The Best Gift Ideas If Your Girlfriend Is Into Gardening

Are you stuck as to what to give your girlfriend on your anniversary or her birthday?

Well, it’s pretty much expected to feel confused, especially when you know that your girlfriend always likes things out of the box and not the mundane ones.

So, then, what to give her?

Well, if she is a garden lover and loves to nurture the green world around herself, then we think you have just the perfect list to impress her. Gardening is always looked upon as one of the best pastime hobbies, especially for those who have that maternal instinct within them to protect the environment.

Gardening might seem to be too much complicated for you, but for her, it might be everything. So, let’s have a look at what the things are that you can give her which will not only help her with the gardening but also will convey your affection and your caring attitude to her.


Top 10 gardening accessories that you can gift

Gardening is just not about watering the plants or waiting for the blooms to appear on the plant. Instead, it means taking care of your plants, cleaning the gardens, and even preparing the proper soil for the growth of a plant. And for all of these, you need the appropriate garden accessories.

If your girlfriend is struggling with one such, why don’t you give her something that will help with her gardening techniques?

One thing is certain- you will win her heart through this. So, let’s have a glance at the accessories that you can give to your girlfriend.

1. Compost Bin

Rather than allowing her to buy fertilizers and harm the plants which she loves, you can give her a compost bin. These wooden barrel bins are generally placed in the garden itself, and they are used to make the natural, organic fertilizers. So, there is no issue of going over to the market and buying the synthetic fertilizers.


3. Garden kneeler

Garden kneelers have become quite popular as they help the gardeners to prune the plants or dig the earth while keeping their knees against a support bed rather than the rocky soil. These kneelers also come with two side pockets where you can keep the tools.


3. Thick padded gloves

A gardener’s life is practically barren without padded gloves. After all, doing all the works with bare hands is very much risky. So, if your girlfriend is not using the gloves or have those in a terrible condition, give her a pair of gloves.


4. Tiller

Tillers are incredibly beneficial as they will prevent her from uprooting the weeds with her bare hands. The tillers also ensure that no harm is done to the useful plants and even to the soil.


5. Tabletop plant rack

These have recently grown into popularity as they allow you to create a small garden on your kitchen top. The wooden frame comes with three of four steps where your girlfriend can grow the herbs or other plants.


6. Pruners

Pruners come in various size and shapes, and so, you can choose the most appropriate one for her. The tool will help her to prune the thick tree branches, the twigs, and even shape the bushes.


7. Wheel barrel

Hand drawn wheel barrel will help your girlfriend to carry things in and out of the garden like soil, plant pots, fertilizers, and so on. Different sizes are there, thus giving you the chance to choose the perfect one.


8. Rainwater collection system

Rainwater collection systems are nothing but wooden barrel with a lid at the top and a tap at the lower portion. Once the barrel is filled with rainwater, opening the valve will give you the supply. You can gift multiple such barrels to make her garden eco-friendly.


9. Garden scooter

Rather than moving here and there on feet, a garden scooter will help her to traverse on their comfort. These scooters come with tool racks to help you come fully prepared.


10. Garden markers

If your girlfriend has a very long garden and she keeps on forgetting where she has planted what, you can give the marker boards to help her remember what exactly she has done with her garden.


Top 10 plants to give as a lucky charm

When it comes to providing some plants as a gift, nothing can be as good as the plants which symbolize life morals and values. These plants hold special meanings, which are enough to convey the unspoken words.

So, let’s have a look at the best lucky charm plants that you can give to your girlfriend this time.

1. Lavender

Lavender is the symbolism of devotion, calmness, and love. Gifting a lavender plant to someone whom you cherish from the depth of your heart is nothing but an exceptional thought. The sweet aroma of the flowers can heighten anyone’s dampen spirit, and can rejuvenate even a tired person. Lavender is a symbol for serenity and relaxation, both of which your girlfriend might need in her life.


2. Peace Lily

Just like the name sounds, peace lily symbolizes transparency, clarity, purity, and calmness. Giving your girlfriend a bunch of peace lily plants will be as effective as giving her some jewelry pieces or other fancy items. Gifting the white colored lilies after a quarrel is a symbol that you want to have peace between you both. 


3. Gardenia

Be it anniversaries of a simple birthday, gardenia plants will always be on the top list of preference. This small and yet bulky plant has a calming aura around it. The white floral blooms nestled in between the dark green leaves are what make gardenia exceptionally alluring and beautiful. The white colored flowers symbolize clarity and trust.


4. Bonsai trees

Bonsai trees have been derived from the Japanese culture, where the tree symbolizes strength, wisdom, courage, and valiancy. There is always a sense of spirituality with this plant and hence can be given on any occasion.


