The 50 Best Birthday Gifts for Your Girlfriend in 2020

Birthdays can be one of the most special days in the life of a person. There are some people out there who thoroughly enjoy having their birthdays celebrated, wholeheartedly. For obvious reasons, the same kind of people would also prefer having their birthday presents to be special and useful. Presents signify that you know your partner well enough to be aware of their needs and requirements. Birthday gifts can be romantic and personal or they can be devices and instruments that the person has been needing for a while. For a girlfriend, a birthday gift should be both, amorous and valuable.


1. Books

If your girlfriend is a bibliophile, books are the perfect present for her. Books tend to make people a lot more happy than any other material gifts, especially if the person is a book lover. The best part is there are a lot of options when going to buy a book. Keep her interests and favorite genre in mind when buying her a book. Almost every type of book is available on Amazon and you can buy most of these for very low prices than what expensive jewelry would usually cost you.


2. Moto Jacket

Cold regions bring up the requirement of thick jackets that also look cool when you wear them. In this case, the best option is to buy her a moto jacket in her color of choice. Moto jackets are quite fashionable when it comes to looking good and can also maintain a warm exterior for her. If she is into fashion she will be sure to love this gift from you. You can find moto jackets on Amazon for under 80 US Dollars. Anything too low can be a poor quality which is dangerous especially because you’re giving her a present.


3. Wicker Purses

If your significant other is a person who prefers traditional items in her wardrobe, she is very likely to love a good old-fashioned wicker purse. A wicker purse is usually used in villages to carry around their groceries and fruits. It is much better for the environment than a plastic bag would be and much like the cloth bag it is quite sturdy if you intend on using it to contain heavier groceries or heavier items. Wicker purses can easily be purchased from Amazon for low prices. It is an appropriate gift for your girlfriend if she is an environmentalist.


4. Crossbody Bags

Coming from the same category, crossbody bags also belong in the group of items that can contain things whilst traveling. Certain crossbody bags are high quality and slightly expensive because of the brand and company they belong to, these are technically the perfect crossbody bags to gift your girlfriend on her birthday of all days. You can find these branded bags on Amazon, for good deals. Although, if you go for bags that are alarmingly cheap it might be that the bag is poor quality, look for the ideal bag on Amazon prime to ensure quality, the best bags will usually be around 30 US Dollars.


5. Roman Numeral Necklace

Necklaces with Roman numerals on them are usually a sign of being personalized. They also point out that a decent amount of thought was put into the present which makes it all the more special. The date can be anything from her birthday or your anniversary. If you are planning on making it a birthday present, engraving her birthday on to the present seems quite appropriate, but it is not necessary. Make the necklace as personal as possible. These customized necklaces are available on Amazon for around 20 US Dollars, the metal is usually gold.


6. Hand Soap Duo

If your girlfriend is into interior decoration, these hand soap bottles will make her quite happy as they will add to her collection of home decorating items. They can be useful around the house and give your home a nice little edge of luxury and beauty. Your bathrooms can look quite extravagant with them. These items can be found on Amazon for around 30 US Dollars and can brighten up your sinks with quite an ease. This is a good gift for your girlfriend on her birthday.


7. Touch Lamps

There is this newfound technology that has been incorporated into lamps. If your relationships are long-distance then these lamps can add a comforting touch to it. The way this work is that you connect both the lamps with Wi-fi and when you touch one of them, the other one lights up in whatever location it is, granted that it is also connected to a Wi-fi. You can use phones but these are a lot more romantic and thoughtful. The lamps are quite beautiful and look amazing on your side table. You can find these on Amazon for around 200 US Dollars, they may be slightly expensive, but if you can afford it they are quite worth it.


8. Silk Pillowcases

Silk pillowcases are available on Amazon for around 20 US Dollars. At a cheap price, you can show your loved one how much you care about their sleep and hair. Yes, hair, silk pillowcases are rather healthy to sleep on, because of the material but, also that the surface keeps your hair at low friction. Silk pillowcases are also good for your skin and help you avoid acne and blemishes. It is an affordable birthday gift that shows you care.


9. Luxurious Pajama Set

Luxurious pajama sets always make a person feel fancy and ultimately, good. Gifting your girlfriend a nice pajama set for her birthday will make her feel special and slightly extravagant and every girl likes a little pampering from time to time. You can find these on Amazon for around 90 US Dollars. Buy these when you have no other ideas left for a good birthday gift. The gift is quite effortless, but at the same time gives off the vibe that you care about whoever you are giving it to. The “Eberjey Gisele” set offers multiple colors and you can pick one according to what you think she will like.


