Amazing Gift Ideas If Your Girlfriend Likes To Travel

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Do you have a girlfriend full of travel goals?

In this article, we’ll talk about some travel gift ideas to complete your gal’s travel aims.

Wandering with someone you love is the best thing ever. It builds up more memories and it’s the happiest way of spending thousands of money. The feeling is surreal discovering the different wonders of the world with a special someone. In shorten words, travel with her.

However, having a traveling sweetheart is hard and costly. It is because lots of traveling stuff are necessary for every going outs from top to toe. You cannot stop a girl who really loves to travel. All you can do as a boyfriend is to support her likes as long as she will be fine.

Below, we have listed a total of 15 varieties of gift ideas that are so useful during travels. We have picked the most needed stuff for travels. You might see throughout the list the best travel gift idea for your lovely wanderer.

15 Travel Gift Ideas for Her

1. Landmass Goods Scratch-off Map of the World 

Traveling without a map will turn into wandering. This may not be a usual but knowing its usefulness, you’ll be shocked. It’s not only a regular map that we’d learn from school but a travel map.

A scratch-off map is also known as a travel tracker map wherein you can scratch-off the place you’ve been visited. This will allow your traveler girlfriend to see where to go next. It is hanged in a wall through magnetic wooden bars and a hanger strap. The map is so detailed that even cartography and US State outlines are displayed. It also displays a total of 210 flags.

Planning trips with your loved one are now more establish and more scheduled. Before going into different places, having an idea of where to go is very vital thereof.


  1. More scheduled travels
  2. Easy to scratch-off


  1. Only suitable for worldwide traveler

2. OEE Luggage Packing Organizers


During travels, packing is the hardest thing to do especially for girls. They have more stuff to bring and one luggage may not be enough. But, packing organizers are a big help to finally fix those stuff in the most organized way.

Even a small suitcase can carry all your stuff when 6-pieces packing organizers are added. This includes 3 clothes storage, 1 for undies and bras, 1 shoe bag, and 1 hygienic bag. Clothing bags depend on the sizes of clothing, including large, medium, and small. It is fit for 24/25 inches baggage. The organizers are enclosed with durable zipper and have carrying handles. You can wash each pack to prevent bacterial growth. It can be folded in case of storage.

Clothes will be wrinkle-free right after a long-time ride because of its buckle design. This gift is perfect for a girl who brings almost all of her things during travels. You can buy different colors to suit your girlfriend’s luggage.


  1. More organize luggage
  2. Included used clothes’ organizer


  1. May not fit on bigger luggage

3. Ray-Ban Women’s RB4098 Non-Polarized Jackie OHH II Sunglasses

Traveling with sunglasses is much better than roaming with bare eyes. Women are selfie addicts and wearing sunglasses add a beautiful effect upon the picture.  Ray-Ban is the most reputable sunspecs manufacturer.

Your girl will be wearing classic cosmopolitan style sunglasses throughout the trip. It has 100% UV protection which is perfect for seaside travels. RB4098 is an oversized pair of sunglasses that is now on-trend. It is designed non-polarized with 59.8 mm of polycarbonate lens. The frame is constructed with an acetate frame resulting in a durable and lightweight eyewear.

A sunglass is a gift idea for a girl who often goes to beaches or in far traveling distance. Be good in choosing the perfect shades scheme and foresee whether it matches your girlfriend’s look desire.


  1. Known brand
  2. Stylish sunglasses


  1. Pricier than any other travel gift ideas

4. Carry on Weekender Overnight Travel Shoulder Bag by Lily & Drew

Short time trips don’t require too many clothes and a shoulder bag would be enough. Or, this shoulder bag can also be added to your primary luggage. Which is which, it is still one of the best gift ideas for a girl who loves to travel.

It comprises many compartments including external pockets. Bringing a laptop on a trip is possible through this bag as it can contain 15.6” of a laptop in one compartment. The main compartment has 5 mesh pockets and zippered for security. Outside have 2 pockets that hold water bottles to keep you hydrated throughout the trip. The front pocket is designed for holding important and private stuff for easy access. It can be attached on luggage via its trolley sleeve design that can turn into an extra pocket.

Additionally, materials used in production are water-resistant and provide a strong construction. The shoulder strap is able to carry heavy loads with the help of its interior lining.


  1. Many compartments available
  2. Water-resistant exterior design
  3. Fits on rolling luggage


  1. Nothing to mention

5. AKASO EK7000 Sports Action Camera

A camera is the most indispensable gear during travels. Of course, going outs with the love of your life needs to be captured. It’s nice to hark back to memories by simply seeing photos together. This camera is appropriate for a sporty girlfriend who does extreme adventures with a sporty boyfriend.

EK7000 is a sports action camera that captures 4k quality videos and photos. Shooting an adventurous moment is supported by this camera. It is waterproof for up to 30M underwater. Shifting actions is done through remote control and taken shots can be instantly shared in any social media platforms. Besides, it has built-in WI-FI connectivity via smartphone or tablet. The best thing on this camera is the wide-angle shot about 170-degrees as compared to the only 120-degrees angle of most cameras. It can also work as a dash cam for safe travels.


