10 Pearl Necklaces Every Women Desires

10 pearl necklaces to gift your girlfriend

Still, looking for the right gift for your girlfriend or wife? Nowadays it can be quite difficult to find a suitable gift with all the choice on the Internet.

But I’m pretty sure I can help you with that.

A gift that every woman loves is jewelry. You must be thinking jewelry ? That’s boring! But today we are not looking at ordinary jewelry. No, we are looking at one of the finest types of jewellery available, namely pearl necklaces. Yes, you heard right pearl necklaces! Pearl necklaces are one of the most beautiful expensive and luxurious jewelry pieces available and every woman loves them. They are a great gift for any occasion, be it Christmas, birthday, valentine’s day or the anniversary. So if you want to give your girlfriend a special treat, I would advise you to buy a pearl necklace!

Pearl necklaces are not exactly cheap but they are a great gift idea.

We have tried to find the very best pearl necklaces available on the internet and put them together in a list. There are the most different forms and colours at pearl necklaces which is the reason why we try to create some clarity with this post. We will also answer all your other questions about pearl necklaces.

But enough talking! Let’s have a look at our list of the best pearl necklaces you can give to your wives or friends. So let’s go!

List of the 10 best pearl necklaces for women


1. White Freshwater Cultured Pearl Necklace for Women in 18 Inch Length with 14K Gold and AAA Quality – THE PEARL SOURCE


pearl necklace freshwater

The first pearl necklace we look at is a freshwater pearl necklace. The necklace consists of round freshwater pearls. You can buy the pearl necklace with two different clasps, one in 14K white gold and one in 14K yellow gold. The size of the pearls is 7 to 7.5 millimetres and the quality is AAA. The chain is also 18 inches long. All pearls are hand-picked to maintain quality.  The company from which the necklace comes is called “THE PEARL SOURCE”. The Pearl Source is a proud member of the Jewelers of America (JA). The manufacturer offers you a 60-day money-back guarantee if you don’t like the necklace. The necklace is great for any occasion, be it a wedding, a birthday, or any other day in your life. The price is also affordable and makes it a great gift idea. The necklace is super classic and you can’t go wrong with it – every woman will love it.



2. .925 Sterling Silver 6.5-7mm Freshwater Cultured Pearl 3-Row -Triple Strand Necklace, 18″ (Choice of Colors) Valentines Day Gifts

pearl necklace with sterling clipper

The second pearl necklace we are looking at consists of 3 single chains that are connected to each other. The pearls of the chain have been grown in freshwater. The individual pearls have a size of approximately 6.5 – 7 mm and the chain length is 18 inches. The closure of the chain is made of 925 silver.  The pearls have been hand-picked for quality and luster. This necklace is especially suitable for big occasions like weddings, birthday, balls or other noble events. In combination with a beautiful dress, the necklace looks especially good. So if you want to go to an evening event with your wife or girlfriend in the near future you should give her this necklace as a present. The necklace is also available in different colours. The beads are available in black, white, silver-grey, black and white, pink, pink and white. Here you can make it pretty easy for yourself and you just buy the pearl necklace in your girlfriend’s favourite colour. The pearl necklace is a little more expensive but is a great gift idea. So if you want to bring a smile to the lips of your wife or girlfriend, choose this pearl necklace.



3. THE PEARL SOURCE Sterling Silver 9-10mm AAA Quality Baroque Black Freshwater Cultured Pearl Necklace for Women

black pearl necklace

The third pearl necklace we will look at today looks a little different than the others before. That is because they are no longer light-coloured pearls but dark ones. Again, these are freshwater pearls that are about 9 to 10 mm in size. The quality of the beads is AAA and the length of the chain is 20 inches. Also with this freshwater pearl necklace, the pearls were again hand-picked to ensure the best quality. The clasp of the necklace is made of 925 silver. The necklace is also available in different sizes and comes in 16, 17, 18,20, 24,36,51 inches. This necklace differs optically a little bit from the other pearl necklaces we had on our list so far. So if your girlfriend or wife is not really into the mainstream and wants to get out of the crowd I can recommend this necklace. It is also more affordable and therefore a great gift. The necklace also comes in a beautiful box so you don’t even have to worry about the packaging which is pretty good for us men ;). So if your girlfriend likes older looking jewelry I can highly recommend this necklace.



