10 Things Your Girlfriend Loves To Do 


There are many things that your girlfriend loves to do, whether it’s for herself, for you, or for the relationship itself. Things that she does for herself to make her happy and satisfied. Things that she does for you to make you feel loved. Things that she does for you that show how much she cherish and love you.
Simple things that your girlfriend do that you might not notice at all but still there. Simple things that you may not notice but can instantly lift up your mood and make your day better. Things that she does for you that you notice and appreciate the most and also, things that she does that you love the most about her.

Here are 10 things that your girlfriend loves to do.


1. Texting her boyfriend

Most girls tend to text their boyfriends a lot. Texting is one of the easiest things to do to communicate with other people.  Girls always want to update their boyfriends or they want their boyfriends to update them. Especially when they are not together at the moment, they text their boyfriends from time to time to know what they are doing or just have a simple talk with their boyfriend.


2. Taking pictures


As we all know, girls love to take pictures. Most girls take a picture a lot so they can post it on social media or to just simply keep the memories and feelings in a picture. It may be sometimes annoying for you to take a lot of pictures of your girlfriend’s OOTD or outfit of the day but bare with her and just do it for her because who else will take good pictures of your girlfriend than her own boyfriend?


3. Holding hands


Girls love holding their boyfriends’ hands. It is one of the simplest things that girlfriends love to do with their boyfriends. They always want to hold hands especially when they are out together or just walking in the streets. They want to show their boyfriends off, let other people know that they are dating and they are proud to be with their boyfriends.


4. Cooking for her boyfriend


Girls love to cook for their boyfriends. They want to show off their skills in cooking and let you know that you can eat delicious foods too without going out or spending a lot of money in expensive restaurants.  Even girls that don’t know how to cook, they still want to try and give their best to cook for their boyfriends because they want to let their boyfriends know that they can put time and effort just for their boyfriends even for the things that they don’t usually do.


5. Playing with her boyfriend’s hair


One of the most unnoticed things that girls love to do to their boyfriend is playing with their hair. Girls want to play with their boyfriends’ hair especially when they got nothing to do or while watching movies together or just when their hands are free. They do it also because they want you to be relaxed and make you feel good so do not worry to get your hair messed up, you can just fix it later.


6. Spoiling her boyfriend


Yes, that is right. Not just boys but girls love to spoil their boyfriends too. Girls also want to give things that can make their boyfriends happy and pleased. Treating them to restaurants, buying cinema tickets, buying clothes or shoes that their boyfriends like or just simply buying cakes and chocolates for their boyfriends too. If your girlfriend wants to treat you, try to say no at first but if she insists to pay just for you, just let her be. Because sometimes, she also wants to let you know that you can feel relaxed and at ease when you are with her. She wants to show you that no amount of money can equal you.


7. Teasing her boyfriend


As much as girls want to spoil their boyfriends, girls also love teasing their boyfriends. Teasing is a part of the relationship and is just normal. It makes the relationship more fun enjoyable and adds more entertainment to the relationship. When your girlfriend is teasing you, you can just simply let her do it to please herself. But not most of the time, when jokes are not funny anymore you can tease her back and enjoy the satisfaction of teasing or you can just simply tell her to stop.


8. Watching movies


Most of us love to watch movies and that includes your girlfriend too. Girls like to watch movies alone or with their boyfriends to just chill and to be relaxed. Watching movies can also relive her stress and have more time for herself. If your girlfriend wants to watch movies, you can ask her if you can join her so you could spend time and bond together while just chilling and relaxing at the same time.


9.  Going to the spa or salon


Most girls go to the spa or salon to relax and refresh themselves especially when they are stressed and tired. Going to a spa or salon has become part of their lives. Having a makeover can make them have more confidence in their selves. So, if your girlfriend wants to go to the spa or salon just let her or you can go together with her. Have fun getting a makeover together, be relaxed together with her and let her know that you support her in the things that she does for herself.


10.  Going out with her girlfriends


Single or not, girls love to go out and hang out with their girlfriends. As much as they want to spend time with their boyfriends, sometimes they want to spend their time with their girlfriends instead. Being with her girlfriends give her the time to bond and have fun. It gives them the opportunity to share the things that only can be shared with other girls. Be it about herself, you, her relationship with you, about other people or about the things that bother her. Be understanding enough to let her have fun on her own because she also needs to spend time and to be surrounded by other people who also cherishes and loves her.


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