15 Heart Necklaces Your Girlfriend Actually Wants!

Guys, I know how hard it is to find the perfect jewelry for that special girl in your life. It can be a minefield of expensive mistakes and errors that she will pretend to love, but then you will never see her wear it after the first time.

Imagine this:

That look on your girlfriend’s face when she gets a piece of beautiful jewelry from you that she genuinely loves is too obvious, and definitely heart-melting and worth every penny. And if you do not know what I am talking about here, then maybe (just maybe), you’ve been buying her the wrong jewelry the entire time.

So, first things first.

What sort of jewelry should you give her?

Ring? It seems perfect during proposals, don’t you think?

Bracelets? Why not?

Earrings? Meh!

If you want to impress her, try a necklace!

Don’t believe me?

Well, try to imagine this:

Midway your dinner date, you take out the box from your pocket, revealing that beautiful, sparkly chain of fine jewelry and seeing her surprised face. Standing up and making your way to her, you remove it from the box and unclasp the necklace. Then you put it around her gorgeous neck while whispering those three magic words (or any speech you might have prepared) and giving her a light kiss on her forehead.

You may have seen this classic move from romantic films, but come to think of it— you can imagine her smiling so big, right?

There’s no secret here guys— it is every girl’s fantasy of a romantic night! It is a sure way to make her heart flutter and fall in love with you even more!

But, wait! There’s more!

Not just any necklace will do. You should consider getting her a heart-shaped one!

Hearts have a long-standing history as an iconic image in jewelry, with some dating back to at least the Bronze Age of 3,000 years ago. Formerly known as “witch’s heart”, gifting of heart necklace was once thought to have a bewitching effect to the receiver— which makes perfect sense, doesn’t it?

And although heart necklaces come in various styles and designs, they all send the same classic sentiment— a beautiful symbol of love.

And since it is a common gift and is growing in popularity, you may want to get your girlfriend a heart necklace that is a bit more special.  Unfortunately, there are thousands of choices out there, leaving you confused.

No worries though! Being the awesome guys we are, we’ve got your back buddy and are here to make that search lighter and easier. We have sourced the most sparkly, beautiful and glittering heart necklaces, at various price ranges from lovely yet simple pieces under $30 to statement heart necklaces that you can find in the more luxurious category.

So whatever your budget is, you should rest assured that there is a perfect heart necklace out there that will dazzle that one special girl in your life!

From simple sterling silver beauties to embellished gemstone or diamond hearts, our expansive list of heart necklaces will surely give you the upper hand at winning her heart in a big way— all over again!

So, without any further ado, here are the best heart necklaces for your girlfriend!

The Top 15 Best Heart Necklaces for Your Girlfriend 2019

1. Sterling Silver 18” 3 Diamond Stone Heart Pendant Necklace

silver heat necklace with a dimond

Okay. Calm down, guys! You do not need to freak out for this!

Just because this is a diamond necklace does not necessarily means that you are going to have to start eating canned foods every meal this month!

This gorgeous diamond necklace costs you less than $100. BUT— will buy you an infinite amount of boyfriend points! Your girl will definitely be on her social media account posting pictures of this beautiful piece and bragging to her friends about her wonderful of a man boyfriend gave her a heart-shaped diamond necklace within just a few minutes of unboxing this gift!

The pendant of this necklace is constructed from highly polished 925 sterling silver that usually would be a talking point.

But, hey!


The heart pendant is covered with several genuine 0.3 sparkling diamonds with 3 bigger diamonds in the middle. These fabulous stones reflect the light and glitter like only a genuine diamond can! And take note: all diamonds used in this necklace meet the Kimberly process and certified to be conflict-free!

Attached to a sterling silver chain, the combination of the heart shape and gorgeous diamonds are sure to bring a big smile to your girl’s face!


2. Sterling Silver 18” Heart Locket with Engraved Flowers Necklace

silver heart necklace with flowers engraved

Make your heart necklace gift extra special with this one.

