12 Gift Ideas For Your Fitness Fanatic Girlfriend

In this post, we will help you find out the most suitable gift idea for your fitness fanatic girlfriend.

Seeing your girlfriend fit and healthy is so pleasing in the eye. Knowing that she’s away from sickness is an extra reason to let her do workout routines and eat healthily. Sometimes, she’s stressing out on needed pieces of stuff during workouts and now is your time to take over.

It’s a boyfriend responsibility to please his girlfriend through gifts and yet not at all times to avoid spoiling her. Perhaps, granting her a surprise gift on her special day counts. As you know her fitness lifestyle, consider it as a basis in deciding on what gift you’ll present to her. Be wise in choosing though.

We’ve reviewed 12 fitness gift ideas that you might look upon. Hoping after you read this post, you’ll get an idea to make your girl smile. Without further ado, let’s get it started!

12 Fitness Gift Ideas For Your Girlfriend

1. Plyopic All-in-One Yoga Mat 

Doing a fitness routine requires the use of a yoga mat. The bare floor might feel unstable and uncomfortable in some exercise acts. However, Plyopic All-in-One Yoga Mat is far different compared to other floor-coverings. This mat is primarily designed to catch up moistures that other mats cannot do.

Executing extreme yoga poses is made comfier by this yoga mat. It is constructed with four layers. The outer layer is a soft grip coating which makes it unique among other yoga mats. Biodegradable Microsuede is the following layer that is responsible for comfort. Next layer is the thermal bonding fibers which maintain its durability with no toxic glues added. Lastly is the natural tree rubber for firmer grip on the floor so no more curl or unstable move during exercise. Further, an integrated center line is added to maintain body symmetry while executing poses.

Every fitness fanatic girlfriend is in need of a yoga mat. And so, you’ll never go wrong in choosing this gift idea.


1. Well-designed and has a huge space

2. Composed of four durable layers


1. To stand out among the other yoga mat brands


2. Revolution 101 Balance Board Trainer

Balance boards are useful to improve your balance as well as in burning excess calories. Other benefits include strengthening of muscles, butt and hip enhancement and for overall stability. A girlfriend is really into sexy body goals and this fitness equipment can help in achieving her fitness goals.

Revolution 101 Balance Board is made for board sports, for training, and also for fitness purposes. It renders more exciting workout routines as they can be used anywhere. For the beginners, it is recommended to use it indoors or on a carpet. The materials used are lightweight and soft-padded and so with or without shoes, it is still comfortable to practice. It can carry an all-out weight of 400 pounds. One purchase includes a balance board and a round-wobble board.

It isn’t only a gift for your girlfriend but for her siblings as well who love to do fitness routines as the balance board is designed for all ages.


1. Renders body enhancements

2. High weight capacity about 400 pounds

3. Suitable for all ages


1. None


3. Amazfit Bip Smartwatch by Huami 

A tracking device is an important tool during workouts. Through this device, seeing real-time improvements on every routine is more organized. Buying one for your girlfriend really helps to keep her informed about her daily routines. Fulfilling workouts is difficult without something to check on you.

Smartwatch differs from the other watches as it is designed as a fitness companion. Its battery can last for 30-days and therefore daily body goals are monitored. Aside from its extended useful life, it is water-resistant and dustproof. Four-sport modes such as running, treadmill, cycling, and simply walking are observed by this smartwatch.  Through GPS, every step and distance traveled is recorded. Heart rate is also clearly traced. Other features are weather report, alarm clock, notifications, and sleep monitoring.

Four colors are made for option and amazingly, all colors are suitable for girls. This gift hint is at times ignored by many but much more appreciated by girls.


1. Long-lasting battery life

2. Hi-tech workout monitoring


1. The pricing might be lowered 


4. Jabra Elite Active 65t Earbuds

Sometimes, a usual earphone with a string may cause a distraction, especially for extreme workout routines. Jabra has sought that struggle and so created a wireless sports buds. Answering phone calls or playing music is more convenient with earbuds. There’s no need to reach out the phone because of its 3rd generation wireless connectivity.

The device snugly fits on ears with no string attached. It is designed against sweat and dust which is perfect for a fitness fanatic fiancée. Both earbuds last for a maximum of 15 hours and are rapidly charged for 15-minutes that last for 1.5-hours. It is charged via charge case included upon purchase. Download the Jabra Sound+ app to fully experience its further features such as music equalizer, voice assistant, knowing its battery life, and many more. All are played via Bluetooth and that makes life easier.

It is beneficial as boyfriends can talk to their girl on the line while she’s working out. This is getting popular for those who do their workouts either outdoors or indoors.


1. Wireless earphones

2. Bluetooth connectivity


1. Enhancement of Jabra Sound+ app


5. RYKA Women’s Influence Cross Training Shoe

Shoes will never be obsolete when it comes to attaining fitness goals. An appropriate shoe style and design are made for women and one is Ryka’s Influence Shoe. Over 25 years, Ryka spent her time in innovating footwear designed only for women. Women’s feet are normally narrower than of men and hence Ryka considered that factor in making these shoes.

