22 Amazing Gift Ideas For Your Dancing Girlfriend

Are looking for the perfect gift for your girlfriend who loves to dance? If yes, whether your girlfriend is a beginner or professional or just doing it for fun, a gift that is related to dance is the best option at all times.  

Nevertheless, this content will help you in finding the best present for the dancer of your life. Whether you are shopping for her birthday, Christmas or other special occasions, this list of amazing gifts will surely bring a big smile on your girlfriend’s face. 

Amazing Gifts for Your Girlfriend Who Loves to Dance

1. Horizon Dance Spirit Gear Duffel Bag

This duffel bag from Horizon Dance is one of the most amazing gifts that you can give to your girlfriend as she can utilize it at all times. 

Measuring 18-inch (L) by 11-inch (W) by 11-inch (H), this bag is large enough to accommodate her stuff easily and comfortably. Further, it is made of microfiber that has nylon control panels. 

Aside from that, it comes equipped with dual hand-carry straps that has a comfortable grip middle wrap. For easy off and easy on, it features a shoulder strap with metal clips that can be adjusted.

Nevertheless, the ribbon, as well as the dancer that spells dance on the bag, will remind your girlfriend of someone who obtained it for her time each she goes to her training or class.

2. Time to Dance: Weekly Devotional for Dancers

While other boyfriends chose to give their dancer girlfriend dance clothes, jewelry, or among others, you may want to give your partner that she can utilize every week just like this one. 

This gift is ideal for Christian dancers as it helps them in connecting their dance to God. Though this weekly devotion may not be the present for all dancers, it is actually great for Christian ones.


3. Neoglory Ballet Dance Girl Pendant Necklace

This silver and ballerina necklace is ideal for all dancers regardless of how old they are. When it comes to the color, no worries because there are lots of options where you can choose, so rest assured that you will be able to choose the best color that will suit your girlfriend the most. 

Another good thing about this necklace is that it is not very long thus, it’ll look great on older and younger ladies. 

On the other hand, it is alloy platinum plated and has a crystal that is made of Swarovski elements. Also, it comes with a jewelry box, making it one of the best gifts for her. 


4. Sports Accessory Store Silver Bracelet

Without a doubt, silver is a nice color for any lady to wear since it will match everything. This silver looks great and simple. With the DANCE ribbon as well as s simple heart design, your favorite dancer will surely enjoy receiving this present for any special occasion. 

Further, this bracelet comes with a matching necklace, so make sure to check it out. Last but not least, the bracelet measures 7.5-inches in length. 


5. DSD Silver Sparkle Pendant

If you want to motivate your girlfriend who just recently started her dancing classes, the giving this “NEVER MISS A CHANCE TO DANCE” pendant can be a great help. As a matter of fact, this pendant that has sparkling silver tinsels inside will bring her lots of motivation. What’s more, your girlfriend will get rid of her shyness the moment she performs in the crowd. Nevertheless, this pendant is accessible in a cheap price tag. 


6. Pentalog The Main Dancer Stretch Band

This high-quality stretch band by Pentalog is one of the best gifts that you can give to the dancer of your life. Whether its gymnastics, dance, or ballet this band will surely your partner when it comes to improving her training. 

In addition to that, this stretch band can be also used for leg stretch as well as improving motion. Lastly, it is very comfortable to use.


7. Weico Art Ballet Dancers 2-Piece Modern Decorative Artwork

Is your girlfriend a ballet dancer? If yes, then this high-quality 100 percent hand-painted painting could be the best gift for her. In fact, it is a great New Year and Christmas gift idea.

When installed side by side, this pair of painting will surely brighten up her bedroom. Each piece comes with a black hook for easy hanging.

Aside from her bedroom, she can also display it in the dining room, living room, kitchen, even on her office.

Along with the two-piece artwork, you can also request a gift card to make it more special and meaningful.


8. Singmission Wall Clock Ballerina Dancer

Give your girlfriend’s bedroom an updated look with this stunning ballerina-themed wall clock by Singmission. 

In fact, this 10-inch and big wall clock is an amazing gift for birthdays as well as recitals. Design-wise, this gift idea has been designed using beautiful dance positions rather than numbers. And apart from that, it comes with an elegant monochrome finish and precision Quartz movement. 


9. 3dRose Superpower Funny Dancing Two-Tone Mug

Designed in a soothing white and blue color scheme, this coffee mug from 3dRose makes a good for the ballerina or dancer of your life. Ideal for special achievements, birthdays, as well as recitals, this two-tone mug will surely become a precious part of her collection. 

Further, it has a high gloss finish and the picture is beautifully printed on both sides. Nonetheless, with this high-quality and very affordable mug, your significant other will enjoy her favorite hot drinks in a unique and at the same time fun way. 


10. Cool Image Ballet Dancer Journal

We all know that recording the things that happen in our lives is a great thing to do and this ballet dancer journal from Cool Image could the perfect place to record memorable happenings. 

