12 Useful Gift Ideas If Your Girlfriend Loves To Cook

If you know your girlfriend loves to cook or to stay in the kitchen, then picking out one of these 12 useful gift ideas for girlfriends who love to cook shouldn’t be too crucial, right?

You can go to kitchen stores to look for cool kitchen stuff that you never knew it’s in there and buy as much as you want. But, in picking an item, there’ll be second thoughts like what if they already have one? Or, is it really useful for them?

It seems hopeless to find a perfect gift for her. Until we started looking online and found out tons of amazing kitchen gifts that aren’t similar to the stuff we used to see. The items aren’t just useful but also fun-looking and creative. Adding one in a kitchen room is something your girl wouldn’t miss. So, let’s now proceed to the gift ideas perfect for someone who loves to cook – that someone can be your girlfriend!

Top 12 Cooking Stuff Gift Ideas for Her

1. Cravings: Recipes for All the Food You Want to Eat 

Let’s start with a book of recipes. Chrissy Teigen and Adeena Sussman, the celebrity authors, got the idea of making this book on their daily lifestyle. They both love to cook despite the busy schedule and now they’re sharing recipe ideas to all the readers.

If your girlfriend is still learning on how to cook, there’s no other perfect gift than a recipe book. The hard-covered book contains recipes with a variety of tastes anybody could enjoy. Ingredients and procedures of cooking are very accurate and understandable. It is full of fun book recipe, unlike the others that are too serious. Thanks to Chrissy Teigen who is capable of making people laugh. You can download its free app if you want to follow the recipes at home too.

Moreover, Cravings Recipes has won the Epicurious Best Cookbooks of 2017 and also gain many positive feedbacks from prestigious magazines.


2. Cuisinart WMR-CA Round Classic Waffle Maker

Does your girl love waffle?  Let her do her own with this high-quality waffle maker from Cuisin art. She can cook her favorite waffle at any time of the day.

It is a round nonstick cook plate that is separated in four quarters. This requires 120 voltages to start cooking waffles. It has five settings for browning control adjustments so you can enjoy from light to deep golden brown waffle. There are indicator lights that signal you when the waffle is ready to bake or to eat. The weighted lid remains closed until the waffles are bake.

Ease of cleaning is experienced by only wiping it with a damp cloth and simply brushing the crumbs. Afterward, storing the equipment is so easy because of its compact design. The cord is wrapped around the base and the lid stays closed during storage. Moreover, a recipe book is included.


3. Bialetti Pasta Pot

You don’t need to date her on luxurious restaurants just to treat her Italian-style pasta. Just surprise your girl with Bialetti Pasta Pot and let her cook her own kind of pasta recipes. It has an oval design which is appropriate for cooking pasta. The best thing is you don’t have to strain the water using a different strainer. Its twist and locking lid cover has holes for easy straining. The handles stay cool and comfortable to grip all through the cooking session.

You can choose the right color suitable for your girlfriend with this 5-quart pasta pot. Its non-stick interior is PFOA free and easy to clean. It quickly heats because of its aluminum construction.

However, it is sensitive to metal utensils and dishwasher so better warn her to be careful in using it. Or, you can buy separate proper utensils for the pot. Enjoy a 5-year warranty!


4. Cooks Standard Ceiling Mounted Wooden Pot Rack

This wooden pot rack might seem very simple as a gift but it’s undeniably useful. It helps to keep the cookware more organize while hanging on the wall. Cooks standard uses two 36-inches natural wood in making this mounted pot rack. It is durable enough to hold 6 cook wares via six swiveling, solid cast aluminum hooks that can turn 360-degrees. Each hook can hold around 30-pounds of weight.

Its brackets are also made of solid aluminum to match any kitchenware. It can be easily installed or mounted on the wall by using a screwdriver and extra hooks. As a boyfriend, you can volunteer yourself to do the installation. That will surely add so much sweetness gesture for your girlfriend.


5. Zoku Quick Pop Maker

This gift idea depends on the weather. Why do we say so? It’s a Popsicle maker!

Girls do love sweet foodstuffs and ice cream is definitely on the wish list. Not all the time ice cream vendors will pass through the streets so giving your girl a quick pop maker is the best solution to support her cravings. Within 7-minutes, popsicles are ready for dessert. It comes with six drip guards and sticks and a tool for removing the pops. The equipment is non-toxic and BPA-free.

The mold is non-sticky which is made of cast aluminum. It is properly sealed to evenly freeze the pops in a short period of time. You can freeze three 2-ounce pops at once. And so, it is enough for your romantic date with an extra pop for her.

Creating fun and customized popsicles can be your alone time together so give her this pop maker.


6. Baker’s Edge Brownie Pan

Brownies are one of the girl’s favorite desserts. The chewy edge of a brownie is the most delicious part of it and here’s the secret behind it. Baker’s Edge Brownie Pan has serpentine-designed which helps to create two chewy edges. The batter evenly spread throughout the pan because of its continuous chamber design. Heat circulation equally hits the middle of the pan to slowly cook the brownie.

