10 Cute Gifts For Your Girlfriend

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Today we will have a look at 10 Cute Girlfriend Gifts which you can buy your girlfriend.

Sometimes it can be hard to find a cute gift for your girlfriend but that’s why I am here 🙂 Today I will help you find a cute gift which isn’t too expansive.

The Key of getting here a “cute gift” is to get here something she is really into or which she really likes. That way you show here that you listen to her and know the things she really likes.

Keep in mind the cutest thing you can get your girlfriend is something self-made so combine the article you will buy with a self written letter or card or anything like this.

But enough talking lets take a look at our list!


1. A Teddy Bear


The first gift on our list will be a stuffed animal! You may think now isn’t my girlfriend to old for such a gift? The answer is NO! Every girl loves them and they still have some of them in their room or they even sleep with them over the night to cuddle with them. But you won’t just go out and buy any crappy stuffed animal from China no…you will get one from the German brand Steiff they are all hand made and have a top quality. Another big plus is that you can get her favorite animal as a stuffed animal for example if she likes horses you buy here a horse if she likes elephants you buy here an elephant and so on… . Trust me your girlfriend will love you for such a gift and she can even cuddle with it when you are not at home 🙂


2. The classic Flowers

When was the last time you bought your girlfriend some flowers? Flowers are such a cute gift and a super easy way to get a big smile on your girlfriends face. You maybe think now flowers are so mainstream but there are some many girls out there who never got any roses or flowers from a boy so take your chance! And even if you are super lazy (like me) you can just order the flowers on Amazon and you get them then next day and they even look super fresh I ordered them myself. So go out now and buy your girl some flowers you can thank me later. And NO you don’t need any special day or occasion to get her some flowers!


3. The “100 Wishes Jar”


This is one of the cutest gifts you can make your girlfriend and she will absolutley love it ! The “100 Wishes Jar” is a simple glass jar where you can put little pieces of paper in it. But you don’t just throw empty papers in it no…you write wishes on them like “Cooking Dinner”,”Give you a massage” , “Make the bed” just small stuff like this. Your girlfriend is then allowed to open the jar and pick one “Wish” out of it and you have to do it. This is a really cute idea and your girlfriend will like it 100%! Don’t forget to do everything you wrote down 😛


4. Heart Pendant – Couples Necklace with Swarovski Birthstones and Engraved Names

You will maybe think now ohhh a necklace how boring…but this is not your average necklace NO! It’s a special couples necklaces where you can engrave the names of yourself and your girlfriend. Girls love necklaces and jewelryies in general so why don’t buy here a necklace with her name on it? You can get the necklace in different colors like gold,silver and bronze like in the picture and it also comes with two Swarovski Brithstones for both you and your girlfriend in the colors pink and blue. If you want to get your girlfriend a necklace or a any other jewelryies you can also check out our other list we made. Top 10 Necklaces or Top 5 Jewelry .


5. Me with out You

Show her what she really means to you with this little book. In this book you can find countless cute color illustrations of scenarios  that are simply incomplete without your girlfriend. The book is really cheap but a perfect gift to tell your girlfriend or someone special that you love her! Make sure to check out this book its really worth it 🙂


6. Photo Frame

Why don’t you gift her something simple with a huge effect ? Pictures say more than thousand words. So why don’t you buy your girlfriend a simple Photo Frame with your favorite picture of you two? On the left side of the frame you can even write your own custom poem or anything you like too. Girls just love gifts like this.


7. A big and warm Hoodie

We all know that girls are always cold no matter what! And don’t you hate it that your girlfriend is always stealing your comfty Hoodies? Enough! Buy your girlfriend a warm and comfty Hoodie they are perfect for lazy Sundays and give her warm 🙂 She will maybe still steal your Hoodies but you can’t do anything against it…


8. Bath Bombs

A nice and warm bath after a cold and hard day is something every girl loves trust me! If your girlfriend uses the bath at least once a week this is a perfect gift for her. The bath bombs are all handmade in the USA and come in different colours and flavors. And the best thing about the bath bombs is you can join her while she uses them 😉


9. What I Love About You

The “What I Love About You” Book is a cute and funny gift at the same time where you can fill in the missing words and to complete the sentence. All the sentence are about why and what you love about your girlfriend. You can either fill out all the missing fields in a funny way or in a serious way and tell your girlfriend on this why you love her so much. You will both have a lot of fun reading all the pages together after you have filled all the blank lines.


10. Cook For Her

This book is not for her it’s for you! Unless she likes cooking…but anyway it’s for you!!!! Girls love it when you cook for them. So get your a** together and invite her to a romantic dinner where you cook her favorite meal for her. Love goes through the stomach !


I hope you could find anything on my list to make her happy 🙂

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