10. Charger Case

If your girlfriend loses her items often or travels a lot, she will need a case or pouch where she can keep her things. Phones are honestly one of the most important gadgets for a person in this day and age, they keep a person close to their loved ones and alerts them in times of need. Chargers, though, tend to get lost a lot. You can give your girlfriend a nice charger case for her birthday, for her to use during traveling. These are available on Amazon for around 20 US Dollars. These are amazing for keeping your cords untangled and available at all times.


11. Kendra Scott Tessa Stone Earrings

These stone earrings are a slightly expensive and beautiful buy. They are available on Amazon for 65 US Dollars and are by the company “Nordstrom”. The design and stone that is embedded in the shell makes the earrings rather unique. The gold borders give it its sense of luxury and beauty. The best part is that these earrings will go with all kinds of outfits; casual and fancy, making them an excellent birthday gift.


12. LARQ Self Cleaning Bottle

This bottle is also by the company “Nordstrom” and comes at 95 US Dollars. It is a lot more money for just a bottle, but that’s the thing, it is not just a bottle. As advertised by the name, it is quite literally self-cleaning. The LARQ in the bottle activated a UV light every two hours that manages to get rid of the germs that may be present in the bottle keeping your water fresh at all times. The bottle can maintain its clean interior for a long amount of time. This bottle keeps the bottle and the water clean. Everybody needs water throughout their day and who doesn’t want a fancy bottle. This is the perfect birthday gift for her.


13. The Peter Thomas Roth Masks

These masks come in a variety of flavors and smells. They enrich and replenish skin like no other. They are available on Amazon for 25 US Dollars. They are available for different skin types as well. Buying your girlfriend these masks will show her how much you love her and care for her needs. It shows that you actually put thought into it because of the products being of feminine nature, though they can be used by both of you and can be seen as a bonding experience.


14. Portable Chargers

This may not be as romantic as a gift but it is quite useful in times of emergency. The “Anker PowerCore” is available on Amazon for a little above 20 US Dollars. Running out of battery when you are on an important call and you don’t have a charger available nearby can easily be the most irritating thing ever. The charger can be carried around in her bag and can be used on a moment’s notice. This is the most practical gift you can give to her.


15. Plush Robe

A plush robe is also one of the things that can make a person feel comfortable and luxurious, simultaneously, in the safety of their own home. Giving a person a plush robe is giving them the feeling of being in a hotel and on vacation which can ultimately make someone feel a lot more free of responsibility. Plush robes are available on Amazon for around 100 US Dollars. There is a company by the name of “UGG”, that sells one of the best robes on the internet. Try to stay around that price range, any lower and the robe might have faults.


16. Personalized Cuffs

You can also get bracelets and cuffs engraved, like necklaces. You can put a date on it or there is the option of indenting coordinates. The coordinates can be of any location that you may hold close to your heart; the place you first met, first date, anything. It gives the bracelet a personal touch and makes it a lot more special. These are available on Amazon with the company “Brook and York”. The price ranges around 60 US Dollars.


17. Bamboo Cheese Board

This can come in handy in the case of small gatherings. When she invites friends over, this is a nice decoration piece that can seem quite fancy. You can put an assortment of cheeses on the board and seem sophisticated. This is available on Amazon for 55 US Dollars. One of the best companies that produce these boards is “Bambusi”. The board is quite affordable and quite worth it. Cheese goes well with wine and wine is a common occurrence in small parties and this board provides you with what you need during that time.


18. Travel Diary

Travel diaries are important for people who like to, well, travel a lot. If your girlfriend is one of those people then she will love this. These diaries can be used to store memorabilia like tickets, movie stubs and pictures, too. They can be written on; small captions that mention dates and stuff. This diary can show her that you encourage her traveling and support her, completely. You can find this on Amazon for around 20 US Dollars. It’s a seemingly cheap present but to her it can mean a lot. “Uncommon Goods” is the best supplier for these kinds of diaries.


19. Yoga Mat

A good quality yoga mat is an essential if your girlfriend works out and yoga is part of her regime. A bad yoga mat may not seem that harmful, but it can actually cause damage to her back. A yoga mat can be a good birthday gift for her. They are available on Amazon for around 70 US Dollars. The company selling one of the best yoga mats is called “fit smart”. The yoga mat can show that you care about her needs and workout requirements and that you pay attention to her activities. The yoga mat will make it easy for her to do yoga.


