15 Anniversary Gift Ideas For Your Girlfriend


It’s difficult to pick the right gift for your girlfriend on your anniversary. The gift has to be thoughtful, pretty, and usually expensive for her to feel loved and happy. Finding the perfect gift can be a nightmare that many men struggle with. From London to Lebanon, men all over the world have this issue each and every year, but it doesn’t have to be this way…

We are here to help.

We have compiled a list of 15 anniversary gifts for your girlfriend that she is sure to love.

Each gift on this list is guaranteed to bring a smile to her face when she opens it, and they are going to earn you some serious boyfriend points.

Let’s get started.


Fitbit Blaze Smart Fitness Watch


The invention of personal fitness trackers has taken the world by storm. A few years ago they were little more than unique niche products that only fitness junkies needed. However, these days they are a must have piece of tech and are highly desirable (and fashionable) items to wear.

The Fitbit Blaze is probably the best fitness tracker money can buy at the moment. Fitbit basically created the wearable fitness tracker market, and they are still one of the best brands. The tracker itself is essentially a smart watch that has a whole host of useful features in it that help you track your health and aids you with your workouts.

The most commonly used feature is undoubtedly the daily step counter. Most smartphones these days will track your daily steps, but they are horribly inaccurate. A dedicated fitness tracker never leaves your side and will provide you with your daily step count to an amazing degree of accuracy.

Additionally, the Blaze will track your heart rate fluctuations to tell you how healthy your cardiovascular system is and will also help you during workouts by giving detailed personalized advice. All this tech is wrapped up in a stunning classic black body with a silver chrome outline. Now she can look great and be healthy all at the same time.

If your girlfriend is always on a diet, always in the gym, or is just generally active – this could be the perfect gift for your anniversary.


Dolce & Gabbana Women’s Sunglasses


A pair of designer sunglasses is a super safe bet if you have no idea what to get your girlfriend. There is no female on this planet that would not love a pair of Dolce & Gabbana sunglasses – and they are much more affordable than you may think.

These stunning glasses are instantly recognizable as D&G with their iconic lens style. The wide peaked frames exude quality and luxury at every single opportunity. The thick side pieces feature an almost hypnotic striped pattern that is emblazoned with an interesting and attractive motif. The inner side of the glasses are made from real wood and feel incredibly comfortable when worn (and have a genuine D&G logo on a brass plaque inside).

The best thing about these glasses that makes them a great anniversary gift idea for your girlfriend is that you can personalize the color scheme. They are available in blue, black, orange, and white. If you know your girl loves any of those colors, then it adds a personal touch to the gift.

(If you are like most men and have no idea what color to choose for your girlfriend, just get the black ones to be safe)


Armani Exchange Women’s AX5446 Two Tone Silver and Gold Watch

You will probably start to notice a trend in this article, we are going for several big name designer brand items (that are still reasonably priced). This is no coincidence, it’s almost impossible for your girlfriend to be unhappy with something beautiful that has a big brand name attached to it. She will be able to post pictures of it on Facebook bragging to her friends about how awesome her man is (and she will be super happy that she can do that).

This Stunning Armani Watch is a perfect example of exactly the kind of thing that she will be posting all over social media. It’s much more affordable than you may think, but it looks like it cost you loads.

The watch face is the superstar of this watch with its stunning satin silver backing contrasting against the gold indicators and hands. It’s the pure definition of classic elegance – but that’s what you expect when you buy Armani. The face is encrusted with several gemstones around the outside of the watch which look incredible when they catch the light and sparkle and shine.

The adjustable strap matches the silver watch face and has beautiful gold accents along the interior to complete the piece. The strong clasp is sturdy and reliable, which means she won’t have to worry about losing it (and it’s waterproof too).



Sterling Silver Rose-cut Diamond Certified Heart Link Tennis Bracelet


If you thought that big name brands can help you ensure you get a great gift for your girlfriend on your anniversary, then you need to know you ain’t seen nothing yet!

Diamonds have always been, and always will be a girl’s best friend. Get her something with diamonds, and you are going to make her the happiest woman on the planet.

There are a few different diamond gifts on this page, but this is one of our favorites. It’s a stunning solid sterling silver bracelet that looks elegant and sophisticated. It’s an understated bracelet yet one that will stand out and get your girlfriend compliments when it sparkles and shines.

Every individual sterling silver link in this bracelet is shaped like a heart, which makes it a constant reminder of how much you love her. Inside each and every heart is a diamond that has been carefully and securely set in the perfect position. The diamonds in this product are guaranteed to be conflict free and come with a certificate of authenticity (so you can trace them back to their verifiable source).

If your girlfriend is not the kind of girl who likes big name brands then this diamond bracelet is probably one of your best bets on this page. It’s impossible for her to not like this gift, trust us.


