Girlfriend Gift Under $50: Gifts That You Just Can’t Go Wrong With!

gifts under 50$


A gift to your girlfriend doesn’t always have to be pompously expensive. Sometimes, a gift costing equal to or less than $50 will invoke an emotional response that is much stronger than when you gift her an expensive piece of jewelry. It is all about the thought that you put into your gift idea.

We have done the hard grunt work for you, compiling a list of 30 incredible girlfriend gifts under $50. Without much of a further fuss, let’s get right into the list.

1. EyeGlow Vintage Round Sunglasses for Women


Your girlfriend is just going to love these vintage looking sunglasses with a premium feeling acetate frame. There’s no plastic here! The composite lens is polarized, offering 100% UV protection. The build quality is excellent and your girlfriend is going to be wondering why you suddenly plonked down $200 on sunglasses for her. Of course, it will be the good kind of wondering she will do. Only you will know that you paid less than $50, actually, less than $30 for it!

The lens is a mid-sized lens, with 48 mm as width and height also as 48 mm. You have 7 frame color options to choose from.

2. MIXIN Women’s Warm Faux Fleece Indoor Outdoor Slipper Boots Shoes


Can you remember the last time your girlfriend said her feet were cold? It happens a lot, doesn’t it? The next time your girlfriend says that, imagine how she will react if you immediately reach out to grab these lovely house fleece boots that you secretly bought her, to help her keep her feet warm.

Available in women’s sizes 7-10, these boots/slippers are incredibly comfortable, warm and with a fuzzy feeling that your girlfriend will absolutely adore. The mouth of the boot is elastic, which means it will snugly cover up your girlfriend’s ankle. She might like it so much that she might sleep with it!

3. Fit & Fresh Women’s Westport Insulated Lunch Bag with 20 Ounce Water Bottle

Does your girlfriend not carry lunch to her work, because she doesn’t have a good lunch box or carrier? With this thoughtful and caring gift, she won’t be able to give you that excuse anymore. With a feminine design, the lunch pack comes with a reusable ice pack, a 20 ounce water bottle and two food containers to fit a smart sized lunch or snack meal. All plastic used in the containers are safe, being BPA free.

They are also microwave and dishwasher safe, giving your girlfriend convenience to go with portability!

4. AreTop 8 GB USB 2.0 Flash Drive Fold Storage Memory with 5 Color Pieces

While you buy tech purely based on specs, women like tech with a little bit of personality. What does that mean? They don’t just like tech, but like colorful tech. Every girlfriend could use a flash drive. This gift will allow you to give your girlfriend 5 different 8 GB color flash drives, for less than $25.

She will undoubtedly use it to copy music, movies or whatever content she usually loves sharing with her friends or even you for that matter! All the drives are USB 2.0 compliant, which means they will copy files really quickly.  They work with Macs, Windows and also Linux machines.

5. EMIE Kitten 10,000 mAh Portable Charger Cartoon Cute Cat Fast Charging Power Bank

Another very useful tech product with a cute feminine design. Is your girlfriend a talker on her phone who doesn’t always remember to charge it on a timely basis? This will be an incredibly useful gift for her, something that she will love to own.

With 10,000 mAh battery, there’s enough power to charge popular phones like the iPhone, Samsung Galaxy series or pretty much any smartphone or even iPad or tablet for that matters! The kitten design power bank is available in many color options. Pick one that will appeal to your girlfriend!

6. SAIBANG PU Leather Journal Writing Notebook with Combination Lock!

Trust us when we say that your girlfriend keeps a diary. Regardless of what she told you, she is keeping one and chances are that the pages are running out. Just imagine her delight when you gift her a diary that will let her keep journaling.

What’s special about this diary is not just the quality of paper and jacket used but also the availability of a combination lock. With the lock, your girlfriend can keep all her secrets securely under a lock and combination only she knows, even if those secrets are about you!

7. Tampor Memory Foam Pillow with Cool Gel Contour Pillow for Neck Support

Does your girlfriend have neck pain? This memory foam pillow will finally let her sleep in peace, as the pillow contours around her neck, regardless of what position she sleeps in! It is a particularly great pillow to gift if your girlfriend experiences a hot head while sleeping. The cooling gel in the middle of the pillow is great at keeping her head cool through the night, providing restful sleep.

