50 Last Minute Christmas Gift Ideas for Your Girlfriend 2019

Finding the perfect gift for your girlfriend is not an easy task, it can be extremely difficult to choose the right thing for your significant other even though you have been together for years. You’d want it to be special and reciprocate your inclination towards them.

But you need not worry about it because here’s a list of things that you can get for your girl; she’ll surely like and appreciate these.


1.   23andMe DNA Test Ancestry Personal Genetic Service

23andMe is a perfect gift to give your girlfriend this Christmas. It will let your girlfriend get to know her ancestry, her roots and her genetic makeup and hence give her the opportunity to discover herself like never before.

Discover where your ancestry lies from over 1500+ regions. Find your genetic relatives all across the globe, allowing you to connect with them.

23andME is private and protected. The company has your back All your credentials will remain confidential and private and under your domain, as regards its dissemination.



  2. All About Me: The Story of Your Life: Guided Journal

 This Christmas, gift your significant other with a chance at self-discovery and self-revelation by gifting her a unique guided biographical journal. Let the simple but provocative questions guide her as she writes along., All About Me is a great gift of self-reflection.

This journal offers an array of wide-ranging questions. From simple yes/no questions to deep open-ended ones.

All About Me is a perfect gift for everyone you care about, especially four significant other-your girlfriend or wife. Let this gift be the perfect intimate present you can gift her.



 3. KAIYUFU Jewelers Matching Couple Rings

These are an awesome pair of matching rings that make a fine treat for you and your girlfriend.

The almost perfect rings having 7mm width come in Blue and Black. Featuring smooth edges and extreme comfortability as well as beauty. Looks great on both Men and Women. The ring is a standard US size. This Christmas, you have the opportunity to let this titanium ring bring a new stylish feeling to your lives. As a great natural advantage for everyone, Titanium is hypo-allergenic making it a great choice for someone with allergies.



4. Fujifilm Instax Mini 9


Instant Cameras are back in style. Fujifilm Instax Mini (has the potential to be an ideal Christmas present for your girlfriend. It is available in 5 different colors, namely; cobalt blue, flamingo pink, lime green, ice blue, and smoky white. It’s portable and small which makes it a promising item to be had. It can easily fit into your medium-sized pants pocket, or a small pouch. What’s more is that this camera doesn’t require charging. Not to forget the Instax Mini 9’s lens adapter perfect for taking close-up shots.



5. Michael Kors MK2256 Women’s Runway Brown Watch

This women’s watch from Michael Kors sports is one of the top contenders for gifts you can gift to your girlfriend this Christmas.  This watch features a minimalist design that looks fashionable but not cheesy and clichéd. With a band made of genuine leather and the watch’s mainframe with quartz-powered analog display.

This watch is sure to help your woman in making fashion statement. Additionally, this watch is also water-resistant to 33 feet or 10m, making it a durable watch indeed.



6. Chanasya Faux Fur Throw Blanket

This Christmas in the cold, an amazing blanket might all that your girlfriend finds lacking. Chanasya Faux Fur throw blanket has got you and your girlfriend covered, literally, and of course figuratively too. 

This faux fur blanket is a very high-quality product which doesn’t shed and will keep your girlfriends’ bed and couch free from fibers. It looks elegant and is very comfortable and amazingly cozy. As stated, it is made from high-quality materials that will last long. This blanket is improvisable in use, easy to store and easy to clean. It also comes in a many variety which you can choose from that you consider your girlfriend would find to her liking.



7. Bamboo Bathtub Tray

Giving a gift to your girlfriend like Bamboo Bathtub Tray, that involves a relaxing warm water bath during the cold Christmas while Reading books or watching a movie, is great choice. She can grab a cup of wine in the bubble bath.

The tray is adjustable with your tub, its extendable arm adjusts from 19.8 to 33.5inches while staying sturdy no matter how wet the conditions get in the bathtub and besides. This bamboo tray also features a safety compartment meant to hold items and prevent them from falling over.

Bamboo Bathtub Tray is an ideal gift to give your girlfriend this Christmas, built to last.


8. Heated Warming Pad

The Heated Warming Pad is something that your girlfriend is sure to admire and revere as a gift for Christmas. On the cool, cold nights of December, this warming pad will keep your girlfriend warm and Cozy. It will let her snuggle up with the comfort and support, and with the awesome reliability with which the company makes its products.



