The Best Gift Ideas For Your Girlfriend 2018


We have seen guys develop cold feet when they go gift-hunting for bae.  And it isn’t without reason either. Buying gifts for your girlfriend is tricky turf.

They rarely drop hints about what they like. When they do, it’s usually too subtle to notice or you were too immersed in your ball game.

So, like most guys, you gather all your wits and implore on the million conversations scourging for a tip or two. Then you realize that the task is more difficult than it seemed to.

There might be things she swooned over a year ago, but absolutely hates now.

She might have shifted brand loyalties.

She’s no longer into crossfit. That sat-nav that she mentioned was only a casual analogy.

You saved and cut down on expenses for a year to buy that choker, only to receive a false smile that says that you are a glorified penny-pinching niggard.

But ready or not, come holiday season, most men in the world step into the minefield blindfolded.

Thankfully, this year, we are here to make things a tad easier for you. We have handpicked twenty absolutely stunning gift ideas for your girlfriend that is guaranteed to make her eyes go starry, earning you the brownie points that you so deserve.

And how we came up with the list, you might ask. Well, we did what we do best.

We caught up with the girlfriends of every guy in the team. We spoke to girlfriends of random strangers on the street. We used Reddit. We haunted forums. And then based on the ideas we generated, we raked through the muck to pick up the nuggets for you.

So here goes The Best Gift Ideas For Your Girlfriend 2018:

#1 – Stunning Pearl Stud Earrings from ‘The Pearl Source’

Someone wise once said that ‘Pearls are a women’s best friend’. Well, what better choice for a gift than this stunning white water pearl earring from ‘The Pearl Source’. It’s elegant, classy, reasonably-priced and most importantly, an infallible pick.

The pearls are AAA quality with a lustrous, even, mirror-like finish. For the uninitiated, that means that they are handpicked from the cultured farms where they are grown.

These are then delicately nested in genuine 14K gold push backings that are available in two finishes, yellow gold and white.

From those special occasions to everyday essentials, these beautiful and practical studs fit the bill perfectly. As an added perk, it comes packed in a beautiful jewelry box making it ready-to-gift.

Oh, almost forgot to mention that there’s a 60-day money back guarantee.

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Best features

  • AAA quality
  • Freshwater cultured pearls
  • Available in multiple sizes
  • 14K Gold backing
  • Priced under $60

#2 – Tea Forté Tea Chest with 40 herbal blends

Tea is comforting, warm and healthy. Bet most guys didn’t know that women absolutely love it when their husbands (or boyfriends?) get them a cup of tea in the mornings. (

Well, take an ode from it. Here’s not one, not two, but a whopping forty cups of herbal tea for the lady. This ‘Tea Chest’ (we love the name) from Tea Forte brings to the table twenty of their choicest herbal blended teas in one compact, reusable box that’s easy to store and carry.

Maybe she’s had a bad day at work and feels like shit. Surprise her with a blueberry merlot, that’s a blend of pure blueberry peppered with a hint of sage, or a Wild Berry Hibiscus. Tea person or not, she’s going to be amazed at some of the flavors in the tea chest.

Each tea bag, or should we call it a tea infuser, has a spectacular pyramid-shaped design with a gold-lined overwrap and the chest has a detailed Tea Menu that doubles up as a tasting guide for newbies.

Want to really show them how thoughtful you were while picking the gift? This one rates right up there. Go for it.

Best features

  • Healthy and delicious assortment of herbal teas
  • Beautifully designed gift-pack
  • 40 Handcrafted tea infusers
  • Priced under $70.

#3 – 14k Gold Bezel Set Solitaire Adjustable Pendant Necklace

And then there are diamonds. Need we say more? Did diamonds make you picture a gaping hole in your wallet? Not anymore. This classic-styled pendant necklace with a gold bezel set will make her swoon.

There is nothing fancy about it mind you. But the simplicity is what makes it the perfect gift for that special one.

It has a 16-inch length-adjustable 14k gold chain with a ¼ ctt brilliant, diamond pendant in a bezel setting. The chain has even-sized loops that rest perfectly against your body. The diamond itself is cut to perfection and offers enough sparkle to catch the eye without seeming over-the-top.

The basket setting of the bezel makes it sturdy and safe. It won’t get entangled in a coat or a scarf, nor does it poke the skin.

