the cardboard and plastic products we have looked at, this organizer by Closet Centre is made up of composite wood. Each tray is divided into 20 compartments.

Eight out of which are of the same small size to hold your earrings. While the other eight are larger to keep your watches, bracelets, etc.

The rest of the compartments are larger for any other accessory you might need to store. Supplemented by the sturdy wood base, the company offers a replacement or money-back guarantee should you notice a disparity in the product.

But the company takes generosity to a whole new level. There refund and replacement policy holds for a lifetime. No questions asked.

Coming back to the original sentiment, yes, the product is quite expensive. However, it gives you back unconditionally until its end of use.



7. Three By Three Seattle Jewellery Drawer Organizer

Alright, folks, after a much higher price point, we have something economical and versatile. The three by three Seattle jewelry organizer is a true budget buy.

The colorful assortment of these jewelry drawer organizers makes your mundane storage look cheery. Besides organizing your jewelry, you can also keep your kitchen utilities and other items with ease.

The company offers several color and pattern variants making for a bountiful choice. The product is anything but delicate, so you don’t have to worry much about using special methods to clean the Seattle jewelry organizer. 

All in all, it is a good budget buy. There is a certain functionality and ease of use that comes with this product. But if you are looking for premium aesthetics, this might not be your pick. However, the product is surely desirable for our quirky readers.



8. Mebbay Sackcloth Jewellery Drawer Organizer With Clear Lid

Do you want to double your jewelry drawer’s space? But you are also looking for an eco-friendly option?  The Mebbay Sackcloth drawer organizer fulfills both the requirements.

The complete product comes with a clear lid and three different stackable tray units. Each tray has separate sized compartments for the small and large items.

The company claims 100 percent of customer satisfaction rates. And our analysis of the customer reviews reaffirms their claims.

The robust sackcloth cover composite boards that are made to last long. However, you need to be careful with the moisture while cleaning the jewelry drawer organizer.

We don’t see this as much of a hassle, because the clear lid on top, prevents dust accumulation. Moreover, the dark grey color is, of course, more resistant to stains.

The Mebbay Sackcloth Jewellery Drawer Organizer is priced at a reasonable price. However, it does offer premium visuals, and the solid body does make it look more expensive than it truly is.   



9. The Royal Craft Wood Bamboo Jewellery Drawer Organizer

The five price bamboo jewelry organizer by Royal Craft Wood is a robust option offering multifarious utility. If you are tired of your messy jewelry drawer and the struggle of never finding the item when you need it the most.

This jewelry drawer organizer will solve that quandary forever. You can also use it as an office desk or drawer organizer.

If you are worried about the bamboo soaking up the moisture in the long run, you don’t need to fret. The complete product is coated with a water-resistant finish.

There are five units in total, each with different compartments. The organizer box looks great in your drawer.

In case you are worried about your artificial jewelry products getting damaged by chemicals and external factors, you need this jewelry drawer organizer. All five units are chemical-free and organic.



10. Umbra Mini Stowit Keepsake Jewellery Drawer Organizer

For all our gentlemen out there, are you at the end of the rope thinking what to gift your partner? This jewelry drawer organizer is something we will certainly appreciate!

The gorgeous design and the cute little hidden compartments cum drawers are quite unique. The product comes in two color variants- nickel and white. 

When kept or displayed, the jewelry organizer looks ultra-premium. The design is classy yet modern. There are all types of compartments to hold different sizes of jewelry.

The overall interior of the jewelry drawer organizer is covered with a linen coating. But there is, the rubber feet at the bottom hold the product right in its place and prevents it from slipping.

There is no reason why you wouldn’t purchase this jewelry drawer organizer. It’s ingenious, stunning, functional, and surely cost-effective.



11. Orliv Solid Wood 4-In-1 Multi-Function Jewellery Drawer Organizer

Have you tried every organization unit for your jewelry, but you can’t find something that suits your taste? Well, have you tried the Orliv Solid Wood 4-In-1 Multi-Function Jewellery Drawer Organizer?

Not yet? Perhaps this product will end your quest! The sturdy wooden trays are constructed for longevity.

Each tray is then coated with the signature Orliv microfiber cloth. This prevents imminent scratches and burnouts on your jewelry items. 