9. House of Marley, Stir It Up Turntable

LP’s may be thing of the past, they still hold their value in the present like very few other pieces of technology that just can’t leave us, nor can we leave them. This classically designed turntable will be well-liked by your girlfriend as your choice to gift her this Christmas.

House of Marley’s Stir it Up turntable is minimalistic yet elegant, made from natural bamboo and detailed with a built-in pre-amp to sync with your speakers. She can also use the USB jack in back for use in analog to PC recording.



10. A Fan That Also Hydrates Your Skin And Charges Your Phone

The winters, especially near the Christmas season get cold and dry. In these conditions, why would your girlfriend, and even you, would want her to have an accessory that doubles as a phone charger, as well as a moisturizing fan?

This Rabbitroom Three-In-One fan is an essential Christmas gift item for your girlfriend. It makes an awesome gift for the person who is looking for means to care for their dry skin and also their dead phone.

This device is totally rechargeable, provides a steady comfortable breeze with a refreshing mist. It carries a 2000mah portable power bank for charging your phone.



11. The Smart Bottle That Tracks Your Water Intake And Reminds You To Stay Hydrated

Ever thought that a water bottle could speak and tell you when you are to consume water. This smart water bottle does just that. In this regard, this bottle makes for an ideal Christmas gift you can give to your girlfriend.

This bottle will track your girlfriend’s water intake and remind her when she is to drink more water and stay hydrated in the Christmas season. Choosing this as a Christmas gift for your girlfriend will surely be a great decision indeed. For both you, and your girlfriend.



12. Kindle Paperwhite E-reader

If your girlfriend loves reading, she will surely appreciate this wonderful gift you can purchase for her this Christmas. Kindle paperwhite, with carries with itself more than 35,000 highly positive reviews. It is a must-have digital e-reader in this post-modern age.

This particular reader has the highest resolution of any Kindle, with no glare in the light which won’t strain your girlfriend’s eyes. It has also got a massive selection of library which has both free and purchasable books. Or you can also additionally gift her books’ subscription of her liking.



13. This Adorable Hat That Plays Music and Keeps You Warm

What’s more cute than an adorable hat that plays music and can keep your girlfriend warm in the cold but cozy Christmas nights and the season altogether. This adorable hat has got you covered as a gift you can buy to gift to your girlfriend on the occasion of Christmas.

This adorable hat is equipped with high-tech COWIN Bluetooth headphones that can play your girlfriend’s favorite music straight into onto her ears. She can also sync up the musical warm hat with her phone or electronic computer devices.



14. A subscription to Amazon Prime

This is a straightforward, simple but a very valuable and worthy gift you can go for, if you wish to gift your girlfriend that has a massive utilitarian appeal. This gift subscription will undoubtedly make your girlfriend’s Christmas worth it.

Amazon Prime opens will let her open venture into a whole new world of entertainment and access. It doesn’t matter what options she goes for; whether it is an express two-day shipping or any of the other numerous perks she intends to avail. It’s an all-rounder and an evergreen gift item.



15. Instant Pot

In the realm of cooking, this is the best bet as a gift to give to your girlfriend this Christmas.

This Instant Pot is a smart Electric Pressure Cooker designed to perform all the tasks of a basic cooker with the addition of significant increase in ease and reliability. This electric cooker is a marvelous work of technology, and without a doubt it has the potential to be great cooking gift for your girlfriend this Christmas.



16. Personalized Night Sky Star Map Unframed Print

This one is a unique Christmas gift item you can get your girlfriend.

This custom star map makes fine astronomical and astrological scale print of your girlfriends, and perhaps even both of your significant life events. This will let your girlfriend see the night sky in the framed set, viewing the vastness of the expanse of her life, all summed up in a beautiful starry customizable print. If you decide so, this item can serve as an ideal Christmas gift for your girlfriend or significant other.



17. SUNUV 48W UV LED Nail Lamp for Gel Nail Polish & Curing

Does your Girlfriend love care for her nails? If so, this gift can be a perfect present to give to your girlfriend this Christmas.

This equipment is a fantastic gadget that cures all kinds of gel nail polish. Its all light beads, advanced technology with dual optical wavelength makes it works with both UV and LED gel nail polish coats. It is ideal for her home use with nail dryer’s 36 pieces durable to last for 50000hrs. The LED beads are evenly distributed inside to maximize functionality. All these features enable the user to cure 5 fingernails or toenails at the same time.



