12 Gift Ideas for your Girlfriend Who Loves Photograph 

It’s hard to pick a gift for photographers when you don’t have any idea about the kinds of stuff in camerawork. Most especially if you have a girlfriend whole loves taking photographs most of the time. Perhaps you’re here to know gift ideas for your girlfriend who loves a photograph that much. And, we’re so much willing to help you!

You can notice if a girl loves to photograph just by seeing her phone gallery. It would be full of photos of her or of anything she sees in nature. Taking pictures ofanything is a good thing to remember all the memories when you get old. So, don’t be annoyed if your girl is really into the photograph just reward her with gifts

 Below are the top 12 suggested gift ideas for a girl who’s so in love with photographs


12 Photograph-friendly Gift Ideas for Her 


1.Pioneer Sewn Bonded Leather Photo Album

The most popular gift at all times is a photo album especially for those who love to treasure all the captured moments. Who would’ve known your girlfriend is secretly capturing every moment of yours? 

This photo album is not like the other photo albums for it is made of European bonded leather cover colored with black. It can hold up to 300 photos with a dimension of 4”x6” and per page can contain three pictures. It has clear pockets to visibly see the contained photos. The photos are safe because of its PVC-free design. 

Moreover, there’s a memo writing area. This lets the owner add some write up about a certain photo to make it more artistic and memorable. 


2.The Coffee Corner – Oh, Snap! Camera Mug

Remind her how good she is in taking snaps by giving her this Oh, Snap! Camera Mug. Mug never goes out of the top list of gift ideas for everyone. With this special mug, it adds enjoyment for her in every sip of coffee. 

 It is an 11-ounce white ceramic coffee mug with a printed statement. The print will not easily fade because of the used high-quality HD ink. It is microwave and dishwasher safe. 

You can give your girl as many mugs as you want because of its affordable price. Add up some jewelry or other gift ideas to be more romantic. 


3.Xenvo Shutterbug

It can be toughed to take stunning shots sometimes. But, with a shutterbug, every capturing will be just fine. This helps to take photos in any situation in just one click. Blurry photos will be eliminated on your girl’s camera or phone gallery. 

Photos can be shut without holding your devices with the help of this device.  It can connect to your devices up to 30-feet of distance which is an excellent feature for nature photography. Ericsson Bluetooth 3.0 Technology helps to make this shutterbug reliable and convenient to use. Additionally, it is portable with its design clips. 

It automatically connects to your phone and you can see it through an indicator blue light. There’s an on/off button for short-time use only. The Shutterbug can also record videos in just a click. 

It is compatible with iOS 5.0+ and android phones except for Windows phones. 


4.Waulnpekq 7-in-1 Phone Camera Lens Kit

Camera lenses are a great help to enhance captured moments without using too many effects. Most especially with this 7-in-1 camera lens that can capture several angles in different natural effects. It can be wide-angle, fisheye, kaleidoscope, macro, starburst, CPL, and zoom telephoto. This kit will surely meet daily photographs demand. 

The professional HD lens is out of industrial-grade aluminum with high-definition and durability. Amateurs and photography enthusiasts will really enjoy using this all-in-one lens. With its universal detachable clamp design, you can attach the lens on your phone and it won’t leave any scratches on your phone. 

The lens is compatible with a smart phone or tablet and you can instantly experience a DSLR-like camera. Your girl will be more in love with photography with its amazing close-up shots. 


5.TARION Camera Shoulder Neck Strap 

Before buying this gift idea, make sure your girl already has a DSLR camera. Don’t worry because this camera strap is compatible with any camera brands. This renders convenience to your girlfriend in carrying her camera. 

It is beautifully designed with a durable cotton yard and PU material resulting in a vintage-look. This can be held through your shoulder or neck with great comfort because of the soft material used. The strap has anti-slip surface and so expensive camera is safe from an accidental slip.

Know if the strap is suitable on the camera holes and select the right way to attach the strap into it. The camera leash can bear heavy weight cameras about 3-kilograms. 

Overall, most photographers loved this product because of its nice-looking design.


6.AmazonBasics Large DSLR Camera Gadget Bag

Another convenient way to carry a DSLR camera is to put it in an appropriate bag. Just like in giving her a camera strap, check first if she has a DSLR camera. 

AmazonBasics Camera Bag is large enough to contain not only the camera but also lenses and other camera accessories. The stuff is organized with the help of the customizable padded dividers. It has additional pockets for phones and other things.

Exterior straps are present for added security on the camera and other accessories. There are two ways to handle the bag either through a shoulder strap or carrying handles. The straps are adjustable to also carry a tripod. Both ways could give comfort to the user. 


7.Think Tank Photo DSLR Battery Holder

Another essential for photographers is a battery holder. If your girlfriend has so much time to capture moments, one battery may not be enough. She’ll certainly need an extra battery. That’s why a battery holder is necessary. 

