The Best Games You Can Play With Your Girlfriend


Playing games can enhance your understanding, cooperation, teamwork, and even confidence. By doing this activity as a couple the coordination and competition shared to each other will make your relationship have a solid foundation. The fun moments in playing games can be an unforgettable memory as a loving couple.

Relationship goals, as a couple enjoying, having fun together and especially playing games is a must do experience to have a closer and stronger relationship. But picking the right game to play is a bit tricky. There are many types of games you can play together but making sure that your girlfriend would like to play can be hard sometimes, so we gather information online and came up with some of the best games to play with your girlfriend. So with no particular order here are the games you can enjoy and prepare for the fun experience as a couple.

Flirty and Funny Games


  • Guess What I’m Thinking 

    you can play this game by thinking a person, object or abstract thought of situation or any topic you want and ask your partner to guess by providing some pieces of clues. This game can be somehow funny and flirty depends on the way you will play the game by guiding the mood in different thoughts like giving the topic like ‘things I want to do with you’ or something like ‘favorite comedy movie’.


  • Two Truths and A Lie 

    really fun game that will make you laugh or frown in some way. By stating 3 statements that compose of two truths and one line, either the statements is a thing you have done, memories of your childhood or things you wanted to do or have. This is a win-win game where you can learn more about each other while a having fun at the same time.


  • Twister

    by bending and twisting your arms, legs and back to put a touch to the spot you and your partner tell. This game will give a fun time together but can be a chance to have close physical contact. Of course, this game requires a flexible body but this is a must to play game at least once as a couple.


  • What if or Question and Answer 

    throwing what if question to your partner can make you learn more about her mind. Well, this is a sure hit to a fun and can be a little flirty experience. The game can be flirty by asking ‘if I kiss you in your forehead where would you kiss me after’, then depends on your next move on how you would deal with the conversation.


  • Staring Game 

    looking in each other eyes while making a funny face or letting close your face to hers can be a fun way to bond. The one who will divert or blink his/her eyes will be the loser you can put some punishment to the loser to spice things up.


  • Truth or dare 

    taking turns to have a question or a dare, if the question is your choice then a question can be asked by your partner and you have to answer it only by the truth and if dare you have to obey her command whatever it was. This is a chance to play a fun and exciting game and learning things about your partner.



Video Games/Indoor Games/Outdoor Games


  • Xbox 

    this game is not only for any age but also for couples that want to enjoy gaming time at home. Playing this game has some varieties like dancing, shooting, racing, and co-op games that you can enjoy and have snacks while at it. For example, is ‘Dance Central’ this game will make you have some exercise together and make sweat and to have extreme fun together.


  • Mobile Legends 

    a game that is really famous worldwide by its five-man co-op play mode. But can be a game that a couple might want to try, by having your android mobile devices and installing the application that you can download using your internet is really convenient. This game can be played as a team together or can be a challenging one on one play with your partner, a really fun game to play.


  • Uno 

    a game that may involve up to five people playing with the rules of the card game may lead to a low stake competition and challenge by teaming up or playing individually. This game requires coordination and thinking skills by playing the right cards at the right time, this can be a fun game to spend the time with your girlfriend together with your friends.



  • Board Games

    playing board games can be boring sometimes but there are many types of board games to play. But it’s up to you on how you will make it fun by picking the right board games to play at your home or having punishment for the loser or reward for the winner. Play alone together or can be with your friends alongside with some snacks and drinks to enjoy.


  • Laser Tag 

    a game where you can play with lights on a dark arena by shooting infrared beams to other players, you can play together as a team with your girlfriend or play against each other just to have fun and spend time together.


  • Frisbee 

    a game that can play together in a park or just in your background throwing a disk to your partner to catch. This game is a good way to have bonding time and fun experience together with your friends or pets and have some food after playing.


  • Arcade

    playing games in the arcade is one of the things you might not want to miss experience. Arcade games are fun by having co-op to improve your coordination and teamwork or a competition to make the more fun moment. A dancing game where you can dance and step on multi-colored arrows or shoot zombies in a shooting game, also ball shooting games in an arcade is a must to play game you should try.

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