10 Gift Ideas If Your Girlfriend Likes Horses


When it comes to choosing a gift for their better half, men are often left feeling clueless. No matter how well a man knows his loved one, when put under pressure, most men fold really quickly and start to panic. That’s a wrong strategy!


Now, some men have it easier than others, because their girlfriends or wives have specific interests. For example, if you know your girlfriend loves horses — the gift ideas are a dime a dozen! Read on, because this is where you will find the 10 best horse gifts for girls ideas.


The gifts are divided into two categories — jewelry and home décor, thus making it easier to choose. Though they cover a wide range of tastes and preferences, they are united by the love for horses.

Horse Gifts For Girls — Jewelry

Lets dig into the best horse based gift ideas for your girl:


1.       “Good Luck” Diamond Horseshoe Chain Necklace

It’s classic and it’s classy! To start off this list, we chose a necklace made of 14K yellow gold. A fine jeweler made this pendant shaped like a horseshoe and ornamented it with seven 0.02ct diamonds.


This piece is elegant and will be equally suitable for casual wear, evening dresses, or business attire. Therefore, she can wear it every day for a stylish and elegant look. The lucky horseshoe will not only be a good luck charm but also a reminder of your eternal love for her.


2.       Verdigris Patina Solid Brass Contemporary Classic “Running Horse” Equestrian Cuff Bracelet

From real gold to solid brass – that may seem like a big leap to someone. We, however, just couldn’t pass on this beautiful, handcrafted piece of art. The bracelet is 1-inch wide and has an engraved running horse, symbolizing freedom and spontaneity. The patina gives it a vintage look, yet it is a contemporary classic that fits every wrist.


3.       Horse Lady Gifts Friesian Horse Cuff & Ring Gift Set

This bracelet and ring set is made out of pewter, polished to perfection, with a tarnish resistant coating.


The bracelet has a galloping Friesian horse sculptured on it symbolizing the freedom of movement and free spirit. It is 1 to 2 inches at its widest and adjusts to wrists of 5.5 to 8 inches. A one-size-fits-all ring in spiral design completes the set. This set is an ideal gift for all those wild, free-spirited women, who want to have a reminder of their temperament and vigor on their arms. Looking at this set will make every woman’s heart beat just a bit faster as they imagine running through open fields with their partner.


4.       Platinum and Silver Horse Gifts For Girls Horseshoe Pendant

For this jaw-dropping pendant, the jeweler chose platinum and silver alloy — a combination that provides brighter luster and shine. The blue diamond in the center represents a free spirit, balance, and tranquility. It’s an excellent gift for those women who are strong, steadfast, but lighthearted and friendly.


5.       Sterling silver horseshoe pendant

When it comes to fine jewelry, silver is often underestimated. But sometimes silver can shine just as bright as gold. This gorgeous sterling silver double horseshoe pendant, decorated with clear cubic zirconia stones, is delicate and bright. It might look simple but it has that indisputable elegance every woman craves.


Horse Gift Ideas For Home Decoration

Before scrolling back up again and making a more predictable choice, just take a peek at some ideas below. There’s more to gifts than jewelry!


1.       Classical Carousel Horse Music Box

This music box is not only a suitable present for any occasion for a horse lover but is also a perfect gift for a sweetheart. It is a collectible mechanical music box with a rotating horse, 18 Note movement and colorful LED lights that will twinkle along with the music. It plays the melody of “Always with me” from Spirited Away — a song that brought tears to many a women’s eye. The box is a perfect romantic gift, that your girlfriend will surely cherish for years.


2.       Desktop Table Lamp

A table lamp is not only useful but is also a beautiful decoration for every home. This hand-painted lamp will brighten both the home and the smile of your loved one. The base represents a beautiful chestnut horse mare and foal that will bring warmth to any room. Made with utter care and love for every detail, it is, as a result, something that will evoke good memories every time it is switched on.


3.       Running horses metal wall art

A search for horse gifts for girls is an exciting quest. Bearing in mind her love for horses and outdoors, consider this running horses metal wall art. It consists of 4 horse figures that can add a touch of vintage to any room without making it look shabby. Besides being utterly beautiful, it’s a perfect reminder of open fields and fresh air — just what everyone needs while forced to stay indoors.


4.       Running horses oil painting

When it comes to home décor, paintings are the ideal choice. Art speaks to our souls and brings a smile on our faces. Paintings, chosen with love and care, are one of those things that turn a house into a home.


This painting of running horses is vibrant and compelling. It is obviously a painting that sends a message of freedom and lets your girlfriend add a personal touch to the home décor.  


5.       Engraved horseshoe

Finally, the perfect gift is always personal. Getting a gift that represents both the love you have for your girlfriend and that highlights how much you know her is a sure home run! This iron horseshoe is hand-forged and comprises of two hearts. However, aside from the beautiful design, this horseshoe can also be engraved with your names. Thus, your love can stay eternal and withstand the test of time. It’s undoubtedly an original gift for a birthday, anniversary, or just for celebrating your love and relationship.


A few parting words


Having a girlfriend who has a love of horses means you will always have a loving, faithful partner. Respect that, and show her that you care and understand her. Horse gifts are an ideal way to shower your loved one with adoration and affection.


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