10 Most Stunning Single Pearl Necklaces You Can Get Your Girlfriend

A very famous jewelry brand once said- wear one string of pearls when you can wear two. That might be true for many, but there are elegance and pomp to a single necklace. A beautiful, striking white hanging in perfect harmony on a silvery chain. What could be more graceful than that? While diamonds do take much more of a hype, pearls are the official and the most ancient gems according to the analects.

And we wouldn’t argue with the sentiment; there is a sort of heart-wrenching philosophy to gems including a pearl. And it isn’t hard to decipher why a single pearl becomes a muse to the poet, to the artist, to a woman, and the eye of the beholders.

Although there is no clear indication of who professed the ornamental value of a pearl first, it isn’t hard to believe that nomads first discovered it along the seashore on their quest for some food.

The most official appreciation of a pearl as Jewelry and, more specifically, a necklace dates back to 420 BC. A description of it was found in a sarcophagus of Persian royalty, a princess. The necklace was allegedly first presented as a gift to the Chinese imperial rulers around 2300 BC. But the real credit goes to Julius Caesar, who made the gen an official commodity worn only by those of the higher ruling class.


10 Best Single Pearl Necklaces You Can Get Your Girlfriend Reviews

That is enough of a history lesson for now, aye! Let’s get back to the primary goal of this post. We have collected the top 10 results for the most stunning single pearl necklaces that look great and are true to what they promise. All the pieces we mention can be easily picked up on Amazon for better convenience. And what’s a better gift for your girlfriend than a single pearl necklace, there is no arguing that.  Let’s get started, shall we?


1. La Regis Jewelry 18K V Yellow Gold Chain Single Pearl Necklace

Single Pearl Necklace

Are you wondering why are freshwater cultured pearls so hyped? Well, if you are looking for every single pearl necklace, then buying a cultured pearl is your best bet. Why is that? Cultured pearls are sturdier, can stand scratches, perfume spritzing, and look as pretty as their more delicate counterparts.

If you are worried about the rough every day, losing the necklace or replacing it, the La Regis Single Pearl necklace fits well under the $300 price point. This invariably translates to that in case you lose the Jewelry or damage it, the squandering is not as heavy on your conscious as it would be with a higher price point.

The necklace is supplemented by an 18k gold chain, on which the pearl hangs in the center. There is something undoubtedly artistic about the white of the peal and the yellow hue of the gold chain. The culturing of the pearl gives it a sure lustrous sheen that is most likely to wraps the waist of your friends.

Yes, indeed, the price is a little above minimal for a single pearl necklace, but the Las Regis variant is made to help you get the most out of the investment. The Jewelry makes the overall dress code look more elegant and natural, making it perfect for high-profile parties and even professional attendance.

The only disparity that we could collect was that the chain itself could do a little better in comparison to the high-profile pearl. Overall, this single pearl necklace by La Regis is straight-up stunning and the right choice for our readers who are looking for economy and safe purchase.


2. Dishis Designer IGI/IGLI certified Single Pearl Necklace

Single Pearl Necklace

Confused how the IGI/IGLI certification makes this Single pearl necklace by Dishis Designer Jewelry special? IGI reports are the most reliable assessment of the credibility of all types of gems, including pearls. The organization is one of the most heralded units in its niche, and receiving a certification from the same, sets the claims of a Jewelry seller in stone. When you purchase a single pearl necklace having an IGI certification, you are purchasing a lot more than just a piece of stunning jewelry. You get a guaranteed bonus that the purchase remains true to what it professes.

Back to the main subjects of this article, the Dishis Designer single pearl hangs on a chain coated with rhodium, which again comes with its own certification. The diamond-studded necklace cradles a 6mm full pearl in the very center. The main selling point of this single pearl necklace is its modern yet classy design.

Dishis Designers are well known in several countries, including the US and other Asian countries, for incorporating the newest vogue trends in their pieces. And this pearl necklace is no different. The style is appropriate for minimal events as well as exuberant galas.