At 0.25 CTT, the diamond is the perfect size for everyday wear. It doesn’t flip and blends easily with casuals and formals.

You might discover that this becomes her go-to necklace come sun or rain.

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Best features

  • 14k length adjustable chain
  • 25 CTT diamond pendant in a basket styled bezel setting
  • Clear sparkling diamond
  • Perfect for everyday wear
  • Priced under $200

#4 – Aubade Women’s Boite a Desir Triangle Bra with Suspenders

Nobody said you couldn’t risqué it with your choice of gift. Lingerie makes for an excellent gift that’s timeless and comes with perks. But it’s absolutely critical that you get it right for there’s a thin line between oh-so-sexy and downright hideous when it comes to underwear.

Here’s one that you cannot go wrong with. Classic design meets contemporary styling.

This is a triangle lace bra with suspenders that’s comfortable, stylish and downright sexy. It is a part of Aubade Women’s widely popular ‘Boite a Desir’ collection.

The triangle breast cups comfortably cover the breasts while keeping it suggestive enough. It can be adjusted around the neck and comes with a ribbon in the back for undoing.

The suspenders accentuate the curves of the hips and when matched with garters, stockings and a thong, can be the perfect surprise for that special evening.

The Aubade Women’s Boite a Desir is made entirely from lace and is available in a free size that’s completely adjustable.

Priced under $150, this one’s a steal.

Best features

  • All-lace soft material
  • Comfortable and stylish
  • Ribbon in the back
  • Size-adjustable
  • Reasonably priced

#5 – Gift Tree Sympathy Jar of Wishes

Wish Jars have become extremely popular lately because there’s nothing like some positivity to cheer up your significant other on a gloomy day. That also makes it a great choice for a gift in all seasons.

This one, from Gift Tree is a minimalistic mason jar with 31 unique positivity quotes and condolence messages neatly tucked into paper-linen envelopes. And there’s hundreds of ways that it can be used.

The bottle is a beautiful keepsake. You can use the envelopes to record your own goals and make it a collection. You can use personalized hand written notes or color code the envelopes. The best part is that it comes packaged ready for presentation to anybody you love.

We know that this isn’t your run-of-the-mill gift. But guess what, girls love it. We told you we did some digging around.

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Best features

  • Beautiful Mason jar with coordinating lid
  • Comes ready for presentation
  • 31 unique quotes for positivity, healing or condolences
  • Neatly designed paper linen envelopes
  • Priced under $50

#6 – Cameo Carry All Beauty Case 90pc Pro Make Up Set

Be the thoughtful boyfriend who loves to see his girl look dapper all the while by gifting her, the Carry-all beauty case from Cameo. That’s an unassuming name for a full-blown makeup set that contains 90 products.

On a busy day in a crowded public transport bus, when someone nudges past her ruining her makeup, she’ll thank you as she reaches out for it.

It is compact enough to snugly fit into a tote or a clutch. The folding design does not add bulk to her bag either. And it’s everything she’ll ever need for makeup on-the-go.

There’s a whole array of lip glosses, eye shadows, brushes, applicators, nail polishes, face powders and creams. The quality of makeup is pretty good as well.

Priced under $60, it is complete value for money and it comes in a gift-ready box as well.

Best features

  • Full-fledged makeup kit with over 90 pieces
  • Compact sized
  • Fits into a tote or a clutch
  • Priced under $60
  • Great kit for makeup on-the-go

#7 – MICHAEL Michael Kors Women’s Jet Set Multifunction Tote

It’s been more than a decade since Kate Moss went the full monty for a campaign by Longchamp. But women continue to drool over handbags and what better gift for her than this swanky multifunctional tote by Michael Michael Kors.

Crafted from a soft and luxurious leather, this tote is beautifully contoured and fits right onto the crook of her elbow. Its classy and blends seamlessly with all types of attire. She can wear it from the boardroom to the beach. Also, it is available in 16 different colors allowing you to choose her favorite with ease.

It features adjustable shoulder straps giving her the freedom to wear it across the body, cross-shoulder or casually hang it on her shoulder. A flat base ensures that it can be rested on any surface without it toppling over.

The tote is roomy enough to accommodate most of her essentials. Apart from a main zippered compartment, there are other tiny pockets to neatly organize her stuff.

