The Best Gift Ideas For Your Girlfriend 2019

Gift Ideas Girlfriend 2019

Back at it again with another article for the year 2019 that speaks about the best gift ideas for your girlfriend.

You read it right; it’s time to make extreme efforts and to break that piggy bank. Gifts are not only intended for birthdays or other special occasions. It is a gift that will literally put fire on your relationship with her.

This move may be tricky as girls are so complex. That’s the challenge for you, lover guy. Still, it is your job to adapt to the complexity of your partner.

You’re not a legit boyfriend if you’re not able to cut your cost to give your girlfriend a treat. Yes, it is expensive to love someone. Love is not just an emotion but affection as well. Make your promises turn into actions this 2019 by giving your best in surprising your loved one with unique gifts.

Stop overthinking on how you’ll be going to do this. We’re here to help you bring out your concealing creativity. Put it in mind, you’ll be doing this for the love of your life and it’s going to be worth it. Are you all set?

Let’s make it happen!

Here are the 28 best gift ideas for your girlfriend 2019:


1.  52 Simple Reasons Why I Love You (Written by Me) by Jim Erskine

52 Simple Reasons Why I Love You (Written by Me) by Jim Erskine

Let me tell you a secret to a woman’s heart: a cheesy love letter that comes right from the heart. Awaken the old school love!

How many times did you show your affection to your other half? We bet you’re struggling to do that. Maybe, this is the time to show it. Hey! It’s 2019 and for sure she’s waiting for you to speak out your love to her. But then, we know that men aren’t into it. That’s why to pour it out in a paper!

This personalized gift will let you write on your own risk. It’s up to you to make it as beautiful as your loved one (as cheesy as that, bro!).

First, think about your lovely girlfriend, her moody days, her gorgeousness, her sweetness, and all her craziness. Then, internalize why you love her in spite of those and the words to be written will naturally come out. As easy as that, your girlfriend’s heart will explode with flying colors.

You don’t need to put so much effort as long as it is heartfelt. We think it is more special for a girl to be treated in an old way of love; they still appreciate it.


  • A book-like love letter
  • Personalized
  • Spacious book pages



3. What I Love About Us Fill in The Love Journal by Knock Knock

What I Love About Us Fill in The Love Journal by Knock Knock

Being in love means to involve yourself to that person. We assume at this very moment you have built a good and fun relationship with your partner. If in a newly entered relationship, we still assume there are moments that make the two of you laugh out loud. Those old days moments cannot be forgotten.

You don’t have to be poetic to deliver sweet lines for your babe. She will adore you right after reading every line, just the way you are. Therefore, relax.

Fill this love journal with genuine love.  What I love about us is an easy tipsy question for lovers; you can actually answer it blindfolded. Imagine getting old together with your girl and try to remember all your past epic experiences but at the end of the day it fired up the love that ignites within your hearts.  Then, write.

It is more of bringing back memories in her heart as she reads it. It will definitely touch her heart.


  • 50 Humorous captions to fill in
  • Small book
  • Enough space to write on



4. Ultimate Journeys for Two: Extraordinary Destinations on Every Continent by Mike & Anne Howard

Ultimate Journeys for Two: Extraordinary Destinations on Every Continent by Mike & Anne Howard

Do you see your babe as your travel buddy in the future together with your kids? Make your travel goals together in fiction today but claim it to become a reality someday. Prepare your budget now!

This book will benefit both of you to prepare for future journeys together. It will give you an idea on where is the best place to enjoy each moment. But then again, as for now stay on the fiction.

This gift is suitable for a woman who loves discovering new places and who loves reading books. Wait until she gave you a signal to travel because that’ll absolutely happen after she reads it.

Foremost, work goals before travel goals. Keep that in mind.


  • Detailed information
  • Experience-proven travels


5. Kindle E-reader

Kindle E-reader

At a young age, it is important to be educated. Be an influential boyfriend and not just a relationship oriented guy. Lead your girlfriend on the right path of life where she needs to feed her wisdom for a better future.

It is a technology-advanced book with audio that contains thousands of books. The person reading on it will not feel drowsy because of its additional audio feature. Your girl will never be distracted reading her favorite novel or stories as it is intended only for reading.

