The 10 Best Handbags To Gift Your Girlfriend

To a lot of men, handbags are often misinterpreted as “an expensive leather sack that holds personal things” which are often bought by women. But for women, handbag signifies status, style, and personality. If your girlfriend is the type of girl who loves to use handbags or loves to collect them, then you should be looking for the best handbags to gift your girlfriend.

But if you are planning on giving a handbag as a gift for your girlfriend, what type of bag should you choose? There are tons of various handbags in the market which makes it a bit confusing, especially for us men who doesn’t know much about handbags. But don’t worry as we got your bag. Today we have listed down the top handbags in the market that your girlfriend would surely love.

Handbag Buying Guide

Before we move on to the list of the best handbags, let us first help you out on how to choose them. There are some things that you need to consider first before purchasing an item. Let’s start:

Available Budget

Like any other gift giving occasion, preparing a budget for the gift that you wanted to give to your favorite person is important. Handbags will range anywhere around $20 up to more than $800, this will depend if you want to give your girlfriend a legit handbag or a cheap, but quality made bag.

The budget that you have will not only determine the quality and brand of the bag, but it would also help you out in making your decision throughout your gift search.

The Bag’s Shape and Size

Handbags not only differs from price range, brand, and quality, but they are also different from their purpose of use, aesthetic, and of course their shapes and sizes.

Here are some examples of the types of bags with different shapes and sizes:

Tote Bag – This is a type of bag that has handles or traps with an open top. Its size is enough to allow women to pack their makeup, phone, hand sanitizer, a small notepad, and other necessary things that they need. This bag is perfect for casual wear.

Hobo Bag – This a crescent-shaped bag that has a soft leather texture with little structure. Like the tote bag, this also comes in a medium size that is enough to carry some necessities. However, hobo bags can also be found in large sizes.

 Duffle Bag – This is a type of shoulder bag that often has a wider opening on its top. This bag also comes in different sizes.

Clutch Bag – Now, this bag is not suitable for casual walks. This is a small, handheld bag that is most often used for evening If you are planning a fancy dinner date with your girlfriend, you might want to give her a nice bag like this that can go with her dress.

Satchel Bag – If your girl tends to carry a large handbag with her during your dates and other walks, then that is a sign that she is more into large handbags than smaller ones. A satchel bag would be the perfect gift that you can give to your loved

 Baguette Bag – This is a small bag that looks more like a bread, it has a long and rounded shape. This bag is suitable for a short trip to the mall or market.

 Messenger Bag – This bag is more like a shoulder bag than a handbag, but there are actually a lot of bags out there that are two-in-one, meaning it can either be used as a handbag or a shoulder bag. Depending on the design or color, this type of bag is perfect for work or for daily use.

 If your girl is more into going work than going out for parties, then the type of handbag that you should give her is either a satchel, tote bag, or any of the types of the bag that has a large size. Medium to large-sized bags has enough pockets, dividers, and space to hold her folders and other work-related stuff.

The color of the Bag

This is another important thing that you need to consider before buying a bag as a gift. If you want to give your girl a handbag that she could use every day, the color that you should choose should be able to complement her clothes well. Choose a black, white, beige, or brown colored handbags. These colors go well with any clothes that your girlfriend wears.

The colors that you should avoid getting are the spring colored ones like green, bright yellow, or neon pink unless if your girlfriend prefers bright colored handbags.

Material’s Quality

Check the bag’s materials that used as this will determine the price, feel, and look of the bag. If your girlfriend doesn’t mind using cheap or knock-off handbags, then you should at least check the bag’s quality if it’s durable enough to last for a few years.

Check the bag’s stitches if its good, the number of pockets and dividers in the bag if it has one, the texture, and if it can easily be cleaned. Most women who buy bags for themselves often check these features on a handbag.


Top 10 Best Handbags in the Market with Reviews

If you are not sure how to check the bag’s quality, then you no longer have to worry as we would not only list the best handbags in the market, but we would also make sure to only list down the ones that are durable enough to last for years.

Here is the list of high-quality handbags with reviews:

1. Michael Kors Medium-Sized Tote

a black handbag from the brand michael kors


This stylish and spacious bag is not only available in a jet black color, but it is also available in pink, red, white, navy blue, blue, beige, brown, dune colored, and a patterned design with a few combinations of colors. The outer shell of the bag is made of a 100% cowhide leather, which is often used on high-quality bags that could stand up for lots of wear and tear.

This bag is not only suitable for everyday use, but your girlfriend can also use this when traveling. The bag is about 11-inch high, 7-inch deep, and 17-inch wide, which makes it roomy enough to carry all of your girlfriend’s things for the day. This bag can even fit a 15-inch laptop.