4. THE PEARL SOURCE 14K Gold Round Genuine Black Japanese Akoya Saltwater Cultured Pearl Tincup Necklace for Women

Japanese Akoya Saltwater Cultured Pearl necklace

The fourth necklace on our list is a saltwater pearl necklace. This time the pearls are not freshwater pearls no but saltwater pearls from Japan. Also, the pearls are dark and not light. The pearls are hanging on a chain made out of 14k gold. These are not cultured pearls, no, but real pearls, which is why the necklace is a bit more expensive than the others. The necklace is available in different lengths, namely in three different lengths in 16 inches, in 18 INCHES or in 20 inches. Also, this necklace is not the classic pearl necklace – it can be worn to every event, be it private or official.

As mentioned above, the necklace is a bit more expensive and therefore a perfect anniversary gift. So if you want to give your wife or girlfriend a super cool gift I can recommend this necklace. Again, the necklace comes in a super nice box, so you don’t have to worry too much about packing the gift. And since I am very lazy myself I know that this is very practical 😛



5. Adjustable Y-Necklace with Freshwater Cultured Pearl and Diamond or Simulated Gemstones for Women 21 inches

Adjustable Pearl Y-Necklace

At number five on our list, we have again a freshwater pearl necklace. The pearls are cultured freshwater pearls. The great thing about this pearl necklace is that it is adjustable in length. The length is 21 inches for the longest state but you can also shorten it to 14 inches. The chain is available in different variations. The variations differ once in the clasp and the type of gemstone types that are attached between the beads. The clasps are available in the following materials: sterling silver, white gold and yellow gold. In addition, you can choose the necklace with six different types of gemstone these would be black-diamond, created-aquamarine, created-emerald, created-onyx, created-ruby, created-sapphire and created-topaz. This pearl necklace is again 100% natural and of the highest quality. The price of the necklace varies greatly depending on the type of gemstone you choose for your pearl necklace. Again, this is not the classic pearl necklace known from movies but a more modern pearl necklace. Again you can make it easy for yourself because the gemstone types have different colors, just choose the matching favorite color of your girlfriend or wife and you have a perfect gift, for example for a wedding anniversary.



6. THE PEARL SOURCE AAAA Quality Double Strand White Freshwater Cultured Pearl Necklace for Women in 16-17″ Choker Length

Double Strand White Freshwater Cultured Pearl Necklace

The sixth necklace on our list looks again more like the good old pearl necklace nice and classic with white pearls. The necklace consists of two separate pearl necklaces which are connected by a clasp. The pearls are cultured freshwater pearls that are of AAA quality. The clasp is made of 925 silver. The chain is available with different sized beads to buy the size of the beads is once 6.5 – 7.0 mm, 7.0-7.5 mm and 8.0-8.5 mm. All beads have been hand-selected to use only the best and most beautiful shiny beads for the necklace. This necklace is also very suitable as a gift for any special occasion, be it a birthday, Christmas or Valentine’s Day. If your wife or girlfriend is more into classic jewellery then I can warmly recommend this pearl necklace, but it is also more expensive in the upper region. So if money is not so important to you and you want to give your loved one a nice gift, this pearl necklace is the right thing for you.


7. JYX Pearl Sterling Silver Tin Cup Station Necklace AAA Quality Multicolor Baroque Freshwater Cultured Pearl Necklace 25″

Baroque Freshwater Cultured Pearl Necklace

In the seventh place on our list is a pearl necklace of the brand “JYX Pearl”. The pearls are freshwater pearls of AAA quality. Again, this is not the classic pearl necklace you know, but a pearl necklace in older baroque style. The necklace is 25 inches long and is available in two colours. The colours of the beads are once in white and once with multi-coloured available. This necklace is again of the highest quality, all pearls are hand-picked and only the best are used to make a necklace. The pearl necklace is sent in a silk bag which is perfect for gift wrapping. Price-wise we are also in the upper range but the necklace is super beautiful and justified with its price. If you want to make your loved ones a joy this necklace is the right choice for you.



8. JYX Pearl 18K Gold Necklace AAA+ Quality Genuine 12-14mm Round Golden South Sea Cultured Pearl Station Necklace for Women 21″

Golden South Sea Cultured Pearl Necklace

On the eighth position of our list is this south sea pearl necklace. One thing in advance this necklace is not for the small purse because it is with several thousand € the most expensive on our list. It consists of pearls that are 12 to 14 mm in size and quality of AAA+. The necklace also has a length of 21″. All beads were, of course, hand-picked to guarantee the best quality. This necklace is perfect for an anniversary.