The battery it can contain is from the standard camera bodies like Nikon, Sony, and Fuji. It can store not only one piece of battery but two standard DSLR batteries. The batteries are stored with separators for you to know which one is still working or not. It has secure hook and loop closure to keep the batteries in place. A top-fold enclosure is designed. 

The storage bag itself can be easily stored just by folding it flat when not in use. 


8.Kiorafoto Professional Memory Card Holder 

Aside from the batteries, every photographer needs some memory cards. These things are so small in figure and easy to misplace. However, having a memory card holder will prevent this from happening. Another is memory cards are very much important to fully store all the captured moments without missing out anything. 

This memory card holder is water-resistant and has an anti-shock feature to fully protect SD cards. It can hold a total of 24 memory cards, including 12 SD cards and 12 micro SD cards. The storage is made of molded rubber interior lining and on its exterior is a durable polycarbonate resin. That design keeps the holder from water, dust, and debris. 

The cards are stored in place due to the molded rubber interior lining. Also, they’re all secured through the Snap-on locking system. There’s a molded eyelet if you plan to attach a strap or a hook for easy handling.


9.Mastering Aperture, Shutter Speed, ISO and Exposure by Al Judge

Once you have tried taking pictures, you want to learn more tactics in taking more stunning photos. Yes, your girl might be good in taking shots but she could learn more with this book. 

It is written by Al Judge, a professional photographer, and so your girlfriend will certainly appreciate this gift idea. It discusses all the needed information like what the title of the book indicates. She will not only pick up the basics but also the more advanced photography techniques. 

This book is the most preferred book by most photographers from 2014 until 2018. It might be a simple gift idea but full of learning. 


10.DSLR KIT Photographer’s Wristband Set

Do you want to make your girlfriend look like photography enthusiasts while the fact she’s just a beginner? You can do it! Keep notice of those photographers who are wearing a set of wristbands. That’s so cool. 

This wristband set is not for fashion only but for some useful reasons. It is actually a useful tool in the life of photography. This wristband stops lens zoom creep which is a bad situation your camera lens is involved. It has 202mm circumference and so perfect to use as fashioned wristband too. 

The material is out of silicon latex with printed lens-like figures. The package includes 8 different sizes of camera lenses such as focus and focal ring. It only costs a little penny to surprise your loved one. 


11.STRATA CUPS Camera Lens Coffee Mug

This is not a drill! A camera lens as a coffee mug is a new trend. This actually looks like the Canon 24-105mm camera lens with complete parts. It’ll leave your girl to amaze and literally surprise with this gift idea. 

Again, it isn’t a real lens and just a replica with a STRATA spoon. The materials used are food-graded both the interior and exterior parts. It is made of stainless steel interior and non-toxic ABS plastic on its exterior. There’s a screw tight lid cover that is still a replica lens. Spilling off coffee is not a thing anymore. 

Through its thermoregulation system, the coffee remains hot in a long time. It can also hold cold coffees and other beverages. This mug contains 13.5 ounce of drink that is enough for small-time coffee drinkers.

This camera lens coffee mug is Instagram worthy gift idea. Before she sips a coffee, she can take a photo of it and share with her friends. 


12.Western Digital Portable External Hard Drive

Is your girlfriend a memory hoarder? Perhaps she needs an external hard drive for more storage for more memories. This is to avoid deleting some important photos on her gallery for she will have additional storage.

It is sleek in design and portable external hard drive so she can easily put it inside the bag. Connect to a USB 3.0 port and quickly transfer files compared to a USB 2.0 port that has a slower transfer rate. The files can be backed up with Smartware Pro Automatic Backup. You can choose where to back up files either via the hard drive or using Dropbox. 

You can add protection to the secured data by adding a password and hardware encryption. Just register the drive through WD drive utilities. The entire hard drive is fully protected with the help of its durable enclosure. 

You can check which software is compatible with this hard drive by visiting Amazon.com.  


Tip: What to Consider when buying a gift for your photographic interested girlfriend?

Since at this point we are talking about a special woman who loves to photograph, the article shows photography-friendly gift ideas. 

How did we come up with these ideas? 

Well, we consider the stuff photographers need most and also some other things that have a connection with a photograph. What we can suggest is that be creative in showing your love to her through gifts. There are no specific buying guides for this matter. It all comes from the heart. 


At the end of the day, a boyfriend will surely make a girl smile. There are lots of photography stuffs out there that are perfect as a gift for her. The fact is most photograph stuff is expensive and has compatibility features. That’s why we always ask you to check out what camera model your girlfriend has just to make things clear. To be safe in choosing a gift, you can buy accessories that are connected to a photograph. Go back to the above-list as we included those gift ideas. 

Now, get ready to buy your girl a special gift just for her. Come back here and share your experience after giving the gift to her. We’re rooting for you, lover boy! 


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