Best Gifts to Make your Girlfriend Happy and Satisfied

Giving gifts to your girlfriend is one of the most often used and most effective strategies that boys do to make their girlfriends happy and satisfied. Most of the girls like receiving gifts from their boyfriend because they can see and feel that their boyfriends really love and appreciate them. Also, girls will always remember these simple things and gifts that their boyfriends give to them because the gifts may not last forever but memory and the feelings of receiving them will last forever.

There are a lot of things that you can give to your girlfriend. Gifts that are just simple and don’t always have to be expensive. Even the simplest gifts are enough to make your girlfriend happy and satisfied especially if your girlfriend really loves you, she will appreciate anything that you can give to her.

Here are some of the best gifts to make your girlfriend happy and satisfied.


Love Letters

Some people may think giving love letters to other people are old-fashioned and not suited anymore in this modern age but that’s not true. Love letters may be old-fashioned but girls love receiving especially if it is hand-written because they know that their boyfriends spent time and made an effort to write about their feelings in a paper. Giving love letters as a gift to your girlfriend is not expensive and difficult at all. Giving your girlfriend something that she can read anytime and will show how you think and feel about is one of the sweetest things you can give to her.




One flower or bouquet can portray different meanings. Flowers may symbolize love, support, apology, or simply just a wholesome and thoughtful gesture. In human history, giving flowers have played a significant role in expressing one’s feelings and emotions. Giving flowers is also one of the simplest gifts that you can give to your girlfriend because receiving flowers make girls feel special.



Scrapbooks have sentimental value especially if it is from someone you love and most girls love sentimental things. Scrapbooks can keep the memories and feelings you shared together and show the unforgettable and happy moments you’ve been through throughout the relationship. Scrapbook purpose is to make your girlfriend look back on past memories and remember the feelings again.


Teddy Bears and Stuffed Toys


Girls simply love receiving teddy bears and stuffed toys. Most girls love cute and girly things. That is why teddy bears and stuffed toys are one of the best gifts to give to your girlfriend. Teddy bears or stuffed toys can give comfort and company to your girlfriend especially if she is lonely and if you are not by her side. They even sometimes talk and share secrets with teddy bears and stuffed toys because sometimes they feel like the teddy bear or stuffed toy is their only friend.




Most girls use make up these days. They can gain more confidence and appreciation to themselves when they use makeup. If a girl receives a makeup from his boyfriend, she will definitely love and appreciate it because she knows that her boyfriend supports her do the things that interest her and is willing to learn about things that may not be necessary for him.


Matching Clothes


Having matching clothes with your loved one is definitely one of the cutest things! Imagine walking in the streets together with your girlfriend wearing matching clothes, isn’t that adorable? Wearing matching clothes simply shows that you two are together and makes your girlfriend assured that you are proud of her.


Food or chocolates


Girls love sweets. Giving your girlfriend food or sweets will surely lift up her mood. We all know that eating will give us energy and relaxation. We all enjoy eating so giving food      or chocolates to your girlfriend does not only make her happy satisfied, they make her tummy happy and satisfied too!




Reading books develop our minds and let us discover things. Some girls prefer books over pieces of jewelry so if your girlfriend loves reading books or she wants to read books, you might want to go ahead and give her books. Give her something she will enjoy. Giving books as a gift to your girlfriend who loves to read will definitely make her happy and satisfied because she knows that you acknowledge and pays attention to her hobbies and that you pay attention to how she spends her free time.


She will definitely love this one unless the drawing doesn’t look like her. Giving her a self-portrait that you made or even customized will make her happy and satisfied because she will know that you have given your time and effort and tried your best to make it.


Cinema Ticket /Amusement Park


Surprise your girlfriend by giving her a cinema ticket or amusement park ticket that later you will use together. Going to the cinema or amusement parks will both benefit you. You both can have some good time, spend and enjoy your time together and make good memories together. It will surely make your girlfriend happy and satisfied especially when she knows that your time is spent with her alone only.


Promise Ring


A promise ring symbolizes the commitment between two people. It is one of the most precious gifts that you can give to your girlfriend especially if you and your girlfriend started to get serious about the relationship.


Your love and affection

Last but definitely not the least, is to give your love and affection. Make sure that your girlfriend can feel your love and affection towards her. Giving all yourself to her is the best gift that your girlfriend can receive for you. Spend time together with her such as cook and eat with her, watch television with her, water the garden together, play games with her, clean the house together, walk to the park together, or just simply talking and sharing your thoughts with each other while sitting on grass.  All these simple things are all enough to make her happy and satisfied.


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