20. Bath Bombs

Bath bombs are the trendy new thing these days. They are basically these balls that disperse into the water as soon as they touch it. Women love to soak in the bathtub with these because of their fresh scent and their exfoliating qualities. You can buy these on Amazon for around 30 US Dollars. The best ones are sold by the company “LifeAround2Angels”. The whole vibe of the bathtub changes with the help of these bath bombs. They come in different flavors and scents, you can opt for the kind of scent your person will appreciate, showing that you know her quite well.


21. Travel Carry Bag

Coming back to the traveling category, if your girl likes to travel a lot a sturdy and stable carry on bag is the perfect gift to give to her. You can buy one with multiple compartments for sufficient and organized storage, which will keep your girlfriend prepared for situations. Make sure it is robust enough that it is able to contain an ample amount of items and not fall apart in the middle of the trip. You can find bags like these on Amazon for around 200 US Dollars.


22. The Tile Pro

If your girlfriend tends to lose her items, there is a new gadget on the market that you can attach to your keys or any other item that you may lose. It is connected by Bluetooth and can be tracked down with the help of your phone. This may be one of the most useful gifts on this list because we all can be forgetful sometimes because of our busy lives. You can find this device on Amazon for around 35 US Dollars. this birthday gift will manage to make your girlfriend stress free in regards to finding her items.


23. Hydrating Creams

If your significant other is conscious about her skin, then the best option is to buy her good hydrating serums and creams. Things that she may be running out of or maybe wanting to buy. What this will do is make her aware of the fact that you know her well. also, creams can be quite expensive and the regular purchase can get quite hefty. Buy her the creams she uses, the best creams are by “Herbivore Botanicals”, they are available on Amazon at around 40 US Dollars in sets and trios, to give her a regime and step-by-step of what she needs to do.,


24. A Tote Bag

A tote bag is quite useful in everyday routine, they are a lot more environment-friendly as compared to plastic bags or even paper bags as they are re-usable. Your girlfriend can use a big sturdy tote bag for grocery purposes. She can also use it as an accessory as tote bags are quite in these days. These bags are available on Amazon for around 200 US Dollars. Don’t go for a bag that is too cheap because it might end up being poor quality and that is not something you want to give to your girlfriend as a present on her birthday.


25. Night Slippers

Night slippers are also an item that is excellent for birthday gift purposes. If you live in cooler regions, her feet may have a higher tendency to get cold. These slippers will help her keep her feet cozy in the morning or in the middle of the night. You can find these on Amazon for around 90 US Dollars. the best company that sells high-quality slippers is “UGG”, the same company that sells the plush robes.


26. Facial Rollers

Facial rollers are also a trendy new thing that is seemingly useful. Essentially, the roller is made out of rose quartz and it is used to massage your face and get the blood pumping evenly to have a healthier complexion. It also helps improve the blood circulation in your face, it helps remove any puffiness or excessive redness on her skin. These rollers are available for around 30 US Dollars on Amazon and they are supplied by the company “Nordstrom”. A lot of other companies have managed to make knock offs, so do not go for a cheaper alternative as the counterfeit versions are likely to not be effective at all.


27. Travel Map

A travel enthusiast would love this present. The detailed version of a map will help you organize and plan out the places you want to visit. People love to stick these up on their walls as a reminder. It keeps their minds prepared for these trips and it helps them plan it out appropriately. The maps of these kinds that are available on Amazon can be scratched, meaning you can scratch off the locations with a coin once you have visited. These will cost you around 25 US Dollars. it will make for a nice and simple birthday gift, if spending a lot is not in your budget, as it is quite thoughtful.


28. Workout Gear

Working out is usually an important part of a woman’s regime, buying her a decent outfit that is high quality, for working out purposes can make for an excellent gift. You can purchase from brands like “Adidas” and “Nike” from a single platform, Amazon. The gear will usually cost you around 90 US Dollars. A high quality and thoughtful birthday present like this is sure to put a smile on her face.


29. Hand Lotion Sets

Hand lotions sets are also quite an adorable little gift. If she is interested in skincare and has a decent makeup collection, she is most likely to love a nice, themed hand and body lotion set. Brands like “Bath and Body Works” are available on Amazon. The variety that you get if you opt for a gift like this is a large amount. You can buy her a basket full of these if you have the affordability. You will still probably end up spending around 50 US Dollars or more depending on what you buy. 