Keeps your girl busy educating herself and she’ll thank you later and that’s for sure. A book lover girl has a wider imagination thus enjoyable to be with, then treasure that creature.

It’s not a boring gift; you just did a great job for this to make as a gift. So smart!


  • Long-lasting battery (at least a week)
  • Availability of books
  • Audible E-book device
  • More advanced features


6. Mississippi Vegan: Recipes and Stories from a Southern Boy’s Heart by Timothy Pakron

Mississippi Vegan: Recipes and Stories from a Southern Boy's Heart by Timothy Pakron

Your girlfriend’s cravings will be satisfied through a recipe book. Let her cook whatever she wanted but let her pay for her recipes. At least, you’ve done your part.

It is not only a simple craving but it’ll help your love to be healthier. However, after giving it tell her that your intention is to see her glow not for the reason that she’s fat or malnourish because you’re gonna be dead. This is a serious matter for girls.

Teach your babe to live a healthy life ahead of time because that’s what matters most. Before deciding if this will be the best gift for your love, make sure she’s a vegan as it is a vegan recipe.


  • 125 vegan recipes
  • Photograph worthy
  • Easy to follow recipes


7. Fitlosophy Fitspiration Fitness and Gratitude Journal

 Fitlosophy Fitspiration Fitness and Gratitude Journal

Believe it or not, insecurities are swallowing up your girlfriend’s mind every time you admire other girls. It is a no-no for a committed man to be attracted with other girls. Don’t let your eyes fool you, young men!

To make it clear, this gift is not an insult to your loved one but a helpful tool to eradicate her insecurities. You can be with her in achieving her goals to be fit, including eating healthy foods with her, exercising with her, and learn with her.

A fit partner is an inspiring partner. Don’t be blind on your partner’s desire, she desires to be fit and she’s not just telling you but her insecurities are enough proofs. Cheer up lover boy, you can help her.


  • 16 weeks fitspiration
  • The daily journal
  • A great encourager


8. Ajna Natural Jute Yoga Mat Anti-Bacterial

Ajna Natural Jute Yoga Mat Anti-Bacterial

Meditation is the key to a healthier relationship. If your girlfriend is at peace, all will be so well. If you’re aware of how she needs peace in her life, a yoga mat is perfect to keep her heart (also mood) at peace.

You are making your girl relax as well as you are keeping Mother Nature alive and green. As per unit sold, the company plants one tree. Sounds great! The yoga mat itself is also environmental-friendly as it is produced without the use of toxic materials but with natural and recyclable resources.

She can bring it anywhere she wants. In other words, she can meditate in any quiet places. You’re helping your girl right as well as making her proud on what you did on nature.

At first, she’ll be surprised why yoga mat, but, someday she’ll appreciate it a lot after giving her the peace she’s been looking for. Kudos, great boyfriend!


  • Tree planting purpose when sold
  • Suitable for all
  • Eco and travel-friendly


9. Timex Women’s Easy Reader Date Band Watch

Timex Women's Easy Reader Date Band Watch

Time is critical in every relationship. Do you agree? Don’t you ever deny it that not all the time you have time with your girl?

Bet you agreed now. A two lover with a busy life wanted to make time with each other as much as possible. However, the scenario won’t just let it happen. It’s sad, isn’t? And we guess there’s no remedy to that but to understand the situation.

If you can’t give your desired time to your love, bring the time to her. With this watch, it will remind her that you’re still thinking about her and you assure that your time is for her. How sweet is that?

Timex is one of the best brands of a watch. As your girl wears that wristwatch, she’ll remember you every time she glances on the time.  As if you’re beside her all the time.


  • Glow in the light watch
  • Water and scratch-resistant
  • Clear and medium font numbers


10. Benevolence LA Opal Bracelet

Benevolence LA Opal Bracele

You’re giving to give back! With this gift, it’s not only a girl being loved but a lot of citizens being filled with water. It is a dual purpose gift that will surely make your girl proud. Amazing idea indeed!

You are becoming part of an action of the H4O charity that provides water supply in Africa. The situation there is unexplainable but who could think that a simple opal bracelet can change everybody’s life. Thanks to Benevolence LA for giving hope to thousands of lives in Africa and in less than 15 countries.