The Michael Michael Kors logo key fob grabs the eye on one of the straps and enhances the appeal.

You cannot go wrong with this one boys! Go impress her.

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Best features

  • World renowned brand
  • Luxurious leather construction
  • Multiple zippered compartments
  • 16 different colors
  • Adjustable shoulder straps
  • Michael Michael Kors key fob

#8 – Kindle Paperwhite E-reader – Black, 6″

If you have a woman who loves to read, then floor her with the new Kindle Paperwhite. You don’t even have to wreck your brains trying to figure out what to gift her. It would be fair to say that the paperwhite is one of Amazon’s flagships that has gotten even better with a new high resolution display.

The screen is a pleasant 6 inches and it is incredibly sleek which means that the Kindle Paperwhite will neatly tuck into her tote.

It has a brilliant 300ppi resolution, adjustable backlight that allows her to read according to her preferences without squinting and inbuilt wi-fi connectivity.

That might not seem like much considering that there are many e-readers with a similar resolution. But even if you dial down on to the text, the pixels stay crisp and clear.

The anti-glare surface allows her to read wherever she wants to.

The Paperwhite has a whopping 4GB storage that’s more than enough for all the titles that she’d want to load on it.

P.S. To make it even better, club this with a Prime Membership so that she can choose from millions of titles for free.

You can thank us later.

Best features

  • Affordable, compact e-reader
  • 300 ppi resolution
  • Large 6 inch screen
  • Backlit display with adjustable light
  • 4GB Storage
  • Anti-glare surface

#9 – Godiva Chocolatier Gift Assortment in a Metal Reusable Basket

It is estimated that 99% of women love chocolate. To top it off, it’s the season for sweets and savory treats.

Gift her this assorted Belgian chocolate gift set from Godiva. It is loaded with the most delicious Belgian chocolate goodies that will make her feel warm and loved.

There are truffles, caramel bars, almond bars, graham crackers and pretzels delicately coated in the best Belgian chocolate ever. And if she prefers a hot chocolate drink instead, then there’s cocoa to keep her company.

The assorted goodies come neatly packed in a beautiful reusable metal basket complete with white confetti and a ribbon with the Godiva logo imprinted on it. We can think of hundreds of ways in which she can use the basket once she gorges on the chocolates.

That’s a keepsake she’ll cherish for sure.

That’s not all. You can choose for it to be gift packed and delivered to your lady love.

Best features

  • 10 assorted Belgian chocolate goodies
  • Neatly assorted in a reusable metal basket
  • Comes gift ready with white confetti and a branded ribbon
  • Beautiful keepsake

#10 – Steiff My First Steiff Teddy Bear Plush

Our next pick is this cutesy plush teddy bear soft toy from Steiff, the german toy company that first invented the teddy bear.

It has beige colored fur, large black eyes and a minimalistic smile on its face that will be loved by kids and adults alike. Teddy bears are timeless gifts.

When it comes from Steiff, it makes for a collector’s item that she will absolutely love. It is completely handcrafted by skilled craftsmen in Germany and uses only the finest materials.

There’s the world famous button in the ear which is a trademark of Steiff and the words ‘My first steiff’ are embroidered on the foot of the teddy.

It is certified to be free of toxic materials by Oeko-Tex. Everything from the dye to the filling used in the teddy is free of any toxic chemicals.

She can cuddle it all day long or even carry it to bed rekindling the child in her.

It might seem a tad clichéd but hey, you never know what might impress her.

Best features

  • Extremely soft and plush soft toy
  • Handmade in Germany
  • From the company that designed the first teddy bear
  • Certified free of toxic chemicals
  • Embroidered with the words ‘My first Steiff’

#11 – Fossil Rose Goldtone Small Round Bracelet Watch

Bezelled crystals, an alluring rosy hue and a classic design that refuses to go out of style. That’s the Fossil Rose Goldtone bracelet watch for you.

This stunning round watch is from Fossil’s Stella Collection and features bright, sparkling crystals in a bezel around the dial.

The rose tone blends perfectly with all types of attire and the stainless steel construction makes it perfect for everyday use.

At just 10 mm thick and 32mm diameter, it is sleek and will not look oversized even on women with the most petite arms.

The dial is multifunctional and there are stick markers and numerals with the Fossil logo in the middle. The watch features quartz movement and is water resistant for up to 50 meters.