So, what makes it extra special?

Well, other than it is made in the US, this heart locket pendant is hand engraved which makes every piece unique! The locket is detailed with playful floral engraving and swirling trims to drive and produce fancy details. And yes, it is a locket, making it extra memorable since your girlfriend gets to have two inner window space for storing tiny photographs.

The heart locket is manufactured using a machine-made “hidden hinge” which is slightly recessed into the piece so as not to detract it from the aesthetic beauty of the heart shape. Also, the hinge includes a bezel mechanism which is the part of the locket that holds the picture in place.

This part of the locket is constructed by precise machinery, meaning that the hinges are produced to follow strict standards in order to ensure durability and functionality. Plus, it is also coated with Rhodium to prevent tarnishing with a hidden hinge.

Accompanied by an upgraded chain for wearability and durability, the elegant beauty and design of this necklace is timeless and everlasting, an emblematic gift which can be passed down for generations to come!


3. 14K Gold 17” Floating Heart Pendant Necklace

golden heart necklace

For the minimalist girlfriend, this floating heart pendant necklace is the perfect one!

A simple way to say “I love you”— or even “I adore you”— this delicate and minimalist heart charm necklace is a piece that your girlfriend can wear every day! This simple beaut is crafted out of gold (yes, sir— real gold! Just take a look at the price tag!) and then precisely cut with lasers. Then a special polishing technique is used in order to bring out its brightest shine!

And although we listed the 14K gold, this floating heart pendant necklace is also available in 14K white gold. This simple, laser-cut heart is attached to a 17 inches box chain that snuggles loosely around your girlfriend’s collarbone to emphasize her beautiful neckline and secured tightly with a lobster clasp.


4. Sterling Silver 20” 4-Picture Engraved Heart Locket Necklace

silver heart necklace

Pretty much the same like the previous flower-engraved-heart necklace, only this one offers a bit more.

This simplistic locket necklace is also engraved but not with flowers and only intricate swirling patterns and is polished to an elegant mirror finish. Also, instead of just 2 inner windows for photographs, this one comes with 4 display frames so your girlfriend can put more pictures to remember!

And yes, this one is also hand-crafted so no two lockets are the same and are proudly made in the US. Furthermore, the swirling patterns were only engraved on the edges of the locket, so you got more room in the middle which is a plus if you ask me, should you want to have her initials engraved on the front and yours on the back, right?

Lastly, the locket hangs on 20 inches long chain, which you might find unsuitable for the large locket. Regardless, you can still buy for a better and high-quality sterling silver chain which makes the necklace looks something above the $100 price range!

Trust me, it’s really worth it!


5. Sterling Silver 18” Diamond Heart Pendant Necklace + Earrings

silver heart necklace with dimonds and dimond earrings

If you can’t decide between a necklace or earrings to give that special girl of your life, why not make it easier for you and choose both?

So, if you have the budget and wish to take the easy route, then this set is a perfect choice!

First off, let’s talk about that lovely pendant! Appealing and expensive looking, this heart-shaped pendant is adorned with D-I-A-M-O-N-D-S! Which, if you may ask, another magic word that girls love to hear! The stud earring also features the same design as the pendant, seemingly covered in real diamonds that shine brightly like your girl!

The pendant hangs splendidly on an 18” Rolo silver chain and secures on your girl’s neck with a lobster claw.


6. 14K Yellow Gold 18” 12-Heart Station Necklace

golden heart necklace with four golden hearts on it

For the low maintenance girlfriend, this necklace comes with the perfect length and weight to leave around her neck. So pretty and, of course, shiny, this heart necklace is a perfect touch of class for everyday wearing!

Unlike the rest of our list, this one does not come with a heart-shaped pendant. And frankly speaking, those do not work for every girl. So, instead, you can give her this heart necklace with 12 hearts, conveniently spaced apart from each other, intermingled to the 18 inches Rolo chain.