If you want to invest in a bag for your girlfriend, you should a bag that has multi-purposes like this product.


2. Frye Melissa Leather Satchel Handbag

a leather handbag from the brand frey melissa


Now, this bag is made of 100% of leather that is why this is a bit pricier than the previous product. This bag is perfect for almost all kinds of occasions, your girlfriend would surely love this bag because not only can she use it as a handbag, but she can also use as a shoulder bag as it comes with a removable shoulder strap that is also made from leather.

The lining of the bag is made from synthetic materials, and it can keep your girl’s personal things inside safely with its zipper enclosure. This bag comes in ten colors, so choose the one that would satisfy your girlfriend’s style. You might notice that this bag doesn’t have the “FRYE” logo, don’t worry as we assure you that this product is a genuine Frye bag. There is a running change from the bag’s manufacturer that is why all FRYE bags have temporarily no logos on them.


3. HOBO Vintage Shoulder Bag

a pink looking handbag from the brad HOBO


Sometimes, a girl will need a large handbag on hand to carry all the stuff that she needed to bring for the day. This great handbag will do just that for your girlfriend. This bag comes in various colors and designs, and it is just plain to carry around anytime. Not only does it come in various colors, but it is also made from leather, which add to its simple yet fancy design.

The bag has about three slip pockets inside, as well as a zipper pocket and a magnetic closure to keep the bag shut and her things protected. Aside from plain colored Hobo bags, they also offer a bag with the shimmering design. If your partner loves shiny things, she might love this leather bag. The bag measures around 14-inch tall, 13-inch wide, and 10-inch deep. This is ideal for girls who often brings a lot of things with them.


4. Coach Signature Zip Tote

big brown handbag with zip tote from the brand coach


Coach brands are one of the most popular names when it comes to women’s bags, they not only sell handbags, but they also offer shoulder bags, messenger bags, and even backpack for teenagers and for those who likes going on adventures. The bag can easily hold a tablet or e-book, if your girlfriend has one, along with other things that she needed for the day.

This bag comes in various dual colors, it comes with brown and pink ruby, black and brown, khaki, and pink and khaki. So, there would be an option for you that you could choose that could be perfect for her taste. The important feature that this bag has is its top zipper, this help ensures that she won’t be losing any of her valuables while she is out of the house.

The bag might not look bulky, but it does have enough space inside to fit all kinds of necessities. It measures around 15-inch wide, 11-inch tall, and about 6-inch deep, also, the handle is long enough to be carried as a shoulder bag if your girlfriend needs to use both of her hands.


5. Brahmin Satchel Convertible Bag

a handbag from the brand brahmin


If your girlfriend love to collect all kinds of handbag, then she would surely love to add this Brahmin bag in her collection. This is an ideal choice to give to your girlfriend as a gift, especially if you want to give her a handbag that is slightly understated. The bag isn’t too big to lose its fashion, and it is big enough and stylish enough to put all of her things. It can also go with any outfit that your lover wear, from business to casual to elegant.

Your girlfriend will also have two choices to carry this bag. She can either carry it as a shoulder bag or as a handbag. This product measures around 12 inches wide and 9.5 inches tall. This is very suitable for a quick stroll outside and could complement well with her casual outfit. Its shoulder strap is about 23.5 inches long, which is long enough to even be carried as a messenger bag.

This brand model is available in a various assortment of patterns and colors, including black, crème, pecan, sea glass, pimento, cherry tree, and a whole lot more.


6. The Sak Sequoia Hobo Bag

a hobo bag


This bag is not as popular as Gucci or Chanel, but it is a high-quality leather bag that can even compete with the most popular brands of handbag for women. This bag has a synthetic lining and genuine leather that makes the bag very durable, it can even last for a few years without the leather chipping. As for its interior, it has about two slip pockets, one with an interior zip pocket, and two exterior compartments.

The bag’s pockets can be very convenient for your girlfriend if she often brings a lot of valuables with her, this way she can keep her things organized inside her bag to prevent her from constantly rummaging for her things. The shoulder strap is about 12 inches, while the body is about 11 inches tall and 12 inches wide. The strap, however, is a bit long to be used as a handbag but nonetheless, it is still worth mentioning.


7. Bostanten Leather Handbag

a grey looking leather handbag


If you are too broke to afford an expensive handbag for your girlfriend, do not worry as you can purchase a high-quality handbag that is less than $100. The top layer of this bag is made of cowhide leather together with durable silver hardware. The bag may not be as expensive as most designer bags, but it is made of high-quality materials that could make the bag last for years of use.