The pillow is hypoallergenic, soft and with a thin profile. The zippered cover is machine washable. You even get a replacement cover for free, so you can slip on a new cover while you wash another one.

8. Laptop Tote Bag form Women. Fits Laptops Up To 15.6’ Inches.

How does your girlfriend carry around her laptop? Backpack? Backpacks are great. But what about when she is going for that important meeting or presentation or interview where she needs a laptop? A backpack isn’t a great item to be carrying to those kinds of places.

This tote bag will allow her to carry her laptop in sophisticated style, while also ensuring that the laptop has ample protection. The bag is incredibly stylish, with separate compartments to carry mouse, phone, power bank and a few other gadgets. There’s plenty of color options as well.

9. Biscotti Cookie Gift Basket 18 Count Box

You might have already gifted your girlfriend gourmet chocolates. But, have you gifted her Biscotti? More specifically, have you gifted her gourmet biscotti? Each of the 18 delicious Biscotti in this box are filled with incredible flavor, all with a dark chocolate base. There’s nutty finishes, candy finishes and even biscotti with crème finish.

The only warning we can give you about this incredible Biscotti gourmet gift pack for your girlfriend is that you will probably get none of these for yourself!

10. Skullcandy S5AVGM-396 Knockout Women’s On Ear Headphones with Mic and Remote

What does your girlfriend use for headphones? Those in-ear things that came with her phone! She deserves better than that! Why don’t you buy her these gorgeous Skullcandy on-ear headphones that come in 4 dazzling color options?

Besides looking absolutely stunning, they offer incredible audio quality and fidelity as well. What more, Skullcandy, the manufacturer, has specifically said that these headphones are acoustically tuned for a women’s ear! It is also obviously sized to fit on a woman’s head. Besides letting your girl listen to great music, this high quality headphone will also allow her to take phone calls with crisp audio quality.

11. B-There Adult Coloring Books Printed on Heavy Paper

Is your girlfriend under stress at work? A coloring book meant for adults can be a fantastic gift idea. With over 125 designs, this coloring book is designed to provide an activity that will considerably reduce your girlfriend’s stress, as she takes time to fill in vibrant color into the many detailed designs. With 125 designs, there is just countless hours of leisure activity here.

The designs are mostly intricate flower designs that when colored will leave your girl with a feeling of positivity and calmness.

12. AUKEY Table Lamp with Touch Sensor. Dimmable Warm White Light with Color RGB Lighting

This night lamp is a hot favorite at Amazon. In fact, is has been recommended as Amazon’s choice for several months now. Your girlfriend will no longer have to fiddle around to find the switch on this night lamp as a simple touch of the lamp will allow her to control dimness and also obviously turn it on or off. With three brightness settings, there is light for any mood. Besides the brightness levels, there 6 very vibrant color options as well, with red, orange, green, two variants of blue and a pink color thrown in.

13. Scrub Daddy Flex Texture Sponge 6 Pack

Helping your girlfriend with the dishes is a fantastic way to thank her for the food she might have cooked you. But, if you aren’t around, you can still make her life very easy by gifting her the very famous Scrub Daddy sponges. If you haven’t heard about Scrub Daddy, you must know that they are the most durable sponges out there, requiring very little effort and also with the ability to rinse out very efficiently, without holding on to stains or grease. Once your girlfriend tries Scrub Daddy, she really isn’t going to try anything else to wash the dishes anymore!

14. Black & Decker 12-Cup Thermal Coffeemaker

Does your girlfriend like her morning cup of Joe? This excellent coffee maker from the well-known stables of Black & Decker will give her a great cup of coffee in the morning, with minimal effort. With a high capacity of coffee enough to fill 12 cups, your girlfriend can have many rounds of fresh coffee. There are many customizable options such as brew strength selector and also options to brew just a single or small batch coffee. This machine uses a shower head type of water dispenser that distributes water very evenly, allowing for a great brew, with maximum flavor extracted from the coffee beans.

The wide spout means that this machine is very easy to clean and maintain as well.

