Thank You Gifts For Your Girlfriend

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This post talks about thank you gifts for your girlfriend. And so, it’s not an accident you opened it.

Girlfriends are normally the ones who make surprises for their boyfriends. Is it fair to spoil a boyfriend without a boyfriend spoiling his girl? A big NO!

But, listen up boys because we’ve got your back.

An appreciated girl is the happiest girl in the world. It is an overwhelming feeling when someone escalates your kindness, your beauty, your generosity, and even your flaws. What more if it comes from the man of your life?

Men do have the responsibility to make their girl feel important and acknowledge her. A simple ‘thank you’ is all right for a girl. However, adding a gift is more treasurable. Thank you gift is not a burden for a loving man to show his gratefulness on his lover. Loving someone takes it all even your pocket and effort.

We have searched over 10 thank you gift ideas worth over $50. Hope this will give men an idea on how to express their appreciation for a special girl.

Keep on reading!

18 Thank You Gifts for Her

1. NanoStyle Jewelry I Love You Necklace


Telling your gratitude towards your girlfriend is not enough without saying I love you. This 24K gold necklace inscribed “I love you” in 120 different languages with a heart at the center. Your sweetheart will absolutely feel loved to know how grateful you are having her.

It is a round onyx pendant with many options of a metal frame. It comes with a tarnish bag to prevent exposure from stain. A jewelry polishing cloth is included to maintain its shine. I love you necklace is stored in a jewelry gift box to make it ready for gift giving.

Are you in doubt on the 120 I love you languages?

NanoStyle Jewelry included a miniature magnifying glass to let you see all the details on the necklace.


2. Personalized Yeti Rambler Tumbler

Yeti Rambler Tumbler is not like a usual personalized tumbler. The engraved name is not out of stickers but a laser engraves. It will last longer and appears more authentic. They offer 1000 fancy fonts and it is opened for additional designs.

This personalized tumbler is made of stainless steel. It is therefore good in sustaining cold and warm drinks. It is available in 20 and 30 ounces and in colors, including pink, white, blue, red, and black. No sweat design is made and so handling the tumbler will not cause wetness feeling. Putting it into any cup holder sizes is all well.

Tumbler as an appreciation gift is not surprising but can be useful in her everyday living. It is BPA-free to make sure your partner is safe.


3. Fujifilm Instax Mini 9 Camera with Fuji Instant Films

We bet your girl loves to capture every moment with you. Thanking her through a camera is like saying, “I want to take more memories with you”. That’s sweeter than a honey, lover boy!

This ice blue colored mini camera is perfect in giving instant print photos. It is appropriate for the beginners in taking perfect angled photos. The camera is made durable and lightweight with a vegan leather case. It is indeed an on-the-go camera. It comes with 40-sheets of Fujifilm Instant Films. Your girl can instantly store your moments together right after a click. Also, 60 sticker frames, 10 hanging frames, and 10 clips and strings are all included.

It gives way to personally decorate taken photos through those added accessories. Your partner will surely enjoy her vacant time with her new mini camera.


4. Estala Vanity Mirror

Girls in our time are being makeup fanatics. Some girls lend more time facing the mirror as they put their makeup on. However, some mirrors do have bad reflections. In doing makeup, good lighting is a must. Estala Vanity Mirror provides natural lighting that makes makeup more visible.

It is rectangular in shape vanity mirror with attached natural LED lights. The brightness and warmth of each bulb are adjustable between pure white and warmer yellow light. 5mm mirror glass is made rust-resistant and sturdier than any other. Through Smart Touch Technology, perfect lighting is achieved.

Your girl will be aware if she takes more time in making her makeup through the digital clock. She has no more reason for going late into your dates as she looks more glamorous.

Instead of you showing gratitude on your girlfriend, it might happen vice versa.


5. Lifesaver Keychain & Thank you Tag

Keychain is the tiniest gift you could ever receive but it gives more sentimental value. Especially a lifesaver keychain with a thank you tag and so the person receiving it will feel so important. Girls do love when they’re appreciated even in little things. As a partner, thinking about an appreciation gift may be hard. But, you don’t have to put gigantic efforts to make your girl happy.

The keychain is constructed with zinc alloy finish with silver. It weighs 20 grams which is very light in weight to be attached on a bag. Just so you know, 10-packs of keychains are included in one purchase. ‘Thank you’ and ‘life-ring’ are engraved with black accents that are readable enough to complete the feels.

It is packed with a card containing “You’ve been a lifesaver!” quote.


6. Sinvitron Gold Dipped Rose

Roses fade away after a few days. Instead of giving a dozen roses, why not give only one rose but can last a lifetime? 24K Gold Dipped Real Rose is the more advanced way of flower-giving to a loved one. It never wanes just like your love for her.

It is a 100% real rose and retained its freshness with the help of non-toxic resin. The entire rose is literally dipped into 24K gold resulting in a more preserved rose. The material is finished within 4-days by the hand following 65 complicated steps. Surely, it is the best gift ever that makes the receiver to be curious about it.

