How to Treat Your Girlfriend While on a Period

girlfriend period

Girls having period monthly experience mood swings, emotional breakdown, and pain. Premenstrual syndrome or in short PMS, dealing with your girlfriend having this PMS Is really tricky sometimes you don’t know what ‘s even going on or really confuse on what to do. Including period cramps, lower abdomen pain and lower back pain they really suffer some pain because of having a period. They sometimes argue why they would have a period and hate being a girl.

This situation will let your power to step up and be a man that will be her knight in shining armor. To help all the knights in need to treat their princess while on a period we prepare a list of things to do and remember to save their princess. Remember that every challenge can be overcome. So let’s start.

Giving her more attention and love

Your girlfriend can be more sensitive than usual of course this is a sign of her having on a period. By giving her your love, kiss and hugs will somehow make her feel that there is someone beside them. This will lessen the feeling of a lonesome cause by the PMS. Doing some sweet talk and praising her will lift her mood instantly.

Understand her behavior an avoid blaming her

Girls talk and complain a lot why they have to suffer from having a period. The only thing you can do is to agree on every word they say, your weapon will be ‘yes’, ‘ok’ and ‘I understand’ this words are what they wanted to hear in all the times they are talking. Being understanding in times when your girlfriend is on a period takes a lot of patience but this will avoid some unwanted arguments.

A surprise with her favorite food, sweets or flowers

Eating is the best way to make a person happy. Well, picking the right food to give is a bit tricky for a girl having on a period. Bringing chocolates, flowers together with some snack is the right hit and this will surely make her face brighten and her mood actually.

Be patient

Being patient is a given, your girlfriend can sound kind of irritating sometimes. However just relax your mind and utilize your virtue of patience this time, because it may lead to an argument that you can’t win. Remember to be patient if she’s talking some random things that a little bit annoying on your part, by doing this it will make her more comfortable somehow because she knows that you are still on her side.

Help her out

Having on a period, girls feel pain and muscle contractions that make them a little bit lazy on doing some housework or heavy works. You have to help her out in these things like doing the dishes, cooking, lifting some things and even fixing her room. Looks to be a little favor but for them, it is a big help that you can give and offer.

Being attentive

All your attention must be on her, she might have a moody personality at this times but a man must stay by her side at all time. By being attentive on what she wanted like saying ‘I want to left alone’ on some other girls these means don’t leave them but sometimes it just mean literally so pay attention and this might be a way to make your relationship stronger.

Don’t make her feel unwanted

Tell her she’s beautiful; tell her that she’s sexy and pretty. Compliment her in a way that it doesn’t sound like a joke. Doing this won’t make her feel unwanted and also make her happy. Emphasizing her looks to be prettier, paying no attention to her acne cause by PMS. In this way, it will eventually calm her down for over thinking on how she looks.

Don’t take it personally

If you find your girlfriend arguing on some little things, then don’t take it personally to avoid making it bigger. Arguing is normal to a relationship sometimes it will make a couple grow and be mature. But reminding that your girlfriend is on a period, just make her win don’t fight it out be a gentleman for her to make her feel at ease.

Ask her whatever she’d like to do

Try to be more considerate and ask her on something she might want to do. You can suggest a visit to her favorite restaurant to eat the food she wanted to eat. Maybe you can invite her to a night out together with her friends to watch movies and share a talk, alongside with some snacks and sweets. This is a good way to make her feel that you can spoil her sometimes and can make her feel that you care for her needs and wants.

Give her a massage

Hand massage, foot massage or lower back rub are some of what you can offer if you want to give a massage that can make her comfortable. A massage can make the blood flow better; of course, this is the flow of blood that delivers the oxygen in her cells that will give her a comforting feeling. You can search online for suitable massage techniques to apply for better results. By doing this you will make her feel that you are giving effort for her to make her happy.

Bonus: Give her hot water bottle

Try to give a hot water bottle you prepare on hand or what they call ‘hot compress’ for her painful areas this will give a soothing feel. This will help her to lessen the pain she’s feeling and can prevent some bad cramps and lower back pain and make her rest more comfortable. Preparing this will require a bottle or a container to pour in the hot water this will only take a couple of minutes to prepare but will give your partner a forever feeling of appreciation on your effort given.

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