10 Bracelets to Gift your Girlfriend on Christmas

When we talk about surprises, Christmas certain remains the best celebration of the year. But one needs to be careful about their gifting choices for the girlfriend as this can lead to appreciation or utter disappointment. Today we have for you the list of top 10 bracelets to Gift your Girlfriend on Christmas that will be a great way for showing your affection and create a special moment for both of you while you gift them the Beautiful bracelet. 

Let’s begin with the list of the 10 bracelet to Gift your Girlfriend on Christmas :


1. Plаtіnum-Plаtеd Sterling Sіlvеr Swаrоvѕkі Zіrсоnіа Brасеlеt



If you are searching for a bracelet that is stunning yet has a sporty look to it, this is your deal. The bracelet is made with Swarovski Zirconia and has a brilliant cut. It’s available in two options of silver plating and gold plating as well and you can purchase as per your requirement. It’s perfect for both night and day looks.  The length of the bracelet is 7.25 inches that are standard for most of the bracelets. The weight of the product is 11.2 grams and there in total 43 Cubic zirconia stone placed beautifully over the bracelet. There is also a seal of authenticity engraved and the best part is that it is affordable and ranges around $ 80.



2. Seaside Puffеrfіѕh Brасеlеt

This bracelet surely brings a huge smile on your girlfriend’s face as it comes in a set of five. The bracelet is shiny gold in color with all of the natural world decorations over it. It comes in the adjustable size you won’t be facing any issues in that manner.  



3. Sріrіtuаl Armor Plumе Bаnglе Bracelet

This bracelet is another one from Alex and Ani. It’s a spiritual bracelet and made in the shape of a feather. This represents spiritual evolution and ascension and will be highly appreciated by your girlfriend if she believes in spirituality. It is a handmade bracelet and made from recycled material that is sure to bring joy to your friend’s soul. It’s expandable so you won’t have to worry about size and fitting at all. 



4. Beach Ball Bracelet

This beach ball bracelet is available in different sizes and made from 925 sterling silver that comes from Cape Cod. Its shape makes it comfortable for wearing and comes in a beautiful box. The product is free from nickel and made in the U.S.A. 



5. Peora Created Sapphire Bracelet Sterling Silver Tear Drop

This is the top bracelet that you can give to your girlfriend and is sure to win hearts. It is on a bit expensive side and costs $ 140 but worth every penny spend for sure. These bracelets come forward as a royal gift and look beautiful on anyone that wears it. Its made from 14 labs created blue sapphire. And the rest of the bracelet is made of 925 sterling silver that’s polished well. The gem weight in total here is of 13 carats and the length of the bracelet is 7.50 inches’ with an exceptional design.



6. Swаrоvѕkі Tеnnіѕ Bracelet:

The amazing simplicity that this Swarovski Crystal bracelet offers is like none other. The size of the bracelet is about 6 5/8 inches and is made from authentic Swarovski. It comes under $ 100 price range and will surely stun your girlfriend. You can be sure that with this gift you will be appreciated a lot more. The classic design of the bracelet puts forward a humble look and its shine says so much when one wears it.  The length of the bracelet is 7 inch and its rhodium plated as the base. The bracelet makes a bold statement yet has a minimalistic look.



7.  Chееrѕ Set оf 3 Color Infuѕіоn Chаmраgnе bracelet:

When we think of a loving body, there is an image of inert locking things that comes first in our minds. This is Alex and Ani women bracelet that kind of follows the same idea. The bracelet is available in a beautiful rose gold color that everyone loves. The product is made in the U.S.A and the material used is sterling silver. It comes with an adjustable spoon ring as well. It comes in a beautiful bag packaging and the three bracelet makes a complete accessory while going out. 



8. Gоld-Tоnе Charm Brасеlеt Watch:

This bracelet makes the gift a lot more special as there are a watch and bracelet combined in one. It is highly affordable and is available at a discount if you buy right now. The bracelet has an oval pendant case of 18mm and also mineral crystal lens with it. 8 charms are hanging all around the bracelet and include, leaf, clover, tree, locket, flower, lion and a heart. The chain bracelet is patterned with intricate design and the gold color gives it an antique finish. It makes it the perfect gift this holiday season.



 9. Mісhаеl Kоrѕ MK Logo Bаnglе Bracelet

Another attractive bangle-style bracelet by Michael Kors. The diameter of the bracelet is 2.3inches and has an overall simple look that one can wear every day. It is slightly expensive at over $ 100 but is of good quality and a heart-shaped charm hanging with it that looks so beautiful.  



10. PANDORA Sіlvеr Brасеlеt

This is a sterling silver bracelet that has a sparkling look and fur knotted calm design. In case you had been searching for something simple yet beautiful this is the best gift to buy. Your girlfriend is going to love this one and will put forward your deep feelings. The bracelet is made by PONDORA and is made from cotton jersey. The bracelet is light on weight and you get the best quality product at a reasonable price. It comes in the company’s signature packaging and will surely give your girlfriend loads of reasons to smile when they go around the city wearing the precious piece. The bracelet can also hold from 15 to 20 charms as well.



So this was our list of 10 bracelets to Gift your Girlfriend on Christmas. All of these options are budget-friendly and surely make a royal gift that will win your girlfriend’s heart.




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