Cosplayers are a dime a dozen. Not everyone has the skill or the talent to pull off intricate character design as well as embody them so well people can’t help but wonder if they’re the living embodiment of the character. Cosplay girls are especially treasured since it takes a lot of preparation and effort to get the character right.

If you’re wondering how you ever landed yourself with a girlfriend who’s stylish and creative enough to do cosplay, count yourself lucky because so many have dreamed of dating that kind of girl. To show your appreciation for her, get her the kind of gifts only a cosplay-loving girlfriend would like.

Whether you’re only dating a couple of months or have been together for a year, a small present coming from you is going to go a long way, especially when it is something related to her hobby. It just shows that you support her and listen to what she says. Below are some awesome gifts you can get your cosplay girlfriend the next time you’re thinking of getting her a present.



Cosplayers are some of the most creative people you will ever meet. In fact, it is almost a requirement that cosplayers have to have some sort of artistic talent, whether it is putting on makeup or creating an outfit, ideally both.

If you’ve been blessed enough to land a cosplay girlfriend, then count yourself lucky because you have in your hand someone who knows how to solve problems and face struggles. With the right tools and equipment, they can transform simple materials into amazing works of art.

Whether it’s her birthday, Valentine’s, or just a random day, a sewing kit present for your beloved girl is sure to be appreciated greatly. Not only will they have more tools to create an awesome outfit, if you get them a kit that will accommodate their existing sewing materials, all the better. They’ll find that looking for a needle or the sewing scissors much easier with a well-organized sewing kit.

Another pro-boyfriend tip, if your cosplayer girlfriend already has a well-stocked sewing kit, why not get her a portable one that she can bring to conventions so it’ll be a breeze to whip it out during a wardrobe malfunction.




Not everyone knows how to use a sewing machine; even some experienced cosplayers prefer to either hand stitch their creations or buy a ready-made costume from vendors like yourcosplay. But it always pays to learn a new skill, especially one that’s going to be of great use in the art of cosplay.

If your cosplay girlfriend is still sewing by hand, maybe it’s time to help her learn to use a sewing machine by just getting her one for her birthday, anniversary, or just to show her your support. You can start her off with a small portable one she can take from room to room. You could even include a beginner’s guide to sewing to help her get started.

If your girl already knows how to sew but only has a standard size machine to create costumes from, there are a ton of used machines offered online. Many of these are in good condition and would even last for a very long time in the right hands.




Right along with creating amazing character outfits and costumes, makeups are also essential tools for all cosplayers. And no, we’re not talking about the regular kits that most girls bring inside their purses. A cosplayer will need every conceivable makeup product they can get their hands on.

Cosplayers start off small. They’ll use whatever makeup they can get their hands on. Eventually, they’ll become more proficient at it and will experiment with colors, textures, and brands. An experienced cosplayer will have a toolbox of a makeup kit to help her transform into every gender-bender character she fancies.

All this is great news for you because cosplayers will never say no to makeup, be it cheap or expensive. They will, no doubt, make use of whatever they have at hand. And sure enough, they will use any makeup you give them. And if you want good boyfriend points, get her a colorful palette or new makeup brushes since every cosplayer always complains about not having the right color for their character transformation or having to wash and clean their old makeup brushes.




Imagine planning to go to a convention. A cosplayer would need months of preparation in selecting which character they’ll go as, planning the outfit, practicing the makeup, and studying the character for affectation and mannerism. Then, after hours of traveling to the venue and putting on makeup, they unzip their garment bag only to realize their clothes are all wrinkled. In such cases, a portable fabric steamer is going to do wonders for them.

Fabric steamers are better than traditional iron because it is gentler on the clothes and they are easy to work with. Outfits for cosplays, whether hand stitched or bought at yourcosplay, are intricately designed and crafted. Oftentimes, costumers would use a bunch of different materials to recreate character outfits. Standard irons work with flat surfaces but cosplay costumes are almost a 3D sculpture on its own. They need care in handling which is why garment steamers are preferred.

Getting your cosplay-loving girlfriend a portable steamer will help her achieve the ultimate anime or superhero look anywhere and every time.




Not many know what a Spanx is, especially men, but these are body shaping garments that are lightweight and help to control trouble areas of the body, helping to make a slimmer and streamlined silhouette. Spanx is used by almost every woman especially on occasions that they need to look flattering like anytime they need to wear formal attire such as gowns or dresses.

