The Best Promise Rings for Your Girlfriend

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As a man in love, we just know why you are looking for a promise ring for your girlfriend. You are not quite in a stage to propose marriage, but, at the same time, you are so in love that you want to show serious commitment. A promise ring does exactly that.

It will let your girlfriend know that you are absolutely crazy about her, without spooking her with a marriage proposal if the time hasn’t quite come yet. On the other hand, if your girlfriend has been dropping hints about a marriage proposal and you aren’t quite ready to do that, gifting her a promise ring is a beautiful way of saying that you love her, and that you are just waiting for better times to go down on one knee.

Below, we will quickly introduce you to some of the most stunning promise rings you can buy for your girlfriend, this very moment, with an easy purchase online.

10KT White Gold Princess Round Diamond Promise Ring

We make this recommendation after a phenomenal amount of research. With a price tag just south of about $150, this is a stunning promise ring with a minimalistic yet very classy design. The choice of metal here is white gold, with a white diamond stone set in an elaborate princess type setting.

This is just perfect if your girlfriend is in her early twenties, late twenties or even in her thirties. It has just the perfect blend of style and sophistication to appeal to both a young and middle aged woman. This white gold ring with a slim profile is just the kind of ring your girlfriend will like if she doesn’t accessorize much and only like jewelry that gives her an accent of style as opposed to providing an over powering showpiece on her fingers.

Women just love white gold and a promise ring made out of white gold, with a princess setting white diamond ring will surely bring out a lot of delight when you present it to your girlfriend. A smart, safe and very affordable choice for sure!


Heart Ring Rose Gold Cognac and White Diamonds Promise Ring with 0.15 CT Diamonds

Featuring a bold and offbeat design, the show of promise to love is undeniable when you gift your girlfriend this ring. At the center is a beautiful heart adorned with brown stones, lending a crimson like color touch to the ring.

The designers of this ring have been so thoughtful when they crafted the ring that it features a rose gold band that weaves through the heart shaped centerpiece, as if to say that the heart is woven with nothing but your love. Trust us when we say that your girlfriend will notice and think about such intimate details, showering you with praises, affection and love for having chosen such a symbolic ring to signify your love and commitment to her and the relationship you are in.


10K Gold Round Diamond Ladies 3 Stone Promise Ring with ¼ CT Diamond

A white gold promise ring where the centerpiece is a .25 carat diamond stone set as if it is part of the band, without an elevated or highlighted setting. The band beautifully twists and then gently breaks into the oval setting for the centerpiece, providing a twisted pattern with a lot of finesse. The level of intricacy is very high when it comes to design, for the three centerpiece diamonds look as they though they float in the space between oval setting for the centerpiece.

The ring is also available in rose gold and yellow gold finishes, should you not be a fan of the white gold finish.

10KT White Gold Diamond 12-13 Clarity Promise Ring

Another beautiful white gold diamond ring, but with more exuberant style. Four princess cut diamonds adorn the centerpiece of this ring, made out of 14k white gold. The setting is very unique as it uses a pave-set housing, meaning that the four diamonds sit atop a bedding of elevated stones, adding grandeur to the diamond stones, with a lot of class and finesse.

This ring as your chosen promise ring will be great if your girlfriend is the type who likes to boldly show off her jewelry, not afraid of being in the spotlight for wearing a rock that catches the light. Not every day are you going to run into a beautiful promise ring with a diamond weighing 0.25 carats, all for a price just over $200. The round diamond stone boasts an H-I color rating and a clarity rating of I2-I3, again attributes that you will generally not find in any ring at this price, let alone a promise ring!

If a memorable promise is what you want to make, with the ring catching your girl’s attention every time she looks at her hand, this is exactly the ring you want. The extremely attractive price point just makes it all the more gorgeous.


Dainty 10K Yellow Gold Diamond and Tanzanite Promise Ring

If your girlfriend is very petite or has very slender fingers, this promise ring will absolutely look gorgeous on her, particularly if she likes yellow gold and colorful gemstones. The classic band is accentuated with diamonds just a little before it raises into a centerpiece, a centerpiece featuring a stunning Tanzanite gem stone.

While there are a lot of promise rings that incorporate white gold with colored gemstones, this is one beauty that pulls off a colored gemstone look with the classic yellow gold band finish with great finesse, as it is a combination that usually doesn’t work. If your girlfriend likes the subtle kind of beauty when it comes to the jewelry she wears, this is just going to fall right into place when she accepts this promise offering from you.


Diamond Heart Shape Promise Ring

If there was one thing that could show off your commitment to your girlfriend more than a promise ring, it is a promise ring with a bold heart encrusted with diamonds. This stunning ring features 14K white gold with a detailed and prominent centerpiece, with 87 small round diamonds adorning the surface of the heart.

For the sub $300 price it sells, you are not going to see a whole lot of other promise rings that manage to look this stunning, while using as many stones used in this ring! The craftsmanship is simply brilliant, securing the almost 100 stones so well that your girlfriend won’t have to worry about the stones falling out.