30. Cashmere Scarf or Sweater

Now, cashmere is a material that can cost a person a large amount of money. The material is supposed to be of the highest quality and any clothing item made out of it is usually very soft and cozy to wear. You can get your girlfriend a nice cashmere sweater that will cost you around 100 US Dollars. A cheaper option is buying her a cashmere scarf. Either way, you’re buying her an item that she will make good use of if you live in a cooler region, regardless of whether or not she is into fashion.


31. Bathtub Caddy

A bathtub caddy is also a luxury item that women can use to place their glass of wine, or book on, whilst in the bathtub. It is a horizontal wooden tablet that stretches across the width of your bathtub and provides a dry surface for you to keep your objects on. A bathtub caddy can be found on Amazon for less than 45 US Dollars. It has revolutionized relaxing in the bathtub in its own way and has made it a lot more safe for us to sit in our bathtub.


32. Sleeping Mask

Women with a legitimate skincare regime will appreciate you getting her a sleeping mask. Women can make excellent use out of this and you can know for sure that it will not go to waste. Of course, it also depends on the quality of the face mask that you are buying for her. If it’s a 10 Dollar mask, she most likely won’t use it as it may end up ruining her skin. The best sleeping masks are available on Amazon with the price range of around 50 US Dollars, this range is valid because you are putting it on your face.


33. Wine Soaps

Wine soaps are accurately named and they are exactly what they sound like. Soaps that you can use on your body that smell like her favorite wine because of the similarity of the constituents between the soap and the wine. This is a good present if your girlfriend is a wine enthusiast. She will enjoy keeping this rather fancy soaps in her bathroom. The entire feeling of washing your hands becomes an act of luxury. You can find these at the price of under 30 US Dollars, on Amazon by the company “Uncommon Goods”


34. Professional Blender

Blenders are very easy to break because there are times when we put items inside them that get stuck and end up destroying the blades, underneath. A blender is also used almost on daily for making shakes or pastes, even sauces. The best blenders on the market are available on Amazon and they will cost you around 70 to 80 US Dollars, depending on the functions. A high-quality blender will be able to take anything; nuts to fruits, almost anything. It is an excellent addition to the kitchen and you both will be able to make good use of it.


35. Picture Frame

A picture frame is a very cute gift, but, if you are going to gift her one of these, they better be high quality and they have to look good on your bedside table. When opting for a picture frame pay close attention to her room and go for the colors that will look good in it, she probably put the effort into decorating her room and this will show that you appreciate that. The best picture frames are available on Amazon for around 20 US Dollars, there is an assortment of colors that you can go for.


36. A Jogger Set

Loungewear is also a very good gift. A high-quality jogger set is an indication that you care about her comfort and want her to feel at ease in casual, everyday life. Jogger sets are basically pajamas that you can also wear outside, you can make them look fashionable with ease. You can find these sets on Amazon for around 100 to 150 US Dollars. they are made of the softest fabric that makes you feel cozy. She can use this while traveling, during her flight, when all people want to be, is comfortable.


37. Cook Books

If your girlfriend loves to cook and has ever mentioned that ‘baking is therapeutic for her soul’ then buying her cookbooks with new recipes that she can try, is an excellent gift. You can buy cookbook sets on Amazon for the price of around 50 US Dollars or less, depending on if you are buying multiple books in a set or a single book. Either way, she is sure to enjoy this gift; trying out new recipes and cuisines can actually be quite entertaining and it is just one more talent that she can add to her list.


38. Sunglasses

High-quality sunglasses are also a common gift. Sunglasses can be expensive if you are going for a pair that belongs to a brand or is high quality, although, you do not necessarily have to go for “Gucci” or “Prada”. You can opt for the many underrated but high-quality brands that are present on Amazon. Your affordability has to range from 40 to 50 US Dollars if you want a pair that she likes. Keep her face shape in mind and make sure that they are classy and do not look too cheap or tacky, which is an occurrence when buying sunglasses.


39. Eye Shadow Palette

Women who are makeup enthusiasts, or even if they are not, can make use of a good eyeshadow palette. Women tend to have makeup as a part of their everyday routine and use them while going out, in everyday life. The best high-quality eye shadow palettes are available on Amazon. With Sephora and Ulta products being made available on Amazon it is easy to buy these. You have to go for a shadow palette that she is most like to use, pay attention to her makeup and check it out before buying anything. A good makeup palette will cost you around 30 to 40 US Dollars.