Overall, the price point is slightly above the $250 benchmark, but the pearl, along with its chain and pendant, is simply premium and just a real sight to behold.



3. Dionne White AA Quality Japanese Akoya Yellow Gold Cultured Single Pearl Necklace

Single Pearl Necklace

The exclusive Japanese Akoya pearl is infamous for its luster, purity, and subtle features that enhance the overall body of the gem. Cultured Akoya pearls are regarded highly because of there perfectly round shape, almost metallic reflection, and the top tier luster. They are formed to show zero disparities in the overtone on its body, which again is one of the most critical factors in determining the quality of the pearl.

The Dionne White AA quality single pearl necklace is an ingenious design for a pearl necklace. The pearl itself is held by a delicate pendant that hangs on a gold chain. The pendant and the chain are both 14k. The pearl measure approximately 8 or 9 mm, a very generous size indeed.

It is easy to appreciate the exquisite craftsmanship of the pendant’s design that holds the pearl on one side. The brand is well known for offering genuine Japanese Akoya pearls, which again justifies the above $300 price point.

Conclusively, you can never go wrong with this pendant, a fruitful investment that will add pomp to your status quo and style. This single pearl necklace is the go-to buy if you are hoping to impress the most important woman in your life.



4. Bianka White 10-11mm AAA Quality South Sea 14K Yellow Gold Cultured Single Pearl Necklace

Single Pearl Necklace

South Sea pearls are another unique gem variety for variety enthusiasts. They originate from the white-lipped oyster called the Pinctada maxima. The oyster is relatively more substantial compared to other variations, including the Japanese Akoya and freshwater ones. Invariably, the pearls retrieved from the Pinctada Maxima are larger. South Sea pearls are coveted because they are much harder to find hence quite a rarity in the Jewelry market. The cultivation of these pearls requires dexterity, which makes them a desirable, although an expensive investment.

Bianka White south sea pearl necklace is a peace offering for customers looking for a south sea pearl necklace to add to their collection of luxury jewelry items. The pearl hags from a clean and classy pendant that does an excellent job of letting the pearl remain the main highlight of the ensemble. The diamonds studded on the jewelry add bling to the product, making it a perfect piece to wear on significant events. There is no way; you could go wrong with the Bianka White south sea pearl necklace as a gift for your girlfriend.

The minimalistic chain does not overpower the overall aesthetics. However, the material is sturdy and made to last an eternity. The gorgeous glow of the white south sea pearl supplemented by the diamond-studded pendant will surely raise interest in you on the night of the party. Overall, despite the above $300 threshold, the Bianka single pearl necklace is a must buy, if you are looking for a piece of foolproof jewelry to gift your girlfriend.



5. Carlin AAA Quality Japanese Akoya White Gold Cultured Single Pearl Necklace

Single Pearl Necklace

By now, you must be aware of the allure that Akoya Cultured Pearls brings to jewelry enthusiasts. If you have been in a long-time relationship with your girlfriend, you must be running out of ideas to show appreciation for her effort and love to keep the commune alive. To give you a reprieve from the dry out, we bring you the Carlin AAA Japanese Akoya Single Pearl Necklace.

There are two variants of the Carlin single pearl necklace- a black pearl necklace and the white Japanese Akoya one. For an elegant purchase, the white pearl necklace is your best bet. The pendant holding the Akoya pearl is heart-shaped, supported by a 17.5-inch chain. A perfect gift when you want to unravel the adoration of your girlfriend as soon as she unwraps the gift.

Another integration makes the Carlin Single Pearl Necklace a fruitful investment. You get an appraisal certificate that verifies the original value and the high quality of the pearl and its pendant. Most of the reviews about the product are positive, although some mention the small size of the necklace might be a disparity. However, the elegant design and superior quality of the product makes it a robust butterfly effect for your girlfriend.

Conclusively, if you are willing to pitching for a high price point, you are receiving more than just a necklace. This single pearl necklace is a real asset with all the right certifications, looks, and longevity.