The gift comes with a stand, gift box, and a handbag. Five colored buds are available wherein choosing your partner’s favorite rose color is possible.


7. Samsung Galaxy Rose Gold Watch 

Is your girlfriend never fails to give her extra time for you? Thank her with a watch!

In every relationship, time for each other is so vital. Samsung Galaxy Rose Gold Watch is an all-in-one wristwatch. Health tracking is achieved through it such as calorie tracking, exercise management, and your sleeping habit. The device is also water-resistant and scratch-resistant. This rose gold touch wristwatch is perfect to be worn by a special soul in your life. It can be paired up to iOs and Android to play music for about 9-hours.

Women do appreciate a wristwatch gift especially when it comes from their loved ones. It may cost higher than the other prior gifts but it is worth the price.


8. Iswee Leather Laptop Backpack

Give your girl a backpack as a way of gratefulness over her life. It may seem unpopular gift but it’s very useful stuff. Of course, wanting a convenient life for your partner is a sign of love and a bag helps a lot.

This leather backpack is chiefly made to contain a laptop measuring 15.6”. It has enough outside pockets in front and on the sides. A classic vintage look is professionally made. Closures are constructed with sturdy stainless hardware.

It can be a traveling bag and so wandering with her becomes classier and more convenient.


9. Yesbears Giant Teddy Bear 

Every girlfriend loves to be surprised. A teddy bear is a very usual gift a woman receives and yes, it never goes out of the line. This giant-sized teddy bear has an “I heart you” statement which counts as extra gratefulness.

The tightness of treads surely has no holes bringing up ultra-durable stuff. Tear resistance is tested up to 30 pounds. It is filled with polyester fiber ideal for stuffed toys. The end product is ultra-soft and lightweight without unnecessary odor. It is so huggable though.

It weighs about 20-pounds and 5-feet reach. A pillow heart is included as a way of showing love to the receiver.


10. Habit Nest Two Beige Morning Sidekick Journals

It comes with two pieces of journals, one for you and one for your beloved. Being concern throughout her day is a great sign of gratefulness in having her. Of course, no boyfriend wants his girl being upset the whole day.

Therefore, with the help of this morning sidekick journal, your girl will now have a weapon throughout the day. Both of you will gain more positivity and healthier lifestyle as growing old together. Isn’t sweeter?

Besides, it is a science-driven journal which is read before you begin a day. You’ll be more pleased with your girlfriend if she lives more positively.


11. Lizzy James Girlfriend Wrap Bracelet with Dotted Heart Charm

Pieces of jewelry are so precious on the eyes of girls. Bracelet is worn by girls during parties or on everyday life. It can also be an appreciation gift in all the things she has done for you over the years.

It works in two ways, a bracelet and a necklace. The Girlfriend Wrap is composed of the metallic pink leather strand with a dotted silver heart. Sizing has four options, including small, petite, medium, and large. This bracelet is well-styled and looks different from the usual bangle.

Your girl will be surprised as she can add it up on her jewelry collection.


12. KATARINA Two Row Infinity Diamond Ring

To complete her accessories, a ring must be added. Are you thankful as your relationship last long?

An infinity ring is another indication in making the relationship work in the boundlessness. A ring can also be a sign of commitment to a person. It is made of 925-sterling silver with black and white polish design. The ring is filled with an authentic diamond weighing 0.2 grams to enhance its beauty.

This kind of gift is obviously expensive however, there’s 30-days return policy whenever the ring has damage. It is a perfect gift for long-term relationships as it can act as an engagement ring.


13. Fairytale Brownies Gourmet Gift Basket

No woman would hate brownies. You can easily show gratefulness for your girlfriend through food specifically sweet foods. She’s just not telling you about her cravings but brownies are one of those. The good thing is you can write a personal thank you letter for her a gift card is included.

The box already stated a “thank you” statement. One box contains 24 different flavors of brownies. It is a recipe of Eileen and David since 1992. Examples of flavors are chocolate chip, cream cheese, mint chocolate, espresso, raspberry swirl and many more. Tummy is so fine, lover boy. Brownies are individually wrapped and therefore no worries for delivery.

It is a healthy food with no trans fats, preservatives and artificial colors added.


14. Stargazer Barn’s Tri-Color Tulip Bouquet

Bouquet of tulips is a must-try gift. Tulips are so beautiful and to the one receiving it will surely feel special. Say your thank yous to your girlfriend with tulips. Freshly cut flowers will be delivered at your girlfriend’s house front door. That’s so sweet!

It contains 24 tri-colored tulips in a vase. The flowers came from California. If you worry upon its freshness when being shipped, flowers are delivered in bud form. It’ll bloom in 2-3 days. A personal gift note is counted in and so writing your sincerest message for your girl is probable.


