Best Stuffed Animals To Gift Your Kids

Children love stuffed animals like a friend. No other toy can match the comfort that comes with a stuffed animal. In fact, there is scientific research-based evidence to back why kids love teddy bears and other stuffed animals.

These toys boost affection and nurturance in a child while also contributing to their psychological well-being.

If your child’s requests haven’t already convinced you to get them a new toy animal, check out the next session. You can find all the good reasons why gifting your kid a plush animal toy is an amazing idea.

We will help you choose only the best stuffed animal that is sure to stay close to your little one’s heart. If you want to make sure that the stuffed animal of your choice fits all the key checkpoints, keep reading.

This guide will help you choose the best stuffed toy that your kids will love.

Why Do Stuffed Animals Make For The Best Toys?

Here are the top reasons why stuffed animals are a must in your child’s toy collection.

1. Encourages nurture behaviour and affection

Your child may treat their stuffed animal like a real-life pet or baby. This can help them imitate and practice behaviours similar to grown-ups and learn while playing.

Children often care for, share emotions, and show affection to their inanimate toys, which helps in their overall mental and developmental growth.

2. Always up for happy greetings

While you may not always be in a mood for smiles and hugs, your baby’s stuffed bear is. No matter the time of the day, kids can find comfort and warmth in the arms of their fluffy friends.

3. Hugs and cuddles

Who doesn’t love hugs during a gloomy day? Children have their own highs and lows and having an all-time soft friend can help them deal with their emotions.

Also, it is commonly known that hugging and cuddling with their plush toys help children (and adults) sleep better.

4. Easy cleaning and maintenance

Once your child is done playing with their stuffed toys, they can effortlessly put them away. These lightweight stuffed animals are easier to carry around than building blocks or racing cars.

Moreover, cleaning them doesn’t take a lot of time and effort either. Just a little wash, and they will be clean as a new toy.

5. Long-lasting toys

You don’t need to worry about repairs and replacements with these stuffed animals. They cannot bend, break, or have dents, even after rough usage. Just a little sewing can fix it if your child manages to rip their teddy bear.

Best Stuffed Animals For Kids

If you leave it up to your children to decide their favourite plush toy, you might have to buy the entire shop. To help you figure out the best stuffed animal for your little one, we have handpicked 10 huggable animals to keep your child company. Let’s get straight to them.

1. Giant Elephant Stuffed Animal Plush Toys Gifts

This super adorable giant grey elephant plush toy from IKASA is incredibly soft to hug and play with. Since 2009, IKASA is known for its quirky and innovative soft toys. You can be worry-free while your child plays with this huggable elephant, for it is made of premium quality material.

It also complies with ASTM and EN71 testing. Plus, it comes in an elegant gift package, making it a perfect surprise gift for any child.

Another good thing is that this plush toy is super easy to clean; just use a soft brush and a cleanser bottle. Avoid washing it in a washing machine to prevent tears.

2. GUND Philbin Teddy Bear Jumbo Stuffed Animal Plush

How can we miss out on the classic teddy bear? Your child is sure to love this giant cuddy bear from GUND. Your child will befriend this mushy bear within no time. It features a curious expression, with curly hairs and cute detailed paw pads.

Its surface-washable construction makes it easy to clean. This bear from GUND is perfect for every occasion, whether it’s a birthday, Christmas, baptism, or Easter.

Moreover, you can be assured of its quality with the credibility and standards that the stuffed toys brand is known for.

Loved by all, you can gift this chocolate brown teddy to an infant, toddler, teenager, and even an adult. Your child will have an all-time companion for playtime, collection, and cuddling.

3. GUND Lilyrose Unicorn Jumbo Stuffed Animal Plush

Who doesn’t love a unicorn? Get this Jumbo Lilyrose Unicorn from GUND and let your child’s imagination run wild.

Beautifully designed, this pink and white unicorn has tiny flowers and gold sparkle accents, and a horn on it. It is super soft, strong, and sturdy, which makes it ideal for cuddling and hugging.

What’s more, this mystical plush toy has its own name – Nori. It is surface-wash safe, which means the magic continues even after days of use. Just handwash it.

This stuffed animal is more like a dream-come-true for every child. In fact, we are sure that along with your baby, you too will fall in love with Nori.

4. Wild Republic Jumbo Giraffe Plush, Giant Stuffed Animal

You can get this Jumbo giraffe from Wild Republic to familiarize your child with the pride of African Savanna.

This stuffed animal resembles a real-life giraffe and yet is super cuddly and cute. Measuring approximately 30 inches in height, this plush giraffe is made using only the best quality material.

You can use it as a décor item for your living room or as an educational tool to help your child learn about giraffes. The best thing is that you do not need to worry about possible wear and tears, with its premium quality and sturdy built.

The easy-to-clean giraffe is surface washable and is suitable for kids of all ages.

5. Jellycat Henry Hound Dog Stuffed Animal

If your child loves dogs, this Henry Hound stuffed dog from Jellycat makes for a great companion. It is made using 100% polymer and measures 21 inches in size. You can give it to children of all ages, from a newborn baby to teenagers.

Children and adults alike can hug and cuddle with this ultra-soft dog. Whether you are looking for a fun companion for your child, a cool addition to their room, or a calming, cuddle buddy, the Hound Dog fits the role.

