12 Gift Ideas If Your Girlfriend Is Into Yoga

Does your girlfriend love to do yoga routines? Giving yoga gifts to yoga lovers might be challenging. When we say yoga exercises, the first tool that enters your mind is a yoga mat. Well, yoga routines don’t settle using only a yoga mat and we’ll find out later the other yoga tools. This post will show the 12 best yoga gifts for her that you may possibly find online.

Let’s get it started! 

1. Clever Yoga’s Yoga Set 


If you’re starting out buying gifts, it’ll be great to start with this yoga set for her. It comes with 6mm non-slipping yoga mat, two durable foam blocks, 8’ yoga strap, yoga mat, and hand towel, and one free carrying case, in short, a seven-piece bundle.

This is perfect for the yoga beginners and most appreciated by those advanced yogis. The yoga mat is filled with 6mm cushion with a double-sided texture that prevents slipping. It effectively supports yogi’s whole being while doing yoga routines. For a beginner, the 100% cotton yoga strap helps to develop flexibility. Difficult poses are accompanied by the two yoga blocks that help to maintain posture.

Before storing the yoga set in the carrying case, use the microfiber yoga towel to dry it up. The yogis can use the hand towel to stay dry too. 

The company offers a “Namaste” warranty. That means when the customer isn’t fully satisfied with the product, there’ll be a free replacement or a full refund.


2. BalanceFrom GoYoga All-Purpose Yoga Mat


Maybe the previous yoga set is too much. You can buy only a yoga mat with BalanceFrom GoYoga that is within your budget. It includes carrying strap to easily bring the yoga mat anywhere. Besides, it is only lightweight. 

This ½-inch yoga mat has double-sided, non-slipping surfaces to prevent injuries. Balancing exercises are properly executed with this yoga mat. Doing exercise routines on hard floors may hurt the spine, hips, and other parts of the body. But, with this high-density foam-filled yoga mat, your joints won’t be hurt. The strap’s length is adjustable with Velcro loop ends for a better hold. This helps to easily transport the yoga mat. Also, you can roll up the mat to do some yoga routines. 

Moisture resistant technology makes the mat easy to clean with soap and water, regularly. BalanceFrom offers a 2-year warranty for all the consumers. 


3. Mind Over Lather 100% Natural Yoga Mat Cleaning Spray


If your girl already has a yoga mat, give her a yoga mat cleaning spray. It doesn’t only cleanse the mat but makes it smells good too. This is favorable for every yogi out there to have a calmer meditation. 

It is packed in an 8-ounce bottle spray for more convenient use. This fits on most fitness bags without leaking so you can carry it anytime. It has a naturally calming scent with the help of eucalyptus and tea tree essential oils. Additionally, Hazel is also within its ingredients that add up the extra smelling flavor. Lavender mint is the end flavor of this cleaning spray. 

Don’t worry as the yoga mat won’t dry out once cleanse with this cleaning spray. It is because there’s no alcohol added on its ingredient list. 

The next day you’ll do yoga routines, it’ll be relaxer and calmer. A yoga mat cleaner is much better than the usual wet cloth.


4. Yoga Mate Perfect Yoga Towel 


Doing any exercise routines may cause sweating because of tiredness or because of the poured out passion. Usual towels just won’t work at this scenario and there’s a great request of yoga towel. This wipes away all the wetness on your body. 

If your girlfriend is into Bikram or also known as hot yoga, this could be the perfect towel that can dry her up. It has two uses; one is for wiping and the other for covering the top of a regular size yoga mat. You can choose from a variety of colorful designs that your girl will surely love. 

This microfiber-made yoga towel is non-slipping, a great sweat-absorbent towel and hence odorless, unlike the usual towels that produce bad odor after using it in a day. Its durability is to the highest level that it won’t rip in a long-run. 

You wash the yoga towel together with the other laundry one at a time. 


5. Asutra 100% Natural and Organic Yoga Mat Cleaner


It is another option for yoga mat cleaner from Asutra. This one isn’t just naturally-made but also organic that can be bought at a very reasonable price. It is a great detoxifying solution for yoga mats to prepare for the next yoga session.

Cleaning a yoga mat with water and soap alone isn’t satisfying. An aromatic yoga mat benefits the person using it in many ways. Some benefits include boosting immunity, reducing anxiety, and calming the mind. Its citrus scent helps to achieve those benefits.

The cleaner is packed in a biodegradable bottle sprayer and once sprayed on the mat, there’ll be no slippery residue. Moreover, it quickly evaporates right after spraying onto a mat. Its main ingredients are organic grapefruit and other therapeutic essential oils. There are no harsh chemical ingredients added. No parabens, phosphates, alcohol, and bleach too. And so, safe for all yoga mats. 


6. JBM International Yoga Wheel 


Yoga practices include the use of yoga wheel and now becoming a trend. It is suitable for both beginner and advanced yogi. Your girlfriend possibly desires for a more proper posture so wrap a yoga wheel as a gift for her. Four color options are available.

This yoga wheel is like no other with its TPE padding and ABS plastic material construction which are more durable than those made with PVC. Regardless of its 3-pound weight, it can still support bridge pose and wheel pose even with a 300-pound yogi.