15. Empower Kettlebell Weight Set for Women, Weight Adjustable

Kettlebells are fantastic workout aids. Because they are different from dumbbells in the way they have a center of gravity always pointing away from your body, your body works a lot harder to do the same exercises you would usually do with a dumbbell.

What is really special about this product is that your girlfriend can use the same kettlebell for a 5 lbs. weight, an 8 lbs. weight and also a 12 lbs. weight. This product also ships with a DVD that will give your girlfriend many exercises with which she can stay in shape in or just get a great workout with.

16. BalanceFrom GoYoga All Purpose Yoga Mat with Carrying Strap


Women love yoga mats. They like it to perform yoga, to do some intense stretches or simply even to meditate or relax after a hard workout at the gym. These BalanceFrom yoga mats come in black and 6 vibrant colors and are very spacious, being 71’ in length and 24’ in width. The foam material is very luxurious, with a generous ½’ thickness. The mat is slip resistant and comes with a strap that makes it very easy to carry around.

There’s even a 2 year warranty on this high quality yoga mat.

17. Under Armour Women’s Essential Twist No Show Socks 6 Pack

Women love their socks! If your girlfriend’s socks are starting to get old or if all she has are boring white socks, you can give her this colorful and super popular 6 pack set from Under Armour. Available in a bright assortment, lemon yellow and rainbow designs, these colorful socks will impress your girlfriend. She might even wear them to bed on a cold night, because it keeps her warm and also because she will probably love or adore the colors.

18. Daily Rehydrating Sunscreen SPF 30+, With Vitamin B, C, E and Seaweed Extract

There’s sunscreen and then there’s rehydrating sunscreen. Women like your girlfriend love the rehydrating kind as it protects them against the sun’s harmful rays, while also doubling up as a moisturizer, nurturing their skin as they wear it through the day.

This product protects against both UVA and UVB rays and is so easy to be absorbed into the skin that many women actually use it as their daily moisturizer, before they head out of the house. A little goes a long way and this hypoallergenic product will help your girlfriend put off the ill effects of aging and damage related to exposing her skin to the sun.

19. Olay Regenerist Night Recovery Cream with Anti-Aging Properties

Olay Regenerist is probably the world’s most popular night cream. If your girlfriend is already using it, this is going to be a great gift as you will be giving her a full refill of a product that she absolutely loves. If she doesn’t use or hasn’t heard about it before, your girlfriend will still love you for it as it will be the best night cream she would have ever tried.

It has a special formula that plumps the skin overnight, reducing fine lines, wrinkles and more obvious problems like crow’s feet. It is an intense moisturizer as well. It is so good that your girlfriend will definitely feel a huge difference in how her face looks and feels, just one night after using this product.

20. Roewell Thermal Geramic Ionic Round Barrel Anti-Static Hair Brush

While a hair brush might not mean much to you and your short hair, it can make the difference between gorgeous looking hair and a bad hair day for your girlfriend. This static free brush is a fantastic gift idea as it will help your girlfriend lose her frizz and tangles. The handle has an anti-slip texture that will allow your girlfriend to firmly hold it while she goes through her religious combing routine.

Round hair brushes in general are a great gift for a girl as it not just allows them to comb their hair but also use the brush as a styling aid to curl, straighten or shape their hair as well.

21. $50 Amazon Gift Card (Classic Black Card Design)


If you are completely clueless as to what will make your girlfriend happy, an actual Amazon gift card might be a great idea. While Amazon allows you to instantly email gift cards to anyone you want to, it isn’t the same as actually receiving a card that you can physically gift to your girlfriend. This black Amazon card comes in a neat little gift box that will make the gifting experience so much more special for your girlfriend. With Amazon selling anything and everything under the sun, she will put the money to good use. You can be assured of that!

22. Jerrybox 360 ° Rotatable Makeup Organizer with 18 Compartments

Does your girlfriend wear makeup? Chances are that she keeps her hundred makeup items crammed in a little cabinet. There’s always a lot of clutter to go through before she can find what she needs. This makeup organizer does a fantastic job at allowing your girlfriend to find what she needs with a simple turn of this rotatable organizer.