18. iRobot Vacuum with Wi-Fi Connectivity

Is your girlfriend obsessed with cleanliness? Buy this gift for this Christmas to put her mind at ease with this self-cleaning automated and smart vacuum system. No more worry for her for the mess in rooms and carpets. The iRobot is a 3-Stage Cleaning system which loosens, lifts, and suctions the dirt, dust, and hair from floors.

It has a dual multi-brush which works together with other parts to get the job done. The cleaning head automatically adapts to the environment to effectively clean the surrounding without bumping into object too frequently.

Not to forget that if your girlfriend is a cat person and has cats, they’ll adore this machine friend of theirs.



19. Nintendo Switch with Neon Blue and Neon Red Joy‑Con

This fine Christmas, let your girlfriend immerse herself into the classical yet portable world of gaming with the Nintendo Switch.

With the Nintendo switch, your girlfriend will have the means to play the games she might like to pass the time in enjoyment and recreation. The Nintendo Switch, serves as a new home video game system apart from just providing single and multiplayer thrills. It can be carried along on the go, anywhere. With Nintendo Switch comes the mobility of a handheld device with the power of a home gaming system.



20. Echo Dot (3rd Gen) – Smart speaker with Alexa

If you intend to turn this Christmas into a high-tech avenue, you can go for with this Gift for your girlfriend.

Eco Dot is a speaker with Alexa, a smart artificial intelligence assistant that has got your girlfriends back no matter what the matter at hand is. It can play music, tell her the news, make plans, and in retrospect serve as though a virtual living assistant. This versatile can do anything you can tell it to do, as long as that thing can manifest itself in audio via the internet. And honestly speaking, that is good enough and provides the user with immense digital versatility and productivity.



21. Men and Women Automatic Mechanical Watch Couple Sapphire Glass Watches

Watches are an evergreen token of elegance and style. With this Sapphire Glass watch. Both you and your girlfriend can have the same pair of watches, marking your affection for each other this Christmas as you buy this gift.

This watch set features luminous hands with an ultra-precise Japanese automatic movement. It needs no battery as the timepiece is powered by the natural movement of your arm. It’s made of remarkable material and has awesome features that dwell together with durability that comes with steel case and Butterfly Clasp.



22. Umbra Zoola Llama, Chrome Ring Holder

This item makes for an inexpensive but immensely cute and highly valuable artifact as a Christmas gift for your girlfriend.

This cute piece can hold multiple rings along the llama long neck. It has an elegant shiny chrome finish which makes it easy to wipe and clean the dust. Its compact size stands for its compliment. The manufactures 5-year warranty is the icing on the cake.



23. Paint by Numbers for Adults – Replica (Starry Night by Van Gogh)

If its arts and aesthetics that you are looking for to gift your girlfriend this Christmas, search no more as this guided painting set is a wonderful opportunity for anyone to get inside the wonders of painting a Starry Night by Van Gogh, and get to relive the melancholy bliss which embodies this painting.

This pain by numbers lets the user feel the artist and the art. With a sturdy hangable wooden frame and full-sized canvas, your girlfriend can paint this masterpiece following the guided patterns labelled with numbers. This gift is sure to let your girlfriends artistic sideshow itself on the canvas.



24. Hand Casting Kit – Keepsake Hands Molding Kit | Perfect DIY Molds for Life’s Special Memories & Events

This hand casting kit went viral and why should it not? It’s a great way to mark your bond with your significant other this Christmas season by solidifying your hands clasped together in mold.

This one is an easy cast method. The manufacturers have made the casting and mold making process easy and straightforward. It’s hassle-free so each step can be quickly undertaken and done away with. What is even more amazing is that the company understands that you and your partner may not get the casting done right the first time, for that sake, they give a 100%  Second Chance guarantee.



25. Cats on Catnip: A Grow-Your-Own Catnip Kit

It is Christmas season, and your girlfriend and you love cats. The only thing that is amiss then is your gift to her, a Catnip growing kit for the felines.

Grow your own Catnip is a neat little kit for any cat lover! It has all the vitals including manual, soil, seeds and as well as other support items and opportunity to get through with growing catnip. Everything going about this kit is amazing. This catnip growing kit is sure to worth every penny, every effort and every hope you can stick with a nice Christmas gift for your girlfriend.



26. A popular cookbook she’s probably seen on Instagram

For someone whose girlfriend is foody and loves making her own food. This item just might be the best gift you can give her this Christmas.

