Hobbies You Can Enjoy With Your Girlfriend


As a couple, the relationship should be as strong as their love for each other. Then hobbies are one of the best ways to strengthen the connection and mutual understanding. Interesting and new things you can do with your partner, fun hobbies but can be essential for the growth of your relationship. Also, it can make a solid foundation for your relationship by learning from one another.

Hobbies will make you learn more about your partner, about yourself and things that you can be agreed on. This is hobbies can be a ‘getting to know more each other’ experience and can be a preparation for a future partner for your whole life. So here is a list where you can pick to be one of your hobbies that you can enjoy with your girlfriend.

Sporty Hobbies

  • Bowling – not only can be a hobby but an opportunity to be a fun date.
  • Beach Volleyball – sporty hobby that can let you play the sands in the seaside.
  • Biking – biking can be a hobby where you can enjoy sight-seeing together in the environment like parks, biking trails, and even on the road of your home town.
  • Swimming – of course going to the beach or pool to have a refreshing swim.
  • Tennis – a sport that can be competitive but in a friendly and fun way.
  • Horseback Riding – you can have a fun experience by riding with some adorable horse with your choice and a unique hobby to enjoy with your partner.
  • Hiking / Rock Climbing – a chance to explore outdoors, an activity that will challenge you and with your partner but can strengthen the cooperation and encouragement for each other.
  • Skiing – a hobby that you can enjoy in the winter season. A tour to the snowy mountains is a great way to enjoy a cold winter.
  • Jogging/Walking – having a jog and making sweat in the morning in your area together and having a snack after the tour in your neighborhood.

Outdoor Hobbies

  • Traveling – traveling to a place of your choice can let you enjoy the sights and foods that they are promoting. Trip out of town can give you a satisfying experience and enjoyment together.
  • Gardening – growing flowering plants, having good care for it to bloom a beautiful flower like your relationship.
  • Camping – a fun activity going out for a few days to enjoy the environment. Camping in a place where you can be alone together and having fun away from reality.
  • Road Trip – enjoying the sights of people, buildings, and mountains while passing together with your girlfriend in your favorite car.
  • Picnic – a great way to spend time together to enjoy a grass part of a park, a romantic activity to have a one step closer to your girlfriend by bringing a home-made food and snacks.
  • Neighbor town visit – driving or walking to the closest town and have some talk while watching the sight of people passing and famous food to buy in there.
  • Going to a zoo/animal park – feeding and watching adorable furry animals or watching sea lion to perform a show in a zoo can be a fun weekend hobby together.
  • Shopping – also shopping can be a hobby not only to past the time but can be a good way to learn the interest of your partner in terms of things she is interested in.

Indoor Hobbies

  • Cooking – learning together some of the cuisines you are interested in, a good opportunity to strengthen your cooperation and understanding.
  • Playing Video Games – mostly a boy hobby but can be enjoyed together with your girlfriend as a team or in a competitive way that can enjoy anytime along with some laughs and snacks.
  • Reading Novel – a great way to look for a new topic to talk about, sharing opinions to the things, events, character and all reactions to the novel your reading.
  • Movie Marathon – collect a lot of movies and watch in your home together with your girlfriend laughing to comedy movies, sharing a moment of tears in a drama, and intense feeling to sci-fi action movies alongside with some popcorn.
  • Painting – painting each other face in a white canvas, playing with the colors with emotion and laughing while enjoying the fun experience in doing some artworks indoor.
  • Karaoke – switch on the microphone together with the speakers and enjoy the fun of singing your favorite songs, a chance to impress your girlfriend by singing the song of your choice.
  • Dancing – hip-hip, ballroom or just a romantic sweet dance, dancing moves with your partner will improve the mutual understanding. Dancing is a hobby that will make you closer to your partner mentally and physically.

Hobbies Can Do at Night/Late Afternoon

  • Go to a concert – Watch a concert by your favorite artist, band or singer and enjoy dancing and singing together with the music. Spending time with your partner while enjoying the fun at a night concert.
  • Watching Sunset – a really peaceful and satisfying hobby that you can spend together, appreciating the beautiful sunset having small talk and selfie together with the sunset as a background.
  • Going to Theater – finding a show that you can enjoy watching together like a musical show, instrument playing show, or drama play show. Great time to enjoy and appreciate other people talents.
  • Dinner – eating dinner in a restaurant where delicious food and great wine is served and enjoy the taste and talk with your girlfriend.
  • Star Gazing – looking at the sky in the night is a romantic way of spending your time with your partner, pointing a bright star and connecting them to write your names or have some talk and laugh while watching the wide night sky.
  • Horror Movie – watching a horror movie at night is fun and a really good hobby together if you are interested in some scenes to watch ghost, monsters, and aliens.
  • Going to a fair – together with your partner you can have some fun in rides at the fair, riding the Ferris wheel or a roller coaster that can extend the fun at night and grab some snacks on some food stalls at the area.
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