There’s room for skincare products, lipsticks, perfumes, eyebrow pencils, makeup brushes or just about anything you will find even in the most comprehensive makeup kits that women use.

23. Kerastase Paris Nutritive Bain Magistral Fundamental Nutrition Shampoo

There’s shampoo and then there’s professional Kerastase shampoo. Though this 2 pack costs almost $50, your girlfriend is going to be absolutely grateful and extremely excited to receive this gift. Any girl knows that Kerastase shampoos are some of the world’s best shampoos. This nourishing and damage-repairing shampoo will make your girl’s hair smooth, silky and with a very supple texture. You will enjoy the way your girlfriend looks as well, as she shows off her bouncy and super healthy looking hair.

24. Asics Women’s GEL-Venture 5 Running Shoe

Does your girlfriend like to run? If she does, she could always use a new pair of running shoes. This Asics pair of shoes fits that bill exactly. Asics are renowned for making the best running shoes out there. Made in Japan, they use proprietary gel technology that gives runners excellent support, cushion and also maximum performance while running.

This shoe is available in 11 stunning color combinations. Just run through the choices and pick one that your girlfriend will end up liking. A fantastic sporty gift idea that you just can’t go wrong with.

25. The North Face Women’s Jester Laptop Backpack


Anyone can use a backpack these days. It is the easiest way to carry around everyday technology essentials like a laptop, tablet, charger, headphones etc. The North Face is known to make some of the world’s most durable backpacks and this model is no different. Available in 20 color options, there’s bound to be a model that suits exactly your girlfriend’s taste. The feminine design, the 15’ laptop storage capacity and high quality zippers, fabric and mesh polyester finish mean that this is a backpack that will both look stylish and serve excellently, in terms of durability.

26. Alexander Del Rossa Womens Satin Pajamas

Unlike you who can fall asleep comfortably in your boxers, women love to wear full length pajamas as they like to sleep in warmth. This satin pajama set is an excellent gift idea as it offers an extremely luxurious feel for anyone in it. You have 9 color options to choose from. The button down design means that there is no awkward maneuvering over the neck and shoulders. The PJ bottoms have an elastic waist band and it also ships with a color matched mask that your girlfriend can use to cover her eyes, like when she decides to take a mid-day nap.

27. Bai Bubbles Bolivia Black Cherry Sparkling Anti-Oxidant 12 Count

You must have heard your girlfriend talk about the benefits of antioxidants at some point in life. Why not surprise her with a delicious bubbly drink that is full of anti-oxidants that can make her look younger and feel more energetic.

Bai Bubbles is a very popular drink available in 12 count packs of either assorted, Bogota Blackberry or Bolivia Cherry flavors. Packed with antioxidants, your girlfriend will love this because there are just 5 calories per can and just 1 gram of sugar! There are no diet guilt trips with this drink!

28. Sherpa Pink Himalayan Salt


There’s iodized salt that is bleached and then there’s pure Himalayan salt that is pink in color. Known for its unprocessed purity, there are many medicinal benefits related to this salt as it is rich in trace minerals that are essential for the body.

Your girlfriend is sure to get excited about this healthy gift, especially because of its pink color!

29. Epsoak Epsom Salt 19 lbs

Does your girlfriend like to take long hot baths, soaking in the hot tub? If she does, this gift of yours is going to give her joy with no bounds. Epsom salt when added to a bath is known to alleviate inflammation, stress and provide a very relaxed and stress free feeling. Since this is a 19lbs bag, it will be good for many baths. Don’t blame us if you find your girlfriend wanting to take longer and longer baths, because of this gift of yours!

30. Cuisinart C77SS 15 Pk Piece Stainless Steel Hollow Handle Knives Block Set

Did you try cutting anything with the knives you found in your girlfriend’s kitchen lately? Were they blunt? Did it take a lot of effort? If yes, gift your girlfriend this extremely popular Cuisinart 15 piece stainless steel knife set, with nothing but high quality knives that look like designer chef knives as well.

There’s a lifetime warranty on these knives and your girlfriend will be in absolute awe as to how easily they slice through meat, vegetables and other items she might need to cut on a daily basis.


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