This cookbook has it all: the beauty, the easy, the ingredients and a voice that can turn any passionate novice cook into a marvelous cooking expert. The book features exciting cooking styles that Alison Roman has developed.  She walks her readers through her unique styles of cooking and recipes. This book sure is worth the Christmas gift it is.



27. A cold brew maker

For someone with a girlfriend who loves caffeine, this cold brew maker is a perfect item for them to gift to their girlfriend. Lovers who don’t get enough of their favorite drink tend to rely on coffee stores and thus they miss up on an opportunity to make their own fabulous cold brew coffee.

It is a sturdy product and everyone who loves coffee will be delighted to have it in their use.



28. A Kindle case that looks like her favorite book

We have talked about the e-reader already. This however is its much appreciable add-on. If your girlfriend has a Kindle, this customizable Kindle case that is representative of her favorite book’s cover is sure to light up her Christmas.

This is an amazingly resilient and productive kindle cover that besides making your kindle safer, adds to its beauty. Functionality wise, it offers great ease for anyone who uses their kindle to read for prolonged times. It is made to save your vulnerable kindle reader safer and thus helps in its longevity.



29. Cooluli Mini Fridge Electric Cooler and Warmer

This is one of a kind Christmas gifts that you can purchase for your girlfriend.

This is not an ordinary mini-fridge. It is essentially a heater too, making it a good catch in the Christmas winters. It can easily switch from cooling to heating in a manner of seconds. It can be easily transported and be used to warm your lunch, and perhaps later serve you with cold drinks.

The Cooluli 4L Cooler & Warmer is a perfect home and office accessory. Anyone can safely bet on it to serve as a great Christmas present to present to your girlfriend with.



30. HP Sprocket Portable Photo Printer

Your Girlfriend and you like taking pictures, and are in need of a great portable photo printer? This one can serve to be your perfect choice for a gift to give to your girlfriend at Christmas.

HP Sprocket photo printer is light, extremely functional and portable. The HP Sprocket Photo Printer lets the user print photos from their smartphones or tablets with minimal effort. It can be used with the free HP Sprocket App to modify the photos with filters and borders, and emojis.



31. Wave Smart Notebook

Wave Smart Notebook makes for a great Christmas gift for your girlfriend. It is like no other notebook that she’d ever used. It is a smart journal than can be used to put your notes onto Google Docs, DropBox, iCloud, Evernote, and email, and some other platforms.

The Rocketbook Wave provides its users the freedom of a traditional pen & paper notebooks with the added digital benefits that naturally come with using a digital, erasable, versatile pen and board.


32. Neoflam Non

stick Heart-Shaped Egg Pan

Another cookery item to look for this Christmas as a gift item for your girlfriend. This heart-shaped egg pan can perhaps be the most cliched but nonetheless and paradoxically a cute utility-based gift ever?

This Neoflam cookware is produced with the finest Ecolon ceramic coating which is an all-natural alternative to not so healthy traditional coatings. It is also free from harmful substances such as PTFE/PFOA. This gift can really be a productive tool for hearty smiles, literal and in the shape of little egg hearts.



33. Clarisonic Mia Gift Set

You can gift this essential Beauty makeup set to your girlfriend this Christmas season. This will surely compliment her makeup and beautification needs.

With this gift set, she can cleanse and remove makeup up to 6 times faster. It also has the necessary amenities for wakening Eye, Airbrush Makeup Look, and Multitudes of foundations and brushes to go along.

With this product, your girlfriend can stay connected to the Mia Smart with the Clarisonic app to optimize the use of this gift set.



34. Apple AirPods

Apple airpods are a unique tool of status projection and in some cases, validly so. It is thus they make for an ideal gift item for your girlfriend in Christmas. The airpods feature dual beamforming microphones, dual optical sensors, a motion-detecting accelerometer, and a speech-detecting accelerometer, on top of the usual top of the line speakers.

The AirPods feature wireless charging case: which charge the pods for use up to 24 hours. Though the single charge times are less.



35. adidas Women’s Cloudfoam Pure Running Shoe

These shoes make up for a perfect gift in case your girlfriend is health-conscious and walks and runs to do so. With the purchase of Adidas Cloudform as a Christmas gift, you can be sure to make your athletic girlfriend glad in being caring for her fitness needs.

The shoes’ textile is high quality imported material. The sole is synthetic and the overall design is optimized for maximizing comfort and utility without sacrificing any.