If you wonder whether its cost is worth a plush toy, the positive customer reviews tell us that it is indeed.

6. NoJo Pink Narwhal Lighted Metallic Horn Plush Stuffed Animal

Looking for a unique stuffed toy? Go for this pink dolphin with a metallic sparkle horn. The stuffed animal comes accented with a decorative metallic heart. The metallic horn lights up in the dark, making it a cosy companion for your little one’s nighttime routine.

You can manage the light with its easy-to-use on and off button. Moreover, you can save on battery life with its auto shut-off feature. What’s more, the batteries are well hidden under their secure velcro, making them safe to use for kids.

Just put in 2 AA batteries and see your child’s face light up with this super comfy, cuddly toy.

7. GUND LINE Friends Jumbo Brown Standing Plush Stuffed Animal Bear

This super-soft Jumbo Brown Bear is from GUND. Measuring 23 inches in height, this standing plush makes for a perfect play and decor toy.

You can gift this huggable teddy to anyone above the age of 1, and we assure you they will love it. Like all GUND plush toys, this one too is made of premium soft material that is surface-washable and simple to clean.

This Jumbo bear can make any occasion extra special, especially if it involves a child. Your child can hug, cuddle, play, or sleep with their new bear buddy.

8. Wild Republic Jumbo Fox Plush, Giant Stuffed Animal

You must have heard of the famous cunning fox. We present to you its alternative, the giant cuddly fox plush.

Part of the Jumbo plush collection, this stuffed animal has a surface-wash construction. The soft, durable material is easy to clean. Your child can use this 30-inch plush as their very own animal pillow.

Not only is this great for playtime, cuddles, hugging, and sleeping, you can even fashion cute room decor for your child with this one.

9. TAGLN Large Stuffed Animals White Tiger Toys Plush Big

This white tiger plush toy will make for an elegant, comfortable, and eye-catching plush for your little one. It uses only premium quality material and comes with polyester cotton stuffing. Its eyes and nose are made of durable plastic.

You can be assured of its quality as it meets EN71 and ASTM standards for stuffed toys. Plus, the tiger toy looks almost lifelike since it uses a paper frame inside the head. Moreover, being surface-wash friendly, this stuffed animal is easy to clean and maintain.

10. Ty Beanie Babies Peter Rabbit Stuffed Animal

This cute little Beanie Babies Peter Rabbit is modelled from the 2018 movie. If your kid is a fan of cute bunnies, and especially the popular Peter Rabbit, surprise them with this stuffed animal.

Measuring 9 inches in size, the rabbit is a toy-sized replica of the movie character. It makes an amazing addition to your child’s daytime imaginations. In fact, your little one can wrap their arms around this cute little bunny and snuggle their way to a sound sleep.

Things To Keep In Mind While Choosing A Stuffed Animal

While you are looking for the best-stuffed animal toy for your child, you must take care of some important things. This is because your child is likely to carry this plush everywhere they can, to the dinner table, playdates, etc.

If you are just looking for a new stuffed animal because the old one has worn out, go for simple toys that can fuel your child’s vivid imagination. In case a special occasion has brought you here, you can choose from unique and special toys to make your child’s day.

Type of Animal

There are chances that your baby already loves a particular animal more than others. If you are not aware of their choice, you can always ask your little one. Whether your child fancies a shiny unicorn, cuddly giraffe, or a fluffy bear would determine what toy you ought to get.

Safe for Kids

The best-case scenario would be to get a stuffed animal that passes through the standard quality tests made for such toys. Everything else is secondary when it comes to the safety of your child.

That is why you must avoid toys with tiny, removable pieces that risk getting stuck in your child’s throat or nose.


The more vibrant the stuffed toy is, the better it is. Bright, colorful toys would naturally stimulate your child to feel positive, joyful emotions. If your child has a favorite color, say pink or blue, choose them over the usual grey, brown, or black.


Depending upon your child’s preferences, you can either go for a compact, cute plush, or a larger-than-life version or something in between. Usually, larger plush toys cost more, but the difference is menial compared to your child’s happiness.


Material is one thing that should not be compromised on. It is wiser to spend more on good quality, durable toys rather than on cheap, flimsy ones. This will ensure your child’s stuffed animal lasts longer.

You can go for a premium quality cotton or polymer toy or a plush version for additional softness.


Look for surface-washability for ease of maintenance of your baby’s toys. Some toys are machine-washable, whereas others need to be carefully washed with hand. Also, some plush toys, especially the battery-operated ones, may only be needed to be spot-cleaned.

To be sure, check the care instructions mentioned at the back of the toy’s label.

Sensory features

Depending upon the purpose of the stuffed toy, you can look for additional sensory features.

Weighted stuffed animals help soothe anxiety, bring calmness, and may aid your child in sleeping. A glow-in-the-dark feature may also be helpful for those having trouble sleeping in the dark.

Summing Up

Stuffed animals make for an adorable addition to your child’s playtime toys. These soft, fluffy, cuddle-friendly plushies come with several benefits. These include helping your child calm down, sleep better, learn about animals, and encourage nurture and care behaviour.

We have curated the above-mentioned list of the top 10 stuffed animals that you can gift your child to celebrate any occasion. Go ahead, bring home a bundle of hugs and happiness today!

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