14K Gold White Freshwater Cultured Pearl Necklace

Just like diamonds, a pearl necklace is one of those timeless classics that every woman in the world is sure to love. Who wouldn’t love to own a set of beautiful, organic, real pearls to wear around their neck?

Most men reading this will probably have never purchased a pearl necklace in their lives, so you may be expecting this to be a super expensive gift. However, you will be pleasantly surprised by just how affordable these products have become (thanks to intensive pearl farming in China).

However, you don’t have to tell her that – she’s going to love this gift.

The necklace itself is 18 inches long which is called “Princess Length”, it’s a bold and beautiful necklace that is sure to get your girl compliments. It’s fitted with a solid gold clasp that’s strong and stable enough to keep the necklace secure. The pearls themselves are grade A and have been hand picked for their impressive luster and unmistakable beauty. The whole thing is packaged in an exceptionally high-quality box that’s going to make her think you have spent at least a months salary on her gift.


Miguel Ases Blue Gold Stone Lotus Earrings

You have probably never heard of Miguel Ases, but your girlfriend has. He is one of the worlds most respected earring designers and makes stunning pieces with semi precious stones. If your girl appreciated beauty and is not too fussy about precious stones, this could be the gift idea you have been looking for.

Miguel Ases is a designer that is known for his amazing use of symmetry in his creations, and these hand made earrings are no exception. A stunning large teal crystal in the middle is the centerpiece of these earrings which is surrounded by gold beads on all sides. The earrings extend outward from the middle in a circular pattern exploring various shades of green and blue in perfect symmetry.

The end result is an almost hypnotic beauty that is sure to grab attention and get your girlfriend some compliments. Despite being intricate and interesting the overall appearance of these earrings is reasonably dark. This means that they can be worn casually or formally with ease.

This anniversary gift for your girlfriend is going to be something that she will be wearing for years to come.


Badgley Mischka Women’s Gene Platform Pump


Badgley Mischka is another one of those designers that you will probably have never of heard of. However, the brand is known for making some of the most elegant and beautiful footwear on the planet (with bridal inspired undertones).

Buying shoes for your girlfriend can be a risky business, every woman has her own individual tastes that are nearly impossible for a male to decipher. However, it’s also impossible to not like these shoes.

They are incredibly beautiful, and elegant. Their neutral cream coloring makes them a perfect addition to any outfit and she will have no problems finding clothes to wear with them. If you know your girlfriend doesn’t like cream shoes this product is also available in an equally beautiful “blush satin” color (but in most cases we suggest the cream version).

The hidden platform on the bottom of the shoe will give her an extra few CM of height on top of the already sizable 4.25-inch heel. However, the star of the show with these shoes is the mind-bogglingly beautiful gemstone arrangement on the back of the shoe. These high-quality stones form a diamond like pattern and start from the very top of the shoe and go all the way down to the start of the heel.

She will literally have a sparkle in her step wherever she goes when she has these beautiful shoes on.


FRYE Melissa Tote


No self-respecting gift list for girlfriends on their anniversary would be complete without a handbag or two. We have searched high and low to find something we think that every woman will like (regardless of her tastes), and we have found the perfect product. Fyre is one of the hottest brands in handbags right now (pun intended), and this is a gift she is sure to love.

Made from the highest quality super soft Italian leather the Melissa Tote bag exudes quality from the very first moment you lay your eyes upon it. It’s 12” high and 13” wide which gives a square appearance. This gives it an understated aura which allows the fine detailing on the two sturdy straps and the impeccable stitching to become the stars of the show.

With its large capacity and its three interior pockets, it’s the perfect bag for a weekend away. The secure and strong magnets that close the bag at the top ensure easy access while keeping her belongings safe.

The bag is available in 4 different colors, if you don’t know which one to go for, we recommend the dark brown version as the safest option.


Gucci Gold Aviator Sunglasses


The second pair of designer sunglasses on our list arguably has an even bigger and better reputation than the first pair. Every woman would love to own a pair of genuine Gucci sunglasses, and your girlfriend is going to have the worlds biggest smile on her face when she sees these.

These stunning aviator style glasses are not for the faint hearted, they are loud, in your face, super blingy. But if your girlfriend is the kinda girl who loves to be the center of attention, these are going to be the perfect gift.

The most obvious (and most interesting) thing about these great glasses are the gemstones that are encrusted all the way around the outside of each lens. The perfectly uniform size alongside the exceptionally high quality of the stones makes them feel incredibly luxurious. The stones contrast beautifully against the high quality tan brown lenses and the bright gold frame. As you would expect from Gucci the frame is expertly designed and is almost weightless on your face (but the glasses are secure and stable).


14 Karat White Gold Heart Shape Aquamarine Diamond Pendant

This is one of the most romantic gifts on this list, so if your girl is the sentimental type this could be the perfect anniversary gift you have been looking for. There are two main focal points to this necklace, both are beautiful and both complement each other perfectly.