There’s no adjustment necessary so just mix the recipes on the pan then start baking. Standard mixes are suitable on this brownie pan. Its premium silicone base is non-sticky and PFOA, PFTE, and Teflon free. A nylon spatula is included that aids the baker in finishing the brownie without being deformed.

Open the box and a list of recipes will surprise you. Favorite recipes are counted in like marbled cheesecake brownies, raspberry pecan blondies and so on. The pan is made in the USA and has quality performance since 2006.


7. Dexas Over-the-Sink Strainer Grippboard

Cutting meats or veggies directly on the sink is possible with this cutting board and silicone strainer in one. You can immediately wash the meat or veggies slices on the sink without hassle. This is collapsible kitchenware so that it is easier to clean after use. There’s a non-slipping handle to secure the board in place. Cooking will be faster and more convenient with this strainer board on the sink.

The strainer can contain the 2.5-quart capacity and collapses flat during storage. It can be removed for easy cleaning of the entire strainer board. Its durable and odor-resisting board measures 12 by 22.5 inches. That is enough space for preparing ingredients while cooking. Moreover, it will not cause dullness on knives. Overall, the cookware is dishwasher safe and fits on standard size sinks.


8. Stuff Every Cook Should Know by Joy Manning

There’s no need to enter culinary school just to learn everything a cook should know. A simple yet helpful book can provide an adequate amount of learning. You can get its free app to continue learning even from afar.

Joy Manning is known as a recipe developer and award-nominated writer in the industry. She made this book to help the ones beginning to learn all that is found in the kitchen. Your girl can get timeless wisdom with this hardcover book.

It contains cooking tips from the experts and kitchen practical tips in many areas. Samples are measurement conversions, organizing tips, and different “how to” questions. Placing it on the kitchen counter is recommended to easily grasp the wisdom it tells. Whenever the cook forgets about kitchen stuff, this little red book is to the rescue.


9. Cake Boss 3-Piece Melamine Mixing Bowl Set

It is important to have separate mixing bowl in the kitchen to perfectly get the right mixture of every recipe. Ordinary bowls just don’t work well in mixing recipes. It could be better to have real-time mixing bowls.

Cake Boss provides three mixing bowls with labels such as mixing, stirring and whipping in a very affordable price. The bowls are in different sizes from small to large, respectively.

It is designed with solid white melamine construction and has inspired bistro bakeshop design. Its bottom is made of a rubberized base ring to keep the bowl in place during the preparation. The mixing bowl set is easy to clean and away from breaking. Other Cake Boss collections, like baking tools, are perfect partners of this bowl set.

After using the bowls, it can be washed with a dishwasher and then put in layer for storage.


10. Lodge Cast Iron Skillet

It looks weird to choose cookware as a gift for a girlfriend but it is so practical. Lodge in the USA is known for their lifetime durability cast iron. This pan is suitable on either stovetop or oven use. The two handles and two side lips for pouring are new features as an improvement from the original product. This10.25-inches pan is appropriate for slow-cooking recipes, for frying, and also for baking an apple crisp. For deep frying, only fill up to 1/3 of the cookware’s capacity.

It is a naturally seasoned cookware with 100% vegetable oil. The seasoning will get better the more it is used for cooking. Additionally, there is no chemical or synthetic coating added to sustain safety for anyone who’ll eat the prepared recipe.

Wash the cast iron with mild soap and then wipe thoroughly with a paper towel. Rub a small amount of vegetable oil on the cookware. And, hang on its storage.


11. Crock-Pot Cook & Carry Portable Manual Slow Cooker

This slow cooker is convenient for preparing foodstuffs for family gatherings and other big events. It can also act as a serving dish during travels because of its hinged locking lid and carrying handles. And so, there’s no need to repack the recipes to another container. It can cook food enough for eight persons. Cooking time with this cookware can be controlled by setting the cooking level. It can be for fast-cooking or slow-cooking.

The food can be served at an ideal serving temperature whenever you want to. The temperature controller is manually adjusted and so easy to learn how. Remove the stoneware insert for convenient serving.

This cookware avoids making a mess during the preparation due to its sealed lid. There’ll be fewer dishes to wash up with this one-pot cooking ware. Just remove the stoneware and start washing it with a dishwasher.


12. Sunbeam Mini Donut Maker

Donuts aren’t just for kids; your girlfriend might want it too. But, these sweet donuts are so expensive in the market. How about homemade donuts?

There are dull moments at home and baking is a fun hobby to start with. Mini Donut Maker is only a simple tool that can make seven delicious donuts in just four minutes. Prepare a mixture of recipes and then place on its non-stick plates. See the light indicators when it’s ready to bake the donuts. You can have mini donuts without frying.

Cleaning up the plates is so easy with the help of its non-stick feature. The cord is wrapped for convenient keeping.



A romantic relationship these days do not depend only on sweetness but more on practicality. Yes, there are other options of gift ideas for your girlfriend aside from kitchen stuff but practicality counts. We have shown above some gift ideas perfect for a girl who loves to cook. You can look for more amazing, loving, and useful gift ideas online.

Come back here and share your girlfriend’s reaction after receiving one of these items. Thank you!

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