She can wear it to the beach or in the shower without breaking a sweat over it.

Above all, it is priced just under $130, making it a very reasonably priced gift for your lady.

Best features

  • Sleek, round stainless steel bracelet
  • Sparkling, clear crystals in a bezel around the dial
  • Rose hue
  • Classic styling
  • Water resistant for up to 50 meters
  • Multifunctional dial
  • Priced under $130

#12 – Trapp Signature Home Collection No. 7 Patchouli/Sandalwood Poured Scented Candle

There’s no better adornment for warm couches during the holiday season than those amazing scented candles. Here’s one from Trapp’s signature Home collection.

This one clubs the musky aroma of patchouli with its woody base note and the soft and rich top note of sandalwood. Throw in a hint of spicy cedar and you have a calming, soothing fragrance that will linger around the room for hours even after the wax burns out fully.

Yet, it is not overpowering.

All three of these aromas are touted to have immense health benefits when used in aromatherapy. But we’ll leave that for another day.

The poured scented candle from Trapp comes in a beautiful jar that can be reused after the candle burns out. You can choose from several other flavors as well.

Forgot to mention that the candle lasts for a whopping 50 hours. So, it’s going to last well past Yuletide.

Rekindle your romance by the warmth of this candle or have dinner with the flicker of the flame for company. Either way, she will cherish every moment.

It comes ready-to-gift in a beautifully packaged house-shaped box.

Best features

  • Blend of Asiatic patchouli and sandalwood with spicy cedar
  • Smooth and calming fragrance that lasts for hours
  • Candle burns for 50 hours
  • Beautiful reusable jar
  • Available in multitude of fragrance choices
  • Choose from a 7-ounce poured candle or a 2-ounce votive one

#13 – Kenneth Cole Reaction Colombian Leather Single Gusset Flapover Computer Backpack

The Kenneth Cole Reaction is the perfect gift for the lady on the move. This classy laptop backpack with its full-grain leather exterior can be carried anywhere from the classroom to a boardroom meet with equal élan. But it’s not mere aesthetics either. The leather is tear-resistant and perfect for everyday use.

It acquires a patina with use that further accentuates the look of the leather.

It is compact, stylish and roomy enough to accommodate everyday essentials and a few extra details if need be.

There’s one main full length zippered compartment, a padded compartment for a 14-inch laptop and tablet, a smaller-sized zippered pocket and an accessory pocket for quick-access items like a power bank or a cell phone charger. All of the internal pockets are lined with a soft fiber that prevents scratches on electronic devices.

She can stay organized and access the contents without fumbling too much with the bag.

Dual magnetic snap buckle closures keep the contents of the bag secure while she’s travelling.

The back is padded for extra comfort when she’s carrying it on the shoulders. For moving it around home or in class, there’s a wrapped sturdy top handle as well.

Best features

  • Durable all-leather exterior
  • Multiple zippered interior pockets
  • Padded laptop sleeve
  • Accessory pocket for quick access
  • Dual magnetic snap buckle closures

#14 – Lucky to be in love Romantic Gift picture frame

Is there a magical moment captured in a picture that you wish to relive again and again? Gift her this romantic picture frame from Elegant Signs that will fit her bedside table or occupy a prime spot on the wall in her room.

The 8-inch wooden plaque with its matte cherry finish will fit in perfectly with the décor in most homes. The quality is top notch.

The frame holds a 4” x 6” picture and there’s inked lettering with the words, ‘Lucky to be in love with my best friend’ in prominent size on the plaque, next to the picture.

The photo slides in from the side into the frame allowing you to easily replace it. Also, there’s a clear acrylic sheet cover to protect the picture from the elements.

This makes for the perfect valentine’s day gift in 2018 or even for your anniversary or any other special occasion. Nothing like some nostalgia to bring back some fond memories.

Best features

  • Quality all-wood construction
  • Dark cherry finish in matte
  • Designed to hold a 4” x 6” picture
  • Clear acrylic cover to protect it
  • Inked lettering
  • Easy to replace the picture
  • Priced under $26

#15 – Benchmark Bouquets Multi-Colored Tulips

There’s nothing more old-school than a bouquet of flowers as a gift for your lucky lady. But guess what? It still works as well as it ever did.