15. Kate Spade Walk On Air Spray Women Perfume

Perfume is another thank you gift suggestion. Girls adore a sweet smell perfume exactly as what Kate Spade Walk on Air offers. Be thankful how your sweetie works hard on her life by giving her a spray perfume to smell good the whole day.

Kate Spade is so popular on its accessory brands and also to its new line business, its own-made perfume. The bottle itself is elegant and perfect for a gift. By the way, it smells as sweet as a lily. Apart from a lily fragrance, there are more smells you can encounter.

Anyone with this scent will definitely stand out of the crowd.


16. Hollywood Makeup Artist Kit by Smart Cover

We cannot deny how gorgeous your girlfriend is. Perhaps, a makeup kit can be added on her existing makeup kit. Thank her as well as lend her more makeups as these girl pieces of stuff are so expensive. Do your part as a boyfriend thereof.

Before trying to buy this product, better ask for help to a makeup guru. We understand you all men!

In one purchase, your sweetheart will have her own 17 pieces of different kinds of makeups. We will not mention it one-by-one. Makeup products included are tested by Christina Smith, a Hollywood makeup artist. Therefore, it is assured that the products are safe and effective to enhance good looks. All are in light coverage which is perfect for natural skin.

Brushes are also included. Your girlfriend will surely love it.

The makeups are waterproof, non-greasy, and smudge-resistant.


17. 120 Floral Thank You Cards by Wacky Wingdings

Thanking a girlfriend in a day is not enough. Purchase more thank you cards to write more thank you letters for her. With these 120 pieces of floral thank you cards, showing an appreciation to your girlfriend and even to other people who are involved in your relationship is within reach. Old school boyfriend is born.

Handwritten love letters are not clichéd but more starry-eyed for the girls. It is more valuable than any expensive gifts out there.

It is primarily made as an invitation letter but can act as a love letter. 120 cards are divided into three colors with 12 trendy rustic designs. The written ‘thank you’ is engraved in gold which makes it more elegant and eye-catchy. It comes with a brown envelope sealed with large size stickers.

Buy two packs of thank you cards to awaken the old school kind of love in your bond. You are doing the right thing, lover boy!


18. Hannababy Creative Explosion Gift Box

Let’s end it with a modern type of gift for your girlfriend. Explosion box becomes popular these days. Usually, girls are the ones making an explosion box for their boyfriends. And now, it’s your turn to say thank you with a surprising box.

The only materials included on the cost are those primarily needed resources. You will be designing it on your own creativity. Print photos of you together and buy a little gift surprise for her. A surprise gift box is included for you to put on a special gift which is not part of the cost. You can make it as artistic as you want in showing your gratitude to her.

This is the most adorable among the gifts above because it includes your creativeness. Girls do raise the value of a boy who gives an effort.



Men aren’t good at thinking about gifts. The truth is, they’re not good at surprises. So, here are questions they frequently ask:

What is a thank you gift?

card with thank you written on

Gifts have so many categories such as for birthday, anniversary, graduation, and so on. In this post, we talk more about of a thank you gift also known as appreciation/gratitude gift. It is a way to say how grateful a boyfriend is to his girlfriend through different gifts. Again, gifts are all similar and it only depends upon the occasion.

Thank you gift has many options. It really depends upon men what gift he must buy for his sweetheart.

Is the price important?

hand with a price tag

Not all girls are dramatic when it comes to gift prices. Price doesn’t matter as long as it’s sentimental and comes from the heart. But, men must impress women by giving them a not so cheap gift. Man up!

What should I add to make the gift look more like an appreciation gift?

A note card will save the day. Personally write the feelings of gratefulness upon her. And since note cards are only small in size, compose only a short message or simply write “thank you, love”. There are gifts that do not include a card and providing a personally-made card is not that difficult.

We bet all kinds of gifts really require a gift card to distinguish what it is for.

What is the most popular appreciation gift at the moment?

The answer depends on the girl’s wants and needs. A gift does not depend on what is popular but on whom it will be given.

You can be a unique boyfriend by not following what’s on trend.  Apply a creative mind to think of a gift that’ll let your girl feel appreciated.

However, if you really have no idea, better choose an explosion box and yes, it is popular. Make it on your own creative way.

Are food gifts underrated?

a hamburger

We think a food is the best gift idea that will never be undervalued. Choose a food gift idea that is long-lasting and good for the taste. Be careful as girl’s taste is so dangerous.


Are you still confused what gift you will prepare for your girlfriend?

No one could dictate what gift is necessary to thank a girl. Everything will make sense when it comes from the heart of the giver. As a special someone, knowing about your partner’s wants is not so tough. In gift giving, wants are considered and who knows that better? It’s you.

Those gifts above are only a recommendation and not the end option. You can look for more gifts all over the marketplace. Or, make it in a personal way which is more romantic and also economical.

Now is the time for men to act manly by thanking women with a surprising gift.

If questions are still running on your mind, leave a comment on the box below and wait for a quick response.

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