The clear lid made of acrylic adds to the aesthetics of the product. Each tray has a different array of compartments.

And each compartment is dedicated to a particular type of size of the jewelry. The jewelry drawer organizer is available in grey color.

And we are no stranger to the amazing combination of the brown from the wood and the grey of the interior. A perfect storage unit for showing off to your lady friends.



12. The MQH Jewellery Drawer Organizer and storage tray

The MQH jewelry Drawer Organizer looks stunning with its ice velvet fabric and transparent acrylic lid. If you are looking for a minimalistic yet functional product, this product will surely end up in your cart.

The lid attached to the main tray on one side, ensuring that you never leave your jewelry uncovered. This invariably reduces dust accumulation and protects the items from environmental abrasions.

The premium quality under a reasonable price makes the jewelry drawer organizer and tray a wonderful gift item. Moreover, the lock on the front prevents your jewelry from damage should the tray fall.

The base material is wood offering the much-needed longevity. However, there is a lack of customization in the compartments. But the generous space in each section covers up for the disparity.

Despite the high-quality wood and coating used, the jewelry drawer organizer by MQH is priced quite minimally. Overall, this is surely a product made to impress.



13. JackCube Jewellery Drawer Organizer and Tray with Slots

Suppose you are looking for an antique visual and robust utility in your jewelry drawer organizer. This is the end of your search. 

The JackCube Jewellery drawer Organizer is quite an eye candy. So much so you will be tempted to keep it on the tabletop instead of your drawers.

The unique design is not the only convenient spot for the product. After going through several reviews from existing customers, we can safely say that the product holds the items quite well.

Each tray has compartments of different sizes, making for dedicated storage for varieties of jewelry. The main of the company is to provide a beautiful yet utilitarian product to its customers.

We appreciate that JackCube stands true to its promise. Due to its sturdy wood base, the trays are a bit heavy. But that is always a good sign as it reaffirms that the organizer is of high quality.

Moreover, the price of the four trays is not as expensive as you would expect. This makes the JackCube Jewellery organizer is a budget gift option for your partner or if you are in the mood for a bit of self-pampering.


How do you store necklaces in a jewelry box?

There are 3 ways to store a necklace in a jewelry box. If you have one of the bigger jewelry organizer they most likely come with little hooks to hang up the necklaces this is the best option because the necklace cant knot together. Option two: Most organizers have special oblong compartments for necklaces just lay the necklace down and that’s it. Option three:  Just lay them in any compartment you can find. I wouldn’t recommend the third option because the chain of the necklace can get really messed up and knot together.

What is the best jewelry organizer?

The best jewelry organizer has a lot of space for every different kind of jewelery whether its a necklace, a ring, a bracelet, earrings or whatever. It should come with a lot of different sized slots to organize everything. It is also important that each compartment must be well padded so you don’t damage any of your hard-earned jewelery. Just keep these two things in mind and every jewelry organizer can be the best one.

How do you organize jewelry in a drawer?

They are arranged according to the type of jewellery. And please don’t be lazy! Always put your jewellery back in its right place, otherwise you will have a mess even if you have a jewellery box.

Is it OK to store jewelry in plastic bags?

In my opinion, it’s not okay.
Why would you do that? It’s just a mess…

What is the best material for a jewelry box?

There is no best material. From the outside, you should choose a material that you like optically. On the inside, you should take care to use good padding so that the jewellery is not getting scratched.

How do you keep silver from tarnishing in a jewelry box?

You must make sure that the jewellery is not exposed to light or oxygen, otherwise it will oxidise and discolour. There are also special bags that protect silver jewelry from oxidation and discolouration. You can get these bags here.


Some of us are more about a product that makes our jewelry items pop out even more. While the rest of us love having functionality and economy in our drawer organizers. Both of the needs are well justified. We understand, jewelry is not just about the bling-bling, but a statement about your personality and free spirit. Most struggle for years to keep things straight with our organization habits. But we fail and we get frustrated. So what’s the point? Once you realize there storage units that make life easier. So let’s stop the hustle and save up the time and effort together. And in line with that sentiment, having a dedicated organization unit speaks volumes about who we are. It truly does, since we are a team of the ultra-picky yet considerate buyer, we truly hope the above post helps you satisfy your needs well.

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