If your girl’s birth month is October, this will be the most suited stone bracelet for her; even if not it is still a good choice to wrap for girls normally love pieces of jewelry. Seeing her wearing your gift is so pleasant in the eye.

Correspondingly, one purchase will be equal to $5 that could save a life.


  • Handmade
  • 14k Gold with white opals
  • Charity purpose


11. Guess Large Oval Glitter Hoop Earrings

Guess Large Oval Glitter Hoop Earrings

Let the party start and make yourself shine above all else. A woman loves piercing their ears with glamorous earrings to look more elegant.

Give your girl a chance to look better than the others by giving her this oval glitter hoop earrings. She will definitely be the center aisle of the party and you will be proud of also telling others, that’s your girl!

Its eye catchy because of the bigger size it looks plus the glitter on the inner corner that completes its glamour.


  • Available in gold and silver tone
  • Larger than what is expected
  • Glitter filled the inner hoop


12. Sterling Silver Engraved Four-Picture Heart Locket Necklace

Sterling Silver Engraved Four-Picture Heart Locket Necklace

Does your girlfriend love to treasure your photos together? Or does she want to see you all the time like crazy?

Spoil her with your handsome face with this necklace containing four best pictures of you together. It feels like you are in her heart everywhere she goes and that’s so unfathomable. Every time she misses you, by only seeing your most wacky photo will ease the agony.

Treasured photos are the best photos of all. Even if you don’t see each other a lot, it is all right as long as she’s wearing the necklace you gave out of love. It’s a little gesture of sweetness to fill in a necklace with a picture (choose the most unforgettable one).

You’ll be going to win her heart, again and again.


  • Rhodium plated
  • A heart shape necklace that can contain four small photos
  • Made in the USA


13. Sterling Silver Engraved Flowers Heart Locket Necklace

Sterling Silver Engraved Flowers Heart Locket Necklace

Flowers will never go out of style but it will fade away. Flowers don’t last long but you want your relationship last forever. Isn’t ironic that flowers are not enough? Let’s be clear.

If you want to give a flower that last long, choose to engrave the flower in a form of a necklace.  Sterling Silver has preserved the traditional way of giving a flower to your loved one by engraving it into a heart-shaped locket necklace.

You can be sweeter than before! Placing picture inside it makes another point of sweetness. You’re a sweet guy, no pressure.

Your girl will receive a flower with a heart full of love from you. That’s exciting!


  • Hand engraved flower
  • 5% silver
  • Rhodium plated


14. Enesco Pusheen Mug

Enesco Pusheen Mug

A coffee lover partner is a great partner in life. She can stay up all night telling you what she’d done the whole day. Late night talks would be more exciting with a coffee in a mug.

Own-made coffee will still be the finest coffee ever made. You don’t have to treat that girl in expensive coffee shops just give her a mug and be there to blend her coffee. Isn’t that sweeter? You saved more money for another date.

Of course, it is not just an ordinary mug but a cutie cup to make your girl smile while sipping her coffee. She can use it while cramming on her projects and still remembers you. That’s so clichéd.

Just remind your girlfriend to drink coffee, moderately.


  • Pusheen is a popular comic character
  • Hold up 12 oz. of coffee


15. Gelid Couples Funny Coffee Mug

Gelid Couples Funny Coffee Mug

We never forget those certified coffee lovers on the list as we include this couple coffee mug. Just to make it fair, one for you and one for your loved one so you can blend coffee together.

The text written on it is the reason why they called it a funny coffee mug. Both of you would enjoy sipping a coffee with laughter and more talks. You can do it in separate ways but still remembering each other per coffee sip.

It’s just a simple mug with a fun statement but gives joy on both hearts.


  • Made in the USA
  • Funny statement
  • Can bear 11 oz. of coffee



16. Steiff Vintage Teddy Bear 

Steiff Vintage Teddy Bear

Who would hate a teddy bear? NO ONE. Teddy bear is not only made for children but for everyone who loves to have something to cuddle especially during cold weather. Since you are not yet married respect her purity by just giving her a teddy bear to sleep with at night. Again, respect your girl. You know what I mean.

