13 Signs That You Have A Great Girlfriend

In the relationship, it is expected for you to experience the ups and down feelings. Just like how you argue with your best friends or your family but still, you love them by the end of the day.

Love goes beyond feeling just like you feel you have butterflies in your stomach, also love is making a commitment to someone whom you can be yourself fully and enjoy every moment at her side.

We all want true love in our lives and true love it is all about finding the right person in the right time and the one who gives you all the love you can’t ever imagine to have. There are so many types of people in this world, and a thousand different ways to meet them. So how can you be sure you already found the right person? If your girl has this signs you already found a great partner and if you still searching if you found this type of woman don’t ever let her go.

1. She tells you the reason why she is in a bad mood.

• No one can be in the good mood all the time if she tells what her reasons are or she tells you what’s the problem, then you are lucky because you have a great bond and excellent communication that you can enjoy with.

2. She loves you for who are and not try to change you.

• True love is all about accepting one another. No matter who you are or what you made of, she still loves and accepts you for who you are.  And it is really important that she doesn’t want you to become a “Perfect Man” for her, because there are many things that can’t be fixed, but a great partner still overcomes imperfections and can accept the fact she can go out with your uniqueness.

3. She never interferes with your work.

• If you both understand it, there is always a time for everything. You will accomplish many things together and you both will appreciate regardless of being tired and stress you can see each other face to face at the end of the day.

4. She does not have problems with her own image.

• If you are dating with a girl who does not try to change her body all the time or is not obsessed with gym or dieting then you are lucky because there is nothing sexier than a woman is confident to herself.

5. She knows how to distribute her free time.

• She knows how to organize her time. Even if she has a lot to do or she is busy, she still finds a way to have time on you and knows how to organize herself to spend time with you.

6. She is fun to be with.

You always laugh and appreciate her jokes and enjoys a lot of things you do together. She does not stop laughing at your side and enjoys your accompany.


7. She loves hanging out with your family and your friends.

• If your family and friends love and like her, I assure you it is an ideal relationship and you have a great partner. You can spend with her those special moments among your family and friends. Also, there will not have an issue regarding “jealousy” that could become toxic.

8. She knows how to surprise and make you happy.

• She knows how to make you smile even in small things or big things even other things to break the routine like a simple date becomes wonderful memories. Remember the same routine will become boredom.

9. She is open and honest to you.

• You know everything about her past even her childhood experience and the problem she has or she had. She’s being honest with her feelings towards you and you know all about her concern even her small obsessions.

10. She is a good listener.

• She wants to know the reason why you are not in the mood and she always listens to your problems. She is also not afraid to ask for the details and reasons and gives you advice when you asked for it. If you have a girl like this you are one of a lucky guy in this world.

11. She likes the same thing.

• It is really amazing to find a girl who does not contradict your likes or trips. You appreciate more the things you love because you are not alone anymore, you have a partner to spend and do it over and over again. Of course sometimes or not all day you always agree on everything you’ve been decided, sometimes you argue with something but at least you are on the same page 90% of the time.

12. She never nags you.

She always let the small things go because she knows it is not worth to fight with and so that you can feel happiness and perfectly at ease in her company. She never nags you and makes you more irritate when you already are. The argument is normal for a relationship it would make a couple grow and matured and it is nice to have a partner like this after the fight you know how to move on and make up for your partner.

13. She corrects you when you are wrong.

• It is nice to have a partner to correct your bad doing because not all woman do this sometimes they agreed on you even your decision is wrong because simply she loves you. That’s not what you call love. Love is all about doing right and do not agree on your wrongdoing.

Is it nice to find your true love with an ideal description of your great girlfriend? Do you think you already found your girlfriend? If you are, then you are a lucky guy. Do everything to make her stay by your side do not let her go because let me tell you, it is rare to find a woman like her. But if you still searching, I hope these signs help you to find your happiness.

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