The “Influence” shoe has a high impact on fitness training due to its complementing style. It is made of imported and 100% synthetic materials. The supporting layers are composed of Flex-Foil and Direct-Fuse to support lateral movements. In spite of those supporting layers, lightweight shoes are maintained. In addition, the midsole contains dual density foam with a touch of N-Gage EVA for shape retention and compactness. The outsole is done with rubber which keeps it firm on slippery floors.

The outer look is so colorful that’ll make your girl stand out in a gym. Her training will be enhanced with proper gym shoes.


1. Primarily made for fitness training

2. Beautifully designed

3. High-quality materials are used


1. To stand out from other rival shoes


6. HOTSUIT Sauna Suit

Fitness goal is never completed without a suit specifically for fitness gym exercise routines. Faster sweating is what a Sauna suit trying to pursue faster weight loss. It is not usual clothing but a beneficial one thereof. The package included one sports pants and a sauna jacket to cover up fitness enthusiastic loved one.

It causes severe sweating because of the Silver-HeatREG technology fabric design. The body sweats twice than usual. The fabric is waterproof to prevent sweat infiltration or any bad odors. Even the pants’ zipper pockets are made waterproof. Pockets are found on the jacket to hold necessary workout stuff. An elastic hoodie is added to protect the head from sunlight or from rain shower as it has a waterproof and windproof feature. 

The jacket is available with long-front zipper and half zipper whichever is more appropriate. The pants are fit for a wide range of body sizes because of its adjustable drawstring.


1. 2-in-1 purchase: Sauna suit and pants

2. Improves sweating


1. Might be uncomfortable because of the sweaty feeling


7. BodyBoss Fitness & Nutrition Bundle

To be fully transformed into a perfect body goal, a fitness guide is necessary. Having a super fit body doesn’t only require exercise routines but also healthy eating routines. For girls who don’t have time going to the gym, perhaps a nutritional book might help.

BodyBoss Ultimate Fitness and Nutrition Guide contain 480 pages of different exercise routines and healthy recipes. This book has promised 12-weeks transformation when all of the workouts it contains are consistently fulfilled. It is not an everyday workout but it takes only three times a week with 24-minutes per session. It also helps to have a balanced diet through its 12-weeks healthy meal plan. The meal plan is structured with 3 meals and 2 snacks in one day. 150 healthy and delicious recipes are available.

It is proof that being fit is not too hard but only demands discipline over many considerations.


1. A different side of fitness material

2. Both exercise and food diets are discussed


1. Must be practiced seriously


8. TrailHeads Women’s Ponytail Headband 

Another important gear during workouts is an elastic headband. This trapping helps in holding distracting pieces of hair and thus preventing it from ruining exercise routines. It is affordable and so buying more than one piece is in favor as it absorbs sweat over time.

It is a polyester-made headband with added polyester spandex to make it more elastic to wear. It fits on a full ear coverage thus keeping you warm and fully protected in case of unexpected incidents. This can be used in less vigorous fitness activities such as walking, running, and aerobic activities. The headdress is made compatible with a ponytail.

This might be the simplest gift idea for a body-conscious girlfriend but a useful one. Check out for 13 color options!


1. Very affordable

2. Many color options


1. May cause hotness feeling

2. Only used for less vigorous activities


9. Tone Fitness Neoprene Dumbbell Set with Rack

Dumbbells are certified fitness equipment found in a gym. But this time, it’ll be brought at home. Before choosing this idea, check out if your girl applies weights during her workouts.

If yes, you can buy this 32-pound neoprene dumbbell set.

These dumbbells are used to tone muscles as well as for full body workout. It is hex-shaped to prevent it from rolling when dropped on the floor. It comes with a rack to keep it secured when not in use. The set of dumbbells are neon-colored reliant on its weight to easily identify. Two 3-pound dumbbells are colored magenta, two 5-pound dumbbells are coated with lime green, and two 8-pounds dumbbell is finished with orange.

Each weight has a set of two which pertains getting fit with a partner. It is, therefore, a great bonding to keep fit together.


1. Weights can be easily identified

2. Organize in a rack


1. Appropriate only for girls doing weights


10. Hydro Flask Bottle Wide Mouth Flex 

Bottled water is a normal need for those perspiring fitness enthusiasts. Too much sweating will cause dehydration. Remind your sweetheart to stay hydrated by giving her the Wide Mouth Bottle of Hydro Flask. It can uphold much water than a usual bottle which is good for workouts.

Drinking cold water after a tiring fitness activity is a reward. Thankfully, Hydro Flask has smeared a vacuum insulated technology on their water bottle. It maintains the coolness of the water for 24-hours and even hot water for 12-hours. It is named Wide Mouth as it literally has a wide opening for a refill. It is constructed with food-grade stainless steel materials plus BPA and phthalate free. No more water sweating because of its slip-free powder coating.

