10 Perfumes to Gift your Girlfriend on Christmas



When you are buying a perfume, it’s essentially similar to buying jewelry. One needs to spend a lot of time with money on finding just the right one. Here is our selection of the top 10 perfumes to Gift your Girlfriend on Christmas. These can be chosen depending on the personality and preference of women in your lives:



1. Elle L’Aime Lolita Lempicka Eau de Parfum

The packaging of this perfume will win your girlfriend’s heart as soon as you open it. This seems very luxurious and is sure to make a strong statement. It consists of a base that has sandalwood, myrrh, and vanilla. There is also infusion of ylang-ylang, coconut water, and jasmine as middle notes and the top notes contain bergamot and neroli.



2. Burberry Brít Perfume for Women

One of the playful still an elegant brand Burberry brings this amazing perfume for you. The scent of the perfume is fresh and feminine. It comes in a baby pink transparent glass bottle. This will be a great choice for women for wearing at the workplace. The main reason for this is that the fragrance is light and will not be too overpowering.  The base of the fragrance is light musky with a tone of vanilla.  Then it’s layered with moss, sandalwood, cedarwood, and jasmine. 



3. Calvin Klein REVEAL Eau de Parfum

This is a great gift if you are searching for a perfume that comes under the range of $ 100. It is truly a fragrance that is made for wearing in the summers and holiday season. This is great for women that love to chase the sun and surf. The base is made from the combination of cashmere wood, sandalwood, and musk with vetiver.  The middle notes of the perfume have powdery iris and ambergris. In the end, there is white and black pepper and a hint of salt essence to complete this sensual and oriental perfume. This is a long-lasting perfume and just one use can stay for the entire day without the need for reapplication. It comes is a very unique and luxurious packaging with a square rose gold bottle that your girlfriend will love.



4. Versace Woman Summer By Gianni Versace

If your girlfriend likes fashion and elegance at the same Versace Women will be the perfect perfume for her. This is another gift that comes under the range of $ 90. When it comes to fragrance it has some great floral tones of jasmine, frangipani, bergamot and wild rose. One can also observe that there have been strong thoughts given while making the perfume as there is a base of grey amber, musk and Inoki wood. For balancing it all out there is a lotus flower, cedarwood, plum and raspberry hints present as well.



5. English Laundry Signature for Her Eau de Parfum

This remains one of the top seller perfumes from the brand. It’s available in two variants that you can choose from.  The brands English Laundry can be considered as the synonym for some traditional English garden fragrance and is added with floral notes of geranium. The perfume base includes some amazing powdery musk and orris root. Then there is a touch of jasmine petals and delicious white chocolate. Although the fragrance is light so, it won’t be lasting for more than three to four hours but is still an amazing fragrance to wear. 




This exotic perfume comes from the famous brand Givenchy. The fragrance is extremely feminine and the beautiful peach bottle gives it a luxurious feel. The scent is very unique and will remind you of the candy store. There are peony and water lily notes that are evident. This is then topped up with tea leaves, lemon, and cranberry.



7. Eau de Lacŏstė Sensuellė Perfume for Women

This is again a fragrance that comes from one of the top brands in the world. It’s a very feminine and sensual perfume. There are notes of pink pepper, blackcurrant and slight floral notes in the middle of Turkish rose and sweet pea. There is still a specific base that makes it signature wear. This is truly a fragrance that will stand out and perfect for a special date night. The floral notes are vibrant and the royal blue glass bottle looks amazing.



 8. Juicy Couture Viva La Juicy Eau de Parfum

This brand is undoubtedly taking the entire world by storm. The fragrance is funky and edgy and without a doubt presently in trend. If your girlfriend loves to party and have fun, she is going to like this. The perfume has floral notes that consist of gardenia, jasmine, and honeysuckle.  There is also a light note of citrus notes that of wild berries and mandarin. All of the elements layer over an amazing base of amber, sandalwood, caramel, and pralines. This perfume is needed in small amounts and will be keeping the one that wears it fresh for the entire day.



9. Women’s Eau De Parfum by Michael Kors

The perfume will be loved by women that love simplicity and modernity at the same time. This is for everyday wear. And has top Chinese Osmanthus fragrance with a base that contains musk, cashmere wood, and Tahitian vetiver.  The product is of great quality and will surely last an entire day easily. It was launched in the year 2000 and has been a huge hit since the time.



10. Bouchȅron Perfumė for Women

Looking for something that’s not too strong? Then this will be the best choice. There are high notes of marigold, tangerine, asafetida, apricot and leaf buds of current. Then for a citrusy note, there is also bitter orange, bergamot and lemon present. The packaging could have been better but this is certainly one of the most affordable choices.




So this was our list for 10 perfumes to Gift your Girlfriend on Christmas. Hopefully, the guide must have made it easier for you in the selection of the right perfume. 

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