40. The New iPad

This is an extremely expensive gift, but it is a one-time investment that can be made good use of with much ease. The iPad is a universal device that can be used to watch movies or use social media, but it can also be used to make presentations and look at documents. It is almost the same as a laptop but more portable than a laptop. You can find it on Amazon for around 700 US Dollars.


41. Nail Polish Set

Having a nice collection of good quality nail polishes can be very useful for your girlfriend. Wearing nail polish is something that women do often and it makes them feel slightly more put together. Buying her a feminine gift can also show that you care about her and care for her needs. Nail polishes with vibrant colors are available on Amazon in sets. They will cost you around 40 US Dollars and the best ones come under the company name “Nordstrom”, a brand famous for their high-quality products.


42. Crosley Record Player

Music mediums are trying to go back to their roots and it is the same with players. People are trying to listen to vinyl and records rather than the digitized alternative. You can buy her a nice record player if she is into vintage items. The Crosley record player is the best option as they are known for their quality. You can find it on Amazon for 65 US Dollars, which is a decent price range. It will make for a beautiful birthday gift. There is also a variety of colors available that you can go for according to what you know, she will like.


43. The Daniel Wellington Watch

Daniel Wellington watches have become very trendy recently because of their range in designs and colors that you can go for. They are also high-quality watches that can cost you a decent amount of money. The best watches are usually around 150 US Dollars or above. You can find the collection on Amazon prime. The classic watch will make an amazing addition to her collection. Watches are actually a very common gift and people tend to opt for them when they have nothing else in mind, but you can make it a lot more personalized by knowing her choice of color and design, and the kind of watch that she will like.


44. Sneakers

If she works out often and has worn out her gear, keep it simple, go for a nice pair, of high-quality sneakers. Go for a good brand like “Adidas” or “Nike”. These brands all provide you with an authentic shoe, that will most probably have features that will manage to keep her toes comfortable. You can find these brands on Amazon. A good shoe is most likely to cost you around 50 to 60 US Dollars.


45. Hydrating Sprays

Hydrating sprays are something that can be used on a daily basis, they can be kept inside her purse and she can use it on the go when she needs to. They are available on Amazon for about 15 US Dollars. The company that sells the best hydrating spray is “Mario Badescu”. They have established on Amazon and you can make a purchase with ease. One or two sprays can do the trick so, this product is quite long-lasting and durable. She can also use these as setting spray for her make up.


46. Flower Vase

A beautiful vase can add just the touch you need on your living room table or ledge. It gives the whole room a very classy and sophisticated vibe, not to mention, the flowers you put into the vase can give your room a nice pop of color. You can find a good vase on Amazon at a reasonable price. Make sure that the price is suitable enough and not alarmingly cheap or it is likely that the vase will turn out to be poor quality and that is not exactly what you want to give your significant other for her birthday.


47. Polaroid Camera

A polaroid camera is a perfect gift to capture memories and scrapbook them. If your girlfriend is interested in photography and likes to keep memorabilia in one place then this may be the perfect gift for her. This is available on Amazon for around 80 US Dollars and the best company, currently supplying these, is “Fujifilm”. The best part about this camera is that it very portable and can be carried around for traveling purposes or for photoshoots with your friend at the park. It is very likely that your girlfriend will enjoy this birthday present.


48. Diffuser

A diffuser present in your home can completely transform the vibe of the house. Diffusers can help get rid of the toxins in your home and replace them with a lively and fresh scent that will make your house feel a lot more homely in comparison. The diffuser usually comes with oil refills. It can help calm your girlfriend down when she is tense or worried. You can find a decent diffuser on Amazon. There is a company by the name of “Vitruvi” that makes handmade porcelain diffusers that can last for seven hours or more and will cost you about 100 US Dollars.


49. Scented Candles

Scented candles by “saksfifthavenue” have the best options. There are a variety of scents that you can go for, that will make her home smell better. The candles can usually be worth 50 to 60 US Dollars and are available on Amazon.


50. The Kindle

A Kindle is a technical alternative for a book. It is for the people who tend to travel a lot and love to read. The device is quite portable and can be carried around in your bag for any sort of trip; long or short. The Kindle is available on Amazon and costs around 130 US Dollars, but it is worth it if your girlfriend loves to read. She will enjoy it on trips and any other traveling situations that may last a while.


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