Your girl will surely adore it and keep hugging it because of its softness and cuteness that is so giggling. Don’t be surprised if someday she’ll love it more than she loves you. But it will take credit on you because it came from you who love her most. That’s heart wrecking!

It is a teddy bear that shows tender loving care for the one. Cheesy!


  • 14 inches in height
  • High-quality soft fabric


17. Michael Kors Women’s Jet Set Travel Small Logo Tote Bag

Michael Kors Women's Jet Set Travel Small Logo Tote Bag

Most women are addicted to bags. One proof is whenever they go shopping there will be a piece of a bag on the list. If your girl is working, this could be the best gift for her to keep her motivated.

As her love one, you see her struggling to stop herself buying its favorite bag because her budget is so tight. On her special day, one way to surprise her is to purchase a Michael Kors’ tote bag. It is more special than what she had seen in the mall because it came from her love.

Even if it is pricey, if your heart wants to spoil your girlfriend; do it once in a while. It is not a waste of money but only a way of showing your love for her.

A very important reminder: Check your budget first, before further do.


  • 11 pockets (interior and exterior)
  • Made of 100% twill, leather, and polyester
  • Vanilla and gold tone


18. BambooMN Winter Home Socks

BambooMN Winter Home Socks

To avoid having a day full of sucks wear socks. Wearing socks keep our feet clean and comfortable all day.

Keep your girlfriend’s feet warmth during cold days or even on normal days with these cute animal designed socks. She can run inside their house with it without getting a slip and it’s nice seeing your girl enjoying moments at home.

Perhaps she imagined walking with you as she walks down the road with your gift on its feet. You are with her wherever she goes in a presence of socks. That concern of yours to keep her comfortable is enough to keep her loved.

The fact that a simple act of comfort will make a relationship last longer will be proved by socks. Try it then testify about the result.


  • Three pieces of cute nonslip socks
  • US size ranging from 4 to 10
  • Made of 2% spandex


19. Evelyne Aroma Natural Scented Tin Candles Gift Set

 Evelyne Aroma Natural Scented Tin Candles Gift Set

Stress girlfriend may also stress you out. In a relationship, it should be, loving one another and not stressing one another. If you notice your girl stressing out, buy her a scented candle for relaxation.

Your one and only deserve some time of relaxation after an 8-hour shift (sometimes she faces overtimes). Smelling the aroma, including Vanilla, Lemon, Lavender, and Rose will definitely change her mood. You’d stop her dealings with PMS through these scents. Thank us later.

You can use these candles if you’re planning to have a date with her at home, sounds sweet and likewise economical.


  • Eco-friendly candle wax
  • 4 natural scents in one package
  • Can last up to 15 hours
  • Beautiful packaging


20. BTFBM Women Zip Fleece Hooide

BTFBM Women Zip Fleece Hooide

Don’t let your love feel cold physically to avoid cold emotions to happen. Let her feel the warmth of your love with constancy even when you’re away with each other through a sweatshirt coat.

The coat will represent your hugs whenever she feels cold. She’ll just grab it out of her closet and pullover to her body. Then, she can feel like you’re embracing her, taking away the icy feeling.

She can also wear it when going outside the house while tripping with her friends. Imagine, how she boasts about your gift in front of her besties; she just can’t contain her love on it! Your girlfriend will be the most beautiful creature wearing a hoodie coat.


  • Available in five colors
  • Hood with drawstring
  • Zip-closed



21. Buffy Comforter

Buffy Comforter

Surely, a woman loves sleeping with comfort around her. The feeling of cool fabric touching our skin as the air-conditioned saturating our room is a heavenly feeling. Sleep is life but with a comforter, sleep could be a lifer!

A girlfriend who loves to sleep is a girl who deserves a companion in her dreams. With this Buffy comforter, your girl will love to dream endlessly (whether day or night sleep). This will ease your lady to sleep better during stressful days and nights.

She can wrap it on her entire figure and feel the warmth. It’s like you are hugging her tight and ensuring her safety as she sleeps. Until she wakes up with a fresh look for she has completed her sleeping hours (maybe more hours).

