The 10 best slippers to gift your girlfriend

Today we will have a look at the best slippers to gift you girlfriend. Do you struggle to find the best slippers for your girlfriend? Well, dont worry we got you covered! Girls always have cold feets even at home. So the best gift you can get them are a good and warm pair of slippers. In the internet you will find thousands of them and it can be a bit time consuming to find the right one but thats why you are here. Slippers are always a good gift idea it doesnt matter for which occasion you will gift them wether its for her birthday,Christmas or easter girls loves a good pair of slippers. But lets dive into our list of the best slippers to buy your girlfriend.


The Top 10 slippers to get your girlfriend

1. HALLUCI Women’s Cross Band Soft Plush Fleece House Indoor or Outdoor Slippers


The first pair of slippers we are looking at are made from the brand HALLUCI. As you can see from the picture above they are really warm and plushy. The soft plush is made out of fleece so no animal got hurt during the production (The most girls really care about this!). You can get this pair of slippers in four different colors burgandy,grey,pink and black these are colors which every girl normally likes so you cant get wrong on the color.



2. Minnetonka Women’s Cally Faux Fur Slipper

The next pair of slippers we are looking at are really stylish! Your girlfriend wont be embarrassed to open the door for the mail man while wearing these Minnetonka slippers. They are super comfortable to wear and are nicely padded. The quality of these slippers are very high cause they are made out of leather so they wont break that quickly. They are made in various colors so be sure to pick the favourite color of your girlfriend.



3. Dearfoams Women’s Rebecca Microfiber Velour Closed Back Slipper

The next pair of slippers we are looking at are no the best looking when it comes to the optic 😛  but they  also have their pros. First of all you can get them in a punch of different colors. The sole is made out of synthetics and are made non-slip so you cant fall that fast. You can even wear them outside in the garden because of the syntheic sole. The hole slipper is made out of textile to give you girlfriend a warm and cozy fit.



4. UGG Australia Womens Alena Slipper

These pair of UGG slippers are made out of sheepskin which sets the quality of these slippers really high (Watch out if your girlfriend is against animal products). The slippers are also waterproof so if your girlfriend once drips a bit of cofe on these slippers the water will drop off. The inside of the slippers are made out of sheep wool which keeps the feets of your girlfriend warm and super comfortable. The slippers are available in four different colors black,chestnut,nightfall,narnet which all look stylish and pretty.



5. MUK LUKS Women’s Leigh Slippers

MUK LUKS  slippers have a warm and modern look. The slippers are very cushy and soft on inside! You can buy them in five different colors. Your girlfriend will definitely fall in love with  these! Trust me  🙂



6. ULTRAIDEAS Women’s Memory Foam Open Toe Slide Slippers 

Here we are looking of a different kind of slippers. These slippers are open toe slide slippers which you can just slip in. They come with a stylish stripe pattern and a nice little slipknot on the top. The slippers are perfect for the summer days because they are open so you dont sweat.



7. Women’s Fuzzy Fluffy Furry Fur Slippers Flip Flop

These slippers are also open ones and pferfect for the summer days. You can get them in many different colours. They are a perfect gift choise trust me 🙂



8. RockDove Women’s Trapper Moc Memory Foam Slipper

The slippers above are one of the best sellers on amazon. They are super warm and cozy and keep the feets of your girlfriend comfortable. They are made out of microsuede and have a rubber solve so your girlfriend wont slip. They are also waterproof.



9. GLOBALWIN Women’s Winter Indoor Outdoor Faux Fur Lined Slippers


You can wear these kind of slippers in the inside and the outside because of the special rubber sole. So if your girlfriend loves to go outside these kind of slippers are the perfect gift for her. You can get them in various colors.


10. HomeTop Women’s Cute Comfy Fuzzy Knitted Memory Foam Slip On House Slippers Indoor

The last slippers we are looking at have the normal casual slipper style. The inside is made out of plush which gives the feet of your girl a cozy  feeling. The sole is made out of rubber to prevent slipping. The slipper is available in different colours .


I hope you could get a little insinde in the world of women slippers. I bet your girlfriend will love all of the above slippers! Happy slipper gifting 🙂




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