With its TPE-made external mat, it becomes sweat-resistant so no slipping off will ever happen throughout the routines. You can do lots of yoga poses with this yoga wheel and still feel safe. This is perfect for those who are in need of deep back, chest, and shoulder bend. 

You can take it in the yoga studio by only slinging it in a bag. 


7. The Yoga Kitchen by Kimberly Parsons


Of course, doing yoga routines, there must be a proper diet to follow. It is a book full of vegetarian recipes that would help to energize the body. Girlfriends will appreciate this gift because they won’t be guessing what food they’ll eat after a session. It also helps them to be healthier. 

The included recipes are more on veggies and gluten-free. This can be added to her healthy lifestyle routine. Recipes are divided into chakra-based chapter depending on the goal on that certain day. Examples are vitalizing, nurture, core, and so on.

The beautiful photographs of the recipes are greatly adored by the readers. It pushes them to hunger after each recipe. The truth is over 100 recipes are discussed within this book. 


8. FitLifestyleCo Yoga Strap


We don’t know but maybe your girlfriend wants to be more flexible now. The one thing that might help her is a yoga strap. FitLifestyleCo offers different colors of yoga strap your girlfriend might want. 

Moreover, physical therapies use a yoga strap for rehabilitation, recovery, and stretching. Other uses are found on YouTube which is the instructional video that you can watch for free. In there, an experienced yoga instructor will teach every viewer different yoga exercises. 

Grasping the limbs is easier to make with a yoga strap. The organic cotton strap is secured with metal D-ring to avoid being flimsy. It looks like a belt but actually a huge tool to enhance flexibility. You’ll be surprised someday your girl can do pretzel-like poses with just a strap. 


9. Earth Spirit Village Tree Of Life-Aromatherapy Necklace Gift Set


If you still want to show-off sweetness to her even with yoga gifts, try out this aromatic necklace gift set. It comes with three uniquely designed necklaces and with six aromatic charms. She can get the benefits of aromatic scent wherever she goes. And a perfect match for every yoga sessions. 

Actually, this gift idea isn’t the only wearable during yoga sessions but at all times. This alters her mood so you better buy her one. It is a ready-to-give gift as it is packed in a beautiful box. 

The pendant has two sides, one with inspirational text and the other containing diffuser pad. It is enclosed with a magnetic locket and made out of stainless steel. The pad contains essential oil scents. Moreover, six pendant pads are added in every purchase. 


10. Kindfolk Yoga Mat Carrier


All needed yoga stuff is all set. There’s only one thing must not be forgotten before going to yoga studios. Yes, yoga mat carrier. It is better for yoga mats to be securely stored inside a bag carrier to prevent any damage upon it. Any carrier won’t do except for yoga mats. 

Kind folk took quality seriously in making this mat carrier. It is made of cotton blend fabric with durable canvas materials to stay tough in storing yoga mat and other pieces of stuff. The mat can be placed on the inside or outside the carrier, whichever is more preferred. A detachable strap supports the mat when place outside. It can hold a mat measuring 24-inches wide. One exterior pocket holds valuable things like phone and keys for easy access.

This carrier is out of leather, vegan-friendly, and stylishly designed suitable for girls. It can be carried in two options either by shoulder straps or cross body straps. 

In every purchase, the company donates $1 to A21 that rescues all the victims of slavery. 


11. Comfy Yoga Leggings 


Any attire won’t do to perfectly perform yoga exercises. A flexible pant is necessary to easily bend the legs. 

Comfy Yoga is offering one size yoga puttees that fit from small to medium sizes. Don’t worry it could be stretched up to 42-inches waistline. It is a combination of polyester and spandex materials resulting to ever soft and comfortable workout leggings. It is built with 4-way stretch design and elastic band. The fabric materials won’t lose in shape and won’t showoff sweat due to its moisture-wicking feature. 

It is high-waist and double-stitched. In addition, the fabric thickness is admirable and so last longer than the other yoga pants. You can choose between the collection of unique and stylish designs. The printed designs won’t be washed off and stay put after many washes. 


12. Promotion & Beyond Yoga Women’s Tank Top


To complete the attire of your yogi girlfriend, a tank top is suggested. It is a perfect match for yoga leggings. Yoga exercises require more breathable clothes due to keep you fresh while meditating. There are lots of tank tops in the market but this one has caught our attention. 

A person who’ll be wearing this top will feel fresh through the polyester and cotton used materials. It is a racer back-style and slim fit for ladies. There’s a statement written in front speaking about yoga. You can wash it like how you wash other clothes 

Up to xx-large size is available! 



Adding yoga routines in everyday lifestyle helps one’s mental and physical health. There are few numbers of stuff needed, other than a yoga mat, to completely enjoy yoga experience. And, the provided list of best yoga gift ideas will help you pick which one will make your girlfriend smile. This has to remind her that you, as a boyfriend, care about her passion for yoga.

Always put in mind the quality over quantity principle in giving a gift for your loved one. It isn’t the price but more of the emotional attachment contained in that gift. Whatever you choose, it’ll surely be the best yoga gift for her

When do you plan to give her a gift? Keep us notified by sharing your story upon lending her a gift that matches her passion. Who would’ve known, other guys will gain many ideas from you.



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