10 Gift Ideas If Your Girlfirend Loves Hiking

girl in front of mountains

Hiking is becoming more and more popular these days. More and more young people are going out into nature and usually spend an incredibly beautiful time with friends. And probably your girlfriend is one of these people, otherwise, you wouldn’t be here. Because in this article we want to help you find the best gift ideas for your girlfriend who likes to go hiking. On the internet, there are thousands of different articles that you can buy about hiking, so if you don’t know what you are looking for, our little guide will help you. Because we show you the best gift ideas if your girlfriend likes to go hiking. We have kept our list pretty general, no matter if your girlfriend is an extreme hiker who likes to climb mountains or if she just likes to go for a few laps in the forest – there is something for everyone.

But let’s not talk any further, let’s have a closer look at the best gift ideas that will make every hiker’s heart beat faster and especially your girlfriend’s 😉


1. Steel Water Bottle

waterbottels in different colours

The very first gift idea on our list is a drinking bottle. Because the most important thing when hiking is to stay strong and hydrated. That is why you can do absolutely nothing wrong with a water bottle. The water bottle we show you here is made of stainless steel and is available in different colours as well as different sizes (volumes). So if your girlfriend has always told you that she would like to have a water bottle as a gift I can recommend this one. It keeps water both cold and warm. The cool thing about the bottle is that you can pick your girlfriend’s favourite colour and give it to her as a gift. So you are on the safe side because you have chosen her favourite colour. So if your girlfriend loves hiking and doesn’t have a water bottle you know what you can give her.



2. Hiking Backpack

a backpack in blue

What would hiking be without a hiking backpack? Nothing really! A hiking backpack is the be-all and end-all of every hiking tour. You stow all your important things like clothes, water, sleeping bag or even a flashlight in it. That’s why it is important to choose a hiking backpack that offers maximum comfort and optimal storage space. For your girlfriend, it should also look nice. That’s why we have chosen this model from the company Deuter. The backpack offers an extremely large storage space of over 55l. It is also known for maximum comfort on the back and shoulders. For longer hikes, I can only recommend paying attention to these details because there is nothing more painful than a hiking backpack that does not fit perfectly. The backpack is also available in different colours so you can choose your girlfriend’s favourite colour and you are not wrong. Of course, the backpack is a bit more expensive but comfort and quality have its price. But this makes it perfect as a birthday present or Christmas present for your girlfriend.



3. Sleeping Bag

black sleepingback

Next on our list, we have a sleeping bag. But not only a sleeping bag but a very warm and very light sleeping bag. These are all the fperfect features that your girlfriend will love. Most women are always cold so I have chosen a very warm sleeping bag that you can give her. It is also light so you don’t have too much to carry around while hiking. So if your girlfriend is looking for a sleeping bag for your next hiking, camping or backpacking trip I can warmly recommend this sleeping bag.



4. Hiking Sticks

hiking sticks

No matter how experienced you are in hiking, it is always advisable to have a few walking sticks. In bumpy areas, you can quickly lose the grip under your feet. Hiking poles give you extra grip. The poles here in our list are made of extra light aluminium so that you don’t have to carry such a heavy load while hiking. The poles are also available in different colours so you can use the trick with her favourite colour again. You don’t have to worry about whether the poles are the right size because all the poles are height adjustable. The handles are also made of cork material which is very comfortable on the skin and you can’t get blisters on your hands if you hold the sticks too long. So if your girlfriend is still a bit bumpy when hiking and you want to give her a little more security then walking sticks are a perfect gift.


5. Hiking Socks

hiking socks in different colours

Next on our list, we have hiking socks. Well, maybe you shouldn’t give your girlfriend just a pair of socks, she might not like that. But socks are still extremely important when hiking. Because with the wrong socks you can easily get blisters on your feet and then your hiking vacation becomes a nightmare. With blisters, each individual step hurts which one does. Therefore I can recommend you to buy your girlfriend a pair of hiking socks as said that does not have to be everything. You could e.g. put together a small basket with hiking utensils like socks, a water bottle, a sleeping bag, a flashlight and e.g. a travel guide. If you follow the tip you can give your girlfriend socks without any problems. The socks here on our list are extremely comfortable and made of cotton and they are also available in different colours.


6. Hiking Towel

blue hiking towel

Another great gift that you can give to your girlfriend is a so-called walking towel. The special thing about this towel is that it is extremely light and compact, so you hardly need any storage space and it is perfect for long walks. The towel is available in different sizes and colours. So if you are planning a longer hiking tour with your girlfriend and she is still looking for a towel I can recommend this one. If a simple towel is not enough for you as a gift then combine it with other small gifts as I have already shown you above.


7. Hiking Flashlight

black flashlight

The next gift on our list is one that should not be missing on any hiking trip. Namely a flashlight. You won’t believe how useful such a simple flashlight can be when hiking. Especially when it gets dark it is worth its weight in gold. If your girlfriend has to go to the toilet and is afraid to be alone in the dark, such a flashlight gives great light and gives security. A flashlight should not be missing on any hiking trip!


8. Hiking – Portable Solar Power Bank


portable powerbank

The next gift on our walking gift list will be all those influencers out there. If your girlfriend can’t walk for 10 minutes without taking at least 30 pictures and posting them on Instagram then I can recommend this gift to you. Because this is a portable power bank that works with sunlight. So your girlfriend can take pictures all day during your hiking trip and share them on social media while she is charging her cell phone. So if you recognize your girlfriend in the above sentences, believe me, buy her a portable power bank!


9. Hiking Boots

brown hiking shoes

What should you not miss, of course? Clear hiking boots! So if your girlfriend doesn’t own any hiking shoes yet, you can give her some. But here I would advise you to choose them together with her. First of all it is extremely important that the hiking boots fit perfectly and she feels comfortable in them and secondly, you don’t have to worry about which model she might like. So invite her to go to your outdoor store and pick out a pair of hiking boots.


10. Female Urination Device

Female Urination Device

For us men it is super easy to go to the forest and pee or anywhere else. Women, unfortunately, cannot do this too easily. That’s why I have this gift idea for you with this device even women can go to the toilet without problems and don’t need a real toilet seat. So if you have a girlfriend who needs to go to the toilet more often then this will be the right gift for her.


How much should I spend on a hiking gift?

Normally I always say that gifts should come from the heart and the price is secondary. With hiking accessories, I am however different opinion because here it depends on quality! Usually, you spend several days somewhere in nature and dependent on these gifts. Therefore they should be of the highest quality so that they do not break immediately. Imagine you are planning a longer hiking tour and your backpack or sleeping bag breaks in the first days. That would be pretty stupid. So take a look at what products you buy and spend 5 € more and be on the safe side. Your girlfriend is also happy about high-quality presents 😉

Should I buy a hiking gift on the Internet or in an outdoor store?

Here it depends on the gift. If you are planning to give your girlfriend a backpack or a pair of hiking boots I would recommend you to go to a store. There are trained staff here who can help you with questions like what size or what material is best for the shoe or how much storage space a backpack should have for a longer tour. For smaller gifts like a flashlight or a hiking towel I would recommend the internet. On the internet, you can find a wide range of products which are often cheaper. But as I said before with really important hiking equipment like backpacks and shoes I would go to a professional to seek advice.

If my girlfriend doesn’t like hiking, are the gifts for her something at all?

No. This list is really designed for your girlfriend to like hiking. The gifts are special hiking gifts, so if you are looking for other gifts then check here.

Which hiking gift can I give her especially for her birthday or Christmas?

Since most people want to spend a little more money especially on birthdays or Christmas, I would advise you to buy her a hiking backpack here.

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