It’s no surprise that Spanx is also used in the cosplay world. Most female fictional characters exhibit traditional standards of beauty. Meaning, they have slim figures and show off their curves in all the right places. But not many real women are blessed with such a body so, in order to help achieve the look they are going for, they need the help of Spanx.

No doubt your cosplay girlfriend will have no trouble putting a Spanx Women’s Oncore High-Waisted short to good use at her next convention. Whether she’s portraying a villain, a heroine, or a weird blue alien from Pandora, she’s going to be a hit among fans and convention-goers.




The art of cosplay is one that is versatile and flexible. If you ask any experienced cosplayer and they will tell you there’s no telling who the next character they’re going to portray as in the next convention. Because of this, they need materials that they can quickly work with to create beautiful body armor or weapons. This is where craft foam comes into play.

The material’s versatility, affordability, and ease of use make it an ideal material at creating patterns, armor, crown, wings, or gauntlets. And because it is foam, it won’t make the costume heavy and cumbersome to wear which means even if your creative cosplay girlfriend is petite, she will still be able to do all that her character can while wearing the costume.

A sheet of craft foam can cost as little as $1. In fact, cosplayers will typically stock up on the stuff if they find one on sale. Craft foam might not be the most romantic of gifts to give to your girlfriend but if you’re dating a cosplayer, it’s going to be welcomed and appreciated. And who knows, she’ll even make a matching costume as a thank you.




As the name would suggest, a heat gun is a tool that emits hot air at a temperature ranging between 100 C and 550 C. Contrary to popular beliefs, heat guns, and hair dryers are not the same. Heat guns produce hotter hair than hair dryers, hot enough to cause scalding.

Heat guns are primarily designed for construction use but cosplayers, being creative and inventive people, have thought of different ways these devices can be utilized in building a character costume. A heat gun is commonly used with craft foam to wrap it into the desired shape. EVA foam is another material that many cosplayers use in making their character designs and, using a heat gun, can be made to create armor, swords, robotic appendages, and many more.

The next time you’re thinking of surprising your girlfriend with a gift that also supports her cosplay hobby, gets her a decent heating gun. Just make sure you go over its safe use and proper handling with her to avoid any unwanted trips to the burn unit.




A good majority of a cosplay’s life is to spend cutting different patterns and designs. If you’re dating one, I’m sure you’ve had to deal with the sack full of foam and cardboard trash you’ll have to help throw away.

Just like makeup and craft foam, any good cosplayer will never say no to brand new cutting instruments, whether it is scissors, X-acto knives, or cutting mat. And if your beautiful girlfriend already has a complete complement of cutting tools, you can surprise her instead with a set of razor blades to make her cutting activities more efficient and easier.

A cutting mat is also a good option. It’ll give her a nice surface to use sharp blades when cutting foam and cardboard without ruining tabletop surfaces. As an added tip, go for the large size cutting mat since cosplayers typically cut big pieces for their costumes or costume accessories.




Whether it is a hot glue gun, E600, super glue, or any contact element, there’s not a type of glue that a true-blue cosplayer will say no to. If you ask any experienced cosplayer, your girlfriend included, what material they seem to be always running out of, they will all unanimously answer one thing and that is glue.

Part of a cosplayer’s career is sticking one thing into another and if they’re not doing that through sewing, they’re probably using glue to do it. And even during conventions, wardrobe malfunction is a real threat and one that can be avoided, or at least corrected with glue. Sometimes it is even a preferred method than a sewing kit since it’s far easier and faster to glue something together than to sew it up.

Hot glue guns are also a cosplayer’s primary commodity, especially when crafting intricate costumes. If your creative girl already has a trusted hot glue gun, you can give her glue gun sticks since those run out almost as fast as regular glue especially in the middle of a major project.




There’s nothing that destroys a cool outfit than lugging around a purse or backpack where all your valuables are. It destroys the illusion of being the real character when you see them carrying their bag at conventions.

Help your girl achieve the ultimate cosplay look by getting them a garter wallet where she can keep her phone, cards, and cash safe without ruining the look of her cosplay. With this wallet, she can go the entire day without having to break character just so she can check her phone or grab her wallet.

There are a lot of garter wallets that are made for comfort and convenience. Some are made out of lace so when your girlfriend wears it she won’t feel anything weighing down her leg. For a more durable option and to fit a badass character she’s portraying, get her leather one she can strap to her thighs.

Many of these gifts are easy to find and buy. Online shops offer great deals for some of these. But remember, when you’re getting her the gift, always add a touch of personality to it. You can write her a sweet note that’ll go with the gift, or wrap it in an inventive way that’ll get her excited when you hand it to her.

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