  1. Most essential travel stuff
  2. Good for all extreme adventures


  1. Expensive

6. State Cashmere 100% Pure Cashmere Scarf Wrap

A scarf is not only for fashion purposes but more of temperature protection. It gives comfort along the way to the final destination. There are many scarf wraps now available in the market but we chose a quality-driven scarf for your beloved.

It is offered in two different simple designs such as stripe scarf and solid color scarf. Both designs are made out of 100% cashmere which is safe for the skin and very soothing. The quality itself is assured by the use of cashmere. One regular size is being presented. No worries for proper fitting as it fits for all body types. One special highlight of the scarf is the pilling resistance because of cashmere material.

With a legit scarf in every travels, comfort and security are felt. It’ll also enhance your girlfriend’s styling.


  1. High-quality scarf material
  2. Enhances styling


  1. Few design availability

7. BCOZZY Chin Supporting Travel Pillow

Travel pillows are glorified by many travelers because of the comfort it gives. Since neck pillows are so popular, BCOZZY reinvents it to chin supporting pillow. Obviously, it is made to prevent the head from being hurtfully bent during sudden sleep on travels.

Different sizes are available for different ages, including children size, adult size, and XL size. Adult size is recommended for your girlfriend. In one purchase, set of two travel pillows are counted in. It is designed similar to a neck pillow but has extended chin support. It is used in several ways may it be for comfort, elevated side, and double-up. Snap strap is added for attachment on carrying bags.

This prevents neck sting and makes every travel comfier than ever.


  1. Enhance neck pillow
  2. Available in all sizes


  1. Only for car use

8. Sweet Slumber Sleep Mask

The sleep mask is recommended for people who hardly sleep during travels. It is important to spend time sleeping during long-distance travel.

This sleep mask isn’t styled plain as it is stitched with quilted design. Nose and cheek area are padded resulting in pure blackout feeling. Though the mask is padded, proper ventilation is maintained because of soft poly-thread materials used during production. The ear area has extra padding to protect your girl from irritation.

Getting enough sleep will add energy to roam around the place throughout the day.


  1. Highly ventilated
  2. Results to easy sleeping habit during long-time travels.


  1. More expensive than other regular sleeping masks

9. Toways Hiearcool Bluetooth Wireless Headphones

Riding on a plane has an effect on your hearing because of the pressure during flight off. Some travelers chew a piece of gum to minimize the pressure but wearing headphones is more effective. This is a perfect gift for her who travels a lot on board to keep boredom away.

Active noise canceling technology eliminates low-frequency noises such as airplane noise. It only limits on low-frequency noises and hence proper for traveling. It can play music whether it is wired or Bluetooth connected on audio devices. All of the needed accessories are included such as an airplane adapter, USB charging cable, and audio cable.

Resting your ear is necessary for a maximum of 2-hours usage. For storage, an included protective case is used to fully protect the headphone during travel.


  1. Noise canceling technology
  2. Work either wired or wireless


  1. Only cancels low-frequency noises

10. Travelon Anti-Theft Signature Slim Backpack

Short distance travel will only require a backpack however with high security. Securing her stuff through a bag is such a sweet gesture.

This backpack has its overly much-secured design. The huge main compartment was enclosed by a durable zipper and an open top wall pocket. There’s a LED light to clearly show what’s inside the bag. A hidden pocket is added to hold a mobile and even sunglasses. In front is a zipper-locking pocket for additional storage. Another is the locking and adjustable straps to let it be firmed while worn. It is slash-resistant due to the nylon with antique-brass finished materials during the production.

Her travel will be safer as her stuff are all kept safe and sound.


  1. Stylishly designed
  2. Anti-theft feature
  3. LED light


  1. Small stuff is contained

11. LifeStraw Go Water Filter Bottles 

Bottled water is far more than a necessity during travels. However, what if the place you’ve gone has no clean water supply? Of course, as a gentleman, you care for your girl’s wellbeing. One purchase is equal to two filter bottles which are favorable as both of you to conquer the world.

Drinking contaminated water is dangerous without being filtered or though filtered yet uncertain.  Well, these filter bottles level up the game. With no batteries and chemicals help, drinking water will be purified. Two-stage filtrations are applied to achieve the best result. First, it removes bacteria and even parasites in about 4000 liters of unclean water. This happens because of the replaceable membrane filter that can filter up to 100-liters. Stage two is it minimizes chlorine level as well as removes bad odor.

In every purchase of this product, you support people across the country to drink clean water. It is made possible by the American Red Cross.


  1. Two stage water filtration
  2. Great cause in every purchase


  1. Pricier than any water bottles

12. Anker PowerCore 26800 Portable Charger

Gadgets are brought in every getaway and a travel-ready power bank is necessary. Looking at a power outlet in every place you go to is very hassle and sometimes costly. Why not let your girl have her own portable charger that is useful not only for travels but for important scenarios?