A real remedy for her insomnia attacks is simply a comforter. Purchase one!


  • Toxic-free inside and out
  • 100% Soft eucalyptus fabric
  • Environmental-friendly (the filling is made of recycled bottles yet BPA-free)


22. Nintendo Entertainment System: Classic Edition

Nintendo Entertainment System: Classic Edition

Teach your girl to play a game not to play feelings. Kidding aside, girls do have a gamer heart inside you just have to discover it. At the end of the day, you can play with her through NES (yes, the one which came from you); sounds beneficial.

This could be a way of knowing your partner more as attitudes will come out right playing a game. You’ll be surprised, your girl can talk tacky words, she is impatient, she is high tempered or she can be easily upset. It is a good thing though to know that negative traits of her, love her anyway.

Moreover, this gaming console will lessen her time in social media or on her phone thus lessens the chance for you to be caught up on your wrongdoings. Just kidding! Otherwise, it is an old school device.

This could be the only device that’ll be included on the list. Rest assured it is a win-win gift.


  • Very portable and easy to use
  • Built-in games at purchased
  • Smart connectivity


23. Hatch Baby Night Light Machine

 Hatch Baby Night Light Machine

Is your girlfriend looking restless the past few days? Or is she struggling on her daily lifestyle circulation?

In today’s living, scheduling is very hard and sometimes being forgotten. With this device, the schedule of your loved one will be programmed for her to follow a healthy sleeping or resting routine.

The tool will be controlled by a smartphone on when you’ll rise and when you’ll going to sleep. It was all set! It could also work as a night light with soft sound sessions for a night of better sleep.

It is primarily created for babies and toddlers, however, it would be a cute gift for a girlfriend whose schedule is unfixed.


  • Compatible for a smartphone, iOS, and Android phones
  • Fully remote controlled
  • Personalized device



24. Stendhal Noir Divin – Eau de Parfum

Stendhal Noir Divin - Eau de Parfum

Be amazed at your girlfriend’s scent whenever you take her out for a date by giving her a naturalistic scent perfume. Girls really love to smell good too most especially with a scent that is new to them.

It is also packed classically that will immediately catch the attention of the one receiving it. It is a nice gift idea for your girlfriend. She would definitely fall in love with the scent as she fell for you deeper.


  • 90 ml. natural scent perfume
  • Great packaging idea


25. Elegant Signs Picture Frame

Elegant Signs Picture Frame

It is a gift idea that never goes out of ages. A picture frame is the most symbolic gift to any person as each love to treasure photo memories.

It may seem weird nowadays to wrap a picture frame because there are many new gift ideas out there. However, we included this on the list to prove to you that it is not yet an outcast gift idea but still effective.

Step up the game by making the frame full packed through filling in your weirdest photo together. We swear, your lover would be grateful for your simple gift. It is the thought that counts for it has funny statement beside the photo.

When she misses you, she just stares on the frame to ease the feeling. That’s so dramatic!


  • Stand or hang the picture frame
  • Holds 4” by 6” photo size
  • Funny statement



26. Hydro Flask Stainless Steel Sports Water Bottle

Hydro Flask Stainless Steel Sports Water Bottle

Stay hydrated in this hot weather with a tumbler on the go. Being hydrated makes life more positive and energetic. It is a gift that is good in general for it can be used daily in workouts, and other sweating activities.  Have no fear of sweating!

Plastic bottles are out and stainless steel water bottle is in. Hydro Flask shields drinking water temperature through the TempShield technology that doesn’t affect cold water to turn into hot water and vice versa. The whole bottle is stainless made and it is toxic-free.

Drink using straw lid is possible and leakage will never be encountered. It’ll keep your bag dry as you climb up a mountain. Thus, it can be easily gripped all day.


  • Temperature shield on hot and cold water
  • Extensive mouth straw lid
  • Available 32 oz. and 40 oz. bottle
  • Toxic-free materials used


27. The Fix Avery Studded Top Flap Suede Backpack

The Fix Avery Studded Top Flap Suede Backpack

Going to school with a new backpack motivates you to study harder. If this wasn’t true, what else drives you to do your best at school?