9. 14k Gold Lariat Tin Cup Station Necklace Saltwater White Akoya Cultured Pearl 6.5-7mm and 8-8.5mm, 18″ + 2″ Drop

Gold Lariat Tin Cup Station Necklace Saltwater White Akoya Cultured Pearl

On the penultimate position of our list of the best pearl necklaces is once again a not so classic pearl necklace. The necklace is made of 14k gold and you can choose the type of gold you want to wear. You can choose between white gold, yellow gold or rose gold. The necklace is 18 inches long and includes a small pendulum with two more beads which extend the chain by 2 inches and form a kind of Y-shape. The beads are cultured akoya beads which have a size of 6,5 – 7mm, the two beads hanging on the pendulum are a little bit bigger and have a size of 8 – 8,5 mm. Also this necklace is suitable again super as a gift for girls or women who are not quite so on classical jewelry but rather want to have something unusual.


10. La Regis Jewelry 14K White Gold AAA White Japanese Akoya Cultured Pearl Double-Sided Clasp Necklace, 18″

Japanese Akoya Cultured Pearl Necklace

Last but not least, my very personal favourite pearl necklace. I don’t want to tell you much about the necklace. It is a classic pearl necklace made of 8-8,5 mm big pearls and looks super elegant. Again we are a bit upscale in price but this pearl necklace is beautiful. All pearls are of course here again hand-picked and of the very best quality. If you are missing a gift for your anniversary then buy this necklace and you will bring a smile to the lips of your loved ones – trust me.


How can you tell if they are real pearls?

You take two pearls and rub them either very gently against each other or, preferably, against your teeth. Real pearls never feel completely smooth, you always feel a small rough surface, it feels a bit sandy. What is the reason for this? The surface of a pearl is never 100% smooth, it consists of thousands of small aragonite crystals that give you the feeling of roughness. But you need a lot of experience to do this. Pearls are nowadays polished for an infinite period of time to get a beautiful shiny and smooth surface. It is difficult for a layman to tell the difference between real and fake because the polishing process rubs the surface very smooth. It is best to do the test once with pearls where you know that they are real and once with fake pearls then you have a certain feeling for it.

In addition to the tooth test, you should also look at the appearance, size, shape, shine and reflection. With real pearls, no one looks like the other. Manufacturers also often provide certificates that guarantee the authenticity of the pearl necklace. So if you buy from a reputable manufacturer you can be sure that the pearls are real and have not been manufactured industrially.


How are real pearls actually made?

Real pearls are naturally produced in shells. This works like this: shells form cells that are used to produce the mother of pearl. The mother of pearl is found on the inside of a shell to strengthen the shell from the inside (looks white like the inside of the shell). However, it is possible that these cells get into the inside of the shelled animal where the mother of pearl is still being produced and a pearl is created.

With cultured pearls, this process is initiated by humans by taking some of the cells from the shell tissue, creating the mother-of-pearl and inserting it into the shellfish. On top of this, a shell pearl is formed again.

How much is a real pearl worth?

A real pearl that has not been cultured varies greatly in price, depending on various factors. As the very first factor we take the species.
To enumerate some of the most expensive:

  • Shell Pearl Shell Pearls about 10.-€
  • Freshwater pearls about 500.- €
  • Tahitian pearls about  1000.- €
  • South Sea Pearls about  1500.- €
  • Akoya pearls about 5000.- €
  • Conch beads (Too rarely available on the market to determine a price)
  • Melopearls (Too rarely available on the market to determine a price)
  • Oriental Pearls (Too rarely available on the market to determine a price)
  • River pearls (Too rarely available on the market to determine a price)

Depending on the type of pearl, such a pearl can be up to 10000 € or even more expensive. Here it depends on the other factors such as size, shine weight and many more. Cultured pearls are available from around 100 €. So it always depends on how much money you want to spend on something – with pearl necklaces there are no limits depending on the type of pearl you want.


How much should I spend to give my girlfriend the perfect pearl necklace?

This question depends entirely on you! With pearl necklaces, you can really spend a lot of money, so if you are financially well off, you can give a very precious pearl necklace as a present. In my opinion, it is never about the material value of a thing but about the gesture to make the other person happy. That’s why it’s okay to buy a not so expensive pearl necklace!


Are pearl necklaces still trendy at all?

Absolutely! Pearl necklaces are wonderfully suited as jewelry for, especially large and festive events. Even then, every Disney princess wore a pearl necklace for a ball. These kinds of necklaces will never go out of fashion, whether you wear them in normal everyday life or at big events. In combination with a noble evening dress, each pearl necklace looks stunning. In my opinion, pearl necklaces will never go out of fashion.


On what occasion should a woman be given a pearl necklace?

In my opinion, such a necklace is a great gift for an anniversary since it is not exactly cheap. Of course, you can also give such a necklace for all other occasions like birthday, Christmas or valentine’s day. In my opinion, a pearl necklace is perfect for a round anniversary.


I hope we could help you with our little post about pearl necklaces. If you have any further questions just send us an email or leave them in the comments as we are happy to answer them.

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