36. Philips Wake-Up Light Alarm Clock with Sunrise Simulation and Radio

Winter nights, especially during the Christmas days can present anyone having a cozy sleep with immense annoyance at waking up at the right times. It is in this area this gift outshines others as a nice Christmas gift you can give to your girlfriend.  It features gradually increasing light which offers its users a natural way to wake up in the low light conditions of the room.

Additionally, it has 2 wakeup natural tones, or the option to wake up to an FM station of the users choice, and also, a touch snooze button. It is tough and durable and its light simulation is backed up by medical research. Overall, this item makes for a great Christmas gift.



37. Spoonk – Back Pain and Sleep aid Relief in Cotton Regular Size Acupressure mat with Bag Eco USA Foam, Pagoda Blue

Sponk acupressure mat is probably one of the most relaxing gifts you could give to your girlfriend. A 25-minute massage with sponk is going to make her day. With work and responsibilities, our bodies tend to get stiff and result in discomfort and you wouldn’t want that for her. The acupressure mat is going to allow her to sit back and release all stress, after all a happy partner leads to a happy relationship.

Sponk has been made with reliable material that lasts for long and can be used thoroughly without having to worry about it wearing off over time. It’s a useful gift that is going to make a difference to your partner. It is easy to store and can be kept anywhere, won’t take up much space.



38. Levoit Kana Himalayan/Hymilain Sea, Pink Crystal Salt Rock Lamp

Levooit kana hamialayan lamp never fails to provide an ambient and aesthetic vibe to its surroundings. Now you can brighten up her life and room at the same time. It can be considered as one of the top tier romantic gifts that has an essence of its own. It has been purely made by the salt of the highest quality; that is going to last long. It has been professionally hand-carved and mined from Khewra mines located in Pakistan, one of the biggest salt mines present on earth. The lamp is perfect for creating a bewitching relaxation space. It can be kept on desks or nightstands and ideal for yoga and meditation.

The pink and orange hues present within the lamp give it a beautiful look. Levoit kana rock lamp is prone to erosion and weathering over time and can be used for long periods of time. It comes with 2 extra 15 watt bulbs that will be there for backup in case one of them fuses off.



39. Dream Genius Clear Acrylic 4 Tier Drawers and 16 Grid Stackable Cosmetic Makeup Storage

Dream genius clear acrylic 4 tier drawers come with different sections for different sorts of jewelry. You can choose each level for keeping different things. It has been carpeted with a velvet piece of cloth that will keep your girlfriend’s jewelry safe. The interchangeable design allows you to change the stacking as per your wishes. It is made from durable material and high-quality acrylic that will keep the jewelry neat and clean, without causing them to rust before time or end up with scratches.

Different compartments that have been provided in the drawer set will allow you to keep your essentials at a proper and organized space without having to worry about losing them. It is the perfect gift for your dream girl and ideal for retail display purposes.



40. Nordic Ware Smiley Face Pancake Pan

Nordic ware smiley face pancake pan is POFA free, comes with a nonstick coating that allows the user to cook freely without facing hindrances. It is a hassle-free gift that will come into daily use by your girlfriend. It is the addition you need in your life, something that will enhance your morning breakfast. The seven different smiley faces that it comes along with are fun and interesting.

The nonstick coating makes a clean breeze, you do not require to scrub the bottom vigorously. Not only will it save time but effort too. Your girlfriend will be able to use her favorite recipes or the ones that come along with the pan itself. 



41. Revlon One-Step Hair Dryer & Volumizer Hot Air Brush, Black

You can rely on REVLON One-Step Hair Dryer Volumizer Brush to be a great Christmas gift for your girlfriend.

This is the high performing brush, designed with Nylon Pin & Tufted Bristles for detangling and improving volume and control. The unique Oval Brush Design tends to function well for smoothing the Hair, while the Revlon’s round Edges Create Volume

This machine is comprised of a powerful 1100-Watt motor and electrical package which provides efficient heat and airflow to work like a hairdryer built with a genuine ION generator to promote fast drying. It is inclusive of a 4-year limited warranty. Overall, this product makes a fine Christmas gift.



42. InstaShiatsu Foot Massager with Air Compression & Heat

Well, here comes the amazing InstaShiastu, proving the men with the opportunity to buy the perfect gift this Christmas season, for their girlfriend.

This massager is perfect for your girlfriend who you can provide with the chance to getting all the kinks out of her tired & aching feet. The machine can be set to the user’s choice of massage intensity.