6. Sora AAAA Quality Freshwater Yellow Gold Cultured Single Pearl Necklace

Single Pearl Necklace

The Sora Freshwater Single Pearl Necklace is a true representative of minimalism mixed with style. The AAAA certified pearl is flawlessly lustrous if you are hoping for a magic spell on your girlfriend, this single pearl necklace does the job quite well. The surface of the peal’s body is smooth without any inconsistencies and comply with all the attractive features that a freshwater pearl must possess.

The pearl hangs from a curved, thin pendant that is attached to a gold chain. The pendant is 14k and complements the simplicity and the overall aesthetics of the ensemble. The company, Sora, is infamous for choosing only the most dazzling peals that are then cultured until they reach 9 to 10mm in size.

The pearl looks gorgeous with just any outfit and quickly becomes the center of attention of many googly eyes during events. The sora single pearl necklace is most certainly a luxury offering for your girlfriend, and we say, why not, she needs her fair share of pampering, alright. The company has a free return and exchange policy should you change your mind. Although, we are not convinced that you would ever want to return this stunning piece of jewelry, ever.



7. Darlene Black AAA Quality Tahitian Yellow Gold Cultured Single Pearl Necklace

Single Pearl Necklace

Black is the color of a perpetual status quo; it is a house full of rebellious gods, closet of ingenious ideas. If your girlfriend agrees with this sentiment, you need to check out this black Tahitian single pearl necklace from Darlene to gift your partner.

But first a little insight on what a Tahitian pearl is and what does it mean for a girl to one? Tahitian pearls are an exotic commodity for the Jewelry industry retrieved from the black-lipped oyster called the Pinctada margaritifera. The reflection and the rainbow hues on the surface of the black pearl are enchanting. The peacock coloured illusions on the pearl shift and turn, enough to catch the attention of the most interested people at the party.

Unlike most other pearls that need culturing to bring out the lustrous colours, a Tahitian black pearl has a natural black colour. Because of the array of colour gradients, finalizing the pearl is quite tricky. Statistically, the Tahitian black pearl is the second most commercial commodity in the industry.

Back to the star of the show, the Darlene Black AAA Quality Tahitian black single pearl necklace is as stunning as its description. The pearl is subtended by a small, minimalistic golden 14k pendant. The pendant is a classy hook style bail which lets the peal shine as the main highlight of the piece.

Darlene is well known in the market for its exceptionally high-quality pearl collection, and it is quite an enticing offering, considering the fact that only five percent of Tahitian black pearl quality under the AAA quality margin. Conclusively, if you see this necklace, you should add it to your cart without a doubt.



8. Catrina White AAA Quality Japanese Akoya 14K Yellow Gold Cultured Single Pearl Necklace

Single Pearl Necklace

Yes, Japanese Akoya pearls are one of the most desirable pieces of jewelry to own or to gift your lovely girlfriend. But the pendant on the Catrina Akoya Single Pearl Necklace is equally as stunning as the pearl that it holds. The triangular bottom of the pendant is studded with brilliant diamonds for a little bit of bling. The pearl 7 to 8mm in size and has an undeniable luster. The overall weight up to 0.1-carat diamonds on the pendant to the premium quality of the necklace.

The chain that holds the pieces together has a clean and classy design, careful not to subdue the main highlight of the ensemble- the Japanese Akoya pearl. You also receive an appraisal certification along with the package, that verifies the market value and reaffirms the high quality of the pearl. The company Catrina offers a 100 percent free return and exchange policy within 30 days of the purchase should you change your mind, although that will most likely never happen.

Overall, the complete single pearl necklace by Catrina is straight-up stunning and is sure to impress the most important woman in your life. Moreover, comparing with similar products from different brands, this necklace is reasonably priced.



