Frequently asked questions!

We get questions about different topics from time to time. That’s why we have created this FAQ page for you, where you can already find the answers to your questions. If you still have questions, please feel free to contact us personally.

Do you make money from the website?

As I have already told on the about us page I earn money with the website. I don’t want to make any secret about it! The site is financed by Amazon Affiliate and Google AdSense. If you click on an Amazon link on my website you will be redirected to amazon. If you buy something from Amazon within the next 24 hours I will earn a small commission on your purchase. This has no negative impact on your purchase! You don’t pay more or less because of this! The only difference to a normal purchase is that Amazon pays me a small commission.

Still looking for writers to write for your site?

We are always looking for new content! That’s why we welcome new writers! Just send us a message and we will clarify all the details.

Can i promote my product on your site?

We are happy to promote your new product! As long as it falls in our grid and it is suitable as a gift, we are happy to promote your product. Just contact us and we will clarify all further details.

How many different gift ideas are there on your site?

Unfortunately, I stopped counting at some point. However, I am 100% sure that there are well over 1000 different gift ideas on the site.

How do you choose the gifts for you blog?

The gifts for my blog posts are selected differently. If I know myself pretty well with the topic, then I choose the products myself. However, if I have no idea of the subject, then I ask friends, which then help me in the choice of different products. For gifts for women, I usually ask female friends and for gifts for boys, of course, I ask my male friends. Another criterion for the selection of the perfect gift is the Amazon reviews. Based on this rating, you can usually already see whether this product is a good gift or whether it is a flop. If a product has quite a few negative reviews or generally a bad rating it will not be included in a blog post. However, if a product is top-rated and many people rave about it, then I will include it in the list of the best gifts.

Why are there more gift ideas for women than for men or children?

When I started the site back then I focused specifically on gift ideas for women. But recently I have also included gifts for men as well as children in my repertoire. Therefore, at the moment there are fewer gifts for men and children. This will soon change as I already have some ideas for a few nice gift post here.

Is there a possibility of sponsored posts in exchange of a backlink?

Yes, this possibility exists! Please contact me via the contact form. Because here I want to be sure that some criteria are met. But generally, guest posts are possible.

How many visitors do you reach per year and where do they come from?

I can not and will not give exact numbers because they are always fluctuating. In general, however, I can say that I have a five-digit number of different website visitors per year. The majority of them come from the USA.

Didn’t find the answer you where looking for?

Didn’t find the answer you were looking for? No problem at all! Just write us and tell us your request. We will get in touch with you as soon as possible.