Very sparkly in 14K Yellow Gold finishing, this one is a terrific choice for any special day. And although this might be a stunning necklace, take note that it got such a tiny clasp that your girlfriend might have a hard time putting it on.


7. Sterling Silver + 14K Rose Gold 18” Diamond 2-Heart Pendant Necklace

silver necklace with two hearts and some diamonds

What better way to show off your good taste than giving the lucky girl of your life a gift of style and elegance? Match her glamorous and girly style with the heartfelt adornments featured on this stunning necklace.

Resting from an 18 inches box chain is a sleek and classy pendant design featuring two interlocking hearts with the larger one accented with swirls of 14K rose gold and creates a 2-tone metallic effect for elegance. But, do not belittle the smaller heart since it showcases miniature natural white diamonds that will give your girlfriend’s eyes some sparkle.

With a traditional spring ring clasp to secure around her neck, this is a timeless piece of jewelry that she will surely love for years to come!


8. Amazon Essentials Sterling Silver 18” Open Heart Pendant Necklace

simple silver necklace with a heart on it

Dangling gracefully from a sterling silver box chain, the fancy, minimalist and delicate open heart-shaped pendant can beautifully adorn the nape of your girlfriend’s gorgeous neck! This simple yet enchanting and ever so affordable heart necklace is so, so sweet, showcasing just the right amount of shine in order to light up your girl’s eyes, warm her heart and keep the butterflies in her stomach fluttering!

The box chain features a quick and easy to fasten, spring ring clasp and you can get the heart pendant in small or large size. Regardless of what you choose, this minimalist heart necklace is a perfect piece that she can wear on any event or any day!


9. NINA 17” + 2” Extension Rose Heart Necklace w/ Swarovski Crystals

heart necklace with a big blue heart swarovski crystal

A striking heart necklace boasting a feminine rose hollow back design that is accented with an “I Love You” engraved details, this one signifies an ever romantic love that will last beyond the boundaries of time!

Inspired by the Classic Rose Element, its designer created this enchanting pendant that features delicate linear pave details in genuine miniature “Aurora Borealis” Swarovski Crystals that adorns a large Bermuda Blue Swarovski Crystal! Boasting a classic design but with a contemporary edge, this sparkling beauty is destined to be a statement piece that your girlfriend can wore on the most elegant events and occasions.

Even though this is NOT a Swarovski item, however, its adorning crystals are indeed genuine Swarovski crystals. Hanging from a 17 inches chain with lobster claw clasps, this necklace offers length adjustments of up to 19 inches.

So, if you want to pledge your love for eternity, then this gorgeous blue heart necklace is a bold way to do it!


10. Sterling Silver 18” Pressed Floral Heart Pendant Necklace

heart necklace with flowers

If she loves nature and flowers, then this next heart necklace might be the one for her! One of a kind and made with real flowers, this unique heart translucent pendant is crafted by hands with real (yes, REAL) dried flowers that are beautifully preserved in resin, giving it a vibrant appearance. Each piece is crafted by hand from master artisans in Taxco, Mexico, making it a perfect way to express individuality!

Also, the natural property of real flowers gathered from the field of Taxco, provides a one-of-a-kind look to every piece. You can choose from various design including multi-colored silver, multi-colored gold over silver, light blue silver, and double rose silver. Dangling in an 18 inches (or 16 inches, if you wish) rope chain and secured firmly with a lobster-claw clasp, this heart necklace is made to be worn every day of the year!


11. U7 20” + 2” Extension 18K Gold Plated Heart-Shaped Photo Locket Pendant Necklace

golden heart necklace with with a photo locket

Another locket necklace to hold precious miniature photographs, U7 offers you various styles and colors! You can choose from 4 engraving styles: “I love you”, vintage flower pattern, round flower pattern, and blooming flower. Next, you get to choose which plating finish is perfect for your special girl— you can choose platinum, rose gold or gold.