No matter where she goes with this ring, she is going to get asked who the man in her life is. This is a ring that will bring a smile to her face every day she wears it, even if for the rest of her life!


14K White Gold Solitaire Diamond Promise Ring

If you want a promise ring with an elegantly simple band but with a highlighted centerpiece, this white gold ring with a solitaire diamond setting is just what you are looking for. The delight on your girlfriend’s face will just be unmistakable if you choose this beautiful ring that symbolizes purity, beauty, elegance and the strength of love.

The diamond is meticulously nestled into a pretty setting that uses four beautifully crafted prongs. This is yet another ring that won’t break the bank for you, but will look expensive, sophisticated and also very unique at the same time. A solitaire ring is a timeless piece of jewelry and this ring is no different.

Available in prices just around $250, the diamond features an impressive H-I color rating and a 12-13 clarity rating, offering fantastic value for money, along with its style, sophistication and finesse.

If you have noticed that your girlfriend likes just a little bit of sparkle, with the keyword being “a little”, when she chooses her jewelry, like when she buys earrings or necklaces or other accessories like bracelets or watches, this is the ring that will complement those exact looks she is after. The deliberately designed plain bland is made that way to bring out the beauty of the solitaire setting. Think of it as a way to let your promise hog the limelight, in the form of the stone!

The workmanship might look simple but there is an enormous amount of work that goes into adorning a simple band with a solitaire setting diamond ring, without making it look abrupt or sudden. The design of this type of ring is so time tested that it will serve the purpose of any occasion, not just as a promise ring. Don’t be surprised if your girlfriend continues to wear this ring even after you are married, simply because it is timeless and will complement any outfit of her, for decades to come!


10K White and Rose Gold with ¼ CTW Diamond Two Stone Promise Ring

This ring from Boston Bay Diamonds is simply a stunner. If you want to make a promise with a statement, this is the kind of ring you want to choose. The ring features a white gold band with rose gold accents. The two rose gold accents nestle around the two diamond stones, as if embracing them in love, signifying your commitment to your girlfriend, whilst also acknowledging the same from her. Just the perfect promise ring to not only express your promise to your girl, but also appreciate the commitment and love she has showered you with.

The cut of the diamond is rated as very good and the natural stone has the very sought after round shape. With a minimum color rating of I and a clarity rating of I1, your girlfriend will have no qualms about flaunting this ring and its main feature, the stone.

TransGems 2-2.5 CTW DF Color Moissanite Simulated Diamond Promise Ring with 14K Gold

While all the above rings feature a centerpiece setting, this ring features an all-round glittering design. The ring features several beautiful, extra-white Moissanite stones set in a band made out of 14K gold. If you didn’t know about Moissanite, it is a precious gem that has a very unique cut that brilliantly throws off any light shown upon it. The effect is an undeniable shimmery glint that will catch your girlfriend’s attention everywhere she goes, always reminding you of the promise you have made her. Though the ring has a price tag north of $500, it looks worth several thousand dollars more and you are pretty much guaranteed to have your girlfriend wondering how many thousands you spent on it, to show her your commitment through the wonderful gesture of gifting a promise ring.

Despite several gems being used, it is subtle enough to be worn with everyday clothing as well as for those special dresses for special occasions. If your girlfriend is not very particular about ring stones only having to be diamonds and instead prefers a glittery ring that looks more like a band with several beautifully adorned stones, this ring is almost an automatic choice. Depending on the ring size, you get anywhere between 2 to 2.5 CTW worth of stone. What’s special about this Moissanite ring is that it is sold by TransGems that have carved out a name for themselves, as being able to provide Moissanite stones that are whiter and purer than any other vendor, anywhere in the world.

These are also stones that last a lifetime, regardless of how much abuse they are put through. You can’t say the same of other promise rings that must be delicately handled. If your woman loves rings that she doesn’t have to daintily maintain, this is a great choice.


14K White Gold Swiss Blue Topaz Diamond Cocktail Promise Ring

A white gold band blended with a beautifully blue genuine Swiss blue topaz stone, with sparkle that will unmistakably catch your girlfriend’s eye when she opens the box with your promise ring.

The Lagoon blue hue lends just the amount of color to make the ring look stunning, without taking too much away from the band. With a promise ring or any ring for that matter, you never won’t a centerpiece that takes away from the band as it provides an unbalanced look that makes it difficult to dress up with. This ring on the other hand maintains that perfect balance between band and stone, despite the stone’s brilliant blue color.

Blending the band with the Swiss blue Topaz stone are 6 genuine diamonds, three on each side of the blue stone. If blue is your girlfriend’s color, this Swiss blue promise ring is just going to appeal so much more when you decide to announce your promise of love for her!