The first focal point is the large stunning Aquamarine stone in the middle of the pendant. The skilled craftsmen that make this product have cut the stone to be in the shape of a beautiful heart (which will remind her of your love for her each time she wears it). It’s a stunning ice blue in color and is a whopping 6mm in size.

Above the heart is the second focal point of this necklace, a sizeable, high quality 14 Karat diamond. The sparkle of the diamond works wonders when set against the stunning heart shaped gemstone. It’s a truly elegant and understated piece that might have been a little bit bland without the stunning sparkle provided by the diamond.

Both stones are set in a solid sterling silver enclosure which effortlessly sweeps and waves around the focal points creating a flowing moving appearance that is captivatingly beautiful.


14k Diamond with Screw Back and Post Stud Earrings (J-K Color, I2-I3 Clarity)

Diamond earrings are an excellent go to gift when you need to make a decision in a hurry. They are comparatively cheap compared to other larger pieces of jewelry and are something that is so subtle that basically, any woman in the world will love them. If you’re short on time and need to pick something in the next 5 minutes, this is the one for you.

Just because they are a reliable choice, however, does not mean that they are a sub standard gift. These earrings are probably one of the best gift ideas on this list if you look at the boyfriend points to dollar ratio!

These stunning earrings are made up of 14 Karat diamonds that have been cut perfectly with expert precision. They sparkle and shine like only a diamond can (and are guaranteed conflict free as they comply with the Kimberly process). The diamonds themselves are perfectly circular and are set in a stunning 4 pronged sterling silver setting which provides a subtle accentuation to the stones.


Sterling Silver Created Gemstone and Diamond Infinity Bracelet


Let your girlfriend know that your love for her will last forever with this amazing infinity bracelet. The first thing that will catch her eye when she opens the box is undoubtedly the stunning deep blue oval cut gemstones. These beautiful little stones have a wide range of different shades of blue within them when they catch the light. But they are dark enough to ensure they don’t clash with most of her outfits.

In between each of these little blue nuggets of beauty lies the feature that gives this bracelet its name, infinity symbols. Each individual infinity symbol is encrusted with small, but sparkly diamonds that represent the everlasting undying love you feel for your girlfriend.

Make sure you tell her this when you give her the gift for some bonus boyfriend points on your anniversary.


Kate Spade New York Classic Spade Victoria Crossbody


This stunning bag from Kate Spade is another sure bet. Kate has become one of the hottest designers of the past few years. Her ethical design and manufacturing processes combined with the stunning beauty of her products mean that everything she makes is adored by the fashion conscious females in our world.

This crossbody bag is a perfect example of that with its stunning combination of browns and whites in an elegant and light geometric pattern. The large dark red leather stripe down the middle complements the subtle tones perfectly and is beautifully accented by the brown leather backing to the gold text that makes up the Kate Spade logo.

This is going to be a “special occasion” bag for most women. We guarantee she gets compliments from her friends when she wears this, she’s gonna love it, and you.


Love Necklace Inscribed with I Love You in 120 Languages in 24k Gold on Onyx Pendant

Are you the kinda guy who has trouble expressing his feelings of romance through words? If so, this could be the gift you’re looking for. It’s a stunning Onyx pendant that has the words “I love you” inscribed on it in 120 different languages.

As you might imagine, this means the text on the necklace needs to be quite small, which makes this a “NanoStyle” piece. Luckily the pendant comes with a beautiful little magnifying glass that she can use to read the words of love when she receives her gift. It’s also a lovely little thing for her to keep in her jewelry box for her to read from time to time.

The pendant itself is available in several varieties, we think the white gold version is the best but it is also available in yellow gold and sterling silver if you think your lady will prefer them.


Gucci Guccissima Leather Interlocking G Buckle Belt

The final pick on this list is our wild card option, this is what you get for the girlfriend who has got everything. It’s a genuine Gucci belt that has been hand made in Italy and imported into the US. The high-quality leather that makes up the majority of the belt is simply stunning. It’s soft yet durable and won’t stretch or warp over time.

This leather would usually be good enough to be the focal point of a normal belt on its own, but this is no normal belt – this is Gucci.

The huge Gucci logo that has been fashioned into a stunning gold belt buckle is overpowering and demands attention. It’s a fashion statement that cannot be ignored from a brand that is as timeless as can be. It’s a sure bet for the woman who has everything.



So there you have it, our top 15 gifts for girlfriends on your anniversary. There is going to be something on this list for every woman in the world, so now you have no excuses. Get online, order it within a few minutes, and have it delivered to your door.

(For bonus points remember to take her out for a nice meal where she can wear whatever gift you have brought her)

Oh, and we almost forgot…


Happy Anniversary!

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