This bag comes in six different colors, which are all suitable for everyday use. The bag’s top is secured with a zipper to keep your girlfriend’s valuables inside the bag. Inside the bag has two big compartments that could fit in a phone, one zipper bag, one zipper slot pocket, and two open pockets for things that she always gets out of her bag like makeup, phone, and other things.

The bag is large enough to fit an iPad, A4-sized file, and even a 14-inch laptop. This handbag is also perfect to be used for her work, studies, shopping, or during your dates.


8. UTAKE Leather Tote Bag

A leather handbag from the brand UTAKE


Here is another leather looking handbag that most women would like to have. This is another affordable high-quality bag that you can choose as a gift for your girlfriend. However, if your girlfriend likes to collect expensive handbags, she cannot add this to her collection, but she can use this bag for her daily activities. The bag measures around 10.6 inches tall and about 5.5 inches wide. Its size is enough to carry her tablet or A4-sized documents.


The bag is made of PU leather and golden hardware that is both high-quality. The bag uses a zipper to keep your girlfriend’s things secure. Another feature of this bag that is worth mentioning is that your girlfriend can use it in three ways, it comes with an adjustable shoulder strap which she can either adjust as a shoulder bag or cross bag, or she could just remove the strap and use it as a handbag.


9. Olyphy Leather 3-in-1 Handbag


If you and your girlfriend are a young couple in love, then she would love this stylish looking backpack. The great thing about this bag is that she can use it in three ways, she can either use it as a shoulder bag, handbag, or a backpack, which is ideal if your girlfriend is still studying. Olyphy is not a well-known brand, but they do offer high-quality bags which has resulted in them of having good reviews in the market.

The measures around 11.4-inch by 4.9-inch by 12.2 inches, the size is big enough to carry her notebooks and other school necessities. The shoulder strap of this bag is removable, so she could remove if she decided on using it as a backpack more often. This bag is made of high-quality leather and stylish and fancy enough for your girlfriend to love.


10. Dasein Designer Handbag

A designer handbag from the brand Dasein


If your girlfriend loves to collect designer bag, whether if it’s cheap or expensive, then she would love this product. Not only will your girlfriend love it, but it would also be light on your wallet as it only cost less than $50. This is convenient if you have a tight budget, but still, want to give your girlfriend a high-quality handbag. This comes in various colors and patterns that you can choose from.

This Signature Dasein saffiano leather is made of high-quality. For the bag’s enclosure, they have used a high-quality zipper to keep her things inside securely. The bag is also versatile, and your girlfriend can use it in different ways, she can either use it as a tote bag, shoulder bag, daily purse, laptop bag, work bag, handbag, and many more.


A Few Tips and Tricks on Choosing a Handbag that Your Girlfriend Would Love

Before you go to the mall and start searching for the best handbag that you can find, aside from the buying guide mentioned above, there are still a few things that you need to consider. But this time, it’s more about your girlfriend’s taste in material things and her personality. This will aid you in determining which type of bag that you should choose.

Choose What She Needs

Is your girlfriend working or studying? Is she a typical city girl or the sporty type? You should know the answer to these questions, as learning about your girlfriend’s personality will give you a hint on which type of handbag she would like to use. If your girl is studying, you should get her a handbag that could carry her things.

If she is working in an office, then go for a bag that looks sleek and stylish, but still neutral enough that she’d be able to use it for work. If your girlfriend is athletic, then you might want to consider getting a bag with her favorite sports brand. And if she’s like the usual city girl, you should get her a light colored one and small enough that she could easily carry anywhere.

Observe Her Style

Whenever you go out with your girlfriend, always check the type of bag she uses and try getting her a bag with the same color but with a different design. Some girls only like the black, beige, or brown ones, while some likes to use bags that have vibrant colors and a bit flashy.

Choosing the right style is important because if you got her a bag that suits her taste, she would most likely use it every time you both go out for a date or adventure

Choose a High-Quality Bag

When getting a gift for your girlfriend, you don’t have to spend thousands of dollars just to get her the perfect handbag. If your girlfriend is a simple girl, she won’t mind about the bag’s price tag, but that doesn’t mean that you’ll also skip on the product’s quality. There are some bags in the market that may be cheap but doesn’t lack the quality. Since you are getting a gift for your girlfriend, at least try not to get too stingy.



Women are not the same when it comes to their personal things and their fashion senses. Therefore, we recommend that you not fully rely on using a buying guide and observe your girlfriend’s style and personality, as this would help you greatly in determining which type of handbag would suit your lover’s taste.

With that said, we hope that the handbags that we have chosen and reviewed above have passed your girlfriend’s taste and personality, where she would instantly love your gift.

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