It is simple in mechanism and works by simply placing the feet into the foot massager. With the press of the power button, it springs into action. Go ahead now, and make a great purchase for Christmas gift.



43. UGG Women’s W Blanche II, seal heather M

This potential Christmas gift you can get for your girlfriend is an outlier but an amazing product.

This is a shorter-length robe. The blanche ii is crafted with comfortable jersey on the outside and a very soft fleece inside to make its wearer feels like wrapping herself into a blanket. Additionally, it also features a flattering belted waist with hidden side pockets.

See it for yourself, and choose this amazing potential Christmas gift.



44. Oral-B Genius Pro 8000 Electronic Power Rechargeable Battery Electric Toothbrush with Bluetooth Connectivity, Rose Gold, Powered by Braun

This is a no-pun intended gift. Straightforward, practical, and strictly utilitarian. If your girlfriend like any of these attributes, plus if she regards oral hygiene to be health priority, this product can make for a great Christmas gift. 

With Oral-B Genius Pro 8000, the user is able to get Healthier gums and stronger teeth with efficacy unparalleled for the most part. Its amazing feature of position detection helps the user brush every corner of the mouth area for correct durations to result in an immaculate state of teeth and gums. It has many unique features to go with it, check it out on Amazon.



45. Garmin Venu, GPS Smartwatch with Bright Touchscreen Display

This potential Christmas gift can be an excellent choice as a Christmas gift if your significant other is of a highly disciplined and self- reliant and confidant nature, who nevertheless values aesthetics devotedly. 

This Garmin SmartWatch is a Beauty in any right. It features a bright AMOLED display and a battery that lasts for up to 5 days. It has a broad range of health monitoring features, as well as GPS that can always be used to find a way out, or in, or around, or to, or through.  The watch lets its users download and play music from Spotify, Amazon music or Deezer.

All factors accounted for, it’s a great Christmas gift.



46. LAFCO Classic Candle, 6.5oz

This is a rather sublime gift to go for this Christmas to give to your girlfriend. It’s a beautiful token of care, peace and affection.  

The LAFCO candle can be found in the variety of either Smokey or Woody. Its fresh pine needles provide an enigmatic scene to the woody blend. It is intended to beautifully portray the visuals of an aged burnished fireplace. It is also featured in numerous other modes to suit the many varieties of taste.

This candle is made of superior natural ingredients with classic craftsmanship. The brand is valued for its vast experience in making great candles which are a class in itself, and hence, a class apart.



47. Oooh Yeah Socks Women’s Funny Novelty Pack Socks feat. Bob Ross

If you’re looking for a simple, funny and all-around specialty gift item for Christmas, this is it.

These just might be the perfect pair of socks to be gifted to your girlfriend in the cool and cozy Christmas season. These socks are bold and bright. They are well patterned and go along with almost every kind of wear and dresses. With this pair of Bob Ross face painted socks, you can be sure that your girlfriend can breathe and stay cool during her strenuous activity.



48. For G and PL Women’s Christmas Printed Tunic Dress

Here comes the most apt of all Christmas gifts that you can choose to gift to your girlfriend on the Christmas occasion this year.

This is Christmas themes printed with stylish Santa’s and Christmas trees. What is more to be said hereafter? Look it out at amazon and see for yourself if it makes for a fine and apt Christmas gift. We think it surely does!



49. Premium Nature Bath Bombs Gift Set

A gift especially for Christmas eve might be a great choice for your girlfriend. This Christmas, surprise your girlfriend with this thoughtful bath bombs gift set.

These bath bombs are all-natural and are full of Epsom and dead sea salt and shea butter, as well as cocoa butter for their acclaimed healing and nourishing properties. These bath bombs can easily change a simple bath to a unique experience. All it requires to get started is to drop these bath bombs in water. And Enjoy then.



50. Fossil Emma RFID Zip Wallet for Women

This is a handy item that you can gift to your girlfriend this Christmas. This amazing Zip Wallet for Women is sure to play its functional part in your girlfriend’s life if you make the right choice.

 This wallet is elegant yet very functional. It can carry cash, cards as well as an appropriately sized cellphone. This can potentially serve as a great replacement for a hefty bag your girlfriend may have to needlessly carry around.

The exterior of this wallet is marvelous with fine finishings and elegant looks. This just might be the right choice for you as a gift to your girlfriend this Christmas.



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