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Gift-Happiness.com is a small army of one that deals with the topic of choosing gifts. Every month we try to create and publish several blog posts on the topic of gifts. Here, all gift ideas are carefully selected and reviewed. In the selection of gifts, I often get help from friends to improve the quality of the gifts further.

Several blogposts monthly

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Am I doing all this for free and for the joy of it? I can only answer this question with “YesNo” ! Writing and picking out the gift ideas is super fun, but of course, also associated with a lot of effort. That’s why I monetize my blog through the Amazon Affiliate Program and Google Adsense This has no disadvantages for you as a visitor. However, as soon as you click on a link on my page and are redirected to Amazon and then purchase something there, I earn a small commission on your purchase. But you can read more about this on our FAQ page.

It is only important to me that the visitors of the website know that I earn money through my little Gift Blog. It is not much what I earn, but it brings me as a student every month one or two beer, which I can drink through you.