How To Buy The Perfect Gift For Your Girlfriend


Well I know it can be really hard sometimes to find the perfect gift for your girlfriend. It doesn’t matter if you are looking for a birthday gift a christmas present or for a valentine’s day gift you just cant find anything… . But don’t freak out! I am here to help you. Together we will find a gift which will make you and your girlfriend happy.

So lets start.

Ask Her  Which Gift She Wants

Are you kidding me right now? Is it actually that simple? Well yes it is. Man people freak out when it comes to finding the perfect gift for their girlfriend or wife. But did you ever ask your partner what she truly wants? Many girls have real wishes like a new Handbag or a new Necklaces. So you can easily ask her what she wants. Maybe you get a replie like “I really want that new Book from Joanne K. Rowling (or what ever she says)” so you can go to the mall and buy her that gift or get it on the internet. Well, this is the easiest way to get the perfect gift idea because you can’t do anything wrong. But if your girl is more like one of these girls who want a surprise you need to keep on reading :)

Gift Her Something Related To Her Hobby

This one is also a pretty easy and good way to gift her the perfect gift. Every girl has a hobby it doesn’t matter if its going to the gym and do fitness or if she likes to go hiking and traveling or even playing video games. So if you are struggling in finding a gift which fits for her get her something related to her hobby and you can’t do anything wrong! Here are three examples to make it a bit more clear:



 Let’s pretend your girl is into fitness and health. Now you can very easy find gifts which are suitable for her. You can create like a gift box and get her multiple gifts which are fitting (if they are not to expansive depends on the hobby).Like a book about health and fitness or her favourite proteins a new drinking bottle for the gym or a yoga mat. It depends on you what you are thinking is the best for her.


travel book

A lot of girls are now into traveling and hiking. You can now do the same as i mentioned above. Gift her multiple little gift or one big one which is suitable to her hobby. In this case you can get her things like a new Backpack or city guide for here next journey and multiple snacks and sweets (Girls love things to eat!!!).



 Well, this also works for girls who like to play games as their hobby. A again same thing as above gift her something which fits to her hobby. She likes to play Star Wars? Gift her merch from the game like a Yoda action figure or something else. Get her a new gaming mouse or keyboard. Or just buy her a new game.

As you can see this is a very simple way to get her a nice gift. Just have a look at her hobbys and gift her something which matches with that hobby. That way you also show her that you care about the thing she does in her free time which is also a big plus! Your girlfriend already has everything related to her hobby? No problem keep on reading.

DIY Gifts Are Always Something Girls Love

DIY (Do it yourself) Gifts make every girl happy it doesn’t matter how old she is! With a DIY Gift you are truly showing her how much you love her. It is not just a something you bought on Amazon no! It took you time and effort to build and it shows her that she is important to you. Now i bet you have no clue what DIY Gift you can make for her. But hey,that‘s why you have me :)

Ok I have two ideas which are easy to do and fairly cheap.

365 Day Jar:

wish jar

 For my first idea all you need to have is a jar or a box both are working fine and some paper. Now write things like “Cook Dinner”,”Clean the House”,”Give you a kiss” on the paper and throw them in the jar. Your girlfriend is then allowed to pick a pice of paper out of the jar and you have to do the thing that you wrote down. Ofcourse you don’t need to write down 365 pices this is just an idea. Feel free to write down what ever you want and also how much. But keep in mind you have to do the thing which you write down ;)

A Photocollage: 

How to buy the perfect Gift for your Girlfriend

This is a gift which is also beautiful. All you need is, for example, your favourite pictures of the last year of you as a couple and pin them on a board. If you want you, can write like a story on the back of the pictures of what happened at that day. Trust me your girlfriend will like this!

Iyou hate doing things yourself…we have more.

Gift Her “Time” That You can Spend Together

Don’t you just hate it when you can‘t see your girl that often because of work,school or anything else.Or do you just hate it to gift her something materialistic? Well, time you can spent together is the perfect gift you can get both of you. You don’t know what i mean ? Let me explain it to you with some examples:

Make a trip: Take her on a trip to an amusement park. This way you can spend time together and create awesome memories of that day. It doesn’t have to be an amusement park this is just an example you can go hiking, swimming or what ever you both like. It’s just important that you are together and have fun. And don’t forget to pay for everything ;)

Cook for her: That way you can also spend a whole evening together and create some nice moments. Cook her favourite food of course! No girl can say no to food and a nice romantic candlelight dinner.

Take her to vacations: This idea is only for the guys with a big big wallet :P Take her to her favourite city or countries and spend a nice unforgettable time together which you will always have in great memories.

The gift of spending time together is one of my favourite ideas but if you don’t like its you can keep on reading :)

Get Her The “Usual Things

You maybe think the usual things like new Earringsnew Necklace or a Teddy bear or Flowers are something outdated and not really creative. Well, you are maybe right, but that doesn’t matter your girlfriend will still love them. I never heared a woman say ehhhhh a new necklace or eehhh earrings. And the same goes for flowers. If you gift your girlfriend for example a new necklace she has always something of you that will remind her of you. Or get her a teddy bear so she has always something to cuddle with when you are not around :) Trust me guys it‘s maybe not really creative but it works.

Ask The Internet

If you have truly no clue what you can gift her ask the internet (Well looks like you have no idea :P). On the internet you can find several sites like mine which will give you great gift ideas which will make your girlfriend happy!

I really hope I could help you in finding the perfect gift! If you are still not sure check any of my other pages for more ideas :)

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