It comprises three USB ports compatible for iPhone, Android devices, iPad, and other smartphones. The power capacity is 26800mah that could last up to 6-hours of total charging. It is also known for fast charging of even three devices, simultaneously. Fast charging is done through PowerIQ and VoltageBoost technologies. The dual micro-USB input is two times faster in recharging the power bank. It only takes 6-hours to be fully charged. Only the two micro-USB cables are included in the box.


  1. Long-lasting usefulness
  2. Very portable
  3. Fast charging and recharging


  1. Nothing to mention

13. 4-Packs of Tile Mate

Travelers’ stuff easily got misplace. To be fully aware upon the presence of important belongings, attaching a tile mate on it is recommended. By the way, what is a tile mate?

Tile mate is a device connected to a phone which will alarm in order for you to find what is missing. A Tile app must be downloaded for the tile mate to finally function. The first thing to do is to attach one tile mate to the important stuff. In this case, 4-pieces of tile mates are available. After that, double press the tile button to activate its sounds. About 150ft Bluetooth range is reached by the device.

Once the stuff got lost, use the Tile app to look for it. The app will discuss where you put the stuff in the last minutes. And there you go, finally found the missing thing.


  1. A new gift idea
  2. One purchase is good for 4-packs
  3. Bluetooth connectivity


  1. Complaints it doesn’t make a sound
  2. Only 150ft distance reach

14. Michael Kors Women’s Jet Set Travel Continental Wristlet

A wallet is another vital stuff to bring during travels. It is more organized to have a wallet in holding finances and other private stuff. Especially for women, they can’t leave a house without having a wallet with them.

A highly-signature wallet is the best wallet you could give for a special someone. Michael Kors is a very popular wallet manufacturer. It is made out of PVC and polyester materials with MK logo print. Inside has plenty of rooms to hold cash and cards. Inside pockets include three money pockets and ten card holders enclosed by a very durable zipper. A carrying strap is added to give comfort in holding it.


  1. Most reputable wallet brand
  2. Many inside pockets
  3. High-quality materials


  1. Very expensive
  2. Very usual as a gift

15. Shany Premier Fantasy Collection Makeup Artists Cosmetics Train Case

Last but surely not the least gift idea for a traveler girlfriend is a makeup train case. Apart from her fashionable clothes, makeups are other important stuff to bring. Giving her this case will lighten up her luggage.

This cosmetic train case is naturally used by those professional makeup artists. It is designed with a zebra texture to complement the beauty of makeups within. Other color designs are available too. Inside compartments are layered and a standing mirror is also included. It has a carrying strap and a handle which is perfect for travels. It is locked on top with two keys.

Amazingly, it is PETA member and cruelty-free kit.


  1. Huge makeup case
  2. Has a standing mirror
  3. PETA certified


  1. Heavyweight
  2. Costly


Boys aren’t good at ending up with a great gift idea for a special girl. Especially for travel gift ideas, it is very crucial to know the real deal.  Here are at least five questions that might help the boyfriends out there to pick the best travel gift idea for their girlfriends:

In what places do your girlfriend frequently goes?

In every travel destination, there are different travel gears. Knowing the interest of your girlfriend when it comes to traveling is the first step to have an idea of what gift you’ll going to buy. For example, if she loves going to the beach, sunglasses are a kind of gift for her.

What kind of travel gift is on-trend these days?

We would recommend a camera. A camera is so versatile when it comes to usefulness. It isn’t only for travels but for everyday life. Also, we can see popular couple vloggers sharing every moment together using a camera. It is on-trend yet pricier than any other travel gifts.

How to make a travel gift special?

There are gifts offered in couples. Go travel with her with those gifts. Make her feel special rather than the gift making her special.

Are travel gifts costly?

Frankly, yes it is costly. The products aforementioned cost over $50. Don’t worry as there are lots of inexpensive choices in this gift section. Costs will not matter in the end as long as the heart counts.

What is the least gift idea suggestion among the listed products above?

Honestly, the makeup train case because some travels don’t necessarily require doing makeups such as extreme adventures. But then again, girls are so fanatic of doing makeups and so we included it. It is suggested and yet not at all times.


Really, finding the most appropriate travel gift for a girl is stiff. Girl wants are unpredictable but they are appreciative beings. A gift that comes from a special person will always be special no matter what. That is why we only included simple travel gift ideas to make way for you to make it more special. We, therefore, recommend for every boyfriend reading this post to enjoy traveling with your girlfriend. The gift is only immaterial compared to the joy of seeing a woman of your life happy and contented.

Search for more gift ideas in the market pertaining to travel stuff. We are rooting to see a surprise face of a happy traveling gal as she receives the fruit of every effort you gave.

If queries are on your mind, feel free to leave a comment down below and wait as we respond quickly. Hope you learn something new today!

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