The locket is set on a 20 inches chain with 2 inches extra chain. Secured tightly with a lobster claw clasp, this heart necklace will definitely not leave your girl’s neck.


12. Sterling Silver 18” Swarovski Elements 2-Tone Heart Pendant Necklace

swarovski heart necklace

This stunning piece is also a part of Amazon Collection, like the majority of necklaces in our list. And although Amazon does not have the same luxurious feel to their necklace as some of the more renowned jewelers like Pandora, they do make darn fine heart necklaces.

And they again prove it true with this stunning necklace with a stunning heart-shaped Swarovski crystal centerpiece. That and the surrounding miniature clear Swarovski crystals is truly a marvel to behold!

The stones themselves are of exceptionally high quality and effortlessly shine and glisten in the light. You can choose from 4 variety of Swarovski crystal centerpiece that matches your girl’s favorite color: Aurora borealis, pink, red and blue.

The pendant is suspended from an 18 inches rope chain and securely fasten with a spring ring clasp. Beautifully consistent colors that are created from a patented eco-friendly color enhancement process, your girl’s neckline will truly shine and boast elegance with this stunning necklace!


13. Michael Korrs Tone Logo Heart Necklace

heart necklace with little crystals

Simple, yet eye-catching (it’s MK, duh), this Crystal Heart Pendant Necklace from famous brand name Michael Korrs is worth dangling on your girlfriend’s neck. Shiny and small, this minimalist heart necklace features an engraved logo.

Adorning the already beautiful heart shape are clear rhinestones that sparkle when the light hit upon it! The pendant and Rolo chain offers you to choose from 3 metallic hues: gold, rose gold or silver-tone finish, so you can choose the right one for your girl.


14. 14K Yellow Gold-Filled 15” Heart Locket Pendant Necklace

golden heart necklace where you can but a photo in it

Wait, what? Gold-filled? What the heck is that?

Okay, I understand the confusion. So, let me explain it to you.

Gold Filled is a layer of 14K gold that is permanently bonded to supporting metals. So, gold-filled jewelry resembles solid gold since its outer layer is 14K gold. And gold-filled offers a substantially thicker layer of gold than gold plating does, making any jewelry more durable and heirloom-quality piece.

And this elegant piece is just that— gold filled to last for a lifetime. Although this locket necklace is specifically designed for kids and babies, there is no reason you can’t give it to your baby girl, right? Featuring embossed floral on the borders, you can opt to have your girl’s initial at the center for a touch of personalization.

You can have your girl put two of the most memorable miniature photographs and look at it whenever she wants. However, since it is made for little girls, this one comes with a 15 inches chain, so you might want to purchase a separate one so that your girl can be comfortable wearing it every day.

You can thank us later for that!


15. SILVER MOUNTAIN Sterling Silver Open Heart Pendant + Ring Holder Design Necklace

silver heart necklace can be used as ringholder also

If everything else on this list seems a bit boring and common for your girl’s tastes, then this last suggestion might be what you’re looking for. This one doesn’t just dangle on her neck— this heart necklace is multipurpose!


If she can’t wear that beautiful ring you gave her because of certain issues, say wounded fingers, this necklace can do more than just emphasize her neckline, it is an amazing way for her to wear her ring anyway without losing them by taking them off and “storing them in a safe place”.

Also called an Engagement Ring Holder or Wedding Ring Holder, the Ring Holder Necklace is a meaningful way to wear rings when she just can’t have them on her fingers and adds extra charm on the necklace. Easily match on any clothes and suitable for any occasion, the open heart pendant necklace is attached to an 18 inches Rolo chain and secured with a spring ring clasp.



Heart necklaces are universal!

Through the years, heart necklaces have been a standard symbol used by people who want to show affection and love to their lovers. And as special occasions fall throughout the year, any time can be a great time to find the perfect heart necklace to make any special date extra special and memorable.

Express your love through these heart-shaped necklaces and let your beloved woman in your life treasure it forever!


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