Having that said, your girlfriend dancer can easily and comfortably express her experiences, thoughts, and even ideas in this 150-paged lined journal. For instance, if she’s going to begin her first ever dancing class, your girlfriend will be able to record the happenings that she gets during her first day. In fact, this will become a great reminder for her for the upcoming years to come. 


11. Isotoner Satin Ballerina Girl Slippers

If your girlfriend is planning to attend a ballerina dancing class, show your support by giving this pair of ballerina slippers to her. 

These slippers aren’t just beautifully decorated with pearl and embroidery detailing, but they’re also made of high-quality materials. What’s more, they are comfortable to wear thanks to the foam-cushioned suede leather sole as well as the stretch satin top. 

On the other hand, these slippers aren’t just for practice sessions, as a matter of fact, she can also wear them during her live performances on stage.


12. Graphics and More Purse Mirror “Keep Calm and Dance On”

This small yet worthwhile thing is one of the best gifts for the dancer of your life because it is something that she can use every day. Actually, this compact and durable mirror as its name implies can be thrown on her purse and even dance bag with ease. What’s more, it is great stuff to have especially if your girlfriend needs to touch up her stage makeup quickly.


13. MIP Insulated Stainless Steel Travel Mug

The majority of dancers know about late nights as well as early mornings. With this in mind, giving your dancer girlfriend a travel mug which can hold either coffee or tea on the days she needs boosts is a good idea. 

Nevertheless, this 16-ounce insulated travel mug is a nice present for a gymnast or a dancer. Actually, it comes equipped with a plastic lid that has a leak prevention slide lock. For easy handling, this cute travel mug is constructed with a curved and smooth body. Nevertheless, for as low as $15, you can get this high-quality travel mug on Amazon.


14. Lizatards Dance Medal Hanger Display Rack

With this medal hanger that consists of eight hooks, your girlfriend will proudly display all her achievements. This hanger is actually coated with powder metal and has a splash of shiny sparkle. Further, it is manufactured in the USA and very easy and simple to hang and it comes with screws. Nevertheless, your significant other can also use this to hang her clothes and bags. 


15. Jordan Matter Dance Among Us

Loaded with beautiful images of the most stunning dance moves it is no surprise that the Dance Among Us book by Jordan Matter has inspired a lot of dancers. 

Your girlfriend who loves to dance will be excited to discover that various art forms used in day-to-day life. Nevertheless, if you are looking for a gift that is interesting and amazing, then this book is a great by. Don’t worry because it is not as expensive as you think.


16. Cosmos Gift Nutcracker and Dancer Salt & Pepper Set

This eye-catching tabletop set that is pretty and practical is a nice gift that you give to the favorite dancer on any special occasion. 

Even so, this product boasts a high-quality and durable ceramic construction thus you are certain it will last a lifetime. In addition to that, this set is beautifully packed in a durable gift box.


17. Infinity Collection Dance Bracelet

Are you looking for the perfect gift that your girlfriend can treasure forever? If yes then this is for you. This beautiful bracelet from Infinity Collections is fully adjustable. What’s more, it comes with a stunning infinity link and rope design as well as various ballerina charm. There is also a “Dance” word in the middle that will remind your partner what is in her heart.


18. Just Dance 2 Nintendo Wii

Consisting of more than 44 new tracks, the Just Dance 2 Nintendo Wii is worth investing. This product, on the other hand, comes with real dance movements that are actually choreographed by professionals.

One more thing, the Just Dance 2 will keep your girlfriend motivated and energized as she dances her calories away.


19. Dance DanceDance Pasta by Pastabilities

Add some fun to your girlfriend’s dinner time with this all-natural and funky pasta that is specially created for ballerinas as well as a dancer. When it comes to the shape of the pasta it includes ballet shoes and dancers which are bound to make your smile. 

This pasta by Pastabilities is made with 100 percent durum wheat and most importantly, it is very nutritious.


20. Kikkerland Jewelry Stand

Keep your girlfriend’s accessories close at her hands and organized with this jewelry stand y Kikkerland. This beautiful stand is great for holding bracelets and necklaces. It also comes with a dish at the base that can hold earrings, rings, as well as other small stuff. Constructed using steel, the Kikkerland Jewelry Stand will last for a couple of years.


21. Magnets in Motion Ballroom Dancers Magnet

This car magnet from Magnets in Motion is a type of gift that every performer and dancer will surely love. In fact, it will stick to any magnetic surface. What’s more, it will improve the aesthetic of any refrigerator and car in an instant.


22. V28 Leg Warmer for Women

These pink leg warmers will keep your girlfriend’s body warm during her dance classes, particularly in the winter. As a matter of fact, a pair of comfortable leg warmers are dancers’ best friend during this season. 

The warmers, on the other hand, are not just warm, but they are fashionable as well. Further, these warmers are constructed using 20 percent nylon and 80 percent viscose. Last but not least they can be washed using cold water and are machine washable. 



The dancer of your life needs a lot of stuff to keep her motivated while pampering herself. Thus, you can pick any of the 22 gifts mentioned above. Trust us, any of these gift ideas will leave a big smile on her face. 

Hopefully, this list of gifts for dancers has helped you a lot.


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