14K Gold Round Cut Pink Sapphire and White Diamond Heart Shaped Promise Ring

Are you about to present a promise ring to a girlfriend who just loves all things pink and heart shaped? This ring just screams out those exact attributes. The classic cut band features a heart shape crafted with white diamonds, flanked by two sets of white diamond beds again. Amidst the white diamonds are brilliantly bright pink sapphire stones that provide the ring with that pink color that your girlfriend so loves, if she of course indeed loves pink!

Trust us when we say that you just can’t go wrong with this stunningly feminine promise ring if your girlfriend loves expressive elements of love and womanly beauty, like the heart shape and brilliant pink color used in this promise ring. While a lot of girls think the color pink and the heart shape are cliché, there’s still millions who absolutely want just that!


Dainty 14K Yellow Gold Infinity Celtic Knot Promise Ring

Weaved rings are very popular with women and this promise ring beautifully captures a weaved ring theme, using lustrous 14K yellow gold. The polish on this ring is so blindingly brilliant. If your girlfriend has a love for gold in its original yellow gold color, no other promise ring is going to make her happier.

The Celtic knot is known to signify endless love that will withstand even the most difficult of obstacles. If your girlfriend is of Celtic origin, she will immediately know what this means when she lays eyes on it. The euphoria she will have that you went out of the way to find a ring that symbolizes love in the Celtic culture is just going to make the day you are going to present her this ring all the more special.

Despite its age old traditions, the Celtic knot design lends a very modern finish as well, allowing your girlfriend to wear it with any clothing she chooses. Of course, it is going to look absolutely stunning when she wears those special dresses as well.

The perfect blend of tradition, modernity, class and style is what you get with this shiny gold promise ring.


Dainty 14K Rose Gold Diamond Solitaire Promise Ring

Rose gold is the trending color when it comes to jewelry these days. While gold, silver and white gold rings are still mainstays in showrooms and online retailers of jewelry, a rose gold ring is refreshingly different, yet maintaining the allure that gold and silver rings provide.

If your girlfriend uses an iPhone with rose gold finish, a very popular model, we guarantee that she will love this dainty rose gold promise ring with diamond stones. The centerpiece is a natural diamond stone with a K-M color rating and a clarity rating of I1. Adjacent to the centerpiece diamond are 6 beautiful stones, three on either side, accentuating the centerpiece stone. The white diamond is set on prongs just tall enough to accentuate the ring’s centerpiece, without lifting it too far away from the rose gold band, providing an elegant, classy and everlasting look.

The craftsmanship is such that it beautifully balances the beauty of the rose gold band with the centerpiece white diamond stone.

Once again, like we said before, if your girlfriend has shown any interest in rose gold jewelry, choosing this ring as a promise ring will leave her speechless at your refined taste, and of course at the gesture you will make to promise her about your love.


Round Diamond Promise Band 14K Rose Gold Promise Ring

If your girlfriend is the type of girl that never removes any jewelry you gift her or anything that symbolizes the love between the two of you, this promise band is a stunning and very practical choice. Because of its minimalistic design, it is easily “stackable”. What this means is that she will be easily able to wear an engagement or a wedding ring or both right alongside with this ring, without leaving her ring finger very cluttered!

The ever so slightly twisted design is just breathtaking, showing off the lustrous nature of rose gold. The intricate setting of the numerous stones all along the surface of this band will just leave your girlfriend in awe, with her getting compliments everywhere she goes, once she accepts your promise ring.


0.63 Carat 14k Black Gold Twisting Infinity Gold and Diamond Ring

This ring is last on our list of recommendations simply because we wanted to save the best for the last. The ring features a stunning blue diamond that accounts for more than 6% of the weight of the total ring, a far cry from pretty much any other promise ring we have introduced you to before.

The diamond obviously has a lot of pedigree. For starters, it is in the very sought after round shape, with a brilliant blue color. The ring ships with a minimum diamond rating of AAA, which is pretty much as high it is going to get for diamonds found on promise rings. The cut is also officially graded as a “very good cut”, again a rating that you typically find in most if not any promise rings. It is also a natural stone with an irradiated color, meaning the color isn’t natural.

If the brilliantly mesmerizing blue stone doesn’t impress your girlfriend, she will be blown away by the bold black gold with 14K purity. Black gold is just a pristine choice of metal to show off a beautifully colored diamond stone, especially a blue diamond stone. The contrast of the colors just works and works admirably.

If that craftsmanship wasn’t enough for you, how about the intricately twisted black metal pattern, accentuated with numerous white stones no less!

Simply put, this promise ring is a stunner. If you absolutely adore your girlfriend and want to stop at nothing to let her know of your promise of love, we doubt you are going to find a more brilliantly beautiful promise ring. She won’t just be blown away when you first present it to her, but every time anyone compliments her on the ring. Believe us when we say that those compliments will be many, no matter how much time passes by! Remember, every time she hears one of those compliments for this stunning ring, she is going to be reminded of you and your love for her.

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