It must be the best gift idea for a fitness fanatic girlfriend.


1. Hold much water than a usual water bottle

2. Vacuum insulated technology is applied


1. Pricier than other water bottles

2. Super wide opening


11. Apera Yoga Tote Gym Bag

Going to gym demands too many gears to bring. And yet, a gym bag is made to place everything into it. Apera Yoga Tote Gym Bag is designed for women who love doing yoga exercises. It looks casual in a sling style.

The bag is made of high firmness polyester material from the inside and out. It has an impermeable base to protect its interior from moisture. Ventilation is also considered through the laser-cut venting design resulting in a healthier bag interior. It can store 24-liters of clothes on the inside as exterior pockets are also present including a water bottle pocket. A yoga mat is also contained on its patented pass-through. Carrying the bag is accompanied with an adjustable padded shoulder strap and carrying handles.

There will be no reason to go back home as other stuff being left out.


1. Durable and high-capacitated

2. Well-designed and easy to carry


1. The shoulder strap might be flimsy when carrying too many stuff


12. RXJewelry Personal Charm Fitness Motivation Necklace 

To continue being fit needs motivation. Even those fitness fanatic girls love wearing a necklace much more if it defines their fitness goals. Go get this necklace to serve as a reward after she achieves her body goal or after she’d tried so hard. We tell you, this gift idea will surprise her more than you could’ve imagined.

Two motivational phrases are engraved on the necklace such as Live Love Lift and Strong is Beautiful. The phrases itself are so loving and inspiring even without knowing what it is made of. The necklace is completely handmade and produced with sterling silver 925 materials. It weighs 9 grams and measured 23mm in diameter which is suitable for a fitness devoted. Adding an initial charm is customized to make it more special. Stylish unisex leather cord is added to complete the necklace look.

It is a ready-to-give gift as it is placed in a small vintage box and wax sealed with RXJewelry logo.


1. It is a motivational gift

2. Contained in a beautiful box

3. Stylish leather lace


1. None


Here we go again with gift ideas. We understand the toughness of choosing the best gift for a special someone. In the case of fitness gift ideas, there are many options seen in the market that might give you a headache to pick which is which. Below are questions a fiancé might ask many times before buying a gift for his fitness fanatic fiancée. 

What does my girlfriend often do during the workouts?

It is important to observe your girlfriend’s routine. Workouts aren’t all the same as they differ for example on the equipment needed. Perhaps, she likes morning exercise routines such as running, jogging, or walking. Or, she started to lift weights and go to the gym. After knowing her routines, gift ideas will easily pop up on your mind.

Where does my girlfriend practice her exercise routines?

This question is applicable for buying exercise equipment. It is because some equipment is intended for indoors only, for example, yoga mat. Also, gym equipment is another example of a fitness tool that might require huge space when it is used at home. Knowing her specific place in doing fitness routines is another way to have an idea which gift is suitable for her.

Apart from gym equipment, what are the other fitness materials perfect for a gift?

Achieving a fit and healthy body is not only stuck in between gym equipment. There are lots of options as shown above to surprise a girl with fitness desire. Most products mentioned are part of fitness gear which most girls love to receive. Fitness center existence is a reminder for you not to buy gigantic fitness equipment.  Choose on the gear section or fitness motivational section for better gift ideas aside from a heavy apparatus.

Since it is a gift, make sure it can be placed in a box for the sake of surprising.

Is the price important?

Loving a person doesn’t depend on money or on gifts. If you’re worried about the price impression, that’ll not make sense in the end. The reason why we included gift ideas that are only over $50 is to challenge you to give your best for her. However, you can still be practical in surprising your girlfriend by incorporating some of your own creative ideas.

Therefore, the answer to the question is no. Gift price has no importance as compared to the thought of giving.

From the above gift ideas, which one is most recommended as a gift for a fitness fanatic partner?

As a disclaimer, all of the reviewed products are perfect for a fitness fanatic girlfriend. They all differ in uses and benefits upon our body. However, we choose the All-in-One Yoga Mat of Plyopic as the most recommended gift idea. It is because women, in general, are doing yoga exercises rather than lifting weights. And also, it can be useful at home thus achieving her fitness goal is easily done at home.


There are specific options for fitness gift concepts such as sports gear, gym equipment, water bottle, and even a book. There’s nothing wrong in having a fitness fanatic fiancée because every girl’s dream is to look fit. Show how you support her by buying an appropriate gift to complement her interest in becoming fit.

Gift ideas are shown above which are obviously different from each other. They’re all carefully reviewed as well as the positive and negative feedbacks about the products are mentioned. You can pick more than one gift on the list or look for other gift ideas in the market. Just remember the hints before buying one as discussed on the FAQs section of the article.

If things aren’t clear yet, feel free to write a comment below and wait for our reply. This ends the post and hoping to see your girl reaction after receiving a fitness gift.

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