We bet that she’ll be pleased as a peach when she sees this lovely bouquet with freshly cut buds of tulips in a bounty of colors.

As a plus, if she loves tulips, then she will be touched because you were thoughtful enough to pick her choicest flowers as a gift.

But even if you are unaware about her favorite flowers, tulips are an infallible choice. They are stunning, last for days and have always been associated with true love. You can personalize the bouquet with a generic gift card or add a coded message that only you and her can understand.

The blooms usually open in a couple of days and last for a week at least provided you remove it from the box immediately after delivery and place it in a vase with sufficient fresh water.

It must be mentioned that this bouquet doesn’t include a vase. Here’s one that you can club this with.

(Link to a Vase)

Best features

  • A dozen assorted tulips in different colors
  • Freshly cut buds that bloom in a couple of days
  • Timeless, old-school romantic gift
  • Personalized gift card
  • Priced under $35

#16 – Etechwork Bath Bombs 6 pack Handmade Made Large Vegan All Natural Gift Set

Bathbombing started to trend a few years ago with teens making selfie videos of the kaleidoscope of colors in their bathtubs. While the rage has waned a tad, it does make for a good surprise gift for your girlfriend in 2018.

If this is newbie turf for you, then here’s an assorted basket of scents, flavors and colors to get you going.

This is a pack of 6 handmade bath bombs from Etechwork. These palm-sized grenades are an eclectic mix of bath salts, essential oils and some skin-friendly ingredients that will explode in the bathtub. Well, not literally.

The color and the fizz add to the charm of using these and turn something as mundane as bath time into a fun activity that your lady will look up to.

Want to make it fun? Join her in the tub as she uses one of these.

The pack has some really good flavors. There’s Mermaid Dream which has a very tropical scent and there’s Love Potion with its heady scent of lavender. If you prefer a spritely, citrusy aroma, try the Sicilian Tangerine.

All the bath bombs from Etechwork are made from 100% natural ingredients. There’s avocado and shea butter to keep your skin moisturized.

The pack of six come in a beautiful gift box! Go for it.

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Best features

  • Unique gift choice
  • 6 different assorted flavors
  • Made from 100% all-natural essential oils
  • Soothing and relaxing scents
  • Shea butter and avocado to moisturize
  • Priced under $40

#17 – Nap Quilted Throw Blanket

Cuddling with your girlfriend under a warm and cozy blanket is about so much more than physical intimacy. It’s about trust, comfort and that fuzzy feeling that’s incomparable with anything else.

The added perk is that it is very likely to lead to sex according to some experts.

That’s what makes this Nap quilted throw blanket a great choice of gift for your girlfriend in 2018. It is hands down, one of the softest and most luxurious throws in the market currently.

It has a flawless customer rating on most online retail portals and most people are just awed at how soft this feels to the touch.

It has a silky fabric that on one side and a warm quilted one on the other, which makes it perfect for all seasons. A satin-trim on all sides completes this well-rounded package.

Machine washable, it is low on maintenance.

Surprise her with this one and you’ll feel that you are relaxing under a blanket of feathers.

Best features

  • Perfect blanket for all seasons
  • Soft surface on one side
  • Quilted surface on the other
  • Machine washable
  • Satin trim
  • Priced under $90

#18 – Gucci Premiere Eau De Parfum

Like handbags, perfumes are safe turf when it comes to girls. They just love fragrances and the Gucci Premiere has remained a favorite with women for over eight years now. It has a fruity and exuberant fragrance, one that is reminiscent of good quality champagne.

Bergamot and Orange blossom in the top notes give it a heady but feminine aroma that is perfectly complimented by the white flowers and musk that lie at the core. The base notes are slightly woody but it’s never overwhelming.

Overall, the perfume is light, warm and sensual, the perfect mix for that special lady in your life.

The bottle is a perfect ode to the perfume within and comes with a dainty little charm that has the Gucci logo.

The perfume lasts all day and sometimes even more than that. It epitomizes glamour, confidence and authority and she’ll surely love this one.

Best features

  • One of Gucci’s most popular perfumes
  • Perfect for all occasions
  • Excellent top, middle and base notes that blend with each other
  • Long lasting aroma
  • Beautiful bottle with a charm
  • Priced under $70

#19 – Jabra Move Wireless Stereo Headset – Red

Jabra’s new offering, the Move Wireless Stereo Headset is an excellent choice of gift if the lady is a fitness buff or even if she likes a lightweight, stylish, wireless Bluetooth headset. (Who doesn’t?)