5. Azalea

There is no time frame for making someone happy, and feel cherished, especially not when that person means the world for you. Azaleas are just the perfect gift for such moments. This pink floral bloom plants scream delicacy and feminism and hence is the ideal gift for your girlfriend.


6. Bamboo

Bamboo is one of the luckiest plants that you can give to someone, especially the person whom you love so much. When you are giving the bamboo plant, the number of sticks that you are gifting symbolizes the meaning. Two sticks are for love, five sticks for wealth and fortune, seven sticks for health, while nine sticks for luck.


7.  Phalaenopsis Orchids

Phalaenopsis orchids have a direct relation with motherhood, specifically Mother Nature. The flowers are distributed all across the stalk in the form of the inflorescence. The flowers indicate feminism and graciousness at its maximum potential.


8. Cyclamen

Cyclamen might seem to be a mixed plant at the beginning, but once it starts growing and flowering, the plant itself can brighten up an entire day. This plant emanates the vibes of happiness, self-confidence, and self-esteem.


9. Daffodil

These brightly colored flowers are known for its vibrancy and kind and positive vibes that it emanates. Daffodils are one of the best plants that you can give to someone to lift their spirits.


10. Sage

Sage is said to be the best plant that you can give to your girlfriend to wish her good health and prosperity. You can grow sage plants anywhere and it also a winter plant.



Top 10 DIY garden ideas to surprise your girlfriend

These are some of the most meager gifts that you can give to make your girlfriend feel on cloud nine. But, let’s say she is expecting some more from you.

So, what you will do in that case?

Which gift will you present to her to let her know that you care about her hobbies, her likes, and dislikes and what she wants to do?

Let us give you some basic ideas!

With the creative level skyrocketing in today’s world, we have now started to create our garden- small size, efficient planning, and enhanced the aesthetic value. So, let’s have a look at what you can do to surprise her with a unique mini garden!

I.    Vertical pallet garden

Join one or more pallets together and fix a compartment at the back. Fill the space with soil, and your base is ready. All you need to do is choose the correct plants which can include the succulents too and fix them within the gaps. Vertical pallets are a great way of utilizing the maximum space in areas where you lack one. It can be either kept on the outside or in the indoors where the plants will get ambient sunlight.

II.    Portable pot garden

Another way to surprise her with her dream garden is t creating a compact nursery. Lightweight pots are nowadays available in the market which you can use to décor ate her fences or places where she would like to have the green essence. These portable pots are the best option if she is running out of space and in dire need of some new plants.

III.    Tree stump planters

If she has tree stumps in her garden, then instead of uprooting it or leaving it to rot, you can plan a lovely and cozy outdoor tree stump garden. Fill in the hollow with fertile soil and then plant the small plantlets, living enough space for them to survive. You can either combine one or more succulents, or you can place two different flowering plants.

IV.    Hanging garden

This can be done using the spare tin cans that are perhaps counting their last days in her storage space. Color those cans and then fill them with soil. Make sure you are not making the soil too tight to block the air transfer. Place the plants in the tins and then hang those using wires either at the patio or outside the house.

V.    Fenced planter box garden 

If she has fences, then you can install the planter boxes on the wall to create a garden. These planter boxes are made up of wood and come in different sizes. Usually square, they give a quaint view and hence can be used to create a cozy garden. Place the pots on the boxes and make it look like a wall shelf garden.

VI.    Suspended indoor gardens

For indoor gardens, suspend the pots with the help of strings. This indeed gives a homely feeling, making sure that your lady can relax the moment she will enter her home. You can either hang the plants in the living area or the dining. You can also use the walls for creating a backdrop made from hanging plants.

VII.    Layered garden

Layered garden using vertical and horizontal pallets usually make the area look more prominent and bulkier. Use different plants, some with bulky bushes, some with flowers, while some with a simple show to make it look like an orchard.

VIII.    Window gardens

Fix a box outside the window of her bedroom and then put the soil in that box. Plant her favorite plantlets and then leave them to grow. It’s worth a sight every morning, and each time she will take a look at them, she will recollect you.

IX.    Hedges

Hedges are an excellent way of redecorating an existing patio or a garden. These properly pruned bushes give the garden an extravagant and sophisticated look that indeed brightens up the entire space. Also, you can install small potted plants in between the hedges to create a more attractive garden.

X.    Rooftop gardening

For rooftops, gardening will become more fun. You can create an entire green space, combining different elements of landscaping and utilizing the area properly. You can even generate garden fountains, umbrella gardens, or small artistic pieces to make it a complete green land. You can also use vertical pallets to utilize the maximum space efficiently.

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