9. Sinya Single Pearl AAA Quality South Sea Cultured Golden Single Pearl Necklace

Single Pearl Necklace

Gift your girlfriend a sun in a box? Yes, the Sinya AAA Quality South Sea Cultured Single pearl necklace, is truly as stunning as having a small sun around your neck. The 18k gold chain is amazingly simple with its clean design. The chain complements the pearl it holds by letting it stand out in the overall ensemble.

The pearl varies in size from 9mm to 10mm, which you can get made to order. The company claims to give you the exact product as the picture, and the reviews from existing customers reviews reaffirm the claims. If you find the single pearl necklace different from what you see in the picture, the company, Sinya, offers 35 days offer where you can return the product if the disparity pops up.

We can appreciate the intricacy with which the overall single pearl necklace designs, despite the clean architecture. Another exciting feature of the product is its minimum pricing when compared to the other products on the list.



10. JYX Pearl Tahitian Pearl  Round Peacock Green Single Pearl Necklace

Single Pearl Necklace

If you want a retrieve from the conventional simple single pearl necklace, this piece from JYX is a breath of fresh air. The wings on either of the Tahitian pearl body are made for your quirky girlfriend and will, without a doubt, satisfy her harry porter fantasies.

As we mentioned before, the Tahitian black pearl is known for its multi-peacock coloured iridescence. And the luster on this pearl is true to this feature. The winged pearl remains subtended by a gold chain. The chain is made simplistic to let the main highlight of the ensemble stand out sufficiency.

The company, JYX, draws its pearls from the remote French Polynesian island, which is also the primary location where the mother oysters exist. Considering the difficulty in culturing the black-lipped oyster, the pricing of this single pearl necklace is attractive and minimal.

The product makes for a gift that your girlfriend won’t stop flaunting. The company also ensures a 100 percent customer satisfaction rate by offering a 60-day return or exchange policy. Overall, we deem this single pearl necklace a classy and smart purchase if you have eccentric and nerdy girlfriend.


Should I buy a single pearl necklace or a normal pearl necklace?

It depends on the person you want to give the necklace to. A necklace with only one pearl does not look as pompous as a normal pearl necklace. Therefore, a single pearl necklace can be worn for any occasion. Normal pearl necklaces, on the other hand, are for very special occasions. But it also depends on what your wife or girlfriend likes. If she prefers it more simple, a single pearl necklace is preferable.
Or you can just have a look in her jewelry drawer and analyze the jewelry she is wearing if she prefers chains with only one pendant then a chain with only one pearl is just the right thing for her.

How much should a single pearl necklace cost?

This depends entirely on the person you want to give it to and on your financial means. But a gift doesn’t necessarily have to cost a lot – in my opinion, gifts are all about the gesture. But if it’s still about money I would say a single pearl necklace should cost more than 100 € or even a little more. Then you can be sure that the quality is right and the gift will last for a long time.

Can I buy a single pearl necklace on the internet?

Of course, you can buy them on the Internet. Nowadays you don’t have to go to a jeweler to buy such necklaces – you can buy them easily on the internet. This eliminates the need for advice but gives you a much wider choice. If you buy them in a big online shop like Amazon you are always on the safe side.

Do Girls like single pearl necklaces?

Believe me, women love such necklaces, if you plan to give her one as a gift, you can do nothing wrong with it. If you hand it over nicely wrapped and nicely presented, nothing will stand in the way of a smile on her face.

How should I wrap the single pearl necklace?

Simply buy a jewelry box and put the necklace inside after that put a bow around it and the gift is perfectly wrapped. Alternatively, you could put it in a small cloth bag.


The over to edge reputation of single pearl necklaces is an ever-present trend among jewelry enthusiasts. As opposed to the general sentiment that says, women appreciate nothing better than diamonds. Once you gift a single pearl necklace to your woman, you will understand that not quite the case. In fact, the pearl is one of the more ancient and mysterious gems in the world, officially! They were known to attract the imperial Chinese and identities like Julius Caesar. And without a doubt, the same ensemble will appeal to your queen.

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