Girls are undeniably addicted when it comes to changing their bags, especially during the adolescent days. Even if it’s not yet torn down they’ll buy a new one. Consequently, bags hold expensive prices. That makes girls sad.

This suede backpack is making its way to reach out the hearts of many because of its amazing classically unique look. It is suitable for short-distance travel and also for school. Aside from its look, it is vegan-made and the quality is lit.

She can put all her stuff in a one compartment backpack thus easier to look at things when needed.  And the tassels attached on the drawstring make it more beautiful.


  • One compartment and one interior pocket
  • Leather-type backpack
  • Suede designed


28. ULTRAIDEAS Bootie Slippers

ULTRAIDEAS Bootie Slippers

Being a homegirl is not a boring lifestyle. And with these bootie slippers, it makes your home life comfier and warmer.

After a long day doing stuff outdoors, taking off your shoes when at home will make your feet cold. Consequently, offer your feet a little favor and slide on a slipper into it. A bootie slipper I should say.

It is not like a usual slipper used inside your house but an extraordinary one. A boots look-a-like slipper will cover your feet to keep it warm. Socks will never be needed as these bootie slippers are soft-padded from the inside and out.

Your girl will feel like she’s on winter weather and the snowy environment when she wears these comfy slippers (Maybe indoors or outdoors).


  • An available navy blue, gray and purple color
  • Slip-resistant
  • Foam-padded cushion yarn knit designed

29. Benchmark Bouquets 2 Dozen Red Roses

 Benchmark Bouquets 2 Dozen Red Roses

At last, we’re on the latter list of the best gift for your girlfriend 2019.

The last but definitely not the least or the worst as red roses will never be outdated in surprising your loved one. You would expect a girl venting out her emotions when she saw two dozens of red roses in the front door. That’s a heart touching moment.

Red roses are enough but putting a note with a win-win personal message will surely touch the heart of your girl. Awaken the romantic side of yours by being traditional through this bouquet of red roses in a vase.

No worries about the status of the roses when they arrived because the company ensures the consistent quality of it during delivery up to its arrival. To make it clear, you will be the one (not the delivery man) who will show up to give the roses to her. This means you can monitor the roses before giving it to her.

This is the most simple yet sweetest gesture gift you can give in her entire life.


  • Freshly cut 24 pieces of red roses
  • Fully bloomed in 2 to 3 days
  • A note card
  • Can be arranged according to your want

As a final word

At last, we hope there are gift ideas for your girlfriend this 2019 playing on your mind after reading all the suggestions above.

We bet you won’t end up reading this article if there’s no valid reason to finish reading it up to these words unless you’re investigating a gift. You are struggling and getting confused on what will your girl want as a gift and we understand that.

However, as her another half you already know what she wants you’re just camouflaging it. Well, being denial about it won’t help. Accept the fact that sometimes you need to spoil your girlfriend even for a cost.

Have faith that she’ll appreciate what you’ve planned to give her for a long time. It’s a long way process to choose the best of the best gift. We got your back, buddy!

Here are proven and effective tips you must not ignore to end up with a worthy gift:

Be sensitive to her hints:For sure, you know how she acts when she adores something but couldn’t buy it anyways. Perhaps, it’s time for you to make a move. Don’t be deaf on her sentiments about that beautiful bag, jewelry, book, or whatsoever that catches her attention as you two are going to dates.

Show creativity: At least once in a while, develop your creative imaginations. Your girl deserves an extraordinary gift that comes right from the heart of her bae. You can make her laugh with just a simple gift (with added creativity). Also, girls love surprises and if it is your first time to exert some efforts in making a creative gift, you will win her heart. Get rid of the usual gifts that she already had and look for a gift that is new to her sight.

Investigate: We believe her friends are also your friends or maybe you are close to her family. You can ask them what she likes most to avoid gift-guessing. It is more of being sensitive to her hints because it will be actual learning of her wants. You know what? Being with her most of the time will give you so many ideas about her.

Check your budget: She will understand when you really can’t give her a gift, she will. However, if you really want to surprise her it will take so much discipline in your pocket. You know her worth so buy that worthy gift for her.


It ends up here and we’re excited to hear your stories.






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