The Best 5 Polaroid Cameras To Gift Your Girlfriend

The 5 Best Polaroid Cameras To Gift Your Girlfriend

Today we will have a look at the best polaroid cameras to gift your girlfriend. Summer is just around the corner. And as we all know, girls love to take picture after picture. So what better way is there to get your girl all happy and cheerful, than to surprise her with an instant camera.

She can capture the moments with you at the lake or just have fun taking pictures.

This gift isn’t very pricey and she can use it for the rest of her life.

In the following list we’ll show you some cameras she’ll definitely love and give you some facts about them.

1. Instax Mini 11

The first instant camera on our list is a Fujifilm Instax Mini 11. It is the latest model of the Instax Mini series and uses the mini instant film. The camera is available in five different pastel colors, which are blush pink, lilac purple, ice white, charcoal gray and sky blue.

If you are looking for a camera that is easy to use and doesn’t need no expertise, this is the one for you. The Mini 11 automatically adjusts shutter speed and takes bright pictures even in dark places.

Also you can easily switch into selfie mode by pulling out the lens.

Using the mini instant film you’ll shoot photos in the size of 62mm x 46mm. The development time is approximately 90 seconds.



2. Lomo’Instant

Maybe you haven’t known yet, but there are many different sizes in instant films.
So even if your girlfriend already has a camera that uses mini instant film, she could still want one with a wide instant film.

Luckily the Lomography Lomo’Instant Wide comes with a film that is double the size of the mini instant film.

The Lomo’Instant Wide is specifically designed to give a few more options than a typical instant camera. So this piece of kit is perfectly for the girls that are more seriously into their photography and still want to have some fun.



3. Instax SQ 6

Let’s not forget about the classic square format.

The Fujifilm Instax Square SQ 6 is a stylish instant camera with lots of features.

You can choose between an automatic exposure control, selfie mode with the selfie mirror, macro mode for close up or the landscape mode. There’s also a double exposure mode for artistic shots with two images in the same print.

If your girl likes to get creative but is still a beginner, this camera might be the best for her.

The SQ 6 is available in five colors: graphite gray, aqua blue, blush gold, ruby red and pearl white.

You can also get her a film pack with different frame styles.



4. OneStep 2

If you still haven’t found the right one for your girlfriends liking, then this camera is the one you’re looking for.

We’re talking about the Polaroid Originals OneStep 2. It is a great retro gift and not only good looking but also very easy to use.

In contrast to the other cameras above, the OneStep 2 has a built-in battery that is rechargeable.

This all time classic will make your girl happy to have you by her side.

Pro tip: Still haven’t thought about what you’re getting your girlfriend for the next anniversary? Why not get her a film pack and make some memories together.


5. Polaroid Snap Instant Digital Camera

The next one on our list is the Polaroid Snap Instant Digital Camera. The polaroid camera take pictures and instandly print them it only takes 2-3 minutes for the ready picture.

The design of the camera is also a very big plus. You can get it in seven different colors but we think the white one is the best.

The polaroid camera comes with a 10 megapixel sensor and a build in microSD card of 32 gb so there is enough space for all the pictures your girlfriend will take.

The polaroid camera is available in 4 different bundels.

This one is just a optical looking master pice in my eyes and makes a perfect gift for your girlfriend.


These were the 5 best polaroid cameras to gift your girlfriend we could find on the market. We hope we could give you little  more inside in the polaroid camera world and hope this little blog post helped you a little bit.


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