Dos and Don’ts While Having a Girlfriend

Being in a relationship means having someone to hook up and to love. There are many ways to define the stages of knowing someone. Some create their own rules and standard on a relationship. But once you’re in a relationship, that rules and standard will be changed. There are certain characteristics that were looking for in a good partner, many may agree that they have what you call an ideal man or ideal woman. Some of these common characteristics are loyalty, honesty, patience, family oriented, passionate, sweet, and many more.

There are many things that we need to consider in a relationship to make it stronger and grow. The true meaning of a relationship is not having someone because you’re bored or just for fun. A relationship is created to find a good partner for a lifetime. Having a relationship requires teamwork. You choose that person to be a part of your journey and a teammate. Being in a team means you need to consider the needs of your partner and make the same decision in any situation.

Women are more demanding than men, they want all the attention would be for them. As a boyfriend, it is necessary to know her wants and needs by this you can treat your girlfriend the way she wanted to.

Here are some Dos and Don’ts you need to consider while having a girlfriend:

Ask her on a date

This is a good way to give her attention. Girls also love adventure and beautiful sights. You can ask her on a date, simple but romantic. Being in a relationship is having someone to be within an adventure, travels or even simple treat. Paying meal is optional. This is not just for men, both of you have the same obligation to pay for every meal on a date. You are an equal partnership, as a team, you can take turns or alternate on paying bills when going out. But as a man, sometimes it’s a gentleman and sweet way to treat your girlfriend on a date and has an initiative for paying the bill.

Never change on treating her

Treat a girl the same way you treat her before. Do the same thing you do just like the first time you date her and impress her if you always give her flowers on any occasion continue to do it. This is a great way your whole relationship won’t fade away.

Give her time and space.

Let each other have a space and quality time for yourselves. Allow her to go out late with her friends. Give her space to grow on her own and always have trust in her own decisions. Girls also want to spend time for their family and friends so don’t block her to do it. Don’t put her in a box, allow her to explore on her own, and support her in any journey she dreams of. All you need to do is ensure her that you always be there for her anytime.

Learn to compromise and choose the right battle.

Women sometimes don’t want a no for an answer. As a man, learn to just say yes without asking. This is a big help to avoid silly fights. Girls are known to be moody if they think they are in the right position they argue. So it’s better to compromise that built a wall of misunderstanding and argument from both of you. Girls are good speakers, they can argue even anywhere and anytime. There are some things that are worth fighting for and not. I don’t say that you don’t have the right to argue but choose the fight wisely. Smartest people knew when to fight and when to just agree on it.

Always be honest.

Being honest is one of the main ingredients in a relationship. Before courting or settling in a relationship you must be honest about your intention. If you don’t see her to be your future partner then don’t pursue her. Being honest in important cause this build trust in both of you. Girls have a good gut instinct, they can detect if your honest or not and good investigatory ability. So if you don’t have the intention to take your relationship serious better confess to.

Build a relationship with her family.

Girls attract boys who are family oriented the same as a boyfriend who is close to her family. This is also a great way to impress her by getting her family’s heart. Make conversations, treat them and bond with her family. Family is important for each of us. Even you don’t like one of them you still need to be kind and respectful in front of her family.

Don’t try to change her.

Even there are the thing you don’t want to her characteristics never push her to change, just let her change for you. You can discuss to her the things that must be changed but never force her to immediately change that. Give her time to think and change it for her and for you. Don’t try to turn her to someone she’s not just because that what you want.

Never put her down.

As a partner, it is your obligation to support and lift your partners up. Girls really love compliment in anything they do. Building up your partner will give a stronger and healthier relationship with each other. Encourage her in times of disappointment and trials. Always there for her to remind her to continue and never stop pursuing her dreams. Be her shoulder to cry or lean on in a difficult situation. If your partner did mistake never judge her, better to understand and help her to be a better version of herself.

Don’t hold your past against them.

Not because someone hurt you from the past means that will happen again. Not all individuals are the same. Don’t compare her to your past. Forgetting bad moments from your past relationship will make your relationship last longer.

Never forget the date of every occasion.

Your girlfriend is excited about a big event for both of you. Never ever forget the date of your anniversary and even birthdays. Girls always expect you to make her special and surprise her on these events. To avoid misunderstanding and arguments never forget the date.

Love is about to give and take. To make your relationship stronger you need to also give effort and be understanding in any situation. In this generation, love is not valued by its true meaning. Don’t be the man who easily to give up and walks away. Have the initiative to protect and take care of your relationship with your girlfriend.

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