It has a minimalistic design, is available in a bunch of bright colors (we love the cobalt blue) and packs a punch with its performance.

The headset features a stainless steel band with a fabric coating that deters dust and dirt. This also doubles up as sort of a resistant material that prevents the headset from slipping when she’s on the move. Surprisingly, despite the stainless construction, the band is flexible and there’s enough room for adjustment.

There are buttons on both ear cups. But most of the controls are on the right one including voice control (yes), phone controls and a single button that multi functions for play and pause. Bluetooth pairing and power is on the left cup. The buttons are positioned perfectly for quick access and she can reach them even while she’s jogging or in the gym.

The ear cups are comfy and offer a decent amount of noise cancellation.

The lightweight build allows her to wear it all day.

It has an impressive 8-hour battery life. And she can always plug in when it runs out of juice.

Sound quality is top-notch. Unless she’s an audiophile looking for minutest of details, she will love the clear and crisp sound with the booming bass.

Last but not the least, this one is priced under $60. That’s a killer deal for a Bluetooth wireless headset with such stellar performance.

Best features

  • Lightweight headset
  • Sporty design and colors
  • Stainless steel frame with mesh fabric coating
  • Decent noise cancellation
  • Easy to access controls
  • Excellent sound quality
  • Priced under $60

#20 – Me without You

We have a cracker of a gift to end this list of best gift ideas for your girlfriend in 2018.

When two famed cartoonists came up with the unique idea of using illustrations to portray love, little did we know that the book would become a NewYork Times Bestseller?

‘Me without You’ is the perfect gift for your love on just about any occasion.

Before you picture a heart wrenching tediously long read, take a breather. Me without You is unlike any romantic novel you’ve ever read.

It’s just a bunch of illustrations that show how you are incomplete without her and vice-a-versa.

Some of our personal favorites are

‘Me without you is like Sky without Blue’

‘Me without you is like hair without do’

‘Me without you is like Kung without fu’

‘Me without you is like Kanga without roo’

‘Sneeze without achoo’

‘foot without shoe’

‘Cow without moo’

And the list goes on. It’s as unique a gift as you can get her and it’s one that’s guaranteed to make her smile.

Best features

  • Popular and unique book of illustrations
  • Cute and funny gift idea
  • Guaranteed to make her smile
  • Priced under $7 for the hardcover and $13 for the paperback

To sum it up

So, we hope that you enjoyed that read and more importantly, got some perspective on what to buy for your special lady in 2018.

Despite being made out to be an insurmountable obstacle that every guy faces, the fact is that buying gifts for girlfriends need not be that confusing.

Believe it or not, she’ll give you hints. It’ll be as discreet as it can get. But as a boyfriend, it’s your karma to spot that hint no matter how well concealed it is.

Hell, that’s the only thing that you were born for.

But if you failed, again, then here are some tips to help you nail that perfect gift the next time.

  • Rack your brains: When was the last time that you felt that she really craved for a dress or an earring or just about anything, but didn’t buy it cause it cost an arm and a leg? That’s your best bet. Surprise her with that and she’ll go awww. If you don’t remember, look for hints that she passes off as casual chatter.
  • Stick to safe turf: For most women, there are a few safe zones when it comes to shopping. That’s apparel, perfumes and sunglasses. Maybe makeup as well. But the first three are guaranteed to not-fail. If you cannot think of anything else, stick to one of the three.
  • Make it fun: Presentation can make a mile of difference in the way she receives the gift. It might not be what she expected at all. But if you can make her laugh with the way you present it, chances are that she’ll be floored anyway. We remember reading about a husband who gifted his wife her favorite dress but put floor tiles in the box to trick her into believing that she was getting something else. That’s fun to see her reaction.
  • Think out of the box…occasionally: You do not have to go traditional all the time. How many times can you gift her perfumes or clothes or sunglasses? At times, you can think out of the box and gift her something she never expected to get. That’s where our list of amazing ideas comes in handy. But don’t make it a habit. If you fail to impress her couple of times with your quirky gift choices, go back to the safe turf.

Don